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    I can't tell which notes I'm hearing Bonham playing vs. Yoyoka playing... I mean... she's playing some of the notes...
  2. The Rover

    Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    I put NFBM as a great LZ track. It was the last greatest track released in their studio albums. I never 'got' the studio version of Kashmir. But after experiencing it live, especially in 1977, I came away thinking that Kashmir is one of the greatest LZ songs I've ever heard performed live. And after experiencing it live, I just don't /can't return to the comparably 'weak' version I hear on the LP. The Symphonic LZ version comes away as more powerful than the studio version. But whatever was on that studio version was sure 'radio friendly', and hit the 'sweet spot' for the programmers, because Album Rock stations couldn't play it enough.
  3. If you had to pick just one Led Zeppelin song that was officially released, for the band to be remembered by, what song would you pick? It can, of course be any audio recording, whether live, studio, or otherwise... including audio from officially released Video. So maybe your choice would go in a Time Capsule, or on a recording to be sent out into deep space. But there's ONLY the availability for just one song, no matter the length of the song. My choice would be the 1973 live version of "Dazed And Confused" from NYC-MSG, as released in 1976, with TSRTS soundtrack. I choose that recording over WLL, STH, HB, and even Kashmir. As for Kashmir, there just weren't enough live versions released. I count the audio of any video officially released as well. The O2 is very very good. But, since it does not have John Bonham, I cannot pick that version to represent the one song for the band Led Zeppelin to be remembered by. It would definitely be in the Top 10.... but then, this thread is about "The One Song" and not the top 3 or the top 5, etc... So, what is the ONE song you would choose for Led Zeppelin to be remembered by?
  4. The Rover

    Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

    I was 20 in 1976. In the year I was 16 (and your were 12), LZ IV was released. It's impossible for me to say if I would have reacted differently to ALS at 16??
  5. My Vote goes to "Custard Pie", the opening track on Physical Graffiti. Besides, I think that the song I chose as my User Name, "The Rover," would have easily been a stronger opening statement for that album !!
  6. The Rover

    Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

    I have worn out on WLL and HB, and STH. I 've just mined all the juice out of them possible. But, no worries... there are still plenty of Zep songs that I enjoy listening to, from their 1st album, to their last.
  7. The Rover

    Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

    I really wasn't trying to pit all opening songs against each other, but hey, that's okay. What I was trying to do, is noting the songs included within each album, which song chosen to open the album was the least strongest choice, once again, from the songs to choose from. I think Custard Pie is too commercial to open PG. It rocks, but it doesn't rock hard enough to be the opener. I usually skip CP when listening to PG. As for LZ II, I think they should have opened with HB. But WLL does just fine.
  8. The Rover

    Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

    Well, who knows, but this is a Forum where you get to express your opinion, and see if others agree or disagree with your opinion. Isn't that neat.
  9. The Rover

    Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

    When I recorded IV on cassette for the car, I put R&R first, followed by Black Dog. Right, I got that...none of the songs are "weak". Just some are "less strong" than others... The strategy being that you open an album with the stronger, or strongest material. Of the songs to choose from from ITTOD, I think ITE is the best choice to open the LP. Being an older fan, I much prefer the earlier stuff, but I love the later stuff too!! As for ALS, I always thought that that was for 12 year olds. It never impacted me they was it seemed to blow the minds of pre-teens.
  10. The Rover

    What's the weather like where you are?

    Still, the Hottest Place in the USA
  11. The Rover

    What's the weather like where you are?

    12:30am Heat Index 93F
  12. The Rover

    Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

    Okay... let's not get tied up in semantics. Yes, I could have titled the thread "What is the least strongest opening track on the studio albums?" But, any Zep song is worthy... I think we can all agree on that! I love "We're Gonna Groove" from Coda. I play that more than any of the other songs from Coda. I'll have to disagree about "Custard Pie". The general idea is you start an album with a strong(er) track. "Custard Pie," I think takes some getting used to. But, "The Rover" was instantly accessible, to me. My second choice to open PG would have been "Night Flight." As for TU... I am so spoiled by the live versions, that I just don't go back to the studio version for inspiration. But I could site quite a few more like that... Yes, that does seem strange to me as well. Like the Three Bears... I prefer the opener to be just right... not too long, and not too short, as IS is and was. For Presence... NFBM should have been the opener. I still think that GTBT was and is one of the best openers, of any debut album, ever.
  13. When I was in college, in the mid-seventies, a late-night favorite pastime, was to put on Side 3 of Physical Graffiti, with the headphones on, and enjoy..
  14. I think that, if they could have been professionally recorded, that any of the best liver versions of "Kashmir" from the 1977 Tour could stand as defining Led Zeppelin for all time.
  15. I love the '77 opener!!!! In fact, when I listen to TSRTS from the soundtrack of TSRTS, I ALWAYS recall and visually imagine the '77 performances, and not any other year's performance. IF I could magically have a worthy recording of what I experienced in Ft. Worth on the night of April 22nd, 1977, with Led Zeppelin's transcendent performance of "Kashmir," then that, would be the recording I would have chosen, over the 1973 "D&C," for the purpose of this thread.
  16. And what if it was just audio (the theme of this thread), would it be the same song??
  17. Any recording or boot where Jimmy is doing well is a good thing to listen to. "Well" encompasses personal taste, so all my Jimmy favorites won't be someone else's. But any year with Jimmy playing well is a good time to listen. There are those that shun any post '72 recordings because, for them, without Robert at his best vocal range, "party is over for them". But, not for me. Without Bonham & Jonesy laying down the bottom, then, it's not "Led Zeppelin."
  18. While I do agree that Robert was at his best as recorded in '72, as dizzying and great as Jimmy's performances were, I think that Jimmy's "best" is found post 1972. I know it's a matter of personal taste, and I guess I do prefer the '73 and '75 "Jimmy" over the '72n in style and substance. But that's not a detraction... I just like the '73 and '75 Jimmy better. And with that, I don't really mind that I'm not getting the "best" Robert in '73 and '75, as I'm primarily a Jimmy fan over a Robert fan... so when I feel like I'm getting Jimmy's "best", then I can make all kinds of exceptions for Robert not being his "best."
  19. The Rover

    Hawaii Volcanic Activity

    Massive lava eruption filmed yesterday on the Big Island !! Particularity at 27:00 in.. https://volcanoes.usgs.gov/volcanoes/kilauea/multimedia_maps.html
  20. The Rover

    Hawaii Volcanic Activity

    Latest general overview
  21. The Rover


    ALICE COOPER I first saw Alice Cooper back in 1972. It was one of the BEST concerts I have ever seen by anyone, anytime ! I have seen Alice Cooper several times since then over the years.... But NO concert since that 1972 show, comes close. He and his band were touring on their KILLER album at the time. It was consumate performance by all. The snake, the guillotine, the song and dance ... Alice was the master showman ... he the audience eating of of the palm of his hand that night. I saw something very very special that evening. That show is in the Top 5 of all concerts I have ever seen, including the Zeppelin shows. GREAT NEWS ! ! ! ! ! ! It has just been revealed that AUDIO FIDELITY's next Alice Cooper work to get the 24K audiophile treatment, will be nono other than KILLER ! I can't wait ! !
  22. The Rover

    What Made You Happy today?

    I watched the beautiful wedding ceremony of the Duke & Duchess of Sussex.
  23. The Rover

    Hawaii Volcanic Activity

    Big Island Volcanoes and Eruptions 101
  24. Tonight's Features . . . . (Saturday, July 5th) Mars and Saturn are dancing close together for the next several nights. Look for them low in the west at nightfall. Tonight, they are to the upper left of the crescent Moon, with the star Regulus lining up between the Moon and the two planets. http://stardate.org/nightsky/almanac/ I have a pair of 7x50 Binolulars, and a 4 1/2" Reflector. I'm just an amatuer. I live in the city, so, there is no deep sky, nightime watching from my backyard. Mostly the Moon, and the Constellation of Orion, and some of the planets: Jupiter, Venus & Mars, and sometimes Saturn. Astronomy Clubs and socities can give you good oppourtunites to view the night sky with others' equipment, in the city, and at remote locations outside the city.
  25. The Rover


    **Not** Photo shopped . . . https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2018/05/16/people-are-golfing-in-hawaii-while-the-kilauea-volcano-erupts-and-the-photos-are-nuts/