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  2. tmtomh's suggestions about the bass are well said. One thing that hit me on my way to figuring out what sound I was looking for was when a guy who had done professional sound for a touring band pointed out that bass on recordings never sounds like what you hear at a concert. It never has that "kick you in the chest" sound and force that you get live. And because of that, you end up missing out on a lot of what was played at the show and end up judging it just on how good of a night Jimmy had. Bonzo's kick drum is basically absent from every bootleg recording made of him playing live, and so is the low end of Jonsey's bass. It's one of the reasons that people complain about him using an Alembic bass on the '77 tour. On the recordings we have, it sounds like a kids toy because the weight it had in concert wasn't captured. In reality, that Alembic was a weapon of war. Here's an example of what it can sound like when it's given its due. The video below is from Empress Valley and I remastered the audio to bring out the low end. For me, being able to finally hear the low end also changed my opinion of the '77 tour. I used to think it was mediocre, but now getting to actually hear Bonzo and Jonsey as individual musicians and as a rhythm section, as well as how they interacted with Jimmy, gave me a whole new appreciation for the tour.
  3. Song Name Game

    Give It To Me - The J. Geils Band

    Baroque with the diminished fifth was the Black Sabbath of the day, but you should've known that? lol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tritone
  5. Finding the sound you want seems easy, but it takes a really long time. If it helps, Winston said it was the hardest thing for him to do too, so you're in good company Regarding "muddying the waters", I believe the people who are against it want to easily be able to find unremastered sources so they and everyone else can do their own remasters. What they fail to realize is that most people don't have the time or knowledge or desire to remaster shows, they just want to listen to something that sounds good. And because of their stridency, they prevent those people from hearing remasters that they'd enjoy because the people who do the remastering get sick of being told they're harming the community. I used to post stuff at Royal Orleans and not only stopped doing that but left the site completely because of that attitude, so those few people who complained get their pure sources while the rest of the people there who liked what I did don't get to hear anything because I don't go there anymore.

    Looks like the old rusty nails were replaced to keep the coffin closed NEW: Robert Plant suggested that a Led Zeppelin reunion would be a "disservice"
  7. Beautiful Women

  8. Today
  9. My personal remaster of Trampled Underfoot from 5/24/75

    Wow this is some outstanding advice! I thank you sincerely for this! I particularly like your suggestion about finding the particular sound I want to have before actually remastering it, as well as walking away from it for a while and previewing it again before releasing it to the public. That's particularly surprising to hear that certain Zeppelin fans hate remasters. I guess I can see that they're purists but still...I'd personally prefer to hear the best sounding version of the show rather than the raw source. But I guess that's just me. Once again, thank you so much!
  10. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    You were the one whistling @22:05 ? LOL just kidding, i bet that was a great show... listening to it now.
  11. Tom Petty Died of drug overdose

    Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine! That stuff is really opioid tolerance dependant, enough to kill you or me might not even register in a regular user. Easy stuff to OD on. RIP Tom
  12. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

    Underrated, thats for damn sure . RT's certainly gone thru some band member changes though...imo - the 70s were his best yrs, i admire the guy, hella player. Another thing about him, he never (to me) came off as a Hendrix clone. Frank Marino did... wannabe and thats why i never jumped on that band wagon. We'll never see Trower in R-N-R Hall of BS tho. His closest shat at that was when he was with Procol Harem. Oh well...
  13. Tom Petty Died of drug overdose

    A lot of people don't know this, and are often surprised to find out, but Tom Petty secretly struggled with heroin in the 1990s.

    The one I downloaded was labeled "dadgad remaster." And it did sound much better than the first source I heard, brighter as you describe. ALB

    For those about to rock, we salute you!
  16. Let's Write A Story (5 Words Only)

    "anyways", said jesus to oprah...
  17. Let's Write A Story (5 Words Only)

    he ate a crispy... thing.
  18. Tom Petty Died of drug overdose

    I appreciated Petty's chilled attitude and music to reflect. That is some cocktail. temazepam, alprazolam - Not for pain. Temazepam is for calm/to help you stay asleep without waking up and staying awake half the friggin' night. Alprazolam is for anxiety again as is the Temazepam. But never should the twain meet. They probably didn't. But with the combination of everything combined, and touring, the poor guy's heart just couldn't take it. Good post! Very true, Red.
  19. My Latest Keyboard

    I can tell you're not American because you couldn't find a friend with a truck.
  20. I like what you've done. As someone who has been remastering shows from the past six or seven years, here's a list of things that took me a long time to learn that I wish I realized sooner: 1 - Figure out the sound you're trying to achieve. This is the most important thing, and it's also the hardest. Listen to a lot of live music, both commercial and bootleg, and find out what kind of sound you're drawn to so you can attempt to recreate it. The reason this is important is it gives you a standard to measure up against so you can judge whether or not you're headed in the right direction on each of your remasters. 2 - It's easy to make things sound different, but past a certain point it's hard to make them sound better. Pretty much any soundboard will benefit from a little reverb and some EQ. Beyond that, making significant improvements is hard to do. Remastering follows the 80/20 rule that also applies to a lot of other projects; 80 percent of the work takes 20 percent of the time and the last 20 percent of the work takes 80 percent of the time. 3 - If you apply an effect and your ears notice it immediately when you play the song the next time, you used to much. Reverb is the perfect example of this. It's really easy to overdo it, so when you think you've got the right amount, reduce it a little before you apply it. 4 - Your ears get used to how things sound, so step away from a remaster and listen to other bands and other kinds of music for a while, then come back to the remaster. If you're still happy with it, you're headed in the right direction. If not, figure out where you got off track. My rule of thumb is that when I think I'm ready to release a show, I stop listening to it for two weeks. When I listen to it for the first time after that, if I'm still happy with it then I release it. If I'm not, I go back to the drawing board. Also listen on different kinds of speakers. I do my remastering work on a set of M Audio BX5 monitors, but when I'm getting ready to release something I also listen to it on my regular home stereo, the stereo in my car, and on headphones. 5 - If this becomes a hobby that you still enjoy and actively pursue six months from now, consider purchasing professional effects and a mastering suite. Audacity is a great low cost way to see if you like working with audio, but it's severely limited in what it can do compared to even the least expensive software you pay for. Also, free effects often unintentionally modify sounds in ways you don't expect or want. While it's not worth buying anything until you're really sure this is going to be a hobby that you're going to keep up with for a long time, if you do a lot of remastering then professional software will save you a lot of time and make the whole process more pleasant. My mastering software is "Ozone" from Izotope and most of my VST plugins come from the Plugin Alliance. Ozone is really easy to use and the Plugin Alliance plugins are reasonably priced (I've gotten a few of them for US$9.00, and haven't spent more than $80.00 for any of them, although I mostly buy stuff during their Christmas sales), but there are lots of options from other companies as well. 6 - Sound is a very personal thing and what you think sounds good someone else may not like. And this being the internet, they won't hesitate to tell you they don't like it. 7 - You'll never get a soundboard to sound like a commercial release. Most Zep soundboards are effectively mono recordings (they contain stereo information, but the only time it's noticeable is during things like the violin section of Dazed and Confused when the sound ping-ponged around the arena.) However, it is possible to expand the the sound so it doesn't just sit meekly between the speakers. Reverb is part of this, but there are other tools that can help too. 8 - Be aware that a vocal minority of people in the Zep community hate remasters on general principal. No joke. Hate them. "Muddying the waters" they call it. Don't let that stop you, but be aware that it's a thing. 9 - It took me years to not be terrible at remastering. I'd finish something and think it was great and then listen to it six months later and be depressed about how bad it sounded. Overtime I got to the point where I can do something and know that when I come back to it I'll still be pretty happy with it, but that took a long time. Don't get discouraged if the same thing happens to you. It just means that your tastes are evolving. 10 - You're never done with a remaster, but at some point you have to determine that it's good enough and move on to another project. If you try to make each one perfect, you'll only ever work on that one show and never do anything else. Hope this helps.
  21. Hot Pics of Robert

    I see what you mean. Although, Robert is much taller than the man in this photo, even at this younger age.
  22. My Latest Keyboard

    Ha Ha. Just wondering what the tuning situation is, if some keys are dead, or did you luck out with a piece pretty much ready to go ??

    Plant is famous for this type of doublespeak. Not sure when the interview was recorded but suffice to say he is at the very least- conflicted- about the entire situation . I stand by my sources etc....
  24. Song Name Game

    So Much Love To Give - The Glorious Sons
  25. Tom Petty Died of drug overdose

    I love Tom Petty and will always cherish his music and will never forget the show I was at a few years ago, but having all those drugs in his system is just irresponsible. "The coroner, Jonathan Lucas, said that Mr. Petty’s system showed traces of the drugs fentanyl, oxycodone, temazepam, alprazolam, citalopram, acetyl fentanyl and despropionyl fentanyl." When the pain gets to this point, he should have postponed the tour. I understand how expensive and how much a logistical nightmare it is to postpone/reschedule the dates, but ones life isn't worth the risk to continue on is this manner. This is such a tragic end that was avoidable.
  26. Tom Petty Died of drug overdose

    Some musicians don't feel alive unless they hit the road often enough. Just like many musicians need to touch and play their instrument often. This isn't an excuse to recklessly party, but in the Vietnam war, for example, many soldiers took morphine for injuries or just to cope, yet in fact when most of the non-injured soldiers came home, most may have had mild withdrawal or little difficulty stopping use. Many don't realize for some ailments there is no satisfactory substitute for opiates, addicts with intractable pain conditions go into and out of rehab, and no pain relief means a miserable existence. What a shame about Petty, I thought he had periods of some drinking a while back and some pot here and there. I don't condone opiates, but some people think you can change your diet, get acupuncture, meditate, change your thinking, etc., and eliminate 3/4 of the pain. Sometimes, but this is an overly simplistic view of things. Just like Jimmy Page, although there certainly is a partying aspect there, But Jimmy was never really consistently healthy looking, and even before the 77' and forward skeleton, Jimmy on the same tour would often get a slight belly yet 2 weeks later have it vanish. Jimmy couldn't eat solid food often, and perhaps used coke partially because he may well have needed it to get thru live shows. Speculation, who knows for sure.
  27. Random Thoughts v.3

    If we think rationally and logically there can only be one "greatest rock band ever"!
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