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  2. Yes! I had never seen those last 2 pictures! Where DID you find them? He is so blond in those 😍 Beautiful Man!!
  3. The Saint Louis Cardinals are back. After a 3-9 start they are now 11-11. Only 1.5 games behind the Cubs. There are still 140 games remaining so anything can happen. No matter what happens, I will never lose faith in the Cardinals.
  4. This is an absolutely burning version, although the pitch is way too fast here. It's a half step sharp!! Plant's screams at the end are blistering. I can't recall another version where he goes so apeshit! No wonder he shredded his vocal chords.
  5. It was there, it is there. Butt hurt and petty mostly. Some major rifts to be sure that you can't unrift, only set aside from time to time.
  6. Looks cool! Unfortunately that one isn't on the one I got, it comes with about 100 pre-loaded games. Missile Command, Breakout, and Saboteur are my favs.
  7. They played as Led Zeppelin that night... demand unprecedented, the show superb. It's only 5 years since Led Zeppelin had a cinematic release [was fantastic Celebration Day in theaters] and released a Blu-ray of a concert performance and a double live CD and a companion disc of a rehearsal. Not that many bands have been this productive in the given time frame. ...all this on top of jeers that "it will never happen" and endless analysis and unflattering critique. Jones, Page, Plant and a Bonham played as Led Zeppelin. Think about that.
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  9. This is a very good point. Seems like they had the utmost respect for each other musically and while they seem to have had very different personalities and interests , they were very accepting of each other and totally about the music when together. I could be wrong, there are always squabbles about musical choices, tempos etc. but I never heard about serious disputes or ego bullshit.
  10. U2. In my opinion, the most "overrated" band of All-Time. Bono wants to be looked at or considered a Statesmen (or whatever) for all the 'so-called" public work he says that he does. If someone offered me $200 and a free ticket to see U2, I would decline. I would rather go to a bar or strip joint and spend $200 of my own money than waste my time seeing this band. (I will admit, however, that the only U2 song that I like is "Bullet the Blue Sky", only because, to me, it sounds very "Zeppelinesque". I still would not waste 2+ hours at their concert just to hear a 5 minute song).
  11. This...I really, really, hate these guys. Argh!
  12. Have you watched the rehearsal footage? Page played much more "Pagelike" during the rehearsals. He was loser and more ambitious in his playing. He played the solos both longer and more complex & nuanced then he did during the live show. It seemed obvious to me when I first saw the live show Page was holding back, playing it safe likely due to nerves. When I saw the rehearsal footage the obvious became fact. Jimmy had the chops all right, he just decided to be overly cautious with most of his playing that night which is a shame. Good case in point, he nails the hell out of TSRTS in rehearsals but played it very conservatively during the show. Same with Stairway...I still have no idea why he played such a truncated solo in Stairway that night when he obviously could have played even the studio version with no problem.
  13. this is not sfw
  14. God , where to start , like Moses parting the Red fucking Sea ! Creed ......... is/was that the suckiest band ever .
  15. I got that. Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel
  16. I didn't take it as him being insulting to Jimmy. I personally wasn't impressed with his playing at the 02 and they rehearsed for months which I didn't think they used to do. I know it was a while since they played but I guess I was surprised it took that much time. His playing is not the same by a long shot. That's okay - I don't have any expectations of him but I wish he'd stop making empty promises.
  17. Timeless indeed... I just love the fact that i got to see them twice live as Led Zeppelin. 73 in Albuquerque and 75 Dallas(1st nite) Best band ever.
  18. 7-28-73 is probably the best. Even though the '75 versions don't get a lot of love, the 3-12 version from Long Beach is just killer.
  19. For me... most modern country (Florida Georgia Line...ugh!) Taylor Swift The B-52's (Love Shack is an utter atrocity to the ears, imo) most rap (though I will concede that some of Tupac is pretty decent) a lot of indie (at least any of those indie bands with the singers who have the whiny voices. Sounds unbearably wimpy!) Radiohead Mariah Carey (we get it, you have a great range, now shut up for God's sake!) any and all extreme metal any and all teen pop The Black Eyed Peas (their Super Bowl halftime show might be the worst live performance anyone has ever put on. It might be the only time that an artist performing at the Super Bowl actually ruined their career. This makes Tempe 77 look like the evening MSG 70 show!)
  20. Sorry to hear about your lose bro , Chin up Andy , it'll get better . Hell today IS my wifes deathaversary and tomorrow my moms. RIP
  21. no rain ~ blind melon
  22. lol recoil and knickers in the same...
  23. A lot of the songs on Jimi Hendrix's Axis, Bold As Love but especially "If 6 was 9" and "Little Wing," have also been feeling the song "Supervixen" by Garbage.
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  25. I'm surprised no one here has said 8/21/71 yet. Robert's vocals here are INSANE! And Bonzo's drums come across very loudly!
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