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  2. The Rover


    Yep, been up there in the Southern sky for awhile now...
  3. DanelectroGod

    Tea For One

    I remember getting Presence on Halloween weekend, probably like 1988. It was one of my last purchased Zep albums to complete my collection. When I heard Tea For One, I was blown away by Robert’s emotions. The whole atmosphere was melancholy perfection.
  4. the chase

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    Another stinker week for me...
  5. Don't get me wrong I think Robert is a great singer-songwriter but if it were not for Jimmy I don't think he would have been able to rise to the same level of artist. I truly believe producers would have and turned him towards a more radio friendly style of songwriting and would have governed his vocals so much that the best songs of his career would never have been written. Jimmy gave him the freedom to become Robert Plant the artist rather than robert plant the singer.
  6. Sticks of Fire

    6/3/73 - Winston or JEMS?

    I know exactly what you’re talking about. Yes a portion of the show has tape problems but after it clears up the LP version didn’t have a tape “pause” during HB/WLL. I remembering getting a low gen version and being disappointed with the glitch because the LP version was clean at theat point.
  7. luvlz2

    Remembering contributors on this LZ Forum

    Does anybody know how to get a hold of greengrass??? I pm'd him August 21st but he doesn't respond. I just pm'd him again. I'm wondering what happened to him...I'm starting to think something happened to him. He posted a lot. Any info is appreciated.
  8. pluribus

    6/3/73 - Winston or JEMS?

    Winston used the best available source at the time, and attempted to speed correct the tape issues where possible. The JEMS version came later, and is a raw transfer of the source. Same tape issues are present between both, inherent to the recording.
  9. ZepHead315

    6/3/73 - Winston or JEMS?

    I have the Winston version, which sounds great to my ears, but I'm curious how it compares to the JEMS version, particularly during the latter part of the show once the tape issues have cleared up. According to Royal Orleans, Winston has tape garbles in Heartbreaker/Whole Lotta Love which aren't on the LP. I'm curious: does JEMS have those issues as well? Or is theirs better for that portion of the show? Any help would be appreciated!
  10. Let us know how the show was. Have a good time!!!
  11. 76229

    Sept 25, 1968

    Actually that would fit with ol' Led Wallet's profile very well! To be fair, he was paying for it out of his own pocket...
  12. Yesterday
  13. Beck should be awsome! I haven't seen him since '98
  14. Shit, I was just going to send you a PM to see if you were here...I gotta a few other buddies that chose the Ozzy show also. I'm pretty excited, never been to a show at the Music Factory.
  16. thozil

    Today In Led Zeppelin History

    New post on Jimmy's Page today gives great details about recording the first album: The inception of the epic Led Zeppelin I So we're in the 50th anniversary of Led Zeppelin, and on this day on 25th September 1968 heralds the inception of the epic Led Zeppelin I album: the moment whereby I would be able to manifest the sounds and layers I had heard in my head and also prove my status as a producer. The group went to Studio No.1, Olympic Studios, 117 Church Road, Barnes, London, SW13, having extensively rehearsed the material for Led Zeppelin I at my house in Pangbourne and we had had the opportunity to perform a good percentage of that material during a few concerts in Scandinavia and the UK to experience our music in a live situation under the clandestine cloak of the Yardbirds. In those days, the studio time was scattered and limited over a few days in September and October, dictated by Olympic's availability. Thus, with the aid of my old friend Glyn John's masterful engineering, at 11pm on Wednesday 25th September 1968, we began our recordings and embarked upon committing this eclectic powerhouse to tape. Much has been speculated about the initial recordings, so I thought it would be useful to show the worksheet from RAK that gives the dates and times that we were scheduled initially to go in. It makes fascinating reading.
  17. Enjoy zepscoda! He might start with "Lemon Song". I forgot to list the last 4 or 5 concerts I have seen since Jason Isbell at the Greek. Next up... Friday Sept. 28: Beck @ Hollywood Bowl.
  18. sixpense

    Sept 25, 1968

    Probably cheaper rates. That Jimmy!
  19. sixpense

    Sept 25, 1968

    Eerie that the first recording date is also Bonham's date of death.
  20. Hey, zepscoda. I really wanted to go tonight but I chose to see Ozzy tomorrow night. What made me make my decision was that I looked at both Robert's and Ozzy's setlist and I decided that I liked Ozzy's set over Robert's. Also, I prefer Ozzy's hard rock over Robert's folksy bluegrassy renditions of the few Zeppelin songs he performs.
  21. LedZeppfan1977

    2018 NFL THREAD

    Well he is in for a long day then
  22. Strider

    2018 NFL THREAD

    Hahaha. If Green Bay sits Rodgers, their backup is the WORST QB IN THE HISTORY OF THE LEAGUE - "Kizer So-So" aka DeShone Kizer, who Green Bay inexplicably traded for with Cleveland.
  23. Strider

    2018 NFL Pick 'Em Pool

    No need to bump. I got zepscoda's picks down.
  24. AntLantic Records

    Zeppelin Mysteries Hosted by Steve A. Jones

    Good old Robert jfc. We realize he was trying to turn the corner, pushing new wave etc. (since what, '78?). I think it worked up to a certain point. Come '86-88 it was borderline Janet Jackson, Robert Palmer, INXS style production. Doesn't the timeline 85-86 include quite a bit, Live Aid, reunion secret rehearsals and tryouts (Bruford, Thompson), Firm tour? LZ must have been on his mind. It was a treat to hear it live again solo. Regarding Lee, last instance I saw he was with JP doing Domino live. Jones was on board at least through some of the 2001 tour? I was quite surprised to see a different bass player on Sixty Six to Timbuktu. Porl, played through at least early 2002 (cancer benefit in London). The Dreamland album came out (I really enjoy), then poof, gone. Probably not much info on these guys I suppose. Good topics, thanks Steve.
  25. LedZeppfan1977

    2018 NFL THREAD

    I hope Bongman has not given up on his Lions. They have shaken off that game one humiliating loss to the Jets and come back smoking. Nice win over the Pats. A franchise turnaround game for my Bills. I have faith in the Bills and Rams now. Josh Allen is our guy. I am hoping they release Peterman and get a legit backup. McCoy should be a go in Green Bay. I heard on the radio and ESPN that the Packers need to sit Rodgers and let him recover? Has some serious soreness issues. And they say it played into that beat down in DC? If they can beat them, so can we. If they sit Rodgers, not sure who the backup is? It was one crazy week in the NFL and I am guessing a crazy season
  26. LedZeppfan1977

    2018 NHL Season

    Sabres home vs Blue Jackets who they have already beaten. They sure make us play them often in pre season. Travel costs most likely? Go Sabres
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