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  1. Fantastic as always! This would fit nicely with the acoustic set from the '77 tour, coupled with Bron-Y-Aur Stomp. I'll check out the CD when it is released. Robert
  2. Star Wars for me, but I'm biased. Robert
  3. I'm in Connecticut and cd's and stereo's do quite well. It could be a generational thing though. I have a basic stereo setup and still utilize a portable cd player and walkman. My friend who owns a music store started selling turntables again. I was at Best Buy and there was a whole aisle devoted to stereo systems. Hopefully someone will be able to make a deal for your cd's. Good luck. Robert
  4. R.I.P. Jason. You created a marvelous hotel. You will be missed. Robert
  5. Reunited at least on a forum. Robert
  6. While searching regarding the topic I found a post made by swandown in the thread titled "Jimmy Page On This Day (Archive)" on August 17, 2011 page 16 that reads "I read way back in 1995 that it was changed because Y'allah translated to "Oh God" in certain dialects". Robert
  7. I'll dig through past issues of the magazines I have from around that time frame to see if I can find an explanation. I know "Yallah" was retitled to "The Truth Explodes" when the initial VHS tape was released in 1995. There is a notation in the guitar tab transcription book for No Quarter that was released in 1996 that states that the then updated title of "The Truth Explodes" was "released in some territories using a different title" So the change was made long before the tenth anniversary reissue. Robert
  8. Hi Staci! Congrats on the book! I hope everything is going well. Did you end up selling all of your collection or do you still have some items left over? I'll pick up a copy of the book. 8>) I'll see if I can locate some sites that you may be able to promote the book on. Have a good one. Robert
  9. Select the hyperlink I included above to check out the LP, the bow, and the vox petal. Generally, it's more difficult to sculpt a human face than an animal or fantasy creature. Overall, the custom is well done. One has to remember the size of the piece. What's involved. Sculpting out of clay, wax, creating a hardcopy etc. For me Serang's custom puts the 2007 KnuckleBonz Jimmy Page Rock Iconz statue to shame. NECA's version was pretty good. The sculptor has to take into account the shrinkage when the piece goes into production and detail gets lost etc. If one looks compares hardcopy next to an engineering pilot for example you can see the size difference between the two and see that some detail gets lost. The poppy suit seems to give the effect of a slimmer frame on the body. The outfits are extremely well done. To each their own. Robert
  10. For Those interested: Shop You have to register to view the thread but here's the thread to when Serang was working on the pieces: I did save the images from the thread back in 2013. There's some great pics. I can post them if anyone would like to see them. Robert
  11. That's Serang Kim's creation if I recall correctly. I remember when Serang was posting his creation progress on a forum a long time ago (roughly 2013?). The limited editions were expensive. The poppy suit with scarf is pretty cool. The Les Paul came out really well too! Robert
  12. Page and Plant never had a beer sponsor. Robert
  13. Hi Strider, no need for the extra figures. I posted some facts and figures previously in previous posts. I thought I'd save you extra work. One thing I would mention is that The Who held the record previously with a date at the Silverdome and Zep reclaimed the record with their performance there in '77. Thank you for the input and post. Robert
  14. It’s unfortunate that insults were thrown in this thread regarding Keith and Mick. Stanlove, while posting on a Led Zeppelin forum regarding his opinion that the Stones were bigger than Zeppelin, did not throw insults at the members of the band Led Zeppelin or their fans. He was merely trying to disprove in his opinion what Zeppelin fans are posting. All in his opinion of course. But he has been very civil and not insulting in my opinion, and I’m a poster that has been responding to his posts. Keith’s personal drug use has no point in being brought up in this thread. The same can be said of Jimmy Page’s personal use during the 1970’s. The Chicago 1977 incident for example. How about Bonham and the banana incident? Think about both of those between the lines. Was Jimmy Page ever arrested regarding drugs? I think Zeppelin fans know the answer to that question. In addition, what Mick does on his own time is his business. Should I quote what Robert Plant stated about Jimmy Page hanging upside down in a closet like a bat? What was once an interesting thread discussion has now been now made a disaster. This thread really needs to be closed. For me that’s unfortunate, as I found the discussion of the last several pages quite interesting to read from another fanatical (Stones) fans opinion. Robert
  15. Just to clarify in case other readers have missed it about the multiple night runs at certain venues such as MSG, the L.A. Forum etc. I was referring to what type of criteria does one set (i.e. include) when attempting to determine who was the biggest. One can research further into the cancelled JFK 1977 show and see attendance numbers flip in just a matter of days based on research and newspaper articles from local Philadelphia newspapers. I thank the Led Zep reference site for the their research and posting the articles long ago, which are still available if anyone wishes to read them. The articles were written in early August just after the announcement of the passing of Robert's son Karac. One article dated August 3rd, 1977 titled" Will Zep Be Here?" lists a number of "80,000" tickets sold. Another article written just three days later published August 6th 1977 titled "Zep Cancels at JFK; 1 Million Refund Due" states a number of "some 88,000 tickets". In just a matter of days the number changed by quite a bit. The article I posted above is from April 1977 and shows 95,000. Was that article estimating? Possibly, as one can see the numbers are rounded up or down as the bottom line is only a snap shot point in time and clearly doesn't add up, but I have spoken to someone who was up the food chain at Electric Factory and he confirmed for me the number in the 90's regarding the attendance. I'm not a biased Zep fan. If I was I would've just posted the high number, so I want to put that to rest with this post. Also another older thread on this very site mentions that their was a radio interview in 1977 regarding the Superdome show, where the manager of the Superdome states ticket sales hit 98,500 plus up to that point when the interview was conducted. If that interview could be located and proven true that spectacle would've been a massive show, as it was possible that even more tickets could've been sold by showtime. Unfortunately, we will never know since the show was cancelled. I'd have to research regarding the Superdome show. Once again I will state there's too much to consider regarding which artist was the biggest. Can a general idea be generated? Sure, but it'll just be a matter of perspective and what criteria does one include to come to the final conclusion. In my opinion I haven't seen any proof that the Stones were bigger than Zep. I'm not blind or biased (in my opinion). I openly admit I've collected Led Zeppelin memorabilia for years (and even have two items shown in the Super Deluxe books). I'm uncredited, but that's for another day. For the JFK show I'm only missing the rare t-shirt for memorabilia as far as I know at this point in time. I also have a cancelled Superdome ticket. Relics from a bygone era, that I'm happy to own. Ever Onward. Robert