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  2. Greta Van Fleet

  3. Rolling Stone Up For Sale and Any Bidders?

    I would like to get the copy of RS that featured the Altamont concert. Saw one going for $90.
  4. Greta Van Fleet

    They have a new Ep out called From The Fires. It is essentially the 4 songs from their first Ep (Black Smoke Rising) with an additional 4 songs.
  5. Stoner music

    This whole album
  6. Stoner music

  7. Stoner music

  8. Photography

    For your information Led. It is also the most visited National Park in Europe. The other weekend we had dinner and cocktails in Manchester and went for a walk in our local area on Sunday. I love that we can do this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peak_District
  9. Song Name Game

    "Big Log: - Robert Plant
  10. Unpopular opinions re live shows

    Wow. Now listening to Blueberry Hill. What was JPJ thinking in the organ solo? He's a great keyboardist, especially with his later work on NQ. Can't figure out why he played they way he did on those early TY songs. Especially with the JP solos that followed. No insult to JPJ - just wish he'd come up with something more melodic for the solos. Bye the way - the JP work on this TY is a killer. Thanks!
  11. Why a great album? No outstanding songs like WLL or STH or Kashmir, but an album that I can listen to repeatedly and enjoy from start to finish. Sure, I wish it was longer, had one or more songs with an edge to them, that really pushed a hard rocking sound that was a hallmark of of their earlier albums. Just one more tune other than ITE with a great guitar riff and I think the album would be rated higher than it is. Thanks.
  12. Am listening to 1970 Blueberry Hill. Really incredible show and great audience recording. One of my favorites. Can anyone tell me the history of the recording, the taper, the equipment, the location to the stage, the release of the recording, etc? Thanks.
  13. travelling riverside blues

    Yeah, it seems beyond belief they could summons up that kind of quality track pretty much on the spot (as I understand it) to have something "One off" just for that specific occasion. I'd also love to know if there is more back story untold....
  14. Unledded Type Versions

    The only thing that bothers me is the poor vocal performance by Plant on the Unledded concert, on tour he was really much better and if I listen to his solo 1993 concerts I feel Unledded concert is almost tragic, as the concert was the most viewed of all Unplugged concerts! Glad they recorded the Corris songs. The orchestras and other musicians and styles are a natural expansion of everything they always did in Zeppelin, it's really great and maybe they should have added the orchestras to some of the more hard rocking songs where it is almost ridiculous to imagine it or maybe Thank you, but you still had In the Evening and Kashmir!
  15. Song Name Game

    Big Love - Fleetwood Mac
  16. The Rest in Peace Thread

    RIP https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/news/david-cassidy-partridge-family-star-dead-at-67/
  17. I remember the excitement in 1994 to hear that Robert and Jimmy were getting together to do what would become the "Unledded" program and subsequent tour. I really had no problem them doing it without John Paul Jones. Even though it was somewhat of a reunion I always respected most that they called it quits in 1980 upon John's death. That being said, I liked the program the night I saw it, but probably never appreciated the true musicianship for at least a few years. Many people I knew just wanted to see them play it like the album etcetc .... I did get to see the boys a few times that tour when they were in the NY area. I particularly liked what the orchestra did for SIBLY. And, how the hell did that version of the Rain Song not be put in original program? I was just thumbing around youtube and saw a version of Ten Years Gone done with the orchestra in early 96. Never knew they did that, it most have been in and out of set quickly. FANTASTIC!!!! My question is, what other songs do you think would have been enhanced or made better by having the orchestra play along? For me, I would love to have seen them do All My Love - it has a one man orchestra on the original recording (JPJ). But would have sounded great with violins and such. It was great to see the boys expand their songs and not just play them the regular back then. Any ideas? It's amazing they came up with playing their stuff like that way back in Bombay in the early 70's. What a group.
  18. Black Country Communion

    Ok. Enjoy the show when you go. R😀🎸👍
  19. Best LIVE VERSION of Ten Years Gone?

    Copenhagen 79
  20. Ten "desert island" Zeppelin shows

    Here’s mine 31/8/69 09/01/70 07/03/70 (?) Montreaux 04/09/70 31/8/71 23/9/71 17/7/73 21/6/77 24/7/79 4/8/79
  21. Happy Thanksgiving

    Just did some last minute shopping, anyone else preparing?
  22. Ten "desert island" Zeppelin shows

    Ouch, what a hard choice. But i will choose my favorites, by years. 1969.01.23 (Boston) Only 5 songs (Train kept a rollin', i can't quit you baby, as long as i have you, dazed and confused, you shook me) but WHAT A SHOW ! 1970.01.09 (London) Easy choice,epic concert. 1971.09.29 (Osaka) Excellent show... this moby dick version is my favorite, its the "military version" 1972.06.28 (Tucson) Bad sound quality, but great show 1973.05.19 (Fort Worth) Nothing to say. Just great. 1975.05.24 (London) Excellent show... it was hard to choose, march 1975 and may 1975 are both excellents imo. 1977.06.26 (Inglewood) wilson you are so cruel.. here too, too many good shows in 1977 1979.08.04 (Knewborth) My regret was to see not a lot Bonham on the film, everytime Jimmy and Plant.. but i can understand that. 1980.07.07 (Berlin) Not because it's the last one. Its an excellent show. that's 9. . for 10th i will choose 1975/03/12 (Long Beach)
  23. Best LIVE VERSION of Ten Years Gone?

    In my opinion, Ten Years Gone is the most beautiful songs they have played in Live. The sound of the guitar, the rythm.. We can feel a lot of emotions through this song. I will choose the LA Versions 23/25/26 june .. but impossible to make a top... MSG and Capital Centre versions are excellent too.. Knewborth too...
  24. My sincere condolences to you.
  25. Ten "desert island" Zeppelin shows

    I could certainly live with your list. I think I'd swap out Stoke for Southampton.
  26. Rolling Stone Up For Sale and Any Bidders?

    Well, they did look like rock stars of their respective times. Manson was a singer-songwriter who was trying to get a record contract and was hanging out with many rock stars, not just Dennis Wilson. The Boston Bomber looked like some jackass boy-band wanabe. I do not know the intention on the part of the editors regarding these covers, but a strong possibility exists (especially for the Boston Bomber) that the whole purpose was to show that monsters seldom look like monsters. Manson in particular was 5'2" and about as intimidating as Billy Barty in Skatetown USA. I think RS sucks as much as the next guy but IMO there was nothing wrong with either cover.
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