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  2. Add one , trash one

    slow lane
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  4. The Racing Thread

    In last weekends race in Singapore Vettel's agressive move at the start might have cost him the championship. Hamilton is now 28 points ahead. Poor Kimi, once again the mistakes of others ruined his race. He probably would have been leading after the first corner.
  5. Photography

    More Lapland photos: reindeers, reindeers everywhere!
  6. Add one , trash one

    slow dance
  7. Word association

  8. Song Name Game

    Whole Lotta Rosie - AC/DC
  9. 2017 NFL Thread

    Toilet tissue 'defense' tonight.
  10. Add one , trash one

    dance macabre
  11. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Just bustin your balls... Btw, I put ours in before 7:30. ✌🏻

    I just talked with Joe Bonamassa and Kevin Shirley on Sirius XM channel 106 Volume on Eddie Trunk's show this afternoon. I asked Kevin if he had worked on anything with Jimmy Page for their 50th Anniversary next year and he said he hasn't spoken with Jimmy in about the 10 years, since working on several projects with him/ Led Zep. The rebroadcast is on tonight (now til midnight on channel 106 for those of you with Sirius XM) and for those of you that don't have it, it will be later added to Eddie Trunk's podcast soon. R😎
  13. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    I know ... i worked late and forgot. I didn't know the score either. I'll forfeit for Tonight.. looks like you made it in by the skin of your teeth Walter...
  14. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

  15. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Up 14-7, good pick.
  16. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

  17. Add one , trash one

    skeleton dance
  18. Robert Plant Talks 'Wild' New Solo LP, Looks Back on 2007 Led Zeppelin Gig

    Yes - I just think it was a good thing not to be asked so many Zep related questions, as is often the case, particularly when he's promoting a new project.
  19. Yesterday
  20. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Walter: Rams Mrs Walter: San Fran Walter Jr: Rams
  21. The Song Remains the Same - Theater Marquee photos

    Yeah! The Fox Wilshire! That's where I saw it. In "four dimensional sound" or something. It was good and loud, very much a party atmosphere. When did the LP come out, wasn't it right before that? Same day maybe?
  22. Rolling Stone Up For Sale and Any Bidders?

    Thanks Strider.
  23. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Los Angeles Rams
  24. Word association

  25. Random Thoughts v.3

    Don't you just love California? Urban Myth: Crime Doesn’t Pay – California City Authorizes Stipends to Gang Members In a special meeting on August 29, the nine-member City Council of Sacramento unanimously agreed to allocate $1.5 million in funding and to move forward with a “gun-violence reduction strategy” that will include cash payments (“LifeMAP milestone allowances”) and paid vacations for the handful of gang members suspected of committing the majority of gang-related gun crimes in the city.
  26. Random Thoughts v.3

    Beautiful Slave To Zep, have a wonderful time!
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