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  2. Vardy will be in the squad. He may not make the first team. All depends on form
  3. Classic rambling Heroin addict. Constantly smoking fags and almost sounding like he is nodding off. Slurring his words and not really sounding like he is exactly with it. Relying on Cole a bit also. That's a laugh in itself! I had a friend who was a smack head and he sounded exactly like that. He would have the nod mid sentance A shame really as he was a most lucid individual in his early days.
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  6. Rest in Peace, Mr. Presley. I was just 6 years old when I heard the news on the radio of his death while my father was driving on a highway in Houston, Texas. I will admit that at 6 years old I had no knowledge of him or his music until more than a few years later, but I do remember hearing the announcement. As much as I now know of music since then, I will gladly say that Elvis Presley is the true "King of Rock and Roll".
  7. What a great show Alice Cooper and his band put on last night! All his theatrics are great and his band was hot. Nita Straus, his lead guitarist was excellent! During Billion Dollar Babies he had a real samurai sword he was wielding that had Alice Cooper money on it, he swooshed the sword and the money fell into the audience, and I got one! Also saved some streamers as a keepsake.
  8. Well, 48 hours have passed and I still have my email account. I almost replied to it at first, but backed down, and I'm glad I backed down. That was one of the most pointed, nerve racking phishing scams I have ever encountered.
  9. Amazing walk tonight meeting new neighbors, enjoying the amenities, and watching a beautiful central Florida sunset w/rainbow in the opposite direction.
  10. I shed a tear because this poor woman is receiving inadequate healthy sunshine to her midsection.
  11. Now for something a bit different. Just discovered there is a Motley Crue video game for Sega Genesis. Not even a big fan, but at 10 dollars I just had to get it for the absurdity of it. In a similar vein...
  12. Here's a remedy for those suffering from scurvy.
  13. Name? Research purposes, you see.
  14. No need to apologize bro. Not only the best Primus album, but perhaps the best album ever, period.
  15. More tremolo pedal T Bone Burnett guitars and country knock off. Can anyone imagine what it would be like if Robert could work with a big rock guitarist again? For example I've always wondered what Plant could have done with Steve Vai. I would also love Jimmy to do something with Ozzy Osbourne. How epic would THAT be? Not as epic as Coverdale Page II obviously but still.
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  18. Back In The Saddle Again - Aerosmith
  19. backside
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  22. Besides the exhaustion(substances + marathon shows ??) I'm almost positive Muni asks Jimmy if he was going to get some New York Pizza. Jimmy says yeah and laughs. To me this was like asking a viking to check out the vegan restaurant a few doors down. Anyway, has this interview been upgraded a bit, as Page speaks almost in a whisper at times, and does some mumbling as well ??
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  24. Bring the Boys Back Home - Pink Floyd
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