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  1. Best Heartbreaker Live

    What's Jimmy's best Heartbreaker live, regardless of the quality of the recording? I guess my favorite would be from Ft. Worth, on August 22nd, 1970. There's no boot, but it is my favorite. It was the opening number, to my first Led Zeppelin concert, my first rock concert. 2nd best, and still very enjoyable, was the Heartbreaker from the Dallas March 3rd, 1975 show. Having Jimmy and the band come out and do that for an encore was pretty special.
  2. Thor: Ragnarok trailer (w/ Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song)

    I have listened to other versions of IS on YouTube, the 2007 Mothership version, and the 2014 Re-mastered version, but man, this IS song mix for the THOR trailer sounds awesome! I wish the entire Zeppelin catalog could be mixed the same way this IS was! I listened with Bose over-the-ear headphones on a ZTE smartphone enhanced by Dolby Atmos software. Does anyone here have information on why the THOR Trailer IS music sounds so much better than other sources??

    At the O2 the other night, Robert Plant names Blind Willie Johnson, before they launch into the Led Zeppelin version of "Nobody's Fault But Mine". Here's some data about the tragic life of the Texas Bluesman, from the All Music Guide: Seminal gospel-blues artist Blind Willie Johnson is regarded as one of the greatest bottleneck slide guitarists. Yet the Texas street-corner evangelist is known as much for the his powerful and fervent gruff voice as he is for his ability as a guitarist. He most often sang in a rough, bass voice (only occasionally delivering in his natural tenor) with a volume meant to be heard over the sounds of the streets. Johnson recorded a total of 30 songs during a three-year period and many of these became classics of the gospel-blues, including "Jesus Make up My Dying Bed," "God Don't Never Change," and his most famous, "Dark Was the Night — Cold Was the Ground." It is generally agreed that Johnson was born in a small town just South of Waco near Temple, TX, around 1902. His mother died while he was still a baby, and his father eventually remarried. When Johnson was about seven years old, his father and stepmother fought and the stepmother threw lye water, apparently at the father, but the lye got in Willie Johnson's eyes, blinding him. As he got older, Johnson began earning money by playing his guitar, one of the few avenues left to a blind man to earn a living. Instead of a bottleneck, Johnson actually played slide with a pocketknife. Over the years, Johnson played guitar most often in an open D tuning, picking single-note melodies, while using his slide and strumming a bass line with his thumb. He was, however, known to play in a different tuning and without the slide on a few rare occasions. Regardless of his excellent blues technique and sound, Johnson didn't want to be a bluesman, for he was a passionate believer in the Bible. So, he began singing the gospel and interpreting Negro spirituals. He became a Baptist preacher and brought his sermons and music to the streets of the surrounding cities. While performing in Dallas, he met a woman named Angeline and the two married in 1927. Angeline added 19th century hymns to Johnson's repertoire, and the two performed around the Dallas and Waco areas. On December 3, 1927, Columbia Records brought Blind Willie Johnson into the studio where he recorded six songs that became some of his most enduring recordings: a song about Samson and Delilah called "If I Had My Way," "Mother's Children Have a Hard Time" (often understood as "motherless children"), "It's Nobody's Fault but Mine," "Jesus Make up My Dying Bed," " I Know His Blood Can Make Me Whole," and Johnson's single most-acclaimed song, "Dark Was the Night — Cold Was the Ground," which is about the crucifixion of Christ. But after this session, Johnson didn't return to the studio for an entire year. The second visit (which took place on December 5, 1928) found him accompanied by his wife, Angeline, who provided backing vocals. The two recorded four songs, including "I'm Gonna Run to the City of Refuge" and "Lord, I Just Can't Keep From Cryin'." Songs from these first two sessions were also issued on the Vocalion label. Several months later, Willie and Angeline Johnson met Elder Dave Ross and went with him to New Orleans where Blind Willie Johnson recorded ten songs for Columbia. From this December 1929 session came a few more of his best-known songs, including "God Don't Never Change," "Let Your Light Shine on Me," and "You'll Need Somebody on Your Bond." Although Blind Willie Johnson was one of Columbia's best-selling race recording artists, he only recorded for them one more time — in April 1930 — after which he never heard from them again. This final session took place in Atlanta, GA (again, Johnson was accompanied by Angeline who actually sang lead on a few numbers this time), and consisted of ten songs, including "Can't Nobody Hide From God," "John the Revelator," and the slightly altered "You're Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond." These last two songs were issued on one record that was withdrawn shortly after its release. Despite the fact that Johnson did not record after 1930, he continued to perform on the Texas streets during the '30s and '40s. Unfortunately, in 1947, the Johnsons' home burned to the ground. He caught pneumonia shortly thereafter and died in the ashes of his former home approximately one week after it was destroyed. Purportedly, Angeline Johnson went on to work as a nurse during the 1950s. Over the years, many artists have covered the gospel songs made famous by Blind Willie Johnson, including Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and Ry Cooder ("Dark Was the Night" inspired Cooder's score for the movie Paris, Texas). Johnson's song "If I Had My Way" was even revived as a popular hit during the 1960s when it was covered by the contemporary folk band Peter, Paul and Mary. Several excellent collections of Blind Willie Johnson's music exist, including Dark Was the Night (on Sony) and Praise God, I'm Satisfied (on Yazoo). Johnson's music also appears on many compilations of country blues and slide guitar.
  4. The Rest in Peace Thread

    R.I.P. Jim Nabors
  5. Bali Mt. Agung set to erupt

    Try this link for a live shot: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/asia/bali-volcano-live-updates-mount-agung-latest-news-eruption-indonesia-island-residents-holiday-makers-a8077476.html
  6. Bali Mt. Agung set to erupt

    Authorities issue red alert aviation warning as Mount Agung in Bali continues to erupt. Magma has reached surface of volcano amid fears of 'explosive eruption.' Denpasar International Airport was prepared for the worst - and has now closed. Authorities raised the volcano alert to the highest level on Monday and ordered people within 10km of the mountain to evacuate amid fears of a major eruption. Experts say the eruption has switched to a magmatic type eruption from a steam-driven one; predict ash cloud could reach more than 6000m. Mt Agung sits more than 3000 metres high over eastern Bali. It last erupted in 1963, killing more than 1,000 people and razing several villages. More than 50,000 Indonesians were evacuated in September when experts warned an eruption was imminent - Some 25,000 people have been unable to return to their homes http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5119527/Mount-Agung-Ash-cloud-forces-Denpasar-Airport-close.htm http://abcnews.go.com/Travel/wireStory/tens-thousands-stranded-bali-volcano-closes-airport-51401195
  7. Why In Through The Out Door is a GREAT album

    If Led Zeppelin had been able to tour the US in 1980-1981, I think they might have replaced ALS with Carouselambra. And after many performances of Carouselambra, stretching it out, as only LZ can... fans would be as endeared to ITTOD as they were for Presence. But sadly, we'll never get to see this happen.
  8. Greta Van Fleet

    I'm sorry, but I didn't get a thrill going up my leg when listening to GVF. "Greta" ?? The first thing I think of when hear that is Greta Van Susteren. And that's a rock'n'roll downer in my book... As for the singer... he reminds me of the singer for The Black Crowes more than Robert Plant. Visually he reminds me of Justin Beiber. I've never liked like Chris Robinson. Yes, I know Jimmy toured with them, but Jimmy's not god. Jimmy was a rock god with Led Zeppelin. But outside of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy is just another musician to me. But if this shit floats your boat, then enjoy it!!
  9. The Rest in Peace Thread

    Yes, even child rapist Roman Polanski can get some closure now. Marilyn sends his regards.
  10. The Song Remains the Same - Theater Marquee photos

    I attended the Dallas Premiere of TSRTS at the prestiegious Northpark theater. It was a charity showing, with the proceeds going to UNICEF. If Jimmy or any other band members were there, I did not see them. The Dallas premiere was the same day that the album was released, October 22, 1976.

    At the 2016 Premiere of Equals

    Here's an extensive article by Michael Corcoran about Blind Willie and his descendants: http://www.michaelcorcoran.net/archives/3151
  13. Live better than Studio

    While many fans, and casual Zeppelin fans are a-okay with the studio version of "Kashmir", I'm not, and never have been. In 1975, when playing the LP, Kashmir was not that impressive -- as recorded and mixed. But, otoh, Kashmir ended up being one of the most powerful live LZ songs, imo. I love the live versions of HOTH songs, but that album has got to be my least played LZ studio album. I find much of IV to be perfectly recorded, and prefer those to live versions. Four Sticks is incredible with a good pair of headphones on.
  14. What do you consider outstanding live performances by Jimmy Page after 1980? The top of my list is the 2007 O2 concert. Was every song outstanding? No. But I particularly liked Kashmir, TU, and IMTOD.
  15. Halloween Music

    What we did, was to loop most of Jimmy's violin bowing from D&C from TSRTS. And:
  16. Happy Halloween!

    IF I was going to dress up for Halloween, specifically for 10/31/17, then I would dress up as Martin Luther, Catholic professor of moral theology at the University of Wittenberg and town preacher, as this is the 500th Anniversary of Luther's nailing of the 95 Theses at the All Saint's Church on October 31st, 1517, or so tradition has it, that is considered the start of the Protestant Reformation.
  17. Outstanding Page performances after 1980

    Yes, let there be close ups of the crotch, belly button, nose hairs, and arses, to establish what's there. Then, just have a shot that gives the full stage showing all members, AND LET THE VIEWER DECIDE WHAT TO WATCH AND WHEN!!!! Every concert film should have that full stage shot as a camera angle option for the presentation!!
  18. Photos are probably still on the Photobucket site.... but Photobucket abruptly changed their linking policy this Summer, so now each user has to pay big bucks to allow their photos stored on Photobucket be linked out, hence the message about 3rd party hosting... As to the picture in question in this thread, I'm going to assume this an encore picture, where security lightens up and allows the fans to crowd the stage in front of those with the front row seats. IF, John is only mastering that one show, then that would mean no D&C from 1975, which I particularly like. But, perhaps he's mastering a Best Of from 1975... ??
  19. Outstanding Page performances after 1980

    Thank God, it was Page fan filming this, or we'd get views of only the singer prancing around while Jimmy is jamming out, like some of the footage Massot provided us for TSRTS.
  20. What city/date is that 1975 photo from??

    ALICE COOPER I first saw Alice Cooper back in 1972. It was one of the BEST concerts I have ever seen by anyone, anytime ! I have seen Alice Cooper several times since then over the years.... But NO concert since that 1972 show, comes close. He and his band were touring on their KILLER album at the time. It was consumate performance by all. The snake, the guillotine, the song and dance ... Alice was the master showman ... he the audience eating of of the palm of his hand that night. I saw something very very special that evening. That show is in the Top 5 of all concerts I have ever seen, including the Zeppelin shows. GREAT NEWS ! ! ! ! ! ! It has just been revealed that AUDIO FIDELITY's next Alice Cooper work to get the 24K audiophile treatment, will be nono other than KILLER ! I can't wait ! !
  22. Is Jimmy Page done making music?

    I watched the 1992 RRHOF Jam on "All Along The Watchtower" the other night. Page was there because The Yardbirds had been inducted that night. Neil Young handled the lead vocals, and, at one point, Jimmy was given the slot to take the lead. It was okay. But I did not come away, "Wow! Jimmy really nailed it!!! He showed them some awesomeness!!" There's a real mercurial aspect to Jimmy's performing post Zeppelin. Either he's got it, or, he doesn't. As great as Jimmy was in the 70's, the times when he really has had it post Zeppelin are rare, especially for big live events. Why?? I don't know or care. Jimmy gave me more than I could ever hope for in the 70's, and that, is good enough. As great as EVH is now, he's performing with a dude that can't won't sing right, so that's a sum clusterfuck.
  23. HELP using Search Function

    I just figured out how to do this. It's not under the Search or Activity Function, but is instead found by selecting Profile from my user icon at the top of the page. I did not see the icon at the top of the page at first, because I had the screen at 90% and the icon was hidden and it didn't show until I viewed the page at 80%. I'm over 60 years of age, and yes I magnify the view to make it easier to see without using glasses. I never like to view a computer screen for any length of time wearing glasses!