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  1. I genuinely like the first Firm album. Initially it was a let down but then I viewed it as being a Honeydrippers type record but with originals. In that vein, the diminished prominence of Jimmy's guitar makes sense and his playing really quite subversive. I take the album for what it is and appreciate it for what it is.
  2. As the release is a 10", my best guess is it would be either the four Led Zeppelin songs played at Jones Beach that are not on Live At The Greek or the for Black Crowes songs played. Most likely the former. The Led Zeppelin songs were; Wanton Song, Misty Mountain Hop, Hots On For Nowhere and Bring It On Home. The Black Crowes songs were; No Speak No Slave, Horsehead, Remedy and She Talks To Angels.There was also a cover of Muddy Water's I Can't Be Satisfied played.
  3. Really, first post and it's to sell something at a wildly inflated price. Welcome to the board.
  4. The only thing that truly set Led Zeppelin apart from their peers was the songwriting. There are lots of bands with better musicians but they all lacked a leader like Jimmy Page. He had a vision for just about everything, from the songs and sound through to stage presentation. Having only a ten year career has been a huge help in maintaining the mystique. There are a few bands who's 10 year and/or 8 album output starts to rival Led Zeppelin. I'll rule out The Beatles as they stopped touring so early on in their career. But album wise, they rival Led Zeppelin. Same could be said for the Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Doors. If Led Zeppelin had stayed together another five years and put out two albums on par with In Through The Out Door and had three tours of North America sounding like the Europe '80 tour, they lustre would have worn off. That White Summer solo would have fallen so flat in North America. The two hour sets would have destroyed some of the mythology.
  5. My love of prog rock shows with... Genesis - Seconds Out Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Welcome Back My Friends..... Porcupine Tree - Octane Twisted (The 15 minutes that is "Russia On Ice/The Pills I'm Taking" is sublime) Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong and very surprisingly, Goo Goo Dolls - Live in Buffalo (even if just for the version of 'Two Days In February')
  6. Release How The West Was Won on vinyl for the anniversary and the long version of All Of My Love for Record Store Day and I'd be happy as hell
  7. This is hard to say because the songwriting credits often don't tell the tale. If you didn't know the descending riff in Kashmir was by Jones, you could think that was hard/brilliant composing by Page. Either way it's brilliant but a lot easier for the credited songwriters when an uncredited songwriter comes up with a key part.
  8. Yes, Jimmy Page was a sloppy player. Not that he couldn't be a very fluid player, see his 1968-1971 and previous session work playing. But he consciously chose form over function with regards to his playing style and presentation. Every inch he lowered his guitar his fluidity took a hit and resulted in sloppiness. From 1975 on he had horrible pick attack on his strings. This resulted in his consistent breaking of strings, the Earls Court version of Stairway To Heaven on the dvd bares this out. I can't find it at the moment but I've read an interview article where Jimmy stated he had to adopt his playing style to incorporate the lowered guitar and stance.
  9. Plant will join Page on stage or in the studio if and when Plant feels his solo career needs a bump. That's been his modus operandis since the demise of Led Zeppelin.
  10. That was my initial thought but the box presentation is inline with the other live box sets.
  11. My kid happily uses ProTools. But he's pretty happy just using Garage Band too. Right tool for right job kind of thing.
  12. Their first real show and they were good. Dirt pop at it's finest, or so my son tells me. Even though their album has been out less than two weeks, people were singing along to some of the songs. They drop a reggae groove into a song or two, very nice to see reggae mixed into pop music.
  13. Never seen Explosions In The Sky and quite excited too. It should be the perfect venue for them. Sticky Fingers is an Australian band. I find them hard to label. Oasis big wall of sound meets some reggae rhythms by lads who love a pint.
  14. Jealous about those shows. Sam the Astronaut - Tomorrow night @ Media Club - My Kid's current band, alt pop. Duran Duran - August, big arena show. Explosions In The Sky - September in a beautiful 995 person venue. Sticky Fingers - October. Very cool Aussie band. Very fun live. My favorite venue in Vancouver, holds 1,150 people. Margo Price - October. Really looking forward to this. Best release of the year in my opinion. Old school country that really struck a chord with me somehow. Small and personal venue. Opeth - October. Been waiting to see them for five plus year. The Kills - Novembers, somewhere in France.
  15. I can't see The Song Remains The Same getting this deluxe box treatment. It's already been expanded and re-released on LP and cd, the movie has been upgraded to blu-ray. What would we get in a deluxe box that we don't already have? A photo book and download card? HTWWW, I could see that getting a deluxe box set. They could expand the song list and put it out on vinyl for the first time, along with the download card and photo album. Whatever they do, I will accept with happiness and not gripe about what they haven't done.
  16. My annoyances are; No complete, unedited concerts. Like SteveA said, the continued playing of White Summer. It would have been fine as a minute long intro to Kashmir and that's about it. All of My Love being released without the extended guitar solo. It should have at least been included on the deluxe version. Lack of 5.1 mix included with box sets. The price of BBC box set. Higher than any of the previous box sets.
  17. I for one am very happy with this release. Have i ordered and can't wait for it to arrive. Jimmy is going to do things his way. We all know what that means, so instead of bitching about what I'm not getting I'll be happy instead with what I am getting. I am hoping that a vinyl and deluxe package for How The Wets Was Won is in the works. If I eventually got that with an Earl's Court package I'd be a pretty happy camper. If those never occur, I'll still be happy dropping the needle on what I do have.
  18. While Jimmy Page was not as bad as the Stones about assigning songwriting credit, he wasn't very generous either. It's agreed upon by Jones and Page that Jones had a decent size part in writing Kashmir (one of the descending bits) but has no songwriting credit on that song.
  19. I saw them on the current tour and found the difference between Glen Tipton and Richie Faulkner to be extreme on stage. Richie, the new guy works every song hard. Working for crowd participation and putting on a show. Glen Tipton (and Rob Halford) seem in much more of a basking in the glow of what they've accomplished mode. Good show with great songs but not a great show. I think metal bands need to bring a hunger to the stage and I don't think that's Priest at this point in time. Sure didn't stop my from spinning some Priest last night though. Still and always will love that band.
  20. Steve - Have you heard any rumours of the Page & Plant recordings being re-issued on vinyl? The complete Unledded would fit very nicely on a double album.
  21. I will say this in Ron's favor, he is currently the musical backbone of the band live. Keith goes off on his own way too often and plays little more than random accents. Ron seamlessly goes from style to style so it's not noticeable.And does it with a huge smile on his face.
  22. I think the only mistake made was not putting on the longer version of All Of My Love. I think not including that version on the original release is one of the few production mistakes Jimmy has made. I can't fathom why he made the same mistake a second time.
  23. I think her album Rats is criminally underrated. i wish she would would with Steve Salas again. Sun's Gonna Rise
  24. Woz70 pretty much nailed this. Page went from being technically proficient, artistically brilliant and sloppy to moments of brilliance and sloppy. His lack of playing time and practice showed in the latter years. I think a 1980 version of Bron-Y-Aur-Stomp would have made me cry for what he once was. One thing I'm surprised that is not mentioned more is his horrible pick technique. Partially a function of playing low slung but he was forever hitting strings with his pick edge, leading to a lack of fluidity in the sound at times and his abundance of broken strings,