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  1. Anyone know anything about this shirt?

    Hi Garrett, I believe they are boosting the price due to the montage display the shirt sits in. If you purchase it you may want to pull the shirt out of the display and assemble a different one. That one appears to be bulky and not eye catching for the shirt (but that's me) Mook, the shirt looks odd because of where they folded the sleeves down and flattened the shirt for the display. Jimmy did have a large right forearm. You can see how large it was in the poolside image as well as the Knebworth rehearsal image. If you need the dates of the images or to see the actual images I'm referring to I can post them. Robert
  2. Anyone know anything about this shirt?

    An example of this shirt that is worn by Jimmy Page in the above image was sold by my friend Rick Barrett for $225.00 when former Swan Song employee Shelley Kaye sold some of her items. Here's images of the front and back: Robert P.S. There was also a '75 Toby Roberts tour shirt that was sold which was a tye dye style. I have images of that shirt as well. The above shirt was given to Shelley by someone in California, so it's most likely a California artist. The Toby Roberts shirt was for $350.00.
  3. Starting Bootleg Recommendations

    Here's the list from the hotel: http://www.royal-orleans.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=18827 Robert
  4. These are the mixes that were available for auction through Backstage Auctions in July 2004 when Eddie Kramer put roughly 2,200 items up for auction in 277 auction lots. I won't get into a long post but I saved the images from the auctions. The paperwork went for decent coin for back then. Here's two images as examples: Edited to add. Here's some of the paperwork from one of the auctions not included above. I can post the final auction price if anyone is interested. Here's a side image of the boxes. There's quite a few more images as well. Robert
  5. Take of the Fruit but Guard the Seed

    I'm well aware of that, and didn't state that in my explanation. My point is Robert wasn't home to "guard" his son from the illness that set upon Karac. He was away on tour. I feel Robert is stating protect (guard) your children as they are the most precious gift. Robert
  6. Take of the Fruit but Guard the Seed

    The wonderful thing about song lyrics is that they are open to interpretation and can be seen in many different ways. It’s no secret Carouselambra is Robert penning his point of view of living in the “fish bowl” at the time. The lyric line “take of the fruit, but guard the seed” for me means it’s okay to indulge in sex (the fruit) but protect (i.e. guard) the seed once it’s sown (i.e. the child) that spouts from the seed. Unfortunately, Robert is reminiscing stating he should’ve been there to guard (protect) Karac and he was not. He was off being the rock star in Led Zeppelin away from home when his family needed him there. For Robert I think one of the hardest things he has to live with is that he was not there to be able to say goodbye to the son he adored and loved. For me the lyric lines that are the most haunting to him are “I heard the words, I couldn’t stay, I couldn’t stand it another day.” I believe this references that fateful phone call he received in New Orleans with the news that Karac had passed, hence he “heard the words” over the phone. From that point on Robert didn’t want to be in Zeppelin any longer, and “couldn’t stand it (being a member of Led Zeppelin) another day.” Hence his thought of leaving for a teaching position, and wanting out of Led Zeppelin. The sisters mentioned in the first line I believe are Maureen and her sister at home bidding their time in quiet peace in England away from the crazy lifestyle of living on the road. Waiting for a call that may never come, may be Robert describing how he knew the current lifestyle of some of the members of the band and their entourage could end tragically if kept up (including maybe for Plant) hence the call Maureen may never receive stating something tragic happened to him. Robert likes to shroud his lyrics with hidden meanings and used the “deep and meaningless” comment to deflect discussing that hard time period in his life in my opinion. Carouselambra is my favorite Led Zeppelin song and I collect the In Through The Out Door timeframe as a focus. I could give my interpretation of each lyric line, but they are just my opinion. Only Robert could confirm what he was trying to state. That’s my take on the line “take of the fruit, but guard the seed” with a little extra thrown in. Robert
  7. Thank you for posting the image of the mockup and to Sam for posting an image of a proof sheet that survived. Robert
  8. flyers

    I agree Steve, I've only seen the blue flyer. A flyer is way to easy to reproduce. I can't even see a real flyer going for more than a $1.00 due to non demand and how easy it is to reproduce. The $1.00 is probably on the high side of value, but for a $1.00 a copy could be a placeholder in a collection until a blue one becomes available. Robert
  9. flyers

    The flyers are worth no more than a $1.00 each to someone who is looking for one. I just picked up some items from the 20th anniversary (unused poster, four used and unused tickets, three keychains, a program, and a shirt) and I'm looking for a flyer and a bag, although both are not a high priority for me. I usually see the flyers on blue paper. If you would like to sell a flyer or two for a $1.00 each please let me know. Good luck. Robert
  10. Retrospective for anniversary?

    An exhibition of sorts was done back in 1995 on the Page / Plant tour. There's been several conventions of course and the Knebworth house exhibit. The 1995 tour memorabilia truck had some of Brian Knapp's collection shown. I've uploaded the video walkthrough which you can see by clicking on the links below: I doubt Page would let items such as the Les Paul's and suits out of the Tower house even if heavily insured based on what happened to the Black Beauty all those years ago for an exhibit. At least the guitar was finally returned after all these years. I enjoy collecting and seeing what memorabilia has survived through the years. Ever onward. Robert
  11. The Amsterdam footage can be seen without the sub titles on disc two of the Cosmic Energy dvd "Assemblage" from 2006. One has to wonder what other lost footage is out there waiting to be discovered. Robert
  12. New Video enjoy

    Fantastic as always! This would fit nicely with the acoustic set from the '77 tour, coupled with Bron-Y-Aur Stomp. I'll check out the CD when it is released. Robert
  13. Star Wars or the Godfather?

    Star Wars for me, but I'm biased. Robert
  14. Selling all 2014-2017 remaster deluxe cd

    I'm in Connecticut and cd's and stereo's do quite well. It could be a generational thing though. I have a basic stereo setup and still utilize a portable cd player and walkman. My friend who owns a music store started selling turntables again. I was at Best Buy and there was a whole aisle devoted to stereo systems. Hopefully someone will be able to make a deal for your cd's. Good luck. Robert
  15. R.I.P. Jason. You created a marvelous hotel. You will be missed. Robert
  16. Artist George Hardie on Led Zeppelin I Cover Design

    Reunited at least on a forum. Robert
  17. Question about Page/Plant No Quarter CD

    While searching regarding the topic I found a post made by swandown in the thread titled "Jimmy Page On This Day (Archive)" on August 17, 2011 page 16 that reads "I read way back in 1995 that it was changed because Y'allah translated to "Oh God" in certain dialects". Robert
  18. Question about Page/Plant No Quarter CD

    I'll dig through past issues of the magazines I have from around that time frame to see if I can find an explanation. I know "Yallah" was retitled to "The Truth Explodes" when the initial VHS tape was released in 1995. There is a notation in the guitar tab transcription book for No Quarter that was released in 1996 that states that the then updated title of "The Truth Explodes" was "released in some territories using a different title" So the change was made long before the tenth anniversary reissue. Robert
  19. New Book With Led Zep Stories

    Hi Staci! Congrats on the book! I hope everything is going well. Did you end up selling all of your collection or do you still have some items left over? I'll pick up a copy of the book. 8>) I'll see if I can locate some sites that you may be able to promote the book on. Have a good one. Robert
  20. Select the hyperlink I included above to check out the LP, the bow, and the vox petal. Generally, it's more difficult to sculpt a human face than an animal or fantasy creature. Overall, the custom is well done. One has to remember the size of the piece. What's involved. Sculpting out of clay, wax, creating a hardcopy etc. For me Serang's custom puts the 2007 KnuckleBonz Jimmy Page Rock Iconz statue to shame. NECA's version was pretty good. The sculptor has to take into account the shrinkage when the piece goes into production and detail gets lost etc. If one looks compares hardcopy next to an engineering pilot for example you can see the size difference between the two and see that some detail gets lost. The poppy suit seems to give the effect of a slimmer frame on the body. The outfits are extremely well done. To each their own. Robert
  21. For Those interested: http://serang.tistory.com/category/Art Shop https://www.facebook.com/kimserang You have to register to view the thread but here's the thread to when Serang was working on the pieces: http://www.sideshowcollectors.com/forums/custom-creations/116547-serangs-obg14-dragon-suit-final-black-suit-updated.html I did save the images from the thread back in 2013. There's some great pics. I can post them if anyone would like to see them. Robert
  22. That's Serang Kim's creation if I recall correctly. I remember when Serang was posting his creation progress on a forum a long time ago (roughly 2013?). The limited editions were expensive. The poppy suit with scarf is pretty cool. The Les Paul came out really well too! Robert
  23. Jimmy Page Responds to Keith Richards

    Page and Plant never had a beer sponsor. Robert www.behindthetoys.com
  24. Jimmy Page Responds to Keith Richards

    Hi Strider, no need for the extra figures. I posted some facts and figures previously in previous posts. I thought I'd save you extra work. One thing I would mention is that The Who held the record previously with a date at the Silverdome and Zep reclaimed the record with their performance there in '77. Thank you for the input and post. Robert
  25. Jimmy Page Responds to Keith Richards

    It’s unfortunate that insults were thrown in this thread regarding Keith and Mick. Stanlove, while posting on a Led Zeppelin forum regarding his opinion that the Stones were bigger than Zeppelin, did not throw insults at the members of the band Led Zeppelin or their fans. He was merely trying to disprove in his opinion what Zeppelin fans are posting. All in his opinion of course. But he has been very civil and not insulting in my opinion, and I’m a poster that has been responding to his posts. Keith’s personal drug use has no point in being brought up in this thread. The same can be said of Jimmy Page’s personal use during the 1970’s. The Chicago 1977 incident for example. How about Bonham and the banana incident? Think about both of those between the lines. Was Jimmy Page ever arrested regarding drugs? I think Zeppelin fans know the answer to that question. In addition, what Mick does on his own time is his business. Should I quote what Robert Plant stated about Jimmy Page hanging upside down in a closet like a bat? What was once an interesting thread discussion has now been now made a disaster. This thread really needs to be closed. For me that’s unfortunate, as I found the discussion of the last several pages quite interesting to read from another fanatical (Stones) fans opinion. Robert