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    John Bonham is the Heart 'N' Soul of Led Zeppelin.

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    The Led Zeppelin tribute band from Norway . . . "NEW ZEPPELIN"
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  1. This article details how to look for flavanol content in dark chocolate, as it could be lower than you'd want due to different mfgs. processing techniques...
  2. They say, that eating the Dark Chocolate, without added sugar, can be good for you. It found that dark chocolate, the kind that contains at least 50 to 70 percent cocoa, lowered blood pressure in all participants, but most notably in those with hypertension.
  3. What's left creatively and professionally for JP ??? Sorry to say:
  4. We're all standing on his shoulders.
  5. Chuck doesn't have a place in Rock'n'Roll .... He is Rock'n'Roll !!!!
  6. Iconic JP from the 1973 Creem Magazine article by Lisa Robinson: "Unspeakable Practices, Unnatural Acts"
  7. So, we won't be seeing "The Australian Led Zeppelin Show," or something like that, anytime soon. Wonder why something like this hasn't yet been done??? TAPFS has sold over 4 million tickets to shows in 35 countries since 1988. I have seen YT videos of bands that have nailed Zeppelin songs with feeling and delivery, except, of course, the vocal parts, which, unfortunately, only Robert Plant can effectively do, imo. But, I'd like to hear someone who could, 'cause Robert's never jumping back on the Zeppelin train. He'll always be on the RP Train, doin' Zeppelin songs the "RP" way... Zeppelin tribute bands are mainly for those that never got to see Zeppelin in person. But for those that got see Zeppelin live, no tribute band existing would be worth my attention.
  8. I remember Robert Plant joking in the 70's about Zeppelin "doing a Summer Season in Vegas."
  9. I think, that for me, Who's Next is next to DSOTM, one of the most important albums released, in the 1970's. I saw The Who in 1975. Amazing show. Live, Zeppelin was the best. But, for a studio album, Who's Next is superb!!
  10. You talking to me ??? If so, then my comments about the '95 P&P show that I saw in Dallas not being up to Zeppelin standards, was a jab at P&P and not at Lee & Jones. Have you been to any Zeppelin concerts?? The P&P show, for me, did not approach the "magik" of any LZ show ('70-'77). If P&P 'floated your boat', then fine. But I won't be convinced, no matter how proficient you say Page was playing in '98, that these P&P shows were on the same level as any LZ show. But as LZ tribute band, I'd say the P&P shows were sorta good. I walked out during "Kashmir" in '95. It's power was just so many levels below what I had experienced in '77.... well there was no reason to overly any of the memories of the '77 performance with the '95 one. Yeah, '77's was that ass kicking, in person. Boots don't do the power of the '77 performance justice.
  11. Dirk entered the 30K Club tonight in Dallas. Dirk Joins NBA Legends Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Karl Malone, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Wilt Chamberlain as the only players to surpass the milestone.
  12. I don't know why Jones wasn't invited, why P&P didn't want Jones contributing, as no one does better LZ bass than JPJ. But then there's the RP nepotism factor. The P&P bassist was Robert's son-in-law, no?? But, I've got no god in this fight, as the P&P venture was all below Zeppelin standards, in every way. Now that doesn't mean it was sh*t -- just that wasn't worth my attention, as Zeppelin first fan (differentiating from being a Page first fan, or a Yardbirds first fan, or a Robert first fan, or a Band Of Joy first fan, etc...)
  13. Yes, in this room . . .
  14. The 2007 O2 recording of Kashmir is the most satisfying for me to listen to, considering the dynamics and audio quality there, which imo, outweighs the less dynamic bootleg recordings. Because I personally experienced what I thought was the best live performance of Kashmir in 1977 in Ft. Worth, I judge all recordings against that experience. And so, I put the O2 recording in 2nd place, above Knebworth, and 1975's Earls Court. If the better 1977 versions of Kashmir would have been professionally recorded, then that recording would be my favorite, because no one on the planet can back Led Zeppelin like John Bonham. The Page & Plant Kashmir, while interesting, was weak, compared to the experience of the 1977 tour de force version. My 3rd place recording/rememberance of Kashmir is the Symphonic Led Zeppelin version, with the "Dawn At The Great Pyramid" intro. 4th Place -- Jimmy Page with Puff Daddy performance.