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  2. This photo is from the book Tangents Within A Framework. It says it's from 1982 , Jimmy talking to a Japanese journalist. Must be Deathwish 2 related.
  3. I Saw The MOTION PICTURE: This TIME As I Have EVERY OTHER Time!!!!!!! Almost... With Myself And Others at The Time. In REAL 3D This Time, Which was Awesome Totally. I was Sure To Hang-On To My TICKET STUBS This Time. I Expected To SEE MORE People at The Showing, However.... (This Year's "Movie" -Season Is Going To BE GREAT!!!!! (2017 Years-Away From The "GALAXY FAR, FAR -AWAY").)) And I Can't Wait To Get There Again!!!! Thanks Everybody! -freddy fingers -The First... - ZOSO
  4. Crap, it's only a number..........I will be 50 next year, and still feel young.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Sorry to hear that...............condolences to his family and you, man!
  7. In 1975/76 the income tax rate in the UK for earnings over £20,000 was 83%. Basically this means that for every £1 they earned (over £20,000) they got to keep 17p. (Tax on earnings up to £20,000 would have left them with a tax bill of around £13,000. So - earn £20,000 and take home £7,000). As an example, let's pretend that they earned £250,000 in one year - a lot of money in 1975, but not inconceivable for them at the time: First £20,000 you get to keep about £7000 (actually a little more, but I'm keeping it simple). That leaves £230,000 to pay 83% tax on - a tax bill of £190,900. That left them with £39,100, plus the £7000 kept before the higher rate: A total of $46,100 they get to keep.... well actually it would be less than this too, because I've not allowed for National Insurance contributions (which , despite being called 'contributions' are actually compulsory). That's a total payment to the taxman of £203,900 from earnings of £250,000. I honestly don't think Grant 'forced' them to go into tax exile - I'm sure he would have just given them the best advice, which would have been 'get out of dodge or the taxman takes pretty much everything you've earned'. Their earnings and the taxman forced them into tax exile. You don't have to be a genius to look at those figures and think that they probably thought for themselves: 'why do I have to give 4/5ths of what I earned to the taxman. What can I do to avoid this?'.
  8. When i posted this on the 18th my friend/work mate had a stroke , he died last night and I am fucking gutted.
  9. I remember that. I listened as a teenager. Even at that age, it seemed immature to me at the time. Nob
  10. Just a reminder -
  11. not a big fan of poor tom, much prefer hats off. but hey hey is better than them both
  12. Road to somewhere-Goldfrapp
  13. "Stairway to Heaven" - Led Zeppelin
  14. Poor Paul. His beloved Popeye's is about to take a turn for the worse.
  15. Just like heaven- The Cure
  16. needs a pat on the
  17. Dedicated servant of Emperor Shokmoko
  18. "Living Loving Maid (Sh'es Just a Woman)" - Led Zeppelin
  19. In the pines In the pines Where the sun never shines
  20. constantly, like a ninja warrior...
  21. This guy did a whopping 70 mph in the 1/4 mile.
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