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  2. Best White Summers?

    You're right. It's torture listening to the 1980 versions, especially Berlin. It was ok in 1977 though, particularly the LA versions.
  3. You can actually hear his breaths at times. As good as it can sound, the mellotron would sound clearly synthetic if you could A/B it side by side with harmonized wooden recorders. Seeing as this went a bit off topic, I would just say Jones "wrote " the part the OP questions in this thread title, but he likely composed it i.e. improvised it during rehearsals or through the takes. He tended to play a similar thematic variation live , but never exactly the same. Something he does on many, many tunes....i.e. Stairway, Rain Song , All My Love.
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  5. Song Name Game

    Far Cry - Rush
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  7. Word association

  8. New EV DVD collection

    I love Led Zeppelin,have done for over 40 years and like to collect all the Jap releases.Especially the Empress Valley and Tarantura CD's. The lavish packaging alone is worth the price on some of the releases.
  9. Had no interview ever existed which IpMan states (which joggles my memory), John Paul Jones is clearly playing recorders in STH. Maybe tenor, alto, and possibly bass. I played bass recorder back in the day and there's no mistake to the atmosphere which these instruments provide. What's so amazing to me is that these instrument were never used to my knowledge in any other Zeppelin studio work, which further cements the immense talents this band possessed. Stairway To Heaven without JPJ' recorder input I'm guessing, would relegate the song a few notches below the legendary status it rightly deserves.
  10. Best White Summers?

    A few bars of WS/BMS could have sufficed, rather than several minutes.
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  12. Song Name Game

    Far From Home - Five Finger Death Punch
  13. Sorry, but I am not going to do everything for you. The citations are clear, I suggest you look up the interviews yourself from the citations and / or buy the book which was cited. Either way, I posted the actual words of Jones with the citation, if Jones own words will not convince you, nothing will.
  14. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    The Jimi Hendrix one on the bottom.
  15. It was the re-credit on BIGLY I meant. Though Plant also referred to himself "co-writing Communication Breakdown" in Barney Hoskyns' Trampled underfoot book, and that's still Page / Jones / Bonham.
  16. Random Thoughts v.3

    There's a new phishing scam to watch out for...this one targeting W-2 forms. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-fi-irs-w2-scam-20170821-story.html
  17. Does anyone else think the guitar is in the tuning CACGCE as Friends, Poor Tom, and Bron y aur are? It sounds like it to me; would be interesting if it is given Jimmy's love for this tuning. I really hope this is not the best this new album has to offer. Robert should stop writing songs that sound like they belong on the soundtrack for a cattle drive montage in a Western or some outdoor show and get back to his heavy blues roots in my opinion. I saw him at Telluride in 2012 with the Space Shifters (best act that week was B. Fleck and V. Wooten). Plant and his band put on a great show, but the heavy reliance on reworked Zeppelin tunes and the country-ass-ye-haw vibe did not do justice to this great singer's legacy and neither does this short sample of his new work.
  18. Song Name Game

    "Over the Hills and Far Away" - Led Zeppelin
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  20. Song Name Game

    On the Turning Away - Floyd
  21. Word association

  22. Song Name Game

    "Out on the Tiles" - Led Zeppelin
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  24. Today In Led Zeppelin History

    On 22nd August 1969, Led Zeppelin played Pirates' World, which suited their buccaneering spirit. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! When in Miami, the band stayed at the Doral hotel, which had a cocktail lounge nightclub in the basement. They got to hear Little Richard and his band in the club environment and boy were they good. It's Little Richard's songs that pioneered rock'n'roll. With Elvis singing them, this black music source just went under the radar during a racist period of time. That was taken from Jimmy Page's website.
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  26. Random Thoughts v.3

  27. Any time now.....

    Thanks folks. That's a bit too much for me I'm afraid, I'll get the album but give the tour a miss if it's going to cost over £50 a ticket.
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