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  2. 2017 NFL Thread

    Go 49er this week. Beat Tennessee and help the Bills out. We can send the Titans packing. They have the Rams and Jacksonville to close. Yes we have New England in a week and now an all of a sudden competitive Miami team twice. If we played them a month ago there would not have been much doubt but they have played far better and upset the almighty Pats. Trap game IMO. We will see. I know many will jump on the Miami wagon now Its too little too late for them to get in, but I am more concerned about them ruining it for the Bills. Even though just getting in would make the season a success. Given the QB situation I believe its already a success. Next year we cash in those many picks, and then I believe we can be right in the mix
  3. 2017 Major League Baseball thread....

    That filthy bastard should be hung on the streets of South Beach. I used to like him. Now he has created a farm team for he stinking thieving bastard Yankees. Now they will try and unload the ex Red Sox outfielder Jacoby. Then come after the O's for Machado
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  5. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    I had Miami for the record. And also for the record Walter did not take it as a joke. But I was joking as he did not have all 3 members picking from day 1 to my knowledge. I could care less. No money. If this was for money I assure you I would be picking games with my head and not my heart.
  6. Trentham Gardens '73 was Multi Tracked

    Just speculation on my part. Rarely does Bonham's snare sound this clean and crisp...
  7. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    I'm a bit dumb-founded. Strider openly solicited at one point for some fresh blood in the pool as some regulars had dropped out. If the O'Malley's, Chase, and others wouldn't have joined, we wouldn't have even had enough players to have the pool, or make it worthwhile. Now we have people accusing Walter of 'fixing things', when he's the only participant that hasn't won a week. If he's fixing things, he sure is doing a lousy job ! (no offense Walter) I blame this all on fake news and the opiate crisis. It seems the thing to do these days. Now if one of the ladies will claim some form of unwanted sexual advance towards their picks (preferably be a North Korean), we'll have all the current issues covered.
  8. BON APPÉTIT! What Are You Eating?

    grits/scrambled eggs, bottled water...
  9. Song Name Game

    "Misty Mountain Hop" - Led Zeppelin
  10. Presence Success

    As Zep fans we must always remember that "Presence" was not the natural order of things. If Robert wasn't wheel-chair bound, it would have never came to be, or taken the form it did. Efforts like TSRTS, the Stones' Black & Blue, even The Who's "By Numbers" the year before, were all rocket-fuel for the emergence of punk. The old guard was showing it's age. Throw in some shiny radio-friendly corporate rock, disco & the Bee Gees, and things were primed for a back-lash. I was 17 at the time and never bought in. Going from Kashmir, TYG, and Achilles, to 2 minute Ramone and Buzz Cock crap was too much of a stretch for me. With Neil Young's help, I went West coast retro...CSNY, Springfield, Airplane, Joni, etc. I remember picking up younger girls to party and they would last about 30 seconds in the back-seat before exclaiming, "What the Fuck are we listening to ?" What was the music of my older siblings from a decade before, was totally off their map. I can listen to the Ramones today and still not have a drop of appreciation. Different strokes...
  11. Presence Success

    Strider - great point about Aerosmith's "Rocks". Where I was that album was huge - blasted at every party and in every car, along with Boston (debut album summer 76 I think?), and of course the omnipresent Frampton Comes Alive which was EVERYWHERE 24/7. And of course there was also Skynyrd which everyone was suddenly listening too with the release of their live album. I can recall trying to get people to play Presence at parties (I know, it seems silly to play Presence at a feel good high school party), but it was a steady diet that year of Rocks, Boston, Live Skynryd, and Frampton live. Another release that hit big in my high schools was Kansas' Leftoverture in fall 1976. I also agree with your points about TSRTS LP. When that came out a lot of people who liked Zeppelin quickly forgot about Presence and got totally into that album. To hear Live Zep jamming, stretching out, playing some of the "hits" - and we had Black Dog in the movie. Can you imagine how big that album would have been if it had included all the songs it does in the remastered version?
  12. Presence Success

    In Dec 1976, the readers of the oh so punk NME voted as their favourite musical act....wait for it....ERIC CLAPTON! And this was a few months after his infamous drunken "wogs" rant in Birmingham that led to the formation of Rock Against Racism, too.
  13. Ten Years Gone

    Don't look back. Something may be gaining on you. Dang. That sure was a quick ten years. I mean it has been roughly the same amount of time as the time between my purchase of Led Zeppelin's first album (July 1969) and "In Through the Out Door" (August 1979). That 10 years was packed with events and seemed to take forever. The 10 years since the O2 seems more like a blip. Nothing seems to have happened...we certainly still don't have any new Jimmy Page music. In 2007 I was in my 40s and could fool women into thinking I was younger. Now I am in my 50s and I ain't fooling anybody. I remember being excited for the show...and depressed I didn't win the ticket lottery or just bite the bullet and splurge on flying over to London and taking a chance on scoring a ticket at the venue. After the success of the Page & Plant tours and the Page & Black Crowes shows, I was fairly confident that this reunion would be the real deal and erase the bad memory of Atlantic 1988 and the 1994 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I remember the internet being slow around showtime...too many people logging on at the same time. I remember being astonished at the speed and quality with which the videos started popping up on Youtube...and devouring every one! And of course, being psyched they debuted "For Your Life"...sentimental over "Stairway"...and blown away by "Kashmir". I was happy for the people who got to see the show...especially the younger ones who missed out on Led Zeppelin. But mostly I felt happy for the lads. They had done it in front of the whole world. But I had no illusions this would lead to a future tour. One and done is how I saw the Ahmet Ertegun reunion. I'm at peace with that finality.
  14. Catalpa trees demolition

    It's a major crime and like ivory only done for greed. Kind of a lengthy read, but this what's happening not too far from me. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/maples-falling-victim-to-backwoods-thieves/
  15. 2017 NFL Thread

    Maybe this is the turning point to get back into contention. I like seeing the Seahawks in meltdown mode. GO RAMS!! I used to buy a lot of bike parts from these guys. I kinda wish the 49ers would change their old SF helmet logo by putting a gold miner with pick, shovel and gold pan.
  16. Presence Success

    Some historical inaccuracies and cultural assumptions need to be addressed. As Bong-Man already noted, "Presence" was released before "The Song Remains the Same" double-live album. The notion that "Presence" did not receive radio play is also incorrect. By radio, I don't mean AM Top 40, which was the purview of teeny-boppers and had long been abandoned/ignored by Led Zeppelin and their fans. FM Rock radio was Led Zeppelin's domain and "Achilles Last Stand" and "Nobody's Fault But Mine" filled the airwaves upon the release of "Presence". Unless you lived in a town that did not have a decent FM rock station. Yes, 1976 was the beginning of FM radio consultants and corporate bean-counters exerting control of radio playlists and rock radio focusing on mainstream rock and less free-wheeling, anything goes antics. More easy-going Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Boston, Peter Frampton with the super-shiny sound of expensive studios. Less lengthy prog-rock, weird outsiders like Zappa and Beefheart, and anything deemed too unsafe for selling cars and stereos. But Led Zeppelin was too big to ignore by this point. Radio couldn't just stop playing Led Zeppelin...too many fans who called in their daily "Stairway to Heaven" request would revolt. All through 1976, "Achilles", "NFBM", "Hots on for Nowhere", and "For Your Life" would be played daily on my local stations KMET and KLOS and KWST. Even "Candy Store Rock" and "Tea For One" would get a spin at least every other day or so. The biggest misconception though is this idea that Punk shunted "Presence" aside. First of all, 1977 was "The Summer of Punk". Not 1976. Punk was barely on the radar in 1976. The Ramones finally ventured outside New York that year, famously playing London on the 4th of July and hitting Los Angeles in August. But NY bands such as Blondie, Television, Talking Heads were barely more than a rumour in April 1976. Most of them wouldn't tour outside New York until 1977. Same with the English punk bands, which got a jolt of inspiration from that July 4th Ramones gig, three months after "Presence" dropped. But it wasn't until 1977 that the first English punk band crossed the Atlantic to tour the U.S. That band was the Damned. The Jam followed later in the year in October. The Sex Pistols would not make it to the U.S. until 1978 and the Clash waited until 1979 before hitting our shores. As for radio, good luck finding punk rock on American radio in 1976. As most of the early punk singles and albums were only available as expensive import albums, a kid on a limited budget had to rely on radio to hear the new shit and most rock radio dropped the ball. Now that FM radio was a money-making cultural status symbol, punk was considered too lewd and crude for the aspirational yuppie crowd radio was cultivating. In 1976-77, it was left to a few college radio stations and independent DJ's like K-ROQ's Rodney Bingenheimer to spread the news about punk and play those early singles. Hardly enough to make a dent in mainstream conciousness, and certainly not a factor in how Led Zeppelin was received in 1976. Punk, especially in the U.K. media, did have some effect on how "In Through the Out Door" was received, but in 1976 it was mere shadows and whispers to the average rock fan. Then, there is the notion that "Presence" was a flop because it merely sold a couple million albums. That's like saying "Houses of the Holy" failed because it only sold 11 million compared to its predecessor's 23 million. The fact is that a band has a certain amount of hardcore fans that will buy every album. Then, every once in a while, a band may get lucky and release an album that connects with multiple demographics as well as the hardcore fans. An album like "Sgt. Pepper's", "Led Zeppelin IV", "Dark Side of the Moon", or "Purple Rain". Just because Led Zeppelin IV sold 23 million copies in the U.S. doesn't mean that those were all devoted Led Zeppelin fans. Some were just casual fans attracted by "Stairway to Heaven". Many copies of "IV" sold over the last 10-20 years were older fans replacing worn-out copies. Judging from the sales figures of Led Zeppelin in the decade of their existence 1969-1980, it is likely that Led Zeppelin had around 2 million hardcore fans that would regularly buy their albums. This compares favourably with the Rolling Stones, who only had around 500,000 hardcore record-buyers. All of Led Zeppelin's original albums were million-plus sellers. Five of them registered far enough into pop-culture across many demographics to become mega-sellers: "II", "IV", "Houses of the Holy", "Physical Graffiti", "In Through the Out Door". Most bands in that time would be lucky to have an album sell a miilion copies, let alone a multi-million seller. For a band to have multiple releases sell upwards of four or five million or more was a very rare thing. In fact, you can count only two that did it: The Beatles and Led Zeppelin. Even in 2017, they are the only bands that have five Diamond Albums in their catalogue...a Diamond Album is an album that has sold more than 10 million albums. Remember that the next time someone tries to tell you Pink Floyd, Kiss or the Eagles were as big as Led Zeppelin in the 1970s. Basically, people are punishing "Presence" because it falls in the huge shadow of "Physical Graffiti"'s colossal impact. But "Presence" still hit #1 on the charts, was Led Zeppelin's first album to receive the newly-created Platinum Award, and had four cuts that received regular radio play. So why didn't it cross over into mega-seller status? My thoughts are as follows... 1. "Physical Graffiti" was still popular and fresh in people's minds. I think the buying public and radio weren't ready for new product yet. Radio was still playing the shit out of "Physical Graffiti"...which meant newcomers to the band were still being introduced to Led Zeppelin and going out to buy the album. By April of 1976 "Kashmir" was getting as much airplay as "Stairway to Heaven". "Trampled Underfoot", "The Rover", "Ten Years Gone", "The Wanton Song", "Black Country Woman", "In My Time of Dying", "Custard Pie", "Houses of the Holy", "In the Light", "Night Flight", "Sick Again", "Down By the Seaside"...KMET and KLOS played all of these songs regularly. Some more than others but I'd bet not more than a day or two would go by without hearing even the less-played ones. Even "Boogie With Stu" and "Bron-yr-Aur" got airplay. So when "Presence" hit, radio added "Achilles" and "NBFBM" and other tracks, but people were still digesting "Physical Graffiti". And some new fans decided they liked "Physical Graffiti" songs better, so instead of rushing out to buy "Presence" they saved their money to buy the double-album "Physical Graffiti" instead. 2. If "Presence" was crowded out from the front by the lengthy spell cast by "Physical Graffiti", it then got squeezed in the end by the release of "The Song Remains the Same" movie and soundtrack. Another double-album, mind you. There simply was too much product in the marketplace (there was a recession at this time). Kids had to be picky with their allowance money. And because you could hear Led Zeppelin all day all night on the radio (even the live "TSRTS" cuts), one could rationalize not buying "Presence" because you could hear most of it on the radio anyway. 3. The darkness and claustrophobia of "Presence". There's no question "Presence" was Led Zeppelin's most stressful album as far as the psyche of the band and the recording conditions are concerned. It's an emotionally naked and honest album....maybe too honest. It also feels rushed at times...some songs could have benefited from fine-tuning and sharpening the lyrics. There is very little joy (save the funky "Royal Orleans"...and zero pastoral acoustic interludes. In a year where Aerosmith released their best album "Rocks", along with new albums from AC/DC, Thin Lizzy, Boston, Queen, "Presence" didn't quite fit in with the party-rock vibe of that time. It's an ornery record...an odd duck...truly one for the hardcore fan. Which is why I like it. It's not music for the masses. It was not meant to be easily digestable...aural wallpaper like some Jimmy Buffet or Boston album. For such an album to sell as well as it did is testament to Led Zeppelin's power.
  17. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    Not quite...zepscoda beat you to the basement at 4-12. Congratulations jabe! You won your first week of the year. Week 14 Results jabe: 12-4* Bong-Man: 10-6 paul carruthers: 10-6 Strider: 10-6 the chase: 9-7 Junior: 9-7 LedZeppfan77: 8-8 Mrs. W: 8-8 Walter: 7-9 ebk: 6-10 zepscoda: 4-12 Season Standings After 208 Games 1. the chase: 140-68*** 2. Bong-Man: 139-69** 3. Strider: 138-70* 4. Junior: 135-73*** 4. Mrs. W: 135-73* 5. ebk: 133-75** 6. Walter: 125-83 7. zepscoda: 122-86* 8. jabe: 121-87* 9. LedZeppfan77: 117-91* 10. paul carruthers: 105-87*
  18. Word association

  19. Song Name Game

    Mountain Song - Jane's Addiction
  20. 2017 Major League Baseball thread....

    With an assist from Derek Jeter of the Marlins.
  21. 2017 Major League Baseball thread....

    I think he's hoping that if he can extend his eligibility, people will forget about PEDs... good luck there. And I agree about Morris - and Trammel. Glad they finally got in!
  22. 2017 NFL Thread

    I realize New England is rarely in a situation where they have to kick an onside-kick, and therefore probably don't practice it much...but that was the worst onside-kick attempt I have ever seen. I guess Miami bores New England into complacency because they looked like they were just going through the motions tonight. Playing without Gronk shouldn't have affected the Patriots that much. They are 20-5 without Gronk. Now the door is open for the Steelers to clinch home-field advantage thru the playoffs.
  23. 2017 NFL "potted plant" Memorial Pool

    So I'm guessing I went from first to worst...?
  24. Black Dog in film TSRTS

    Also missing: Misty Mountain Hop, The Ocean, and Heartbreaker
  25. Presence Success

    Aside from Royal Orleans (very funny if you can get the lyrics and you know the story) and Candy Store Rock (one of their weakest tracks ever in my opinion), it is just so relentlessly intense. Most of it is gloomy, while Achilles points toward the light at times, but Achilles is so big and overwhelming. It is one of my favorite albums but for the casual fan it is just too much intensity. Hots on for Nowhere sounds a bit "fun" but the production is so heavy and brittle at the same time. I love it, one of my favorite tracks,and it has some of the best lyrics Plant ever wrote - but again, hard to follow, dense, obtuse, and not upbeat. I guess I agree with all the posts above about the combination of the sound, the instrumentation (almost no acoustic and no keyboards), and the lack of anything approaching a "popular hit". To me it is one of their best albums, and as the band have said it really captures a moment in time. Tea For One is so brutally intense, yet so hazy and druggy. Again, I love it but it is not for the more casual fan. The release of Ten Ribs and All shows they could have had the light and shade. That is an incredible track. With lyrics it could have been a great other side to the album. If they had left off Candy Store Rock and closed the album with a completed Ten Ribs, that would have been even better.
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