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  2. I wonder who will play the two guys in the film they'll make. Hollywood will be all over this.
  3. That one they do "The Best", absolutely dreadful, Oh and "Hero" whatever it's called, awful.. Each to their own not my bag at all...
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  5. Probably wasn't world news at the time.
  6. 92F 2AM CDT Heat Index
  7. Well, whatever.... If I was going to demonstrate the greatness of Jimmy Page, I could easily do it with just one video, SIBLY from TSRTS. If the hearer couldn't "get it " from that one video, then, I'd just move on, I guess...
  8. Thanks for the reminder about Vancouver 1975. I went back and listened to both shows. Incredible !!
  9. Government
  10. Don't think the Copenhagen warm ups were multi tracked. In retrospect these were rehearsals. They weren't even announced or promoted. So it is unlikely there was the need to wheel out an expensive mobile unit.
  11. If they were multitracked, might be possible with a substantial amount of effort by a team of real experts to sync footage of Knebworth up for a DVD release????
  12. It's fair to assume a lot more shows were recorded. Zep's touring equipment rig included a Revox reel to reel deck ( replaced by a Nakamichi deck from 77 on). And a tape deck is a useful tool for ...recording (and to include sound effects if you are Pink Floyd) So yes, there are plenty 1/4" 7 1/2 IPS reels (and cassettes) lining the vaults. Some of the SB reels and cassette tapes that got into circulation were stolen from Jimmy's mansion. But not all of them. The condition, quality and completeness of these analog tapes however is a big question. Hampton 71 was only 2 reels, Toronto only ONE reel! The same goes for the Europe 73 soundboards. They were clearly recorded with a purpose (restructuring the play list from one tour to another?). Audio quality also is quite variable: Toronto 71 and UK 73 just sound dull, the US 73 boards vary from decent (Dallas) to near excellent (Mobile, Kezar) and anything in-between. Bottom line: yes there is a huge soundboard archive. Most of it we probably will not hear. Alas
  13. Xolo - your 100% Aussie now. LOL.
  14. RAH should be officially released tout suite as it's all pretty much ready to go. Makes no sense to keep that in the warehouse. Earls Court compilation at the very least , if they're not willing to do a complete show, like 5/24 or 25. Far as I understand , those are the only two nights that were multi- tracked, although my no. 1 choice would be 5/18. . I also think a best of Copenhagen Warm Ups would be a very welcome release. Anyone know if those shows were multi-tracked?
  15. Well, at least you tried. :/ Regardless of what the others are doing, the Night Train solo is one of the best live solos ever, imo. Perfect blend of emotion, melody, and technical prowess. Here's a couple more, if you're so inclined, it's hard to get a feel from just three clips, the guy puts out an ungodly amount of material.
  16. Thanks, just added Eric Gales to my watch list at Songkick.
  17. My impression of Nottingham Lace, was of a souless technical performance. I don't feel anything from Buckethead, so he is not my cup o' tea. It was not possible for my to evaluate the tone and playing on the Zeppelin segment due to the constant crowd noise. The overall impression of the "Night Train Solo" is that guitar work is fine, but, the blam, blam, blam of the percussion makes it unenjoyable for me. I HATE that kind of percussion playing, It shows no respect for the guitar work being played, imo. Why guitarists stand for such accompaniment, I'll never know...
  18. ^^ Yes, a better recording of LA '71 is a dream. That's one to remember that a poor recording is 100x better than no recording. However, I would rather see EV releasing LA 1971-08-21 (SBD) than Led Zeppelin.. I would imagine Thank You not being included (see HTWWW for example). I hate to believe that LA '71 wasn't recorded with the same equipment as Orlando 10 nights later.
  19. This would be a great movie. I could totally see it Great writing!
  20. "Can you tell us the story, of when fishing boats were out at sea and this wasnt a tourist town?"
  21. I would say that the other guitarists that pushed the guitar further, were hetfield/hamett, tom morello and jack white.
  22. OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Yes! Great choice(s)! Those 71 gigs were just crazy! Bonham's bass drum! And Plant's vocals, out of this world.
  23. My favorite Star Trek villain , Khan Noonien Singh.
  24. Easy choice in my mind, LA Forum 1971, twin night combo pack, twofer! That would be the apex for my Zeppelin fix!
  25. Very interesting! It's almost certainly one of these two 2011 pressings, which according to discogs are counterfeits: It's definitely not a 1969 pressing.
  26. I wasn't there and I was about 8 years old at the time so I can't 100% say it's the truth. I did get this story from a guy that has always been a straight shooter though. I was told by someone that worked at an Atlanta record shop when Physical Graffiti was released that the album sold so well that they quickly ran out of copies upon its release. He said he was working the register one day and a guy snatched a copy of the album from another guy in line and they almost had a fight over who would get and buy one of the last copies in the store.
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