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  2. No question, 5/30 is the best of the four Landover shows, and the only recording of the four that's really worth repeated listening IMO.
  3. Strider, I have so enjoyed reading this thread! Your keen memory, along with your ability to put into words all of the sights, sounds, and yes, even the smells, of that glorious week, is a gift to us all. We can all feel like we are right there with you! I wish I had been your concert buddy, giving you a high five on that special night, but alas, that day has passed, so I give you my high five now. Keep 'em coming, friend. It's good stuff. Really good stuff.
  4. Yeah, that's the one!
  5. By all means, continue! Busted out my old For Badgeholders Only vinyl for the 40th can't deny that it's a classic performance and a classic recording.
  6. moon
  7. All You Need Is Love - The Beatles
  8. Awesome, thanks for the links! I totally concur with you, Strider's memoirs are really enjoyable reading.
  9. Thank you for posting the pictures, I've not seen any of them before. Did any Outtake footage surface from TSRTS, I seem to remember one of the directors had some footage "confiscated" by Peter Grant or something.?
  10. He actually already posted his memories of the 73 tour: I am definitely adding a +1 to hear the memories of 6/25/72 (unless Strider already posted it and I'm missing it somewhere). Strider, I'll just repeat what I said earlier. Your writing is superb. The way you set the scene telling of what things were like in that era, then the building sense of anticipation as you recount the days leading up to the concert, then reading your description of being there and experiencing it while I listen to the's the closest this young man (who wasn't even born when Bonham died) will ever come to seeing the boys in concert. By all means, feel free to continue the journey for this LA run, as well as the HTWWW show and the 75 shows (unless I missed those too). Your posts are definitely a major highlight of this forum!
  11. Saw Boston when I was 12 or 13 (yes, they were old, but damn they sounded good) and I don't remember anything but having beer spilled on me, and Foreplay/Long Time, and Smokin. Lol. The organ did rise off the stage though. Maybe got some second hand smoke.
  12. That thread that blackmikito posted is great. He's a great collector and researcher. That thread is the type of thread that brings up many good ways to look for evidence of possible live recordings done by the band.
  13. Limelight - Rush
  14. Poplar consensus is MORE PLEASE!! Actually , I would love to hear what your memories as a 10-11 year old were of the 72 HTWWW shows and Bonzo's BDay and Kezar!! I'd be very curious to hear how it felt to be so young there. Actually 6/3/63 is one of my all time fav '73 boots.
  15. Absolutely you should continue. Just let whatever you want flow out! Looking forward to the 26&27th specifically! ✌🏻
  16. "Dismember victim in kiddie pool. Cook body parts in microwave. Stuff parts in garbage disposal." And they release back him into the public.
  17. The Speed of Love - Rush
  18. The song remains the same 06/21//77 Good Times Bad Times / Communication Breakdown 11/06/69 We're Gonna Groove 03/07/70 Train Kept A Rollin' 08/31/69
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