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  2. paplbojo

    Random Thoughts v.3

    http://abcnews4.com/news/nation-world/timmonsville-naacp-president-says-was-racially-profiled-body-cam-video-shows-otherwise I see this appear in the news significantly more often, three times in the last week in fact.
  3. I searched and didn't see if this topic was already discussed, so apologies if it's repetitive. Who else likes hearing Zep pop up in unexpected places? I'm generally not the biggest hip hop fan but loved to hear one of my all time favorites, Ten Years Gone, sampled throughout this Tupac track
  4. Bong-Man

    Random Thoughts v.3

    Oh me too ! Your fascination and approach sounds just like a Paul Ryan example from the 2012 campaign trail...."I once knew a man who....(fill in the blank to support your all encompassing angle to the issue)". Another Holiday weekend and the bat-shit crazy drivers are on the loose. "We've all got places to go lady !" What is this new found fascination with swinging out and using two lanes to make a left turn ? You're driving a Fusion, not an 18 wheeler !
  5. LurksReturnington

    Cause of plant/JPJ friction

    I went for quite a few years thinking JPJ bought out Robert's publishing in 1983, and I was willing to try that on for size as a reason for the gap between them, but lately I've gotten the notion that Robert got publishing rights restored as part of the 1990 Zeppelin Remasters (and aborted 1990 full Led Zeppelin reunion tour).. reminds me, I recall the Boston Globe with an article claiming tickets would be on sale at the Boston Garden the very next day. like we got really close that time..
  6. Mook

    Cause of plant/JPJ friction

    What he said. Quite why people have to take everything Plant says so seriously is beyond me, he's a very funny man if you take it the way it's intended.
  7. rm2551

    Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    Can't wait.
  8. Today
  9. paul carruthers

    Beautiful Women

  10. EaglesOfOneNest

    Which LZ Song Made the Biggest First Impression on You?

    I was born in 1974 and was blessed to have a dad that LOVED rock music. My earliest memories of music were The Who, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. He was also a fan of Elton John, Blondie and The Cars. He used to set me up at this high table we had in the living room so I could "play" the piano along with Elton on "Benny & the Jets" and to get us revved up to clean the house on Saturday mornings, he'd blast Jimi's "Gypsy Eyes". To this day, hearing that opening drum kick makes me look for a broom! But, on to Zep... one of my earliest memories was Stairway... for a long time, it was one of my least favorite Zep songs because my dad would play it over and over and over again and I thought it was so sad and melancholy. I've since come to appreciate it! Immigrant Song was another early Zep memory and I loved it! As far as first impressions go, I think Achilles Last Stand was the first song that I "discovered" on my own that really blew me away. I was in high school and remember playing the tape over and over and over again.
  11. Bonzo_fan

    What show or live song are you listening to now?

    May 25, 1975 - London -- Decided this year that I would listen to it first, so that I could compare it to the other '75 shows "apples to apples," and then watch the DVD a few days from now. I think it's certainly a Top-10 '75 show, especially when you factor in the setlist. If only it had the "Dazed And Confused" from the previous night... I'm on "The Song Remains The Same" right now; it's gotta be the most coked-up version of TSRTS ever--its running time is about 5:03, which has to be the shortest version ever without a cut in the tape...
  12. Anjin-san


  13. Anjin-san


  14. the chase

    Cause of plant/JPJ friction

    Funny.. Robert has said that JPJ's sense of humor is an acquired taste. As far as taking Richard Cole at his word.. I wasn't there, so who knows.. Didn't sound to me like he made it up, but again who knows.
  15. Stryder1978

    What Made You Happy today?

    It's the Friday before a three day weekend....life IS good!
  16. gibsonfan159

    Nitpicking Page (The quest for the best performance of 1975)

    Nitpicking Page 5/23/1975 (The Earl's Court Tapes Vol III) Not a great recording, but better than the 17th. Let's hope Page didn't stop by the liqour store during those four days off. Rock And Roll- Plant comes in sounding like he's 90. Solo- Pretty solid. Poor Plant. "B+". Sick Again- Minor flub at 1:17. Solo- Nimble fingers, maybe the best solo of the three I've done so far. Outro solo- Pretty fluid first runs. Strains a little on the bends. Still a solid version, "A". OTHAFA- Good intro. 2:15, Plant squeak. 2:26, flub. Solo- He struggles to get a good flow going, despite some decent runs. All the little parts sound ok, but they just don't fit together well. Good exit. The solo wasn't bad enough to really hurt it, "B+". IMTOD- Guitar drops in the mix at 0:53. First solo- Hard to make out, but he seems to put down some good phrasing. 5:41, Bonham and Page start the next part on different beats. Second solo- He does the weird phrasing again here, not too impressive. 9:18, Bonham almost loses the beat. 9:47, Page and Bonham just aren't on the same page for this one. "B". TSRTS- Good start with Plant sounding good on the verses. First solo- not the best articulation. Outro solo- Much better. "B+". The Rain Song- Very smooth version with a good rock section. "A". Kashmir- 2:14, Plant squeak. Absolutely no energy for this version. 3:35, Plant gets ahead of himself, Bonham tries to go another verse, but Page stays on track. 4:04, maybe the slowest fill I've ever heard by Bonzo. Plant belts out a good scream to lead back into the verse. 5:57, Bonham strangely hits the kick drum three times in a row. I suppose some might like this extremely slow tempo, it sounds like their batteries are dying to me. The mishaps and Plant's squeaky vocals keep this at a "B". No Quarter- Jones is almost inaudible on the intro. Nitpicking Jones- Taking a while to get going. Nice melody at 7:08. 9:52, wonderful octave run. Not too bad, but it pales drastically in comparison to the 18th. Solo- Page fails to get the flow going he had on the 18th, also lacking articulation. He does some neat whammy bar bends at 19:12-19:18. Not a bad performance, but I personally thought it was very bland. "B+". Tangerine- Guitar tuning is iffy. Solo- Sounds ok until the awkward ending where Page has to pause to switch back to the rhythm. Not too bad. "B+". GTC- I enjoy Plantations, but he needs to pipe down on this beautiful intro. No real complaints, a solid version. "A". That's The Way- Excellent version. "A". Bron Y Aur Stomp- Good first half. Page's breakdown section isn't bad, but fails to leave an impression. "B+". Trampled Underfoot- Good energy. Solo- Not bad at all, though the recording is a little murky. 7:59, weird sounding drum fill. "B+". Moby Dick- Maybe it's just me, but this one sounds very spastic and uneven. 11:48, I do like this part though. Dazed And Confused- 4:35, Damn, where'd that come from? 1969? First workout- Fair. Not incredibly articulate or well structured. 7:09, blown eardrums. Woodstock- Sounds pretty good. 9:37, this sounds really good. Page jams a little more before the bow solo. Bow section- Great sound quality through here and very spooky. Second workout- A straightforward beginning, nothing special. 21:55, decent run. 25:24, a little sloppy. Mars- Damn heavy with good accents from Plant. Page's articulation comes alive during the last flurry of notes and Plant scrreams his head off. A solid performance, but Page didn't really do anything above average. Kudos to Plant though. "A". Stairway To Heaven- Good first half. Solo- Like the 18th, Page is trying to throw too much in at once instead of creating a good build up. The beginning almost sounds like the finale and the whole thing sounds kind of emotionless. He's playing pretty good though and I'm certainly not one to tell Jimmy Page how to craft his solos. "A". WLL- Page gets some good funk licks in before the usual theremin section, which is pretty basic. "B". Black Dog- Solid first half. Solo- Not bad, some straining on the bends. Decent for 1975. "A". Final assessment- Page certainly wasn't bad for this one, but not quite on the level he was for the first two shows. The performances remind me of 6/26/77, where all the songs were performed adequately but lacked a certain amount of magic. Sick Again and a solid Black Dog are the standouts.
  17. zeppatic

    Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience (Tour)

    I'll be the old bloke going rank in front as well with my 'Celebration Day" or "Volume II " inside cover t-shirt on. Depends which one my Cheese & kisses irons for me. At least at the Tivoli we can stand and rock on. I will now be able to say that I have seen all the band members from the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute concert Live in Australia. Seen Page & Plant tour in 95, JPJ with TCV & RP Several times now on his tours. Can't wait for Bonzo's son now.Was disappointed when he cancelled his last planned tour in OZ. Go JBLZE -I'm excited.
  18. Anjin-san

    Random Picutre Thread

  19. Stryder1978

    Cause of plant/JPJ friction

    ...agreed, I think it was simply Robert's sense of humor...which some people take the wrong way!
  20. Stryder1978

    Song Name Game

    "Rock and Roll" - Led Zeppelin
  21. Stryder1978

    Random Thoughts v.3

    I had a young black woman from Nigeria working for me as a student worker about 10 years ago. She was awesome...young married mother, always on time, always got the job done. After a little more than a year, I got the courage to ask her, "Have you ever been the victim of racism here?" She said "Oh yes sir!" I said "Oh my God I am so so sorry!" She said "Oh no sir, it's not you...and it's not Colorado. When I first moved to the U.S., I lived in Georgia. All the American blacks hated us Africans. It wasn't the white Americans that hated me...it was the black ones!" She went on to say that she didn't hold the same beliefs of being a victim as they did and they didn't like that African blacks worked so hard and made them look bad! I found that fascinating!
  22. Stryder1978

    The 80s Thread

    ...I saw her in Boulder a couple years ago at a small night club. Still as talented as she is beautiful.
  23. Centennial Media’s Music spotlight Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary collectors edition magazine is out this week. $12.99 R😎
  24. SteveAJones

    ISO: JPJ w/Herman's Hermits (1967)

    Here we are ten years later and I'm preparing for a visit to the UK in two weeks time. So I've been conducting further research on St. Michael and All Angels in Withyham. I am astonished to find there are several Baldwins buried there (possibly John's ancestors?). Not only that, but the large tombstone featured at 2:48 in the first clip below and at 7:31 in the second clip seems to be that of one CHARLES BALDWIN, born circa 1894. Possibly JPJ's Grandfather? https://www.gravestonephotos.com/public/cemeterylist.php?cemetery=1491&limit=1 https://www.gravestonephotos.com/public/gravedetails.php?grave=195638 1901 Blackham Village Census: http://www.blackham-village.co.uk/census 1901.html Woodhams Cottage George Baldwin Head M 51 M Carter on farm W Hartfield Sussex Emma Baldwin Wife M 47 F Edenbridge Kent Frederick Baldwin Son U 20 M Carter on farm W Hever Kent Ernest Baldwin Son U 15 M Carter on farm W Withyham Sussex Lilly Baldwin Dau U 13 F Withyham Sussex Emma Baldwin Dau U 9 F Withyham Sussex Charles Baldwin Son U 7 M Withyham Sussex
  25. paplbojo

    Random Thoughts v.3

    There is no such thing as institutional racism. The racism bogeyman is by and large just that, not to say there are not racist individuals. What is blatantly untrue is your claim of "uniqueness". Europeans, East and West, are by and large far, far less welcoming of diversity. I lived in Spain for four months last year and let's just say there are many strong opinions on the influx of African migrants. Asia is easily the worst - Russia and China are not good places to be Black, and I imagine that's the same in many other Asian countries. I don't know about South America. There still exists slavery and the auctioning of people in parts of Africa. There is no better place to be a minority than the USA, and no better time in human history than 2018. And it is not even close.
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