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  2. DEAR LORD!!! My fantasy for years! Ian is a BLISTERING and DYNAMIC player and has written new songs for Jimmy, for years! Ha! VERY Pagian power too! Tasty slide player too... Too much? Hahah!
  3. June 21, 1977
  4. Weighed in today: 210.8 I haven't weighed 210 in probably 10-12 years.
  5. Dracula
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  7. "Out on the Tiles" -Led Zeppelin
  8. Haha. As they are bootleg labels, I don't trust any of them. I haven't since one of my first bootlegs was an album labeled as being recorded at the LA Forum in 1971 but was actually Berkeley '71...the infamous "Going to California" boot. But I will say that overall, Godfatherecords has given me the highest rate of satisfaction, especially when we factor in the cost/pleasure ratio. Next would be Eat-a-Peach! The Genuine Masters DVD-A releases are also high on the satisfaction guaranteed scale. The above labels all get an A grade from me. In the B- to B grade level are Wendy, Badgeholders, and the original TMOQ label of the 1970s. Next comes EVSD and Scorpio. Boogie Mama, Red Devil, eelgrass, Beezlebub, Power Chord, Totonka, TDOLZ, Tarantura, and other labels are either too substandard to rate or I don't have enough of their titles to objectively rate them.
  9. Is the '1' key on your keyboard stuck?
  10. Nope not a boy band.. agreed. They had a media friendly image in that they were very like-able. Plus they wrote some of the catchiest songs of all time.. in their early 20's .. They consistently developed and improved as well. That the same band who wrote Love Me Do wrote Strawberry Fields Forever four years later is just incredible.. I Saw Her Standing There All My Loving It Won't Be Long etc.. timeless
  11. ^^^Hmmm, would you like to work on my tapes? I need someone who knows what they are doing and someone I can trust. You seem to fit the bill. I'd ask Sue but her plate already seems overloaded. it's now the 40th anniversary of the Landover, Maryland shows and I am dutifully slogging thru May 25 and 26 right now. As is the band. Actually, the band is pretty on form for most of the 25th. It's the show on the 26th that is dismal and dull compared to the best of '77. Bonham really seems out of it..."In My Time of Dying" never gets going and the "Achilles" is infamous by now. The sludgy sound of the '77 soundboards doesn't help matters, making the band sound worse than they did to the audience that was there. Maybe someone forgot to clean the tapeheads on the deck Showco used to record the board tapes. The tapes don't capture Jimmy's guitar correctly...especially the 12-string double-neck and the Danelectro. You can barely tell he is playing slide on "In My Time of Dying". Compare the IMTODs from the '75 boards to the '77 boards. Night and day...they sound like two completely different guitars. The same thing happens when you compare "The Song Remains the Same". True confession: I have never heard any of the audience tapes from Landover, save the brief patches used to fill in gaps on the soundboards. They never seem to be at the swaps and nobody has uploaded them on YouTube. It's always the soundboards. All that said, it really matters not a whit to the people who were there. Unlike most soundboards, the sheer enthusiasm of the '77 Landover crowds shines through loud and clear. For whatever nitpicking we discern on the tapes 40 years later, the evidence is clear that the audience is having the time of their lives. They are enjoying the concert. That is what is important in the long run. Not what the soundboards sound like to us trainspotters in hindsight, or what bass rig Jonesy used or what notes were flubbed as Jimmy executed his electro-stagger jack-knife pirouette. No, the only important thing is that for three hours, Led Zeppelin gave Landover the night of their lives.
  12. Thanks The Rover 75 (Rival Sons) and BUK (Big Wreck) for expanding my music education. Never listened to either before.......but I'll invest time in them now! Thank you!
  13. "Bring it on Home - Led Zeppelin
  14. Whip It - DEVO
  15. I always dreamed of Jimmy playing a series of gigs with Big Wreck (like he did years ago with The Black Crowes).
  16. BLOOD...
  17. "For Your Life" - Led Zeppelin
  18. "Life Wasted" - Pearl Jam
  19. Yeah, consistency wise Jimmy was IMHO noticeably better in 80' than in 77'. Problem was fewer train wrecks, more even tecnique , but also not many really good/great solos and still a decline or absence of the long lyrical passages of the past. Jimmy's style kept evolving(even in 80' there were new solo ideas, etc.), to give him some credit. At the same time though, it is still a jolt to hear a 80' boot and Jimmy sounding uninspired half the time. That reminds me of the 5-6 NY area Firm shows I saw. At least at the shows I saw, my friend( a guitarist like me)and I were saddened that although Jimmy never messed up or was sloppy, his ability to solo/ jam was gone, total meandering. To be fair, I have 6-7 audio/video shows where Jimmy is playing amazing kamikaze B-bender solos, not repeating any Zep licks, and having killer technique. But what happend in NY ? At one show I was in the 2nd row almost center, Page almost never smiled, barely moved, looked very wasted or drunk. A wild guess, but I think at times I think Jimmy was not satisfied with the Firm, and possibly had to drag himself on stage somewhat conflicted, regardless of pro responseability. But Firm, not sloppy, but little fire.
  20. ZOSO is a sigil. I think it's part of a larger spell that Jimmy cast. It's an amplifier of sorts, projecting his will on listeners and drawing them in. In and of itself, it is meaningless. But it has Jimmy's true will and intent tied up with it. It's powerful, so careful with it. My .02
  21. As I understand it they're on some tracks but not all of them. Steve A Jones could probably give you exact dates, but it was recorded between the first rehearsal (19th Aug '68) and departure for the Scandinavia gigs (6th Sept), and not released till the following year. I think there must have been several different sessions spread over a while, as there are other instrumentalists e.g. Clem Cattini credited, as well as the four of them. Jim's Blues is recognisably Zep, and sounds halfway between an early version of You Shook Me & I Can't Quit You Babe.
  22. If you look up story of his 77 interview he gives quite a few insights
  23. That pick would be gone already if the tell all was part of the deal!!!
  24. The discussion itself is irrelevant.
  25. The Beatles were not a boy band. Boy Bands do not write their own music, play instruments. Before they become huge The Beatles would do 8 hour sets. Just cause they wore matching suits and happened to appeal to young females does not make them a boy band. Boy bands hardly last 3 years, and they have no legacy. Every week there is a new book about the Beatles, (what more can be said at this point?). I think Zeppelin gets a few books a year and that is still awesome. As for the early material, I don't understand the slogging. What band's of that era trumped what the Beatles were doing in the pop realm?
  26. Yes, the thread got derailed...but there is an undercurrent of derisiveness to use gay as an identifier in this case. Why do we need to know his sexual orientation? Its not necessary info. If black were used... or short, or lesbian, or Jew , or white, or fat in place of gay in this case, it would still sound pejorative. It's irrelevant to the discussion.
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