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  1. Hi Zepdawg, wow! the guy has great technique. very impressive! not sure if I'm a great fan performance. Although he does have fantastic technique and a formidable set of lungs, he seems a bit uptight in his performance. But hey! great job! and ...accounting for taste...and all that. You are right! My man does have a bit of problem with pronunciation. As we are no native speakers it is a common issue over here. "ze Zterwayz zum heaven" :-) passion and love for this free spirited music, is all it is. fans and Zep-authority seem to think so. More on that soon.
  2. i'll ad a few extra from the upcoming dvd:
  3. Hey Zepdawg, I appreciate your thoughts. And you are right. His voice isn't the spitting image of mr. RP. He has the range, but misses that bit of grit in the high registers. and a bit of "feel for the blues"....Maybe just as well because we all know Mister Plant used up his Zep style vocalchords in a little under 5 years with all that high powered abuse. :-) We think a true tribute to Zep is about making music... which should not be confused with reproducing a record. We are not a jukebox with wigs and dragonsuits. We are four guys loving Zeppelin and playing their music in their style of playing and then going places with it. Personally I think those lookalike bands are just silly.... and in some cases... rather close to food for psychologists. :-) Zeppelin was always about taking a tune live and telling a story with it, trying go past the notes that where on the album. improvising. making music instead of reproducing. We will probably miss out on some gigs on account of the punters thinking we are not lookalike enough, but we are very proud that that is the case. :-) we'll keep rocking! no doubt! Here is recent version of Dazed & Confused for your enjoyment:
  4. the song remains the same.... almost got it!
  5. right! It's official... I hate you all ! :-)
  6. yeah, it could work. I've once seen a Queen tribute with a laptop next to the guitarist' pedalboard. and a footswitch and he would controlling al these soundfiles in the back of the music or during changeovers and such. It'd be a bit constricting to me, I think. but it would work. Why not get a session player in. Play the song with you guys (live in a studio) record his part and use that. That way it would sound more in tune to your bandfeel and you'd have more control on what it sounds like. mix it properly etc etc and you could even record a few versions (long jam in the middle version or shorter discoteque technohouse version :-)
  7. and you're going use a keyboard backing track as a clicktrack to play against?
  8. Thanks, guys! we have had some pro video's done ...about a year ago almost now. they work great on our website and for booking agents.... the snag is....WE think that we've grown considerably as a band in the last year. anyway... enjoy: and
  9. right. Thanks there is no amount of training or experience that can change the timbre of ones voice. we'll have to make do :-) I really love him as singer. He's got the freedom and improvisational skills that 99% of "the impersonators clan" miss. their voices might be more Plantish but they are, with all due respect, like walking jukeboxes instead of musicians.
  10. thanks guys!
  11. Here's for not tarting up your rig: a Les Paul, a wahwah, a tape delay (the switch is visible) probably a Marshall with pushed endtubes and 16 25w speakers :-)
  12. there are quite a few nice ones here:
  13. thanks guys! super!
  14. :-) No worries! Truckin' on, we shall! There is no accounting for taste, but we are hot band who actually make music in the style of the old boys with these tunes instead of simply being a jukebox. Still i'm always on the lookout for good criticism. Simply trying to get better, if possible.