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  2. Winston Remasters list

    The fort worth 73 remaster is fantastic. So much more clarity and dynamics. The remaster made that show sound much more alive and energetic. Pages guitar and the drums have alot more depth and definition. This was always one of my favorite 73 shows and now I think it's even better for to the remaster. All of the 73 boards need this treatment because many of them do not due justice to how great zeppelin were in 73. The fort worth remaster really put an already great sounding performance in a much better light. I would love a remastered sb for Dallas San Diego and Bonhams birthday party.
  3. football

    Bet with your heart not your head man? Who are Leicester playing?
  4. Terry Reid

    I absolutely love River & Seed of Memory. Rich Kid Blues & May Fly from his eponymous 1969 LP are also great tracks...
  5. football

    Tomorrow I like Leicester City, MU, MC, Everton. Two upsets I might take one light shot with. Chrystal Palace plus 1 and Brighton plus 1/2. of course I always like Leicester City
  6. My Latest Keyboard

    Thought I'd share my latest acquisition. Its extremely new only built in 1888. It has full MIDI capability, 5000 sampled sounds, and a Plutonium power source. It cost me all of 99p (thats just over a dollar) on ebay.... had fun going to collect it!
  7. Today

    Jacksonville Minnesota Strider we have the same picks. LOL.
  9. Song Name Game

    "I Can't Quit You Baby" - Led Zeppelin
  10. 2017 NFL Thread

    We will never know because there were two calls in close proximity that killed their spirit. They don't need the refs to help them but they keep doing it.
  11. Hammersmith, London in 88? Page was in great form, and I loved how Stairway had the audience as the vocalist and Jason Bonham conducting the audience. Wembley, London in 95 .... what a concert!! I think it was the last concert of the tour and everyone seemed to pull all the stops out.
  12. Next Soundboard Release

    Was listening to a remaster of fort worth 73 and I don't know if it was a winston but Jesus Christ it was incredible i can't believe the improvement over the old tympani for the butter queen boot. Fort worth 73 was always a favorite of mine but the remaster makes it so much more alive and crisp. There i an energy level to the playing I never heard before. Page guitar sounds fuller and more defined and the drums have much more depth and detail and the clarity is so much better. All the73 boards need this treatment could put the shows in a better light.
  13. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Does anyone remember jimmy talking about organizing all of zeppelin s rehearsal tapes around the the time of dvd and saying how wanted to release them in some sort of series and the other members looked at him like they did not know what he was getting on about. That gives some other possibilities if it's true and could be the inheard zep or the other surprises.
  14. Random Thoughts v.3

    I'm like that. Once the non spending kicks in it becomes an obsession. Mrs CP, in some ways, is the same. It's our travelling instincts I suppose. You know, do Asia on $5 a day Fear not Walt cos I'm re doing my "garden" and i need lots of things. Doing a CBD Skunk Haze this time. Not really Led Wallet. Generally I can spend like Vivian Nicholson (google her) but at the minute " tight as a Nun's ass"
  15. Random Thoughts v.3

    https://www.yahoo.com/news/brigitte-bardot-metoo-actresses-hypocritical-175658265.html The French have it right.
  16. Random Thoughts v.3

  17. Song Name Game

    I Don’t Know-OZZY OSBOURNE
  18. Word association

  19. What's the weather like where you are?

    Here it's bewdiful like my missus in her short-shorts.
  20. I wish Jason was on this Forum and would shed some light on Bonzo's equipment. Or just share some stories .
  21. What's the weather like where you are?

    Oh we wish that to be a summers day here big man.
  22. What's the weather like where you are?

    Cold and wet. Like Kippers handshake
  23. Marijuana legalization


    You are a very special kind of angry arent you? I will keep you in my prayers.
  25. Tip of the Day

    never eat at a Chinese restaurant unless you have inspected the kitchen
  26. Let's Write A Story (5 Words Only)

    then she ate a pie...
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