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  1. What Made You Un-Happy Today ?

    They are cutting and edging the grounds today where I live. It's a FUCKING National Holiday (US Memorial Day Observed).... Don't they have anything better to do ? ? ? ? Oh, right.... I guess it's not a Holdiay from where they are from (South of the Border, I'm sure!!)
  2. Your Favorite Page Guitar Solo

    Right Now... I'm going with live '73 SIBLY.
  3. Hot pics of Jimmy

  4. Is Page an only child?

    "Let's Begin. Describe in single words only the good things that come into your mind about your mother ...."
  5. Jimmy Saying "Good Evening" on 3/21/75?

    So here's what happened on the evening of March 5th, 1975: After entering the Dallas Memorial Auditorium with my ticket for Zep's 2nd show, I headed straight for the ramp that goes from the lower balcony level to the floor level. Half way down that ramp, it turns and continues downward to the floor level. At that turn, you're halfway between the floor level and the lower balcony level. You overlook the back stage area there. To the right is an opened garage door and just outside is where vehicles pull up, including limos bringing the band to the arena. Straight ahead is the backstage hallway. On the right of the hallway is the door to the dressing room where the band changes into their stage clothes, and munches on whatever goodies are laid out there for them. Then, straight ahead, to the left, is the entrance to the floor of the arena, where the band walk up the stairs to the stage. As I approached the overlook, a young slim female was there with long brunette hair. Hard to say her age, 16-20 I suppose. On the other side of the overlook, was none other than Jimmy Page, in his performance clothing, standing on a large equipment case, to be able to receive the flower that this young starstruck fan was giving him. She didn't say a word. The communication between her and Jimmy was all eye-soul contact. I waited patiently, standing back, until she turned to leave. It seemed like an eternity, but it was really only about 20 seconds of anxious waiting. As soon as she turned to leave, Jimmy started to begin to step down. But I quickly stepped up and began speaking to him, and he paused to hear what I had to say. I noticed that Jimmy was wearing black eye makeup under his eyes that artists sometimes use. Anyway, I said this: "Jimmy.... Your solo last night on Dazed And Confused was Absolutely Amazing!!" (It WAS!!) Then Jimmy wryly responded right back to me: "Yeah.... I can only do about one of those a night...." Jimmy then stepped down to the floor and walked to the stage door entrance, to begin the show. I, ran, as fast as I could, to get inside the arena, to see the start of this 2nd Led Zeppelin show. While this exchange was going on between myself and Jimmy, there was no one else, in the back stage area. I suspect that everyone else in the Zeppelin entourage had headed to the stage just before I walked up to that overlook.
  6. Rare backstage photos

  7. Jimmy Saying "Good Evening" on 3/21/75?

    For Dallas '75 Robert says "Good Evening"....then there's a pause, then Robert says "Nah... I said GOOD EVENING !!!" I don't recall James saying anything, except to me, in the backstage area, just before the March 5th show was to begin...
  8. VInyl Bootleg questions!

    I can't enlighten you, but anything's possible. I sold those boots a number of years ago, so I cant' tell you. When I bought them, in college, I wasn't dating, so yeah, I had the extra cash to do that...
  9. VInyl Bootleg questions!

    As a freshman college student in Austin in the Fall of 1973, there were many new things to investigate. And one of those was hole in the wall record stores on "The Drag". And it was there, one afternoon, that I discovered bootleg LPs. Living in a suburb of Dallas, I had no idea these even existed. One of the very first, if not the first bootleg I bought, was BONZO'S BIRTHDAY PARTY (TRADE MARK OF QUALITY TMOQ 72007) and THREE DAYS AFTER (TRADE MARK OF QUALITY TMOQ 72016). The only time I had ever seen colored vinyl was on some children's records many years before. What an incredible joy it was to hear for the first time on record, Plantations, and the wonderful Medleys, and the improvisations. I fell in love with LZ all over again. I naively thought, why haven't the Radio stations back in Dallas played these great live LZ tracks? ? ?


    ALICE COOPER I first saw Alice Cooper back in 1972. It was one of the BEST concerts I have ever seen by anyone, anytime ! I have seen Alice Cooper several times since then over the years.... But NO concert since that 1972 show, comes close. He and his band were touring on their KILLER album at the time. It was consumate performance by all. The snake, the guillotine, the song and dance ... Alice was the master showman ... he the audience eating of of the palm of his hand that night. I saw something very very special that evening. That show is in the Top 5 of all concerts I have ever seen, including the Zeppelin shows. GREAT NEWS ! ! ! ! ! ! It has just been revealed that AUDIO FIDELITY's next Alice Cooper work to get the 24K audiophile treatment, will be nono other than KILLER ! I can't wait ! !
  12. Photos of Peter Grant, Led Zepelin Manager

    I'll freshen up this thread with a photo of Jimmy and Peter walking back stage Feb. 8, 1975 at the Philly Spectrum before the show. Jimmy Page fingers chord patterns on his right arm while Led Zeppelin prepares to take the stage at The Spectrum.
  13. The Best LED ZEPPELIN Photo Ever? Please Post Here:

    Best Backstage photo of the group. I submit: Led Zeppelin walks along the backstage hallway of the Spectrum moments before their performance in Philadelphia Feb. 8, 1975. Electric Factory Concerts' promoter Allen Spivak leads the way. Behind Robert and to the right of Jimmy is Peter Grant.
  14. Hot Pics of Robert

    Robert Plant, appears relaxed as the band prepares to take the stage at the Spectrum on February 8, 1975.
  15. What Are You Listening To At This Moment?

  16. Let's Load Jimmy's memories instead.
  17. So here's the deal... I realize that the photo of Jimmy with the double neck, used on the cover of HTWWW, and also, found on page 11 of the booklet with the Blu-Ray, was taken by James Fortune. The Image Credit is on page 19 (James Fortune/ Rock and Roll Gallery). But, what I don't get, at the Rock and Roll Gallery website (perhaps incorrectly) it cites the photo as: LOS ANGELES FORUM, 1973 Photo used on the cover of Led Zeppelin's "How The West Was Won" cd. http://www.rockandrollgallery.com/catalog/LZ-JF-011.html Could someone higher up here contact the Rock and Roll Gallery to straighten this out? But, if the photo was indeed from 1973... then how strange that is for a release from 1972! As an aside, the Fortune photo of Jimmy is the only photo on the HTWWW cover that is also used inside the booklet. The cover photo, is found in five different places in the HTWWW Blu-Ray packaging and booklet front and back covers.
  18. Right. Listening to the powerful BIOH from the HTWWW BD took me back to hearing it live, for the first time, to that magical performance on Aug. 22, 1970. By then, the second hand smoke in the TCCC arena had had it's effect on that 14 year old teenager.
  19. Looking for photos of Led Zeppelin's Showco road crew

    I've liked your page at FB. Looking forward to SHOWCO the book (in 2019). I have always wanted to read such a book. I wish you well on your Kickstarter campaign. This story needs to be (finally) told. Behind the scenes are interesting... But Led Zeppelin 'behind the scenes' is doubly so!
  20. What headphones do you use?

    "Feels like you're wearing nothing at all..." Great. Ready to use that line with a Lady Godiva themed G45 ad! Here's the model:
  21. HTWWW 2018 Blu-Ray Headphone Review My most favorite performance off of HTWWW is "BRING IT ON HOME." The HOTH songs and the acoustic set are also my favorites. The Blu-ray gives three listening choices, DTS-HD Master Audio in 5.1 and 2.0, and PCM 2.0. (96kHz/24 bit) The Pop-up Menu gives you the all the songs and the track you're currently listening to. The Display function gives you bit rates, and which audio track is playing. I will say, that I listened in my office, through my Vizio E-Series E291-A1. I turned OFF the "SRS Tru Volume" and set the SRS Surround Sound to "Standard", and I used the EQ "Flat Respose" Setting. While listening to this with my Bose Around-Ear headphones on, I preferred the 2.0 signal, which both sounded the same, even though the display showed different bit rates for audio channel choices #2 and #3. As each song begins, a still picture is displayed for the entirety of the song, and looks to be matched to each song that's playing. Seeing the image while the song is playing, of course, makes you wish, why didn't they film the concerts, even if with just a single camera, just capturing the stage, as you might have seen it, looking on from the audience... I never owned the 2003 edition, so any 2003/2018 comparisons will have to come from someone else.
  22. And you're talking to one now. And yes, it matters, because I think such an error is just stupid. They had plenty of 1972 photos to use. What a Legacy. Nothing is as it appears. And I know exactly where you're coming from! So stop attacking me for being a stickler. Isn't it amazing that you'd find sticklers about LZ on a LZ board!!!

    I'd rather see Dave Bautista playing Grant.
  24. Hot pics of Jimmy

    Sorry if this collection has already been cited, but: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/650981321109735730/
  25. So why did Led Zeppelin intentionally choose to use a 1973 photo for a live set from 1972?? Sloppy ?? Just don't care???