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  2. Moby_Dick_Ale

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    I think it is an other topic, but I'd like to answer jbrum77634: I know they're all on sale on Yahoo Auctions (and maybe some other sites also). On the other hand when I buy a copy from AirRaid he gets it to my door for the price listed plus another $ 23,- p&p. When I buy a copy at Yahoo Auctions, maybe I'll have to pay just the same amount for just the box. After that they just add another $ 40.- p&p (from seller to the warehouse and from warehouse to your door). But - and that's the tricky part - they just state the real value etc. on the packaging. EG: "commercial goods" - $ 300.- And than customs come in (in The Netherlands) and add just another $ 65.- or something like that. So in the end it gets really expensive and that's when I'll pass... For example: few years back I bought the 3rd issue of EVSD's "Deep Throat" but I kept wanting the original 2003 copy with the silver box and the rigid books. I know BootLedZ is selling a copy for $ 777.- and on eBay is a copy for just $ 939.66 That's way too expensive for me. Last month I bought a copy on Yahoo Auctions for $ 250.- Add another $ 40.- p&p and an extra $ 55.- customs. In the end it was just $ 345.- and that's fine for me (€ 290,-). AirRaid says its a gift, 2nd hand cd's, max 2000 JPY. So it gets in (your country) for free.
  3. Obsessed with the one trick pony and repeating himself, it always comes out like a justification of where he is rather than complete satisfaction that he is no longer in Zeppelin. Like it or lump it would anybody pay to see RP today if he hadn't been the front man of Led Zeppelin ? He almost seems embarrassed by his legacy .
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  5. Sorry it is called The Doc Project on C.B.C. Radio One on October 30th at 11:30 a.m.
  6. confounded_bridge

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    +1 And where is "celebration day"? Great version and I was waiting just for these 2 songs and the magnificent organ solo. WTF EV?
  7. paul carruthers

    BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    fried eggs, maybe a Mountain Dew... 😉
  8. paul carruthers

    Beautiful Women

  9. paul carruthers

    The 80s Thread

  10. JohnOsbourne

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    So the amazing version of Thank You isn't included? That truly sucks, what a bummer. This one went from stud to dud very quickly.
  11. Sticks of Fire

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    Great this has come out but what a jacked up way to release it. Oh well, the fact it exists is great and we’ll probably get it all one day. And there is still 9/28 to look forward to which I think has one of the most powerful versions “Celebration Day.” The sample of Black Dog shows that the original recoding must be phenomenal. Good times....
  12. John M

    Favorite drum intros

    I was reminded of this one recently at the drag races - top fuel nitromethane burning dragsters. Years ago my brother said at the races from now on whenever you hear this song you will think of a dragster at the starting line idling just before the light turns green. Below the song I put a compilation of dragsters warming up.
  13. The way Friends is listed on the CD cover in the photo above looks odd - why is it separated out like that? I would buy this if it had Celebration Day. For me the 1971 Celebration Days - and especially this show !! - are a holy grail. Thankfully we have Toronto 71, but unfortunately the Orlando 71 SBD is missing Celebration Day. And the Toronto recording does not sound nearly as good as what has been released of this recording. I can assume that this totally kick-ass 9-29-71 Celebration Day would be absolutely staggering if it sounded like the 9-29 Immigrant song. We already have Black Dog 9-28-71, and we already have Immigrant, Stairway, and Friends. I wonder if they would sell alot more and make more money overall if they released it for say $50.
  14. JohnOsbourne

    Where is this Outtake clip from? SRTS?

    Probably from Kezar.
  15. I agree, Steve...it smells 'fishy' (sorry Eric S). Obviously there are tracks held back. IMHO (I hope I'm wrong) Dazed & Confused and Moby Dick probably still will cut out on this release nevertheless. Friends seemingly is on disc One, but why was Stairway ommited? Anyway, it doesn't make sense the gap between SIBLY and D&C... Stairway follows D&C, Celebration Day should be on the (hypothetical) second reel with the acoustic set. Friends precedes Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, What is, Moby Dick...gap...Communication Breakdown/Rock'n Roll. So Discs 1 and 2 must be relatively short discs...even if Dazed & Moby Dick are complete (which I doubt).
  16. I agree that it's got to be difficult to record a show that has such long songs in it, but why leave out Black Dog? It's early in the show, well before any tape change would have been an issue, and it sits between SIBLY and Dazed, which were both recorded. There are also other soundboards from earlier in 1971 that include it (e.g. Orlando.) Based on that, leaving it out seems more like a money grab than the result of some technical problem.
  17. My sentiments exactly. I bet you that Eelgrass will release this soundboard but with Stairway, Friends and Immigrant Song. Why wouldn’t they.
  18. In my humble opinion the Deux prices were a tipping point for many - all 3 releases are still available, even the 100 copy promo version is regularly advertised on a Japanese auction site at cost/buy it now prices. Slightly underwhelmed by todays announcements but at least it's costing a lot less than I budgeted.
  19. Xolo, I'm still pretty convinced a (neigh on) complete 929 SB (like the N.America 75 boards) remains utopian. The unpredictable lengths of D&C, Moby Dick and Whole Lotta Love are a pain in the A** for any roadie/sound-tech in charge of changing the tape reels. Betty Cantor-Jackson had two sophisticated NAGRA decks (equipped with pilot tone) to record the Grateful Dead and she could focus on her recordings. Even if one of her decks ran out of tape, she could anticipate and charge deck 2 and still being in sync.
  20. Moby_Dick_Ale

    09/29/1971 Osaka - Stairway To Heaven - EVSD SBD Single

    I notice a lot of people are suspicious. They obviously don't trust EVSD and they expect EVSD is going to release more of this show. Right now the cheapest copy is $ 198.- and it goes up to $ 298.- The "Deus Ex Machina" box set got prices from $ 350.- for a Deluxe box (8 cd's, 300 copies), $ 600.- for a Limited box (14 cd's, 200 copies) and $. 500.- for promo copy (7cd's, 100 copies). All these copies sold fast. Why would they be waiting when they could ask way more bucks for a complete show? Anyway, I ordered my copy today!😀 The "Oh-show" limited box (as you might expect😜)
  21. I'll wait for a torrent for now and see if a better release comes out in the future. Gotta keep the lights on in the house..
  22. That’s absolutely correct. Or they will be drip fed by single releases like they have done this year. Obviously, this approach has been a nice little earner for them. In a perverse sort of way this is actually good news - it points to the fact that they have the soundboard for the full show....unless I’m mistaken @duckman On the flip side they have just lost a potential customer. I was potentially prepared to break the bank for this release (at least I was until I heard it was only 2/3 of the show). But why the hell should I when I know I am paying top $ and I also know they are holding out on me....and want to double dip on me at some point in the future.
  23. It is confusing. And how do they have SIBLY and Dazed but not Black Dog? I get the feeling all the missing stuff will show up on some future "The Complete How The East Was Won" release for the low price of one mortgage payment.
  24. I'd have to say I'm a little disappointed.... Anyway, for people who are interested in artwork, here it is.
  25. Anjin-san

    Beautiful Women

  26. LedZed66


    The ceramic drums were impressive. The drum in the first picture is about 5'7, at least. A huge thing. Pic 2+3 is a drum, too.
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