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  1. Here are a couple of Zeppelin related photos from Memphis I took. First is from Rum and Boogie Cafe and second is from Stax Museum back in May, 2015.
  2. Steve, Memphis is a great town and been there twice. You will enjoy it. We had seven of us two years ago. We spent one full day at Graceland and did the complete tour of everything there. Sun Studios and Stax are definitely worth visiting. Rendezvous is well known for it's BBQ and just off of Union Street in downtown and close to Beale Street and the famous Peabody Hotel with the ducks. On Thursday nights the Peabody opens up the rooftop and a great place to hang out with a few makeshift bars and some bands playing up there. You should visit Earnestine and Hazel's bar in Memphis and been recognized by some as best dive bar in USA. The upstairs was a brothel at one time and quite interesting to see as one of the bartenders took us on a tour and a visit to the rooms which were quite interesting. One of the bars on Beale Street has a big framed photo and collage about Zeppelin which is signed by them. Probably from this 1970 visit. I think it's Rum and Boogie Cafe. If not it's Blues City Cafe which is close by on Beale. The band The Dempsies used to play Blues City Cafe and we met them back in 2005. They were the backing band in the Johnny Cash film I Walk The Line. They have since broken up but their guitarist has another band that is quite good and we saw them at Rum and Boogie two years ago. No shortage of Elvis Tribute Artists. There is one that does many shows at the Rock and Roll Cafe across the street from Graceland. We stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel and the Graceland Suite, which was quite cool. Suite had 7 tvs and a mini waterfall as one room themed like Jungle Room. Hotel had Elvis music on PA all day and Elvis movies on you room tv as well all day. Hotel has been torn down for the more upscale Guestrooms at Graceland. It was across the street from Graceland. Might also want to consider Overton Square in Memphis as a trendy area of town with lots of great eateries. I know Robert Plant has been seen in this part of town on occasion when he visits. Lots of Gastro pubs with great food. Forget the name of place we went to but very good. Will have to find out. EDIT: Restaurant is Boscos Restaurant and Brewing Company
  3. So well done Strider and you know how to grab the reader and take them on one fantastic voyage and journey! I enjoyed reading about these experiences of the 1977 LA Forum run. Must have been quite something. With the way you write so well I almost feel I've been transported to the Forum, but unfortunately no! Too bad I never got to see Zeppelin and you are one lucky man!
  4. Great work Strider and really enjoyed your first hand experience of these two 1977 Forum shows. Good writing and giving us the feeling of what it was like to see Zeppelin back in the 70's from all that went on, the great performances and aura of the band.
  5. So horrible on Jose Fernandez! Just considering how good of a pitcher he is, one of the really good guys in the game and his story on getting here from Cuba. He failed twice to get here from Cuba and was jailed at 15 years old for it. He was successful on his third attempt and came through Mexico to get to the USA. He was reunited with his father in Tampa and with his mother later, which is quite an emotional story. He won NL Rookie of the Year in 2013 and been selected to the All Star Game twice, most recently this year. Just an incredible loss for baseball. I can't even imagine what his family must be going through. Even sadder is he has his first child on the way!
  6. Pretty cool and great insight from a few of your here about Peter Simon. That's a great photo of RP.
  7. Great photos and so clear after many years. Someone obviously took great care of them!
  8. At the moment the SD version of the BBC is on Amazon for $149. A bit steep for me, but will go for it, if I have to! I have the entire SDs of the studios, so I guess I can't hold back on this release, even though I have the entire BBC in very good quality. JP's is edited but will be better quality but really want this for the vinyl, book and overall package and just to complete my collection of these SDs! Has anyone pre-ordered the SD version for under $149 outside of Amazon and/or was the price lower there originally? I thing the initial may have been $179 a few weeks ago! I'm curios, what others are paying and hope to get a better price on this set! Time wise it's probably longer than Coda and PG as that's my guess and hence the price for the SD!
  9. I had a feeling you'd be at this show! Nice coverage with your review as well as video and photos!
  10. Well said as always Strider and glad you enjoyed it! I also saw Piazza hit a grand slam off of Clemons, This was in 2001 as well the first time he faced the Mets after the World Series, when Sean Estes for Mets didn't hit Clemons but through around is back. Sort of ridiculous, but he wasn't a part of that as he just came to the Mets and shows he didn't want a part of it. He wasn't on the Mets much longer after that. Obviously, didn't do what he was asked to do and most likely from Bobby V. O'Malley is a joke. He's worse than the Wilpons for the Mets. They irk me sometimes in mot wanting to spend the money in a big market area like NY. Just crazy and baffles me with their thinking at times. At least Alderson has done a good job and with his colleagues built up a great farm system although not as good as a few years ago. They blame a lot of this budget constraints on the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme, in which they got screwed big time. That was their own fault, but don't take it away from your fans. I'd definitely welcome new ownership to Queens. I know Spielberg got screwed as well in this with Madoff as well. Glad we landed Jay Bruce today as a great move and major pawn in trade was Dilson Herreira and am more comfortable with that than originally it was reported that Brandon Nimmo was the one. I won't even pay attention to Rick's nonsense about trading with the enemy. Reds are in the Central division and Mets in East so not like trading with the Nats! Mets need a lot of help but mostly due to lack of hitting and so many players in IF/OF on DL as well as Harvey. Before all these injuries with Duda first going down, they were doing well and things escalated. Perhaps, some will return soon and can make a run for playoffs. As long as you get in, that's the key and goes on from there. Lot of things to address but depends on these players injured returning and so on. Just my take on things. I'm sure Paul will chime in soon about this.
  11. Jimmy had his opportunity in 2008 with Jason and JPJ and a couple of notable singers, but decided to not take it forward for some reason. Perhaps, some sort of apprehension and/or fear musically....I don't know! Now at 72 as most his age have been retired and not just those who are musicians. I personally, don't plan on working at that age. But he had his chance, but needed some inspiration and/or drive from another source or individual to make something happen after the Black Crowes. I think having good management may have helped, but what do I know? Just how I see it in away. What do you think? He's just too involved with all the Zep compilations etc and seems to use it as an excuse I suppose to not do something, even though he says he plans to after after one of these is completed with the Zep catalogue, the BBC now, Celebration Day and so on! When we've heard about these projects, they've pretty much been completed at the time with the exception to a degree with the remastering of the Zep catalogue which was much more of an extentive undertaking!
  12. Last night I went to CitiField and be part of the retirement of Mike Piazza's #31. Only the second player in Mets' history to have their number retired. The first being Tom Seaver's ("The Franchise") #41. That was 1988 and the Mets should do more of this as there are probably a few other Mets who may deserve this honor. The Wilpons at times do not know how to run a team as spending very cheaply and not build a competitive team and especially in a market like NYC as the Yanks do, but one thing I will give them credit for is ceremonies like this as they do such a great job with! I've been to a few of these and not only enjoyed them, but found them to be quite emotional! Yesterday was no exception and the overall ceremony was great. Mike Piazza's acceptance speach at Cooperstown last weekend was amazing and so emotional in a lot of ways. Talking about his family and how his father Vince got him to be selected by the Dodgers in 1988 in the 62nd round after Vince, who knew Tommy Lasorda had him take a look at Mike in action. Making it to the major league level from the 62nd round is mind blowing and even more being rookie of the year in 1993. Piazza means a lot to me being a big Mets fan and to me is just a great guy and in his two speeches at the Hall and last night at CitiField puts these honors with the Mets fans and without them he feels he would be there. Mike is a very honest and appreciative man. He is also a big music fan and especially into metal. I know he is good friends with Eddie Trunck, whom I know many of you are familiar with. He's quite the the musical historian in a lot of ways. I have conversed with him twice at the Celebration Day premier in NYC in 2012 and JP's talk also in NYC at 92Y in November, 2014. I know this is long but means a lot to me. I also went to the first Mets game after 9/11 on September 21st, when Mike Piazza hit the two run hr against the Braves to bring back NYC after the terror attacks. It was an amazing night from all the pre game ceremonies with the NYC fireman, police and emergency personnel involved in an emotion pregame ceremony. Lot of celebs with Mark Anthony singing the national anthem as well as Diana Ross with God Bless America and Liza Minelli's New York New York. It was a great night and took a lot of the negativity from my frame of mind as I'm not far from the city. It was an incredible night and one I will never forget! Piazza's hr is one of the most iconic moments in New York City sports history. It finished number 2 in Mets all time moments just behind game 6 in 1986 and the Mookie Wilson/Bill Buckner moment! Tough company and this brought NYC back and was broadcast throughout the world as I saw the HR on the BBC, Skynews etc later that night, when I returned home. I stayed up late and couldn't sleep after this game!
  13. I'm sure I will be getting this even though I own every track in various forms. Gpood that JP waited for our wallets to recover after the reissues campaign. Also looking forward to The Beatles Hollywood Bowl compilation, which I think comes out a week earlier!
  14. Nice work Kelly throughout the trial! Great detailed info and it was much appreciated by keeping us informed of the proceedings!
  15. Glad this ruled in Zep's favor as it should! Well done by the boys and their legal team! I can only imagine what implications this would have on the music industry, if the jury had ruled in favor of Taurus! It would certainly do something to creativity with songwriters worrying about getting sued!