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  2. Your Top Ten Gigs and Worst Gig Ever

    Wow! Tough challenge, I've seen a lot of shows. Here's what comes to mind right now. "Best" shows (more like most memorable right now!): Grateful Dead, Closing of Winterland, Dec. 31, 1978. What can I say? Last show at Winterland, the Blues Brothers LIVE, three sets of Grateful Dead including the first Dark Star in years AND breakfast at 7 am? King Crimson, Nov. 27, 1981. The reunion of King Crimson after a seven year hiatus, such intense playing, crowd on their feet for the whole show, Fripp actually STOOD UP during his solo in Frame by Frame! Grateful Dead, Sept, 12, 1981. The most high on LSD I ever was in public! Sparks off the fingertips, shared hallucinations, the whole deal. Everyone was totally dosed, during the set break it was "dead" silent as we all grinned like fools, the Dead's keyboard player came out and played the some mellow music to bring the crowd down a little before the second set. My future and current wife (37 years so far!) and I were WELDED TOGETHER FOREVER! Queen, Dec. 16, 1978. Can a band be perfect? This was one of those shows that was so involving that it seemed to last about 20 min. If you are a Queen fan, look up the setlist! Patti Smith, Jan. 24, 2015. I was a big fan but never caught her back in the day, my wife too, now our youngest daughter is a fan. To quote her "That was the most high energy, non-ironic punk show I've ever seen! The Blind Boys of Alabama, Feb. 8, 2003. A spiritual experience! We were clapping and singing and shaking our hands as Jimmy Carter (lead singer) walked through the parting crowd doing the 100 foot mic cord routine! King Crimson, Oct. 3, 2014. The opposite of the '81 show, perfectly rehearsed, great improv sections, totally poised yet unmistakably CRISMO! And three drummers? Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Concord Pavillion, date unknown, pretty sure late '90's, That Crazy Horse Wall of Distortion! Show ended with about 45 min of Down by the River>Hurricane>Powderfinger! Nuff said! Snack Sunday (look it up!) March 23, 1975, My first outdoor rock festival, my first Dead show, plus The Doobie Brothers, Santana, Jefferson Starship, Tower of Power, Joan Baez and finally The Band backing Bob Dylan and Neil Young! Bob even managed to whip up some new lyrics for his current hit Knocking on Heaven's Door! Worst Shows: Without a doubt it was Aerosmith Dec. 1, 1977. So bad for so many reasons! Mostly the totally fucked up band, they were out of tune, Joe Perry could barely stand, the sound was horrible, the crowd was unruly, absolutely nothing good to say about this show! Led Zeppelin, July 24, 1977. The single most disappointing show I ever saw! Man, I had high hopes, I had tickets for the Oakland '75 show but we all know what happened there. I waited for two more years, hoping for their return and WOW what a bummer! The band was a couple of hours late, Page was obviously totally wrecked and he looked like a junkie, the band seemed pissed off and bored, except for Plant, and the performance was dull. Yes I said it, I saw Led Zeppelin live and I was bored!
  3. what are you listening to right NOW!?

    It's Sunday. Let's go to weird church!
  4. Today
  5. 3/21/75 Seattle -- Soundboard vs. Matrix

    Only criticism of either version is the low volume of Jimmy's guitar. It's a little louder on the audience recording, so I prefer the matrix.
  6. Song Name Game

    Come Together - The Beatles
  7. Beautiful Women

  8. In the Evening lyrics

    I think it could be a lot of things; the rigors, strains and craziness of fame, the pain of seeing someone close to you, or realizing you, yourself are in a bad relationship, insecurity in your talents and worrying that the muse will leave you because someday it's "got to stop", and, of course, addiction. I lean more towards addiction because you're always looking for the next great high "but the girl don't come" plus the comment about hiding and not asking for help. In the end, you can only blame yourself for your own life choices. What does "dancing in the doldrums" mean? Putting on a brave face while suffering inside? Enjoying wallowing in your own misery, as some people seem to do? Also what is a "master of the off chance"? Someone who's lucky to have survived?
  9. Listen to This Erik Japanese import posted

    But didn't they also release the latest Osaka 9/28 audience source? I think they put out a couple of other sources like that, that no one had heard.
  10. What's the weather like where you are?

    It has been sunny today.
  11. What Are You Doing Today?

    I have had some fun as we are having the election day!
  12. Listen to This Erik Japanese import posted

    I told everyone that the Lighthouse label (mostly) is a bunch of assholes ready to rip you off with your own stuff. I understand when someone is releasing the stuff with proper mastering and editing but these guys even do not care about it! I am still curious why they are so popular among the collectors....
  13. In the Evening lyrics

    Could be although I would tend to lean towards references to lust and the conflict of that and his being married at the time.
  14. Make me laugh!

  15. JOHN PAUL JONES - SNOWEYE, Varangerfestivalen Norway 2018

    Thx, Sam. Hope they do other gigs. R😎
  16. Robert Plant Interview with Dan Rather

    I watched the interview. Plant looked really good and very relaxed; totally calm and comfortable. You could tell Rather and crew had done their homework and it was nice to see Robert's demeanor at ease instead of almost cringing, waiting for the next question.
  17. Listen to This Erik Japanese import posted

    That's why I'm posting it. I had to pay $125 to get two copies of my own recording. I'm putting it out there so you don't have to. I'm encouraging everyone to grab it while you can.
  18. Word association

  19. Song Name Game

    Come And Get It - Badfinger
  20. Beautiful Women

  21. Beautiful Women

  22. What's the weather like where you are?

    Must be 6 inches of snow in the garden. My wood store is full of snow. Spring is now forecast to start in June
  23. Random Thoughts v.3

    The Police force in the UK have just selected this as their anthem. Nice job boys: "We're busy doin' nothin' Workin' the whole day through Tryin' to find lots of things not to do We're busy goin' nowhere Isn't it just a crime We'd like to be unhappy, but We never do have the time "
  24. What's the weather like where you are?

    A very nice quiet Sunday morning, overcast, and 65F.
  25. What's the weather like where you are?

    Nice today. But it's supposed to snow Tuesday. All I can say is it better not screw up my trip to Florida on Wednesday!
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