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  2. Enjoy the rest of the weekend mate ✌️
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  4. Yes, sorry about that. Looks like end of the month.
  5. Oh and yeah, let's make the third post say Happy birthday Robert Plant and today is the day hehe, all Zeppelin fans have to listen only to your solo music hehe and that is Zep fans who especially love Whole lotta love and Achilles last stand, have to start with Lullaby and the ceaseless roar and listen all the way to the first one, while the ones who are fans of Zeps acoustic stuff, should start with Manic Nirvana and continue with more early electronic stuff. Enjoy the day and don't make annoying posts, especially many in a row!
  6. We will get about 70% of the full eclipse. Of course I won't try looking directly at the sun unless I have proper eye protection. Hoping I can step out of the office for a moment at the proper time just to see the sky at the darkest point.
  7. I should perhaps mention I love Led Zeppelin exactly for rather obvious reasons and those are the elements I love in music the most! Even if I listen to some calmer music, I always love the most, to hear the loud vocal part or the fullest part of the instrumental arrangement or such a part of a solo. So it's clear we all love intensity, virtuosity, diversity, diverse jams and very full arrangements, cascading with riffs and solos, it has to be loud and spectacular and even when it's acoustic, it has to have a lot of structure and it's also good that it's complex and progressive and even symphonic at times. And yeah, most bands simply can't do that! Yeah! Don't get me wrong, I like Zep more then Roberts solo stuff and it's exactly for the same reasons others here do!
  8. Well it might be ridiculous, to give people lectures on taste, as it's just something you basically hear and you either like it or not and it's your choice and sometimes you don't even want to explain why and while it's not wrong, to try and make people more open to other music, I can't just claim Zeppelin fans compare it all to Led Zeppelin and their most prominent elements and I love Led Zeppelin tremendously for so many reasons, so I understand this a lot and in a way it's also always cool, to be at a stadium in the first row, with tens of thousands of people behind you, watching John Bonham do something incredible, that most people simply can't do, both in terms of drumming and audience attraction. But the thing is, people can get somewhat boastful and defensive about it, it's one thing simply liking it, its' another thing saying, something else is crap, simply because Zep were great virtuosos at their best, which is a rare thing indeed and many times linked directly to great success. Especially as Zep were also very original and unique, but that is already a lot more subjective, even if a lot of people think that. It's perfectly clear, which are the musical elements, that a Zeppelin fan loves a lot, even if Zep had a lot of diversity, which should make you more open. It's something that perhaps even makes you understand, why not something like Slayer. They are more technical and precise, but not as imaginative and diverse. But basically it's just about liking something or not and you may perhaps like all sorts of music, which is not like Zep at all, but you don't like Roberts. But it's really not about comparing, it's Roberts music being mentioned on a Zep forum, because he was in Zep and then it's not just some music being compared to Zep, but a former Zep member's music compared to Zep and there is no need to do that, it's good to be open to new music and not obviously being unkind or even insulting, simply because it' not like Zeppelin. Also saying it's got one chord and lots of ahhs is not a very good opinion. It doesn't have just one chord and how many chords does Whole lotta love have? But it does have many elements, which appeal to a Zep fan and that's perfectly alright, but it' also good to listen to all sorts of music. And saying it's got lots of ahhs, well so does Battle of evermore or even Stairway uuuuuuuu it makes me wonder and May queen obviously also has lyrics, lots of lyrics and really good if you ask me and a beautiful arrangement. So just be open, enjoy new music and simply, if you feel it's needed, admit to yourself, you might be looking for Zep elements too much in other music and that you should be kinder to Robert, simply because you are his fan, because he was the singer in Zeppelin. Also Plant's solo music has got a lot of diversity, sometimes even virtuosity, especially vocal virtuosity, better lyrics than Zeppelin for sure, lots of different styles and rather full and imaginative arrangements.
  9. Im keeping lewd alive ...
  10. Take One Last Look ~Tom Waits
  11. They do that in Texas too. Wilco has Stormtroopers .
  12. Cool. Thx for sharing. I wish they'd start 30 minutes earlier (at 6pm instead of 6:30pm), so we could see them do 14 or so songs instead of 8 or 9 on this tour. R😎
  13. Oh sweet! Thanks for the update, much appreciated.
  14. After they burn the books.
  15. If you say so, snowflakes.
  16. Well, believe it or not, it's actually one of the best pinball video games I've played, second only to the great (and very metal) Dragon's Fury/Devil's Crush. Go figure.
  17. I have glasses. We're getting about 81% here. It will be a great reason to get up from my desk.
  18. I think the answer to that is yes
  19. Curtis Granderson from the Mets--no big loss, I guess. The Mets were dead back in April....
  20. frosted
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