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Pilot of the Storm

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  1. If memory serves me, I think both concerts started just after 9pm (GMT)... but the memory fades with age!!!
  2. Just popping in (I'm still around ya know) to send greetings to all Knebworthonians that were there 37 years ago today
  3. Cool pics Paul!
  4. Well hello there and thanks Me too!! Ah, Strider. Thank you. Nice to be back
  5. sleeping now to rise again!
  6. Pilot
  7. Best wishes one and all Pilot
  8. Happy 7th Anniversary fellow O2'ers... ....and a big hello to Paul, Helen, Celia and Vinnie!
  9. Nor me!
  10. 'Avez vous un cuppa?' Hull 14/11/2014
  11. The Levee has broken! Taught me to weep and moan. RIP ol' friend. Happy memories of past conversations on the old board. Excellent post Paul. God bless Pilot x
  12. I agree SuperDave. It's bad enough with time zones, never mind date zones!!