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  1. I believe Jimmy said there was an issue with The Black Crowes' record company relating to releasing any of their own tracks during their collaboration.
  2. Listened to 3-21-75 Heartbreaker; Sound quality very good to excellent, guitar playing.... sloppy.
  3. RIP Chuck Berry. Thanks for the music!
  4. I would suggest "actively" ignoring this.
  5. It appears that Michael Skidmore has money to waste.
  6. Very cool! Surprised how small the artwork is.
  7. I believe a DVD with the extra tracks was also released around the same time. (Red Cover) Back when the MTV show was aired, I was able to purchase a Laser Disc of the show and The Rain Song was one of the tracks included in it. (not aired on MTV) At that time you could only get that song from a B side to the single cd release.
  8. Lucky enough to get a copy (by chance) when Led issued the remasters on lp.
  9. WEARING & TEARING, DARLENE - Great Tracks OZONE BABY - (Like Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman)) I could do without.
  10. I believe Jimmy cut his hair (slightly) after the first or second gig. Robert had started to cut his hair short back in late 78. Short haircuts was the new trend for the 80s. I saw the tour as a "Back to Basics". Check out Dave Lewis' book Feather in the Wind which chronicles the tour.
  11. Yes, it is the Stratocaster for For Your Life (riffs and solo), In the Evening and Hots on for Nowhere (solo) . (Also Candy Store Rock)
  12. Thank you Jack White!
  13. I would say The Beatles for a short time when both bands were producing records, but Zep took over as the most popular band in 1970s. (IMO The Stones are not even close)
  14. This is the other photo referring to a story about Zeppelin recording at polar studios.