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  2. A plump, juicy chubby roaster for Sunday dinner. Roast 'tatties and 2 bunches of Britneys. A reduction from the juices to satisfy Mrs CP who loves a good gravy. Me? I am a Horseradish sauce man. A firm but rather silky smooth Rioja for me and a tight as a nuns crotch Sauvignion Blanc for the gravy lover. I do believe there is a morsel of cheese somewhere in the Smeg to satisfy the munchies later on
  3. Always makes me laugh when they say "Led Zeppelin Vocalist". Of course it should be "ex" and as he basically sticks 2 fingers up to his past, he should be announced as vocalist Robert Plant. Oh and yet again it's in London. So I won't be going. Godawful place
  4. All of the former members of Led Zeppelin are entering a time in their lives where their creativity is gone or nearly gone. But if Jimmy page wanted to play in front of an audience he certainly could do so. A musician of his caliber does not forget how to play the guitar. There are plenty of projects he could participate in without it being around a new bunch of new material.
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  6. That was likely what he was disappointed in. To me it sounded like Page had some great ideas for the solo but just could not string the together. Very staccato, many pauses. However he pulled off WLL brilliantly so we have that.
  7. My oh my Steve, now that was not very nice. You hurt my feelings and I am now very sad...snowflake melting, becoming verklempt tear of sorrow. Ok, that last part was not true but what the hell. Of course my mental sta...PANCAKES!!! is just fin....SHITSANDWITCHPOOBALLS!!! were saying...
  8. New tune just released the other day...
  9. I'm not sure where the last pic was taken but I know it was about 1975 from the way his hair looks
  10. Deus ex machina (meaning "god from the machine").The term has evolved to mean a plot device whereby a seemingly unsolvable problem is suddenly and abruptly resolved by the inspired and unexpected intervention of some new event, character, ability or object. Depending on how it is done, it can be intended to allow a story to continue when the writer has "painted themself into a corner" and sees no other way out, to surprise the audience, to bring the tale to a happy ending, or as a comedic device.
  11. I've always thought that whatever creative output Page has had the past couple of decades is probably all an extension of where he would have liked to take Led Zeppelin from 1981 onwards had September 1980 never occurred. Led Zeppelin was what he was born to do. Even those Page/Plant tours, Jimmy was at his absolute best playing Led Zeppelin songs. If anything, whenever he goes, I wouldn't be terribly shocked if all sorts of recorded guitar material came out that is in the exact spirit of Zeppelin, or something close to it.
  12. "Deus Ex Machina" (God From the Machine) is frequently associated with motorcycles. A photo of them on motorcyles in Australia is known to exist (it's the first one in the Zeppelin Photo Mysteries Thread).
  13. I've been raiding on a free seven day trial account. Unsure if I'll retain it as aside from a half dozen or so major markets all of the newspapers available to choose from come from Sticksville and Nowhere USA.
  14. ...and if my Aunt had nuts she could have been my Uncle. Look, I'm a bottom line guy and the currency I deal in is reality. The bottom line here is Page/JPJ/Jason amounted to nothing. Reading into Steven Tyler's comments doesn't change the bottom line.
  15. Great stuff Steve. Nice to see these.
  16. I've grown tired of it. Political posts are not permitted here.
  17. Hello, As I'm sure some of you might have heard, EV has a new Soundboard Revolution release entitled "Deus Ex Machina." However, that is so far the only information offered regarding this SB. Anyone have an inkling of an idea of what it could be? Only thing I have heard talk of recently is the possibility of a Japan '71 soundboard, of which we have gotten only "Black Dog" so far. Any other thoughts?
  18. And why do you have to respond so nasty. You're going after the poster as if they aren't entitled to their thoughts/opinions as well as attacking liberals. How do you know his or anyone's mental state unless you're a therapist? Really uncalled for.
  19. There are others here...including a good one from the local newspaper: burdon
  20. Blow it out your fucking ass. "Approval ratings" are as meaningless as your post. You people have gone after his ten year old son, then his daughter and now question his mental health. I got big news for you fucking snowflakes, the evidence strongly suggests he's in better mental health at 70 than you've ever been.
  21. Clearly, this song was written for me!!
  22. This was about the best I could do of the concert. Eric Burdon & The Animals. They played all the old hits and did 4 encores. Walking back to the parking lot we went by the back door and it was cracked open and I could hear voices. I pulled it open and there was the band, but Eric had already left. I wanted to see if he would sign my book that he wrote. I did shake hands with the bass player and told the guys that the last time I saw Eric was in '69 and they were kind of awestruck as I don't think any of them had been born yet. Eric is now 75. They sounded great.
  23. Scared me to death as a kid in the 50's.
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