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  2. Jimmy page has every right to retire from recording and from performing. He's earned that, and, he should just say so, announce his retirement. But to keep hinting that "something's in the works" gives everyone the right to speculate on all aspects of what he is and is not doing. I, for one, am not encouraging Jimmy to "get out there and 'do something'". I did that in 1983, but that was over -30- years ago...
  3. Well, you know, that there's a 3 month lead to most magazine covers. But that said, fo there's nothing to report, then 3 months, 6 months.... it doesn't matter.
  4. Tonight's Features . . . . (Saturday, July 5th) Mars and Saturn are dancing close together for the next several nights. Look for them low in the west at nightfall. Tonight, they are to the upper left of the crescent Moon, with the star Regulus lining up between the Moon and the two planets. I have a pair of 7x50 Binolulars, and a 4 1/2" Reflector. I'm just an amatuer. I live in the city, so, there is no deep sky, nightime watching from my backyard. Mostly the Moon, and the Constellation of Orion, and some of the planets: Jupiter, Venus & Mars, and sometimes Saturn. Astronomy Clubs and socities can give you good oppourtunites to view the night sky with others' equipment, in the city, and at remote locations outside the city.
  5. I still say Jimmy will never "star" again in any musical capacity. He'll have other guitarists onstage, and maybe he'll play a few rhythm parts. Which some, obviously, would be ecstatic about. 'Cause, you know, it's Jimmy Page !! Jimmy and Zeppelin management really dropped the ball by not filming and releasing some of the better concerts on EACH tour. If they didn't know they were making magic onstage each night, then I don't know what to tell them. Legacy... Record Sales and Awards ??? Really... Can't fix broken. I just expected more from the World's Greatest Band. I expect nothing musically from Jimmy Page. I can't afford the drugs it would take to experience Nirvana with each post Zeppelin JP release.
  6. Teenagers should stop rolling their cannabis joints with tobacco if they don't want CANCER, researcher warns Ian Hamilton is a weed researcher based at the University of York Youngsters should smoke the drug on its own to avoid health risks, he claimed Tobacco is linked to some 17 types of cancer, including lung, throat and bladder But no such links to the disease have ever been found from smoking the herb
  7. Another Cultural Icon of my youth gone I got to meet Adam at a fan convention in Plano, Tx. in 2001. He autographed my DVD of Batman: The Movie. He was the real deal, truly appreciative of his fans. Being dropped off by my parents at the local theater on that summer morning in 1966, to see Batman: The Movie, as a 10 year old, is one of the highlights of my movie-going career.... Adam is now on assignment in the heaven-lies.
  8. Alice Cooper reunites original band for UK tour
  9. ALICE COOPER I first saw Alice Cooper back in 1972. It was one of the BEST concerts I have ever seen by anyone, anytime ! I have seen Alice Cooper several times since then over the years.... But NO concert since that 1972 show, comes close. He and his band were touring on their KILLER album at the time. It was consumate performance by all. The snake, the guillotine, the song and dance ... Alice was the master showman ... he the audience eating of of the palm of his hand that night. I saw something very very special that evening. That show is in the Top 5 of all concerts I have ever seen, including the Zeppelin shows. GREAT NEWS ! ! ! ! ! ! It has just been revealed that AUDIO FIDELITY's next Alice Cooper work to get the 24K audiophile treatment, will be nono other than KILLER ! I can't wait ! !
  10. They are cutting and edging the grounds today where I live. It's a FUCKING National Holiday (US Memorial Day Observed).... Don't they have anything better to do ? ? ? ? Oh, right.... I guess it's not a Holdiay from where they are from (South of the Border, I'm sure!!)
  11. Well, first of all, the OP poorly titled his thread. I wouldn't have even come in here if I'd known from the title the thread's purpose was too dis on all of the LZ songs not liked from the later albums.... I don't think the OP even defined what the "later" albums were... That said, I have come to love Carouselambra over the years, it's really grown on me, and, I can say I'd love to hear it performed live, if that occasion ever arose.
  12. If a Led Zeppelin Movie is ever made, I'd like to suggest that Phil Campion be given an audition for the role of Peter Grant.
  13. From someone that saw the band in 73 and 75 and 77, I never had an issue with Plant's vocal range limitations. He delivered the songs as best he could. The 75 tour is the most feel good tour for me. The look and feel and vibe of the the 75 tour, for me, surpassed 73 and 77. Jimmy's solo performance on D&C on March 4th was incendiary. I suppose that was THE Highpoint of my LZ concert-going career... I've listened to the 3/4/75 CD at very loud levels with headphones on, and that truly reminds me of what it sounded like a few rows back from the stage. The 77 NQ excess was too much for me. But Kashmir was perfected and delivered best in 77. imo.
  14. It's a Beautiful 64 F. A Break from the muggy heat!!
  15. Oh, I understand that. It's the convenience of having just one disc for 1 concert, instead of multiple discs for just one concert. Zeppelin released an audio Blu-ray of the O2 show, for example.
  16. Yes, I want the minutiae, but just for Led Zeppelin. I could care less about any other band's movements on the road. I read Mr. Cole's book, but I guess I just didn't get enough info, particularly for their US tours. But it's been awhile, so maybe I need to take another look at it...
  17. Tell me something, why don't bootleggers release concerts in the Blu-ray format? Most everyone I know owns a Blu-ray player. And, you can load a lot more music on just one double density Blu than a common CD !!!!
  18. Playstation need For Speed 3: Hot Pursuit (1998) With the PS Stereo sound ported to my home stereo system, at 3am, in a darkened living room, the sights and sounds of the soundtrack of this game's Menu Music was hypnotic...
  19. I never owned a Soundgarden album, but the 4 Soundgarden tracks/music videos included in the Sega CD ROAD RASH made for some very special late night gaming memories in the 1990's... R.I.P. Mr. Cornell
  21. I believe is was the Signals Tour that I won tickets through the radio station, to be bussed to the Cotton Bowl show. But the afternoon outdoor crowd was a drag. Just stupid 20 year olds drunk and throwing partially filled cups of beer down to the lower sections near where we were sitting. But, when Rush came on that evening, the beer throwing stuff stopped. I think the Signals material was better suited to an indoor arena. I also saw their Test For Echo Tour, outdoor again, but at an amphitheater, which was no problem in hearing everything, loud and soft. Lately, I have been listening to the Re-Mastered 2112 album with headphones on, and it's glorious!
  22. When Jimmy began touring with The Firm in 1984, he had already become infected with the mindset that Zeppelin music was "Dinosaur Rock". Page's commitment to performing his music, from Led Zeppelin, has ebbed and flowed over the decades. I have no idea what Mr. Page's commitment to performing Zeppelin music is today. As to any "new" music... I'll leave that to be looked into by others.