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  2. Friday evening and it's spicy !! A Beef Rendang. This classic dish is so fantastic I count it as my all time favourite curry. This is the Malaysian version as opposed to Indonesian. First make a paste: Fresh Coconut is grated and dry fried until browned. With this make a paste with Kashmiri chillies (dried) garlic,coriander seeds,cumin seeds,onions,fresh ginger and mild red chillies (fresh), water Fry stewing beef and add the paste, coconut milk,Kaffir lime leaves,cinnamon sticks and fresh lemon grass. When boiling add tamarind water and cook for 2 1/2 hours.When nearly ready stir. This will thicken the curry When almost done add palm sugar and serve with rice but I will have Roti. I sometimes do a cucumber salad but not this time This is a hot,spicy truly wonderful dish which bursts with flavour. Some vanilla Ice cream and berries to sooth the taste buds for afters Wines and green to round off.
  3. Check out the Eddie Trunk podcast with them, very interesting, they all seem very level headed for being so young, mention many older bands & artists as influences, a good listen.
  4. It sounds like outtakes that weren't good enough to make the last album. I'm glad he's still touring, but I won't be there.
  5. All I Want - Lynch Mob
  6. Boring and repetitive indeed. Robert Plant may as well have performed to a drum loop for the last ten years.
  7. Immigrant Song, 6/15/72. They pummeled the audiences routinely with this, but on that night, it's just out of this world. Can't imagine having been there, up close to the stage for that one.
  8. It sounds exactly like the last lot of sleep inducing songs...
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  10. Explosive = How Many More Times - RAH. And we have it on glorious film.
  11. You're welcome. Yep. US dates in 2018. R😎
  12. Hmm...It doesn't really go anywhere and the repetitive Friends-style riff is quite boring after a while.
  13. Donna the Buffalo. Have not seen them in 10 years. Saw them many times 1998 - 2007. Great jam band.
  14. Some nice picking by Rawlings. He's got a real Norman Blake thing going here.
  15. "All My Love" - Led Zeppelin
  16. Musicianship-wise, they seem like the real deal to me. It's also impressive that they're so young but already have been performing and writing songs for five years. Whether or not they're a flash in the pan or become established artists probably will depend on the quality of their songwriting, which to my ears is pretty good, if not great - but definitely agree there's a lot of potential there.
  17. Great stuff. Takes me back to Mighty Rearranger. I hope this is a reflection of the rest of the album.
  18. Hi Strider, I saw Lez Zeppelin several years ago here in Fort Collins and to be fair, I saw them when they were breaking in their new vocalist. The guitar player for Lez Zeppelin was phenomenal and they kind of dressed in that late 60's/early 70's vibe. Their song selection was pretty much the first 4 albums. The rhythm section wasn't very good and the drummer was off on several songs (specifically "Rock and Roll"). The vocalist was underwhelming. I still really enjoyed the show, I mean, come on...women playing Zep? That's a combination that's hard to beat. Zepparella was very tight - the bass player and drummer don't get near enough credit. Gretchen (guitar) is the star of the show and if you've seen YouTube clips of her solo stuff, you will see why. I also loved their song selection - The Rover and Custard Pie which a lot of cover bands don't play. It's too bad they had to cut their set a little short - they had other activities to attend that night. And from a sexist point of view, Zepparella were much easier on the eyes. When I chatted with them I told them, "Thanks again for coming out here to play and I think you are all as attractive as you are talented...and you are all VERY talented". They really liked that!
  19. A best-of Earl's Court album/release would be KILLER. Even if it's just from the 24th/25th. The first 1/3 of the 25th is spectacular stuff. The band is on FIRE. You could mix up the middle 1/3 with both nights (NQ and TU would undoubtedly be taken from the 24th), then end it with the D&C and STH from the 24th with the encores from the 25th. That's a long, HEAVY, and at times BRILLIANT compilation of live music/performances. So: RnR - 5/25 SA - 5/25 OTHAFA - 5/25 IMTOD - 5/25 TSRTS - 5/25 TRS - 5/25 K - 5/24 NQ - 5/24 (Definitive version) Tangerine - 5/24 GTC - 5/24 TTW - 5/24 BYStomp - 5/25 TU - 5/24 (Definitive version) MD - 5/25 D&C - 5/24 STH - 5/24 (Definitive version) WLL/BD - 5/25 H - 5/25 CB - 5/25 A couple of these picks could be easily switched... If Page ever put something like this out it would be an amazing live release. I'll even just take the audio of it.
  20. In plain English, the Bath footage was severely underexposed; Cameramen used the wrong filmstock. ASA stands for American Standard Association -the American counterpart of the German/European ISO scale. If you look closely at a roll or canister of analog photographic/cinematographic film (Eastman KODAK or FUJIFilm, for instance) you will notice a set of numbers. One is typically preceded by ASO (or ISO) and that one indicates the sensitivity or speed of the filmstock. 25, 50, 64, 100, 125, 200 and 400 being the more common ones used. ASA 25, 50, 64 up to 200 you need plenty to normal levels of daylight or tungsten( artificial) light. ASA 400 (often cranked up to 800 or 1600) would be the type of filmspeed you need for concerts or festivals. The Albert Hall footage suffered from the same problem, inapt choice of film sensibility. That's why it was deemed useless for three decades. Only in the digital age, this underexposed footage -within reasonable margins- could be processed/enhanced so we can enjoy this material. Off the record, even today's consumer or pro digital SLR or point and shoot camera still uses this ASA (100, 200 or 400 framework) to help you in lower light situations, although camera's uses a digital sensor and no analog film. The box shown here includes 100FT/30m of negative color emulsion with a film speed of 50, daylight... something you would use on a sunny day outside, but not to capture Zep's evening show at Bath
  21. Close My Eyes Forever - Lita Ford
  22. Does anyone know what he means by ASA? Presumably something technical designed to cope with filming in falling light levels??
  23. Here is a session on Sirius' Octane's really good. At the 13:22 mark the lead singer, Josh, talks about his musical influences, including Robert Plant obviously. They do a really good cover of Rolling In The Depp by Adele at the 15:28 mark.
  24. Love the new single. LP ordered & I'll be going to the Glasgow gig hopefully.
  25. Don't be silly fellas. It'll be the deluxe version of HTWWW and Celebration Day. Also the Super Super Deluxe versions of the back catalogue
  27. Don't forget the audio on the DVD is already lossy.. Still makes for a nice rip though..
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