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  1. +1 RIP
  2. Interestingly enough, Jimmy did not touch any live material regarding the remasters. So, I'm guessing the existing live material released (or new) will get the Jimmy Page mastering touch. (After the Yardbirds at the Anderson Theater is released or the April 68 sessions?)
  3. IpMan: Then how do you explain the tremolo? Bigsby? No tremolo used. All string bending. At the beginning there is an open g note (third string) that Jimmy is bending behind the nut. Later on around 5:17 he is playing two notes. Pinky on the first string fifteenth fret while pre-bending the second string at the fifteenth fret up a whole step (with variations). Jeff Beck is known for this technique. Source is Prescence guitar tab edition published in 1995. If Jimmy was using the tremolo, the section around 5:17 would sound different. The first string's pitch that he is holding with his pinky would change along with the second string. That is not the case here. The note on the first string is stable while the second bends up and down in variations. Also the sound (to me) is a humbucker through a small vox amp. (not the Supro - which is the rhythm.)
  4. Les Paul
  5. Just listened to my copy. Very good performance by the band. Appreciated the nod to The Yardbird's I Ain't Done Wrong at the end of Bring It On Home. Production: I like the black and white marble like vinyl. The disc is an EP which is a few inches smaller than a regular lp. There are two areas of distortion in the grooves of In The Light. (A production glitch) My disc is numbered under 200.
  6. A lot of people watched the Thor trailer and said, what is that music from?
  7. Just noticed an inclusion of Led Zeppelin in X-Men:Days of Future Past. There is a scene within the first 40 minutes or so of the movie where a young Professor X, after Logan arrives to ask him for help, leaves the hall to go back to his room for more medication. He sits in his chair to think. There is the open gate-fold of Houses of the Holy on his bed.
  8. Not according to the Randy California estate! The fist time I heard the song it became my all-time favorite and still is to this day.
  9. Jumping on the bandwagon a little late Marvel!
  10. Geddy Lee was a perfect fit to play with Yes on Roundabout last night.
  11. I totally agree. It also is incomplete. Going for the One is an excellent album and passed over. Jon Davison is not even mentioned. (He did write and record an album with them!) I don't believe Patrick Moraz is even mentioned either. The guy has a hangup over Steve Howe's appearance. I would wonder how HE would feel if it was reciprocated.
  12. What happened to you had happened to me, twice! You got deleted.
  13. I thought Zeppelin's best year of touring was 1972. They sounded motivated and inspired. During the (somewhat) middle of that year came Houses of the Holy. For 1973, without a doubt it would be the German 1973 gigs. Bonzo sounded like a machine gun!
  14. Around the 3:00 mark, to Jimmy's right is his guitar pedal board made by Pete Cornish. (Wondering if the rest of that equipment is his as well.)