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  1. Daniel Glass,an excellent drummer in his own right walks us through the history of the drum kit including cymbals,hi-hats etc. Gene Krupa and other legends are also featured.The video is broken up into episodes making it easy to return to if you're time poor and was recommended to me by my drum teacher.
  2. Prince

  3. The pub

    A glass of that with ice and a splash of water thanks
  4. what are you listening to right NOW!?

    ^Very cool^.Samantha Fish is appearing in a few of my feeds lately. #nopunintended

    For the discerning reader
  6. Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes

    Recent excerpt of an interview with Chris Robinson: Like you, Audley Freed and Andy Hess played on the tour The Black Crowes did backing Jimmy Page around 1999. The As The Crow Flies announcement mentioned the possibility of covering some Led Zeppelin again. What's it like singing to Jimmy Page's guitar? His phrasing and tone just have a way of being so exciting. When Jimmy picks up the guitar, and he just kkrr, krrr, it's electric you know? It's alive. And that's the thing: it's not a reproduction. Even though he's playing "I Should Have Quit You" or whatever, every time you hear that kabow, bow, bow, bow, bow, bow, kabow. He's on fire when he plays. And of course, that's why I'm up there, that's why he asked me to come sing those songs because I'm not preening and prancing around thinking I'm something I'm not. I want to be on fire as well, in that kind of music. I really enjoyed what you did (with Jimmy Page) with "Custard Pie," "Sick Again" and "In My Time of Dying" particularly. But think about it. I got to open for Robert (Plant) when I was 23 years old. I spent two tours, back-to-back opening for Aerosmith and Robert Plant as a little frontman, so ultimately Robert has my great respect and I had to find some way to sing those songs that people who love Led Zeppelin would still like them but I can't sing like Robert Plant. No one can. So it was cool that Jimmy also, Jimmy's like, "Do your thing. Do your thing." I hear it occasionally when we're driving around, Earle Bailey will play it on Deep Tracks on Sirius XM, and he'll play like "Custard Pie," like you said, and I'll say, "Huh, that's pretty rad, man. We did a good job." And Robert told me that I did a good job so he gave me his blessing so that's all that I needed. Custard Pie One of the great things about The Black Crowes was that in addition to giving us cool new music to listen to, the band also pointed fans toward some awesome artists who were somewhat obscure. For example, I found out about Gram Parsons because of you (and The Crowes doing live covers of Parsons' gorgeous ballad "She"). In addition to doing Crowes songs, and maybe a Zeppelin tune or two, or you going to be working out any interesting new covers for As The Crow Flies? Yeah, I'm not going to tell you though. You've got to come to the show and see what we learned. [Laughs] I'm not giving it away man, I'm still a capitalist somewhere in here - I'm just kidding. Yeah, we discussed a few cover tunes but I have some ideas based around some of the keys and stuff to see where maybe we could jam a little into something that people would be excited or surprised to hear. http://www.al.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2018/04/black_crowes_chris_robinson_ji.html
  7. The Evolution Of The Drum Set

  8. Plant 18 Tour

    Not me,I saw RP and SSS in 2013 at Rod Laver Arena and had the best time Enjoy yourself!
  9. what are you listening to right NOW!?

    No prob.