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  2. Poplar consensus is MORE PLEASE!! Actually , I would love to hear what your memories as a 10-11 year old were of the 72 HTWWW shows and Bonzo's BDay and Kezar!! I'd be very curious to hear how it felt to be so young there. Actually 6/3/63 is one of my all time fav '73 boots.
  3. Absolutely you should continue. Just let whatever you want flow out! Looking forward to the 26&27th specifically! ✌🏻
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  5. "Dismember victim in kiddie pool. Cook body parts in microwave. Stuff parts in garbage disposal." And they release back him into the public.
  6. The Speed of Love - Rush
  7. The song remains the same 06/21//77 Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown 11/06/69 We're Gonna Groove 03/07/70 Train Kept A Rollin' 08/31/69
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  9. Rockin' Down the Highway - Doobie Brothers
  10. sun
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  13. * Raises Hand*
  14. Thank you for posting these images.
  15. I add bass to almost everything. Just a bass boost. Sometimes its too much for 1975 soundboards though. Bass for live stuff because idk... every show I've been too was bass heavy, feel the sound vibrations in your bones. So it makes it more live-y.
  16. I like it all. The Millard recordings from the shows you've seen is why I'm here, and even though I'm a youngin', I've got quite a collection and got started about when the SBD revolution did, so lucky me right? Fuckin' A. Lets hear about the 25th and 27th, those are my most listened to boots probably in my whole collection. Haven't worn them out as much as the Eddie and Badgeholders show. Sights sounds crowd reaction, I like all of the above man. Thx for the posts, feels like you're there for a sec. Especially listening while reading your posts. And holy hell, you caught 3/12/75? I think that might be one of, if not the best, of 1975.
  17. I'm pretty sure it exists.
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