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  1. 100% THAT is the birth date. And what a moment that seemed to be. JPJ recalls it in interviews and it's spine tingling to think about.
  2. I did get 10 Amsterdam seeds, 2 took, the rest didn't. In the summer the first that took gave me 3 nice buds, then just stopped growing. Didn't die, just didn't do anything. I was thinking it might have been genetically engineered to do that so you keep needing to buy seeds (theory, could be completely off the mark) It's winter now, the last seed took, has first little leaves, but has stopped dead. Probably the season. I'd need to look into lights, fans, etc. I'm trying to find friends of friends who can mail something (reminds me of Cypruss Hill, LOL), problem is, I'm no longer a young bloke who could score from 50 different people. I don't know anyone active and am not "asking around" at work as it's not a good idea.
  3. Amber, welcome to the family. Jack took to her very well (thank the Rock Gods).
  4. Wasn't sure where to put this, probably viewed by many on here already, but I hadn't seen it....
  5. Poor damn me. No strains here. No contacts. Nothing. Winter just onset, so no growing either. I need to be hooked the F up.
  6. Amazing story, thanks for the post Strider. I wonder if there was a clean, nice soundboard, and with Millards tape, if really good sound engineers could craft a release that did contain at least some of that concert ambiance that you recall....
  7. It's such a nice song to listen to... I wonder if they ever considered it for the o2 gig? Would have been best bookend EVER.
  8. I'd love a remix of this song where Plant's vocals are way more up front. I think this is as much his song as the others, but I always thought he got too buried in the mix (especially the original). I'm sure the song would just lift if he was well out in front.
  9. The Rover How many more times Achilles Last Stand and IMTOD - surely a "must include" SIBLY GTBT The Lemon Song The Wanton Song
  10. I recently asked the same bloody question. Tried to make it a bit of fun. hardly had a response. Guess my long winded post was a bit shit. LOL
  11. As does Pagey's. One of the top 3 without doubt.
  12. THIS, is my cruiser.
  13. Is June 11 only "good" aud and a slice of SB? - or is there a complete SB available???
  14. Since I got my cruiser, my commutes to work are a beautiful adventure! Every damn day, I shit you not.