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  1. no doubt this will be a cracker.
  2. LOL, thats awesome. And the solo is BOSS. Heavy. I'll need to give this whole thing a run.
  3. You guys putting down Wearing and Tearing and The Crunge. tsk, tsk, tsk. 2 great songs. Unique sound, fun. Even my 13 year old son loves the Crunge. Calls it the "Reverse Song".
  4. I really like that idea. Works really well. Wearing and Tearing is a cracker to close with. A really underrated song I feel.
  5. ^That remains my favourite unofficial/unreleased piece. Was good to see Jennings on the re-release - but these early takes, building from the most basic start. UNREAL. Love Bonham near the start too wailing away like the blues have possessed him. (I'm pretty sure its Bonzo)
  6. It seems they were indeed attempting to kick start a new space and vibe on that tour. The unrestrained excess and indulgent shows of '77 - as great as they could be (and so often were) were over. This 1980 tour was the first tour that had this new edict, so was not perfect, but was only ever going to improve (unless Jimmy and/or Peter were to NOT reign in their, erm, 'indulgences' shall we say.) The next tour could have built on the first. Learn the lessons, drop White Summer, balance out the overall tempo of the next tour, maybe add a surprise number like Wearing and Tearing, - something I think would have made it onto their next album, Carouselumbra as a feature piece, maybe segwaying into something else, and would have been nicely building up to another hard rock album. Jimmy's ability to control himself was key at this point. Plant seemed to have had enough and it was only going to take a straw to break his back so to speak. This probably was no secret and may have worked to keep Jimmy relatively clean and in good form touring, and maybe clear his head a bit - pull back from the edge so to speak (a bit of an overly optimistic view, I know). Otherwise, I can well imagine an announced "break" With Robert exploring on his own while Jimbo either self destructed, or got help. But yeah, in short, changing times and maturity. They were not the same band as they were in '77. This is how they wanted to tour going forward. Lay a new platform and build on it into a new decade. Onward with new things.
  7. 25/06 - I only have a box set. (seems I downloaded the same thing twice!) For Badge Holders Only EVSD 25th is "Badge Holders Annual Meeting" Artwork 1. 21/06 Listen To This, Eddie!!! (Empress Valley EVSD 465-467) 2. 22/06 Thirty Years Gone (Empress Valley EVSD 468-470) 3. 23/06 For Badge Holders Only (Empress Valley EVSD 471-473) 4. 25/06 Badge Holders Annual Meeting! (Empress Valley EVSD 474-476) 5. 26/06 That's All Right Mama (Empress Valley EVSD 477-479) 6. 27/06 Just Can't Be Satisfied (Empress Valley EVSD 480-482) PM me for more info
  8. That guy does cracking good covers of Zep guitar parts and solo's. Listened to him heaps a while back. The guy is magic.
  9. 21/6 - for me, there is one clear winner for version. It has this cover.
  10. First NRL game of the season. Bronco's beat the Sharkies. GO BRONC'S!!!
  11. I really liked their latest release. They are after all, old blues men.
  12. Awesome link, thanks. What an interesting read. The one thing that struck me as odd is the run of questions that were all Page, like a giddy schoolgirl asking a barrage of questions to a male friend about another guy. (Not the perfect analogy, but I'm running with it). I wonder if at any point Jonesy's inner voice was "Hey, you could ask me about No Quarter, or how I liked playing Achilles or TSRTS or Celebration Day live or how I contributed to certain songs, or MY drug use! SHEESH" Jones - he is just a consumate professional and gives brilliant answers as Kellygirl points out. What a champion. There is no reunion now. It's well over as many others here pointed out waaaay earlier than I was prepared to. There is however the chance that Page and Jones will do something. Something new that springs from what has passed. That, I like to think, remains a good chance.