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  1. Scared Straight 1978 Led Zep tee

    Hi Tony, Here you go. $10.00 Buy it now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Led-Zeppelin-T-Shirt-1977-Tour-Youth-Size-Black/302643649289?hash=item4676f79b09:g:N-UAAOSwWWNZ0XTt Robert www.anextranickel.com
  2. Merit Adventures catalog

    For a walk down memory lane I have reloaded my comprehensive guide to Rick Barrett's Merit Adventures catalogs. I still have to work on some minor details but you can view the listing here: http://anextranickel.com/the-comprehensive-guide-to-merit-adventures-catalogs/ Robert www.anextranickel.com
  3. Unused tickets

    I agree with Steve anywhere between $150 to $225 and his estimate is a good idea. Now for the cool part of the post. I also have an unused 07/23/77 ticket. It's the next sequential number. The tickets were most likely purchased together. I tried to take an image utilizing a mirror. Hopefully you can make out the 139719. I also have an unused 07/24/77 as well. Robert www.anextranickel.com
  4. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    Obviously you didn't go back and reread the past thread. I hardly was putting emphasis on opening acts. I was stating facts not fiction and you bailed on the thread when I presented the 90,000 plus ticket sale number. Why continue to come on Led Zeppelin's official website with a personal axe to grind? If you are a Zeppelin fan then you know that years before The Stones small club tour Zeppelin performed a return to the clubs tour right? Zeppelin could have played a larger venue circuit and sell out the tour but stepped back. I also hardly made an emphasis on ticket prices. If you want to discuss having other acts on the bill and still performing we can add the Bath Blues Festival (1970) in there if you want to talk attendance numbers. Robert anextranickel.com
  5. Whats up with Keith Richards on LZ?

    Hi Stanlove, I hope you are well. I see the topic is going to be revisited again. It's unfortunate our previous discussion was sidetracked. The old thread was here: Last mention I posted the cancelled JFK show Zep where Zep were going to play in front of over 90 thousand without an opening act, but I didn't see a response from you. If you'd like to continue our discussion let me know. Robert www.anextranickel.com
  6. Zeppelin '77 Laminate

    It's just a commemorative pass, and was not used on the '77 tour. They are on Ebay weekly. Here's another one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/LED-ZEPPELIN-BACKSTAGE-PASS-UNITED-STATES-1977-100-ORIGINAL-AUTHENTIC/162863768217?hash=item25eb6fe299:g:OpcAAOSw2x1XKP9o I have two of the four different colored laminates utilized by the SHOWCO road crew and that commemorative pass is completely incorrect when compared to an original. Robert www.anextranickel.com
  7. Merit Adventures catalog

    Thank you Steve. No hurry though. Robert www.anextranickel.com
  8. Merit Adventures catalog

    I'm missing four issues. I believe I have all of the packing inserts, little postcards, and different outer mailing envelopes. Before the last website went offline I had the covers listed in order with almost all of the issues. I started scanning each page of each issue, but when I was talking with Rick Barrett he requested that a disclaimer be added to each page, which was extra work on each page (with scanning, cropping, resizing etc.). I have the first couple of issues done on my hard drive. Steve is correct it's a lot of work to create flip books of each one. I also have a stack of extras. I would like to at least get the previous feature back up that shows the covers of each issue, and include the extras for my memorabilia website anextranickel.com If anyone has issues 120, 133, 146, and 149 and are willing to part with them please let me know. Last I knew Rick was missing an issue. He lost the extras he had due to the flooding in Houston years ago. Robert www.anextranickel.com
  9. My son had this one until he outgrew it. I believe this is what you are looking for: http://www.tvstoreonline.com/shop-by-type/led-zeppelin-1977-american-tour-black-t-shirt/ Robert

    Brain freeze moment. Sam, Steve, is this Jeff, wearing an example of the jersey from '75? Robert
  11. I'm guessing you are Mike C from Ohio? http://offerup.com/item/detail/175189883/ I agree with the above $25.00 is a good ballpark for it. Robert
  12. Hi! Thank you both for the kind words. I will eventually put up an email so visitors and collectors can submit items to be added, and provide additional information on items already up on the website. I didn't add it from the get go as I didn't want to be overwhelmed with having to add items. I have to load some of my personal items, as well as several others. While I'll most likely add more common mass produced items, I wanted to have visitors view items not commonly seen. I'll be adding items from post 1980 as well. I'm hoping the website will be around for a while but we'll see how it goes. Thanks again to you both for checking out the site. Have a good one. Robert
  13. Hi Everyone! For anyone interested in checking out some Led Zeppelin memorabilia I have just updated my website anextranickel.com with some new additions (with more on the way this weekend). There's still some things I'm working on fixing (since I'm new to Wordpress) such as the padding / spacing issue for the navigation menu, as well as the text wraparound that is occurring from time to time. Once you select a section you will need to scroll down the page to get to the hyperlinks for the items in that section. I hope to have that issue fixed soon. Visitors can see such items as a book John Bonham utilized to practice signing autographs, John Bonham's Ludwig t-shirt he wore at a rehearsal for the Knebworth concerts, the unreleased Led Zeppelin promotional album Past, Present, Future and more. Feedback good and bad is most welcome, as I'd like to make the website a great place for visitors to stop at and view some Led Zeppelin history! Ever Onward. Robert
  14. Anyone know anything about this shirt?

    Hi Garrett, I believe they are boosting the price due to the montage display the shirt sits in. If you purchase it you may want to pull the shirt out of the display and assemble a different one. That one appears to be bulky and not eye catching for the shirt (but that's me) Mook, the shirt looks odd because of where they folded the sleeves down and flattened the shirt for the display. Jimmy did have a large right forearm. You can see how large it was in the poolside image as well as the Knebworth rehearsal image. If you need the dates of the images or to see the actual images I'm referring to I can post them. Robert
  15. Anyone know anything about this shirt?

    An example of this shirt that is worn by Jimmy Page in the above image was sold by my friend Rick Barrett for $225.00 when former Swan Song employee Shelley Kaye sold some of her items. Here's images of the front and back: Robert P.S. There was also a '75 Toby Roberts tour shirt that was sold which was a tye dye style. I have images of that shirt as well. The above shirt was given to Shelley by someone in California, so it's most likely a California artist. The Toby Roberts shirt was for $350.00.
  16. Starting Bootleg Recommendations

    Here's the list from the hotel: http://www.royal-orleans.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=18827 Robert
  17. These are the mixes that were available for auction through Backstage Auctions in July 2004 when Eddie Kramer put roughly 2,200 items up for auction in 277 auction lots. I won't get into a long post but I saved the images from the auctions. The paperwork went for decent coin for back then. Here's two images as examples: Edited to add. Here's some of the paperwork from one of the auctions not included above. I can post the final auction price if anyone is interested. Here's a side image of the boxes. There's quite a few more images as well. Robert
  18. Take of the Fruit but Guard the Seed

    I'm well aware of that, and didn't state that in my explanation. My point is Robert wasn't home to "guard" his son from the illness that set upon Karac. He was away on tour. I feel Robert is stating protect (guard) your children as they are the most precious gift. Robert
  19. Take of the Fruit but Guard the Seed

    The wonderful thing about song lyrics is that they are open to interpretation and can be seen in many different ways. It’s no secret Carouselambra is Robert penning his point of view of living in the “fish bowl” at the time. The lyric line “take of the fruit, but guard the seed” for me means it’s okay to indulge in sex (the fruit) but protect (i.e. guard) the seed once it’s sown (i.e. the child) that spouts from the seed. Unfortunately, Robert is reminiscing stating he should’ve been there to guard (protect) Karac and he was not. He was off being the rock star in Led Zeppelin away from home when his family needed him there. For Robert I think one of the hardest things he has to live with is that he was not there to be able to say goodbye to the son he adored and loved. For me the lyric lines that are the most haunting to him are “I heard the words, I couldn’t stay, I couldn’t stand it another day.” I believe this references that fateful phone call he received in New Orleans with the news that Karac had passed, hence he “heard the words” over the phone. From that point on Robert didn’t want to be in Zeppelin any longer, and “couldn’t stand it (being a member of Led Zeppelin) another day.” Hence his thought of leaving for a teaching position, and wanting out of Led Zeppelin. The sisters mentioned in the first line I believe are Maureen and her sister at home bidding their time in quiet peace in England away from the crazy lifestyle of living on the road. Waiting for a call that may never come, may be Robert describing how he knew the current lifestyle of some of the members of the band and their entourage could end tragically if kept up (including maybe for Plant) hence the call Maureen may never receive stating something tragic happened to him. Robert likes to shroud his lyrics with hidden meanings and used the “deep and meaningless” comment to deflect discussing that hard time period in his life in my opinion. Carouselambra is my favorite Led Zeppelin song and I collect the In Through The Out Door timeframe as a focus. I could give my interpretation of each lyric line, but they are just my opinion. Only Robert could confirm what he was trying to state. That’s my take on the line “take of the fruit, but guard the seed” with a little extra thrown in. Robert
  20. Thank you for posting the image of the mockup and to Sam for posting an image of a proof sheet that survived. Robert
  21. flyers

    I agree Steve, I've only seen the blue flyer. A flyer is way to easy to reproduce. I can't even see a real flyer going for more than a $1.00 due to non demand and how easy it is to reproduce. The $1.00 is probably on the high side of value, but for a $1.00 a copy could be a placeholder in a collection until a blue one becomes available. Robert
  22. flyers

    The flyers are worth no more than a $1.00 each to someone who is looking for one. I just picked up some items from the 20th anniversary (unused poster, four used and unused tickets, three keychains, a program, and a shirt) and I'm looking for a flyer and a bag, although both are not a high priority for me. I usually see the flyers on blue paper. If you would like to sell a flyer or two for a $1.00 each please let me know. Good luck. Robert
  23. Retrospective for anniversary?

    An exhibition of sorts was done back in 1995 on the Page / Plant tour. There's been several conventions of course and the Knebworth house exhibit. The 1995 tour memorabilia truck had some of Brian Knapp's collection shown. I've uploaded the video walkthrough which you can see by clicking on the links below: I doubt Page would let items such as the Les Paul's and suits out of the Tower house even if heavily insured based on what happened to the Black Beauty all those years ago for an exhibit. At least the guitar was finally returned after all these years. I enjoy collecting and seeing what memorabilia has survived through the years. Ever onward. Robert
  24. The Amsterdam footage can be seen without the sub titles on disc two of the Cosmic Energy dvd "Assemblage" from 2006. One has to wonder what other lost footage is out there waiting to be discovered. Robert
  25. New Video enjoy

    Fantastic as always! This would fit nicely with the acoustic set from the '77 tour, coupled with Bron-Y-Aur Stomp. I'll check out the CD when it is released. Robert