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  1. Forevermore made me think of another little thing I love... There is no "Filler" on the albums, or at least, that's how I see it. The albums are a whole. Not the sum of it's tracks. Just like Forevermore says. Brilliant and ballsy move by Page to do that. Design albums. Every track is enjoyable for me. I wish there were many more. Each one I cherish. I don't listen to all of them all the time, but everything gets a go because none of it is filler.
  2. I have the "The Dragon Snake" remaster taking it's lineage from "The Drum N Bass Show" [Beelzebub Records - 47/48/49] I wonder which is better? Care to swap? Unfortunately the one I have is MP3s
  3. You're on fire Mook. Call the manager!
  4. The way page does that "connect" thing with his hand to the crowd in IMTOD when he holds that note. I mimmick it every time I watch it. It's fucking AWESOME. Gets you right into it. And plantations. Sweet Jesus how these are not at least in part included in live releases... That bit of B/W footage of JPJ looking like he is absolutely flogged. Is it after D&C? You have to smile every time.
  5. That's gold. You should email them and suggest it.
  6. If it is truly inspired by the owner of that small business being a big enough Zep fan that he bases his own business off it, and sells the shirts to promote his business, I'm ok with it. It's a big gamble. More power to him. It 99% of the time would be lame. In this instance, I don't see it as lame.
  7. I listened to Listen to This Eddie last night. It really is the final word on their live stuff I reckon. Just so much energy. Bonham is off the scales. But y'all know this.
  8. I don't imagine anyone that attended one of Zeps more powerful concerts - or the overwhelming majority of them for that matter, would have seen anything since that comes anywhere close. Lucky buggers.
  9. I completely concede this is 99% not going to eventuate. And more the pity. It is fun to dream though. Who else am I going to share these fantasies with? Reality is but the realisation of possibility after all.
  10. Exactly. And would be of interest not just to us hardcore typre's but in general would be a great show. And good savvy marketing and management team could leverage it greatly to make the Led Zeppelin name really resurge. And since their reputation of live playing is so great, obviously this opens up opportunities for some live releases from each period. A completely resurgent Zeppelin. It could so easily happen - and at some point in the future, either a year or two or a decade or two - there WILL be a second wind for Zeppelin.
  11. Led Zeppelin Is Hollywood’s New Secret Weapon Why does this bi-line NOT fill me with joy? Careful....
  12. I've suggested somewhere in this forum a doco akin to "Classic Albums" - Cameron Crowe to produce/direct. The 3 of them, Jason where it's relevent, others that were on the scene in Zep's heyday, producers/engineers, even a few other bands kicking in the occasional context. The three of them discussing each album, getting into each song. JP and JPJ occasionally with instruments in hand, and engineers at mixing board with original seperate tracks to discuss and excite how the tracks came together (as they did with the "Classic Albums" series). It could be made into a damn mini series. Could be coupled with Live releases from each period as well. Everything Zeppelin for 2018/2019. If someone got to making this happen, I have no doubt whatsoever it would enhance the legacy, and give a new lease of life to the Zep world. Done properly this could be the masterpiece final word on Zeppelin by those that are Zeppelin. Sadly, this will remain my own rambling dream. But I will dream!!!
  13. What made me happy this week. Away camping with family at Cotton Tree.,153.098774,706m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x6b937662cf0871e5:0xf02a35bd7228760!8m2!3d-26.652958!4d153.1009627 Beach and river were exquisite as usual. Kayaking over to Crab Island, my daughter chasing the millions of crabs around. BoogyBoarding with wife and kids. Bloody good to relax up there. Had a great time as usual, bit colder this year as Easter was a bit later, but nice. Enjoyed a sneaky puff with the missus a few nights when we could wrangle the kids into an early bed and rediscovered "Rebel FM" which runs the Alice Cooper Rock show nightly, which I had forgotten about. WOW!!!! Now I know why there are Rush fans on here, they played 2 songs that blew my already blown mind away. Rush really do have that Zep vibe. Also other proper 70's era rock and early 80's. It was so bloody relaxing and brilliant. And the mindset was PERFECT for absorbing that great music. A lot of the stuff I had not heard a lot of (being brought up purely "mainstream") I'll be listening the Rebel on the back porch from now on. I might even drop Alice a line. So back home now, enjoy Easter with a few days to tidy up camping gear, then back to the grind. Happy Easter Zep fans!
  14. I always think of Peter Grant listening to Achilles Last Stand - a tribute to him from Robert. Probably way off the mark, but none the less, that's how I enjoy those lyrics. The touring, the challenges, the larger than life manager that held the heavens from the Earth. Heavens being the indulgences and unknowable highs of touring and the earth being mortal "normal" lives away from the tours/band.
  15. Awesome read. Thanks very much.