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  2. Yeah, people keep assuming Led Zeppelin video exists of Houston and Largo because of their in-house video systems. But it was up to each individual band whether that system was used. Bands like Van Halen and Prince and the Who used the video feed and that is why you can find bootleg DVDs of Largo and Houston shows. But I think it has been pretty well established that Led Zeppelin did not use the video screens at Largo and Houston.
  3. I saw Elbow and Snow Patrol at a club sometime back in the Aughts but subsequently lost track of them.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Just received an update regarding a relative of mine who was suicidal: Her brother sent us a picture of her playing with her granddaughter and said she is doing MUCH better. Hopefully, she'll continue to improve and things will continue to get better. Anyone reading this who happens to be depressed: always remember, there's ALWAYS hope! Never let anyone tell you otherwise!
  6. expensive
  7. Does Page have gray sideburns, or is that a Band Aid? (Not to confuse with Live Aid)
  8. Thanks, Sincere condolences to the families of the dead an injured. Thankfully they got the nut job who did it. There is not a lot that can be done to prevent this type of random act of horror so there is no point in worrying about them. There will always be brainwashed individuals ready and willing to give their lives to some sort of twisted ideology that makes them go out to commit these sort of atrocities, life has to go on the more barriers that get put up the more these fuck heads win.
  9. wow, thats some rare shit right there. wonder how long after bonzo's death this was. weeks? months?
  10. Dentist
  11. The full list of releases for this upcoming Record Store Day 2017 (4/22/17) has come out and it's going to include a release from Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes. A marbled black & white vinyl (10') called "Live at Jones Beach". Limited to 3000 copies. It has 3 songs; 1. Misty Mountain Hop 2. Bring It On Home 3. In The Light.
  12. Cozy Powell also played in MSG after he left Rainbow, which was around that time.
  13. One of his best mates of the past 12 years had just passed away
  14. Fashionably late but as promised..: (2006)
  15. Damn, there's a palpable sadness in their expressions. Page looks weary, haggard, with that long ash cig hanging from his mouth.
  16. Not my content.
  17. Not long after John Bonhams Death there were many rumours in the press stating Cozy Powell was Joining Led Zeppelin, I think this boys night out in a Local Boozer may have been part of it, The Bloke who sent me these pictures said it was an Utter shock for several of the biggest names in rock popped into his local for a pint and a Fag, the only thing at hand for an autograph was the back of a beer mat. Amongst them was Page & Plant, Peter Grant, John Paul Jones, Cozy Powell and Gary Bardens. He said there may have been acouple of others but couldn’t remember. Cozy Powell had friends with Plant & Bonham since the 60’s, but I think the real reason for being there was to meet up with Gary Bardens the Singer in MSG (Michael Schenker Group) who he was just about to join.
  18. Sign of the cross-Iron Maiden
  19. Days of the Week - STP
  20. "The Ocean" - Led Zeppelin
  21. The Clansman-Iron Maiden
  22. I think I'd have to hit the ump with my bat.
  23. but he did manage to
  24. Beavis and Butthead watching a video of a girl dragging a hoe on the ground. Beavis: What's that? Butthead: A hoe. Beavis: I know, but what's that she's carrying? Butthead: Uhhh, huh, huh, huh....
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