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  1. Amazing story, thanks for the post Strider. I wonder if there was a clean, nice soundboard, and with Millards tape, if really good sound engineers could craft a release that did contain at least some of that concert ambiance that you recall....
  2. It's such a nice song to listen to... I wonder if they ever considered it for the o2 gig? Would have been best bookend EVER.
  3. I'd love a remix of this song where Plant's vocals are way more up front. I think this is as much his song as the others, but I always thought he got too buried in the mix (especially the original). I'm sure the song would just lift if he was well out in front.
  4. The Rover How many more times Achilles Last Stand and IMTOD - surely a "must include" SIBLY GTBT The Lemon Song The Wanton Song
  5. I recently asked the same bloody question. Tried to make it a bit of fun. hardly had a response. Guess my long winded post was a bit shit. LOL
  6. As does Pagey's. One of the top 3 without doubt.
  7. THIS, is my cruiser.
  8. Is June 11 only "good" aud and a slice of SB? - or is there a complete SB available???
  9. Since I got my cruiser, my commutes to work are a beautiful adventure! Every damn day, I shit you not.
  10. I always thought the winged man falling was arch-angel Gabriel as he was cast (or fell?) from the heavens to Earth. or something like that.
  11. There WILL be more live releases. 100%. The only question is will it be while JP has control, or decades from now when the dinosaurs have all departed. Whoever gets the keys to the kingdom will almost certainly have cause to release some live shows. Personally, I think Pagey will release one or more live shows. There is not yet that book-end. That turning of the last page in terms of Led Zeppelin and material released. Earls Court almost without doubt will be out there - hopefully soon! My hope is (and I don't think it is too remote a possibility) is there will also be a '77 release as well as 79/80 release. A release program like the album remasters - applied to Zeppelin's live career would WORK, but sadly is not as likely. If there is another "early years" live release, cool, of course I'll get it and love it, but '75 onward. We need some official stuff out there!
  12. I forgot how well they nailed this song at the O2. So powerful. And they really seem to be getting right into it and enjoying it.
  13. Good points. But I still think given the rise of video (Video killed the radio star - remember.) And the bands new found "rebound" from their perceived "low" They could well have incorporated a change that included an engagement with their fans in an expanded format (video of some type - unplugged, or added musicians for complex numbers, orchestra, some kind of experimentation/breaking out) in the early 80's environment. They were the masters of change, and of doing what suited THEM - not what suited anyone else. If they objectively looked at the new decade, and were daring enough to push on into it, who knows, they could well have embraced that change. They did evolve through their studio releases to a massive degree, so why not? It was certainly possible. Of course, under the weight of "excess" - good decisions and smart risk taking strategies were not likely - but possible - but not likely.
  14. Everyone in here has - or at the very least listens to Youtube boots. Things never officially released. I cannot see how Page would ever have a problem with his most die hard fans eating up every bit of recorded glory. Yes, he loses control which is no small thing, but he would know the incredible delight and appreciation in that respect. There would hardly be a member here that does not have a substantial cache of official releases and merchandise. So it is nothing to do with missed revenue. Even some of the more outstanding Youtube clips (boots). You read some of the comments and it turns people on to the band! It is a pathway into the world of Zeppelin. Things packaged up to look official with a horrendous recording, of course that sucks. If you happen to be a casual fan, or are looking to "see what Led Zeppelin is like" and you stumble onto that and it's your first taste, you'd probably be turned off from ever actually giving Zep a fair go. It's more than a bit shit. There was little choice but to produce and sell boots in the 80's. Now though with the webs? Ha! It's all available baby. And GOOD. By in large it leads more people in the door to Zeppelin greatness - and grab their official stuff. It overwhelmingly now benefits the band.