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  2. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Got my copy yesterday, have listened to it about 10 times, compared to Winston Remaster & Live in Japan 1971 by Wendy. Here is my impression: First, this SB is in mono, so I think this proofs that the well known "so called SB"-stereo source is an unsuccessful multitrack-split. Overall, this SB is very well balanced. The bass is far more accented, it is a real joy listening to JPJ & Bonzo groovin`while Jimmy trips through maybe the greatest IMS solo ever. I have to agree with you about the guitar, the multitrack-split version is a little bit louder in the mix & sounds a tad more biting than the SB, but that is no big issue IMO. Thankfully, this SB is so well balanced that you can crank it up to 11, it benfits from high volume. But I really can`t agree with you about Robert`s voice. His second wail is a little bit shaken, but afterwards he is doing fine, especially in the great acoustic set. Conclusion: I love it! Hopefully EV got the complete SBDs of 928 & 929 & release them in September. Or Jimmy will give us the official multitracks.
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  4. Hey guys, I’m a professional singer/songwriter and music producer. I recently did a cover of Green Day’s “Whatsername” song. Hope you guys like it and hope it brings some sort of value to your lives. All feedback is more than welcomed!
  5. Random Thoughts v.3

    Not much rock here either. Classic 70's compilation rock (mostly mainstream Aussie bands like Skyhooks, Dragon, Sherbert, Men at Work), Country and Western, and stuff like Roberta Flack, Wings, Boz Scaggs, the very occasional Queen LP, is as close as you get.
  6. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Soundboard, probably. Official release by Jimmy? Not necessarily. I find it hard to believe he'd release a 72 show officially, then re-release it, then release a 71 show with a lot of the same songs. I'd put my money on a post 73 show.
  7. What show or live song are you listening to now?

    Is this show regarded as a great show?? I've never listened to it, just a few minutes of the Stairway solo and I think it sounds great. What do the experts say, is it a good performance? Sound quality is nice.
  8. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    WOW. Can hardly imagine what it would be like to have the whole show in this quality. The sampler last week was amazing but this with the full guitar solo is incredible !
  9. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    some photo's: Black Dog Ukiyo-e covers: Immigrant Song Ukiyo-e covers: Envelopes:
  10. This is one cool motherfucker!
  11. Led Zeppelin or Related on YouTube

    Thanks Willie!! This guy has been doing some companion videos playing bass along with my solo covers of songs. He's excellent!! His name is Pete.
  12. favorite band (besides zeppelin)?

    Kiwi in my time on this forum I find it so awesome how our music tastes are so much the same (along with some other folks on here like Stryder and Sath). I was hanging out with some acquaintances one day who were dogging on early Fleetwood Mac and lets just say I didnt hang out with them much longer. Kudos on the Peter Green love ... Next to Jimmys les paul that Peter Green Les paul sound is so sweet and nasty. Cheers!!!
  13. Random Newspaper Articles

    Here's Chris Welch's review of the October 17, 1969 Carnegie Hall concert that ran in Melody Maker: Some rare photos of the Carnegie Hall concert can be seen at the link below:
  14. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    I hear a little squeak by Plant on the 2bd wail but I think I his voice is fine. I think he’s doing that vibrato effect by shaking the mic back and forth. He does the same thing during the RAH film during I Cant Quit You Regarding missing tracks...I’ve never seen it mention about the theramin not working for most of the WLL segment during the Southampton 1973 concert. I don’t think it’s a faulty or bad mixdown. I wonder if it failed at the show?
  15. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Even Missing segments can be fixed. The Who Live at Hull didn't have the bass recorded for several songs so they used John's Leeds bass recording for a patch
  16. Random Thoughts v.3

    Just shoot me.
  17. 2018 MLB season thread

    I remember well that series when Cal Ripken Jr was a rookie and won the Series vs the Phillies. I have a friend who is somewhere in the Carolina's now that is still celebrating the Eagles win and is a huge Phillies fan and goes to the home opener every year without fail. My last excursion to see my Orioles was to AT&T park in SF. I just had to see that park. Of course seeing Vegas and LA and SD was fun too. I am hoping we have a great year. I am also hoping Duquette pulls off one more move on a pitcher. Its expected to happen. I am also expecting him to acquire another outfielder? With Machado moving to short, and Beckham to 3rd I am guessing, I am not sure of the plan for Hardy? Schoop is going to play second. I wonder if Hardy is going to be traded? The Yankees wanted him last year. Some team could surely use him as he is a solid SS and a good hitter.
  18. football

    OK. Good. Thanks
  19. The pub

    Huh??? You mean What WAS.................., Just to remind you he died in 1980
  20. top 5 favorite No Quarters

    It usually depends on which ones I have listened to lately because there are so many great versions. I cannot compare the versions across tours - they are too different. I think that the original TSRTS version will always be special to me. For 1975 one I have always gone back to is 3/27/75. The interplay during the jam is special. For 1977 it is toss up between June 21 and June 23.
  21. football

    Leave it with me Rick
  22. 2017 NFL Thread

    https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/draft/news/2018-nfl-mock-draft-bills-trade-up-to-get-baker-mayfield-six-qbs-go-in-first-round/ Now there is a mock draft I can live with. But I still think a deal with the Giants, Cleveland at 4 or Indy or SF is more likely.
  23. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    Not so sure about the whole cover's thing being an issues as both TSRTS WLL & HTWWW WLL both have covers galore, especially HTWWW. My take is Jimmy has always had these Japan tapes and likely has many, many more of either good soundboards or multi-tracked. However, the reason he never released them was due to either sub-par sound on certain instruments, whole sections missing, or sound problems with the recordings themselves. However, we now live at a point in time where technology has progressed to where most of these issues (barring missing segments) can be cleaned up and made to sound as if a mobile recording unit was used when it was not. Computer algorithms are amazing and the recent advance in intuitive technology will make all the difference.
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