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  2. Best 71' & 72 Japanese Tours bootlegs

    Here it is. "Heartbreaker" http://twitsound.jp/musics/ts3mxo6Tc "Thank You" http://twitsound.jp/musics/tsAqo0rRq enjoy!
  3. Bonzo with double bass drums - photo date?? !!

    Would of saved them carrying 3/4 then!
  4. According to what I've read, the rest of the band complained that two bass drums was too much & had Bonham remove the second one after the handful of gigs in '69. They would've travelled with two anyway as he'd have needed a spare.
  5. Song Name Game

    "Baby, Come on Home" - Led Zeppelin
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  7. Jimmy Page confirms 2018 release(s)

    Yours is a job I could never do! Bless you for having the strength to deal with people, their pain and unfortunately their demise.
  8. Random Thoughts v.3

    When your away from home for a week for work, Who do you miss more....... The cheese and kisses Doggo Supreme or the kiddie-pops
  9. Listen to This Erik Japanese import posted

    Easily one of the best looking packages I've seen on a single show boot to be fair.
  10. Bonzo with double bass drums - photo date?? !!

    And the Communication Breakdown Japanese promo vid. They must of realised he didn't need a second bass drum early on and did away with it for making it easier to travel with the drum kit.
  11. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Kevin Barnes has given the band a rest on the new album...recording it mostly himself.
  12. Very unusual to see Bonham on a drum riser prior to '75 also. The only other time I can think of is the Danish TV performance in March 1969.
  13. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    For paplbojo.
  14. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    This is even better. Okay. You're booked to play the "Midnight Special" on NBC. Then the producers come and tell you that you only have four minutes even though the song you are scheduled to play is seven minutes. Do you cut out parts of the song to make it fit the time slot? HELL NO! You just play the song twice as fast! Fucking Gonzo!
  15. Random Thoughts v.3

    What is it about tradesmen that defies all logic? I mean how do these people make a living? I am starting to believe that it's me . Well Mrs CP thinks so. A few examples in the last couple of months. Please TAKE MY MONEY I live in an old cottage which from time to time needs a bit of cosmetics. I asked a guy to look at a couple issues with the roof and chimney and to "point" a wall which, although is in a covered area, needs doing. Out comes the note book. " yes eemmm I see, I can do that." He measures up and says " I'll come back to you". Great I say to myself. Never heard a thing. We wish to install a new Bathroom. We have a large bathroom and whilst it's fine we would like an upgrade. I have asked 2 people to quote and neither have been bothered to even come round My neighbour wants a complete new heating system to be installed and Mrs CP wants her shop to have a gas service. I contact a "mate" who has his own business and this is what he does. 2 weeks later. Any news?? Nothing We would love a "Pergola" to cover the Patio outside. Have plants trailing up to cover the beams to create a vegetative roof. It will look great on those rare days the current bun comes out and gives privacy from the weird fuckers next door. We know exactly what we want. I guy comes round who specialises in such things and is an expert plant man. All is going well. He returns for a second time, measuring and nodding and sending good vibes. He says he can start in 2 weeks should the quote be successful.Could this be the one time??? On Friday we get the quote. It is beyond our expectations and is well under budget. I replay back straight away asking him to call in again to discuss plants and a final measure up and to agree on what is to be done. Have I heard back??? Have I fuck What is it about these people?? Even if you can't do the job for a month or so please just let me know. It really frustrates me and I never understand how anyone gets any tradesmen in. The word reliable has been deleted from the dictionary and only to be found in a game of Scrabble. If you are lucky enough?
  16. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    God bless the Seventies!
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