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  1. ALICE COOPER I first saw Alice Cooper back in 1972. It was one of the BEST concerts I have ever seen by anyone, anytime ! I have seen Alice Cooper several times since then over the years.... But NO concert since that 1972 show, comes close. He and his band were touring on their KILLER album at the time. It was consumate performance by all. The snake, the guillotine, the song and dance ... Alice was the master showman ... he the audience eating of of the palm of his hand that night. I saw something very very special that evening. That show is in the Top 5 of all concerts I have ever seen, including the Zeppelin shows. GREAT NEWS ! ! ! ! ! ! It has just been revealed that AUDIO FIDELITY's next Alice Cooper work to get the 24K audiophile treatment, will be nono other than KILLER ! I can't wait ! !
  2. They are cutting and edging the grounds today where I live. It's a FUCKING National Holiday (US Memorial Day Observed).... Don't they have anything better to do ? ? ? ? Oh, right.... I guess it's not a Holdiay from where they are from (South of the Border, I'm sure!!)
  3. Here's a great Interview with the Campbell family friend Alice Cooper:
  4. I don't know anyone that matches Glenn's touch and feel on the acoustic guitar. He is a Master. It's later in this number that you get to hear Glenn's touch on the guitar...
  5. R.I.P. Glen Campbell My very first slow dance with a girl, was with "By the Time I Get To Phoenix" playing, at a Jr. High church camp, in the summer of 1969. Whoever was DJing that night also played "Wichita Lineman." (Both songs by Jimmy Webb.)
  6. There would be no reason to mention JP, unless he was associated with making music for this reboot. And so, there is your story. JP was not asked to contribute for this reboot, and/or he declined to contribute...
  7. I have noticed that, in the MGM re-boot of Death Wish, with Bruce Willis, coming out this Fall, that there's no mention of Jimmy Page. Instead there's AC/DC's "Back in Black" (why not "Shoot to Thrill" ??) on the trailer, and Music Composer Ludwig Göransson listed in the IMDB credits.
  8. As sweet a touch a SRV ever had!!
  9. Well, no, it's not Jimmy P. I'm speaking of the reigning King of performing Rock guitar. My Vote goes to EVH. Even at 62, Eddie Van Halen can still shred out the riffs. Here he is in his studio, demoing a new version of his amp:
  10. 92F 2AM CDT Heat Index
  11. Well, whatever.... If I was going to demonstrate the greatness of Jimmy Page, I could easily do it with just one video, SIBLY from TSRTS. If the hearer couldn't "get it " from that one video, then, I'd just move on, I guess...
  12. Thanks, just added Eric Gales to my watch list at Songkick.
  13. My impression of Nottingham Lace, was of a souless technical performance. I don't feel anything from Buckethead, so he is not my cup o' tea. It was not possible for my to evaluate the tone and playing on the Zeppelin segment due to the constant crowd noise. The overall impression of the "Night Train Solo" is that guitar work is fine, but, the blam, blam, blam of the percussion makes it unenjoyable for me. I HATE that kind of percussion playing, It shows no respect for the guitar work being played, imo. Why guitarists stand for such accompaniment, I'll never know...
  14. Ditto. It seems to me to be much ado about nothing. I can't imagine being into the Foo Fighters, at any age.
  16. That's pretty much what I had in mind. Except I would take out Big Log and replace it with "Tall Cool One".
  17. So, we need a new Bumper Sticker: My Drummer can kick your Drummer's arse.
  18. I think, for consistency, all of the band members and road crew should go bald...
  19. As usual, a 100% performance by John Bonham. The audio, does not fully relate the power of what the audience felt that night..
  20. From photos on the internet, I've looked at the Pontiac speaker array on the stage. Without any speakers being hung from above, then yes, those in the upper deck at the back of the stadium, may not have felt the power of the sound as those in the other parts of the stadium. But, for any Zeppelin show, if the sound is impressive, then not being close to the stage is not a dealbreaker. Most Zeppelin arena shows allowed for even the nosebleed seats to get punched with sound. Here's a shot from the rear:
  21. 6am Heat Index at the break of day is 88F.
  22. Blade Runner
  23. IMTOD is one of my favorites from the O2 concert. TYG is one of my Zeppelin "Headphone" favorties -- the whole side actually.
  24. Gives a whole new meaning to Vegas "High Rollers".... Still legal to distribute tobacco smoke in the gaming areas of casinos. But pot smoke is not authorized in public places, for your safety.