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  2. Los Angeles, CA- The Forum- June 21, 1977

    @ gbauer Thank you for sharing your recording on YouTube. Any chance we will hear more about your transfer ?
  3. I think it's really odd that Moby Dick from Seattle was spliced in, rather than use Millard's source, but the poster said he made a mistake and mixed up tracks on his itunes folder. Hopefully it will get transferred properly, lossless and shared . The tape has great atmosphere even though it's inferior to Millard's tape. My favorite part was hearing the roar of the crowd. Rock and Roll is way fast, it's a half step sharp!
  4. Yeah, same old. I commend Robert for at least attempting adventurous paths, but he doesn't often pull it off Of course Robert plays with competent musicians, but Robert seemingly doesn't want anyone even remotely stealing his thunder. Too bad, I found the first 5 or 6 solo albums to have at least some edge and creativity from all the musicians, even when some songs simply didn't work. And yes , a tour right around the original box sets would probably be very successful in all aspects. I saw Robert in 88' and 90' solo and even songs I didn't like, Plant sounded totally amazing, better in fact than some latter day Zep gigs. Jimmy was limbered up and like a lion in a cage, ready to prowl the stage and unleash at least some Zep magic. JPJ, the old reliable, always ready. Oh well............
  5. Coverdale/Page

    Dude, might I suggest an Ambien? You need to chill out. You don't come onto a Zeppelin board and start trashing RP over nothing. No one on here that I know gives a shit about what was or was not said about whom in 1988, its about the music, nothing more. As already pointed out, many don't like David's sophmoric lyrics and his cheesy approach but I have heard no one challenge his vocal prowess. BTW, the song you posted, Southern Comfort has IMO some of David's best singing hands down. Understated yet very emotive and powerful. Thank you for that. Also, all of the songs you quoted as Plant stealing the lyrics from (except for NFBM) were credited and royalties paid, thus, Robert did not steal anything in regard to those songs, he was given permission. Now...quit being a dick and relax. It's all good.
  6. Word association

  7. Coverdale/Page

    Well, Coverdale's lyrics were good enough for Jimmy and he gets to the point in his songs. He doesn't sing so you can't understand what he's singing and he's got an extremely powerful voice, something Plant once had, but now Plant's band has to tune way down to accompany his vocal range. Robert probably wishes he had Coverdale's power.
  8. Well done ZepHead!! He's pretty cool about taping one of the greats. . slipping that in 4 years ago and now the show on Youtube. . Its funny Sathington's comment a few down about the hit and run and this guy never coming back to the forum:):):)
  9. Coverdale/Page

    It's got nothing to do with that at all. There's a general census on this forum that CP has Page's best studio playing since Zeppelin, featuring the old guitar army back in force. The criticisms are generally that Coverdale's lyrics are cheesy and the production is over-blown, and are unrelated to Plant's jibes at Coverdale. It might be a cultural thing as well. I reckon a lot of American listeners won't mind the lyrics and production, but the Brits will def think they're a bit on the Somerset cheddar side.
  10. Word association

  11. Song Name Game

    Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - Van Morrison
  12. FWIW, I found a comment the guy made on the forum back in 2013 where he mentioned recording this show. It was the only comment he's ever made on the site and he hasn't visited since.
  13. Beautiful Women

  14. Coverdale/Page

    I am amazed at Zeppelin fans and their total disregard for this album. There have been a few in this thread who have complimented it, but too few and too far between. Why? I'll tell you why... because of Robert Plant and his comments in 1988. If Plant had come out and said he liked Whitesnake and was a friend of David, you would all love the album. But Plant, being co classless to say the things he did, really made it difficult for Coverdale/Page to get any appreciation with his continual attacks in 1993. A lot you say you don't like David's lyrics... okay, fine. David has always said he's a meat and potatoes, nuts and bolts lyricist. One thing he's never done though is rip off blues musicians and claim to have written something that he didn't. Plant didn't just do it on the first two albums either, he did it on IV... When The Levee Breaks. Physical Graffiti on In My Time Of Dying and on Presence on Nobody's Fault But Mine. So if he's such a good songwriter, why the need to rip people off??? Another question... two of Plant's best songs lyrically in my opinion, are Achilles Last Stand and Carouselambra... and most of you don't even know what Carouselambra is even about... but why write such great lyrics and then sing them so they can't be understood on the album? It took me years to finally figure what he's singing in those two songs, but I just don't get the reason behind his studio performance and how he could sing them in such a way that nobody knew what the heck he was singing. I'm sure there are videos on You Tube now that have the lyrics to these songs on the screen, but back in the 70's, there was no You Tube. One last thing, a lot of you have been wondering about the three recorded Coverdale/Page songs that didn't make it on the album. I have two of them, and made a video for Southern Comfort. It will be below. Jimmy made friends with David quickly and to this day, they remain friends. It's such a shame that most Zeppelin fans are so closed minded on the C/P album.
  15. Word association

  16. Random Thoughts v.3

    Thanks again ☺
  17. Yesterday
  18. What's the worst live performance of a song?

    I did a quick remaster on the Tempe Achilles and brightened it up. If you don't listen closely it doesn't seem different, but if you do pay attention, holy crap. They're all playing/singing different parts of the song out of sync. It's almost comical.
  19. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Baltimore Denver Carolina Pittsburgh Detroit Indy Tampa Bay New England NY Jets NY Giants Tennessee Green Bay KC Oakland Dallas
  20. What song is stuck in your head?

    4th Time Around-----Bob Dylan
  21. 2017 Major League Baseball thread....

    L.A. gonna win a hundred.......S.F. gonna lose a hundred.
  22. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Mrs Walter San Francisco Jacksonville Buffalo Carolina Chicago Atlanta Indianapolis Tampa Bay New England Miami Philadelphia Tennessee Green Bay Kansas City Oakland Dallas
  23. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Walter: LA Rams Baltimore Denver Carolina Pittsburgh Atlanta Indianapolis Tampa Bay New England Miami NY Giants Tennessee Green Bay Kansas City Oakland Dallas
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