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    John Bonham is the Heart 'N' Soul of Led Zeppelin.

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    The Led Zeppelin tribute band from Norway . . . "NEW ZEPPELIN"
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  1. It's a Beautiful 64 F. A Break from the muggy heat!!
  2. Oh, I understand that. It's the convenience of having just one disc for 1 concert, instead of multiple discs for just one concert. Zeppelin released an audio Blu-ray of the O2 show, for example.
  3. Yes, I want the minutiae, but just for Led Zeppelin. I could care less about any other band's movements on the road. I read Mr. Cole's book, but I guess I just didn't get enough info, particularly for their US tours. But it's been awhile, so maybe I need to take another look at it...
  4. Tell me something, why don't bootleggers release concerts in the Blu-ray format? Most everyone I know owns a Blu-ray player. And, you can load a lot more music on just one double density Blu than a common CD !!!!
  5. Playstation need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit (1998) With the PS Stereo sound ported to my home stereo system, at 3am, in a darkened living room, the sights and sounds of the soundtrack of this game's Menu Music was hypnotic...
  6. I never owned a Soundgarden album, but the 4 Soundgarden tracks/music videos included in the Sega CD ROAD RASH made for some very special late night gaming memories in the 1990's... R.I.P. Mr. Cornell
  8. I believe is was the Signals Tour that I won tickets through the radio station, to be bussed to the Cotton Bowl show. But the afternoon outdoor crowd was a drag. Just stupid 20 year olds drunk and throwing partially filled cups of beer down to the lower sections near where we were sitting. But, when Rush came on that evening, the beer throwing stuff stopped. I think the Signals material was better suited to an indoor arena. I also saw their Test For Echo Tour, outdoor again, but at an amphitheater, which was no problem in hearing everything, loud and soft. Lately, I have been listening to the Re-Mastered 2112 album with headphones on, and it's glorious!
  9. When Jimmy began touring with The Firm in 1984, he had already become infected with the mindset that Zeppelin music was "Dinosaur Rock". Page's commitment to performing his music, from Led Zeppelin, has ebbed and flowed over the decades. I have no idea what Mr. Page's commitment to performing Zeppelin music is today. As to any "new" music... I'll leave that to be looked into by others.
  10. Ritchie's Zeppelin biography was one of the first Zeppelin books I ever owned. The other one was published, I think by Circus Magazine, but I don't recall the author. R.I.P.
  11. No Shit !! The Best Teams have more points on the board when the clock runs out. But but but.... we want a trophy for leading for most of the game. Oooops, sorry, that doesn't count for nuttin'!! Goodbye!!
  12. The reality, because of their age, at least for electric guitar playing, would be to play only at an indoor facility, like Cowboy Stadium (AT&T Stadium) in Arlington. But, the acoustics inside that thing are really poor for any of the cheap seats. Yeah, they've got those gigantic video screens, but really, at this point, I'd opt for anyplace in the entire stadium, that was the acoustic "sweet spot" for a rock show, over any other consideration. And, I know it's along hike to the bathrooms, so that's what adult Depends are for.... I've paid a lot to see this show, and I want to enjoy it all !!
  13. In early September 1980, I sent a letter from Dallas to the UK Swan Song offices. I included a postcard that had a nice picture of Reunion Arena on it. I, of course was promoting the new arena for Zeppelin to perform in when they came to America for their 1980-81 US Tour. I also included a crisp new one dollar bill (when a dollar bill sorta meant something then). I got a Thank You card back from Swan Song acknowledging my letter. I wanted to promote Dallas's Reunion over Fort Worth's arena, just in case the band only chose to play one city when they came through. I figured as popular as Zeppelin was around here, that they would perform multiple dates. Up until then, DFW had been very lucky to have Zeppelin play in both cities when touring, just 30 miles apart, because the next big city that they might play in was 200-300 miles away. Of course, I would have loved to have seen Zeppelin play the Cotton Bowl in lieu of Reunion Arena!
  14. I'm actually very interested in how the Zeppelin machine moved about from gig to gig, the band, and the roadies. I think a book detailing the behind the scenes movements, of the band, and the road crew would sell a few copies. I'd certainly love reading about stuff like that ! The band has such mythology about it, that such details would help me to imagine being their on tour with them. And that's the kind of fantasies I like to imagine. I'll leave the mud sharks to them...
  15. I have a Trivia Question I'd like to get an answer to. I know that Zep's first US Concert date was Dec. 26, 1968 in Denver. What date did they arrive in the US? Did they fly into NYC first? Then onto Denver by plane. Commercial or private??