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  1. I very much doubt it.
  2. I believe the slap back echo/reverb used on the track was done on purpose. I saw this as Jimmy's nod to Elivs and his "Baby Let's Play House" era.
  3. I believe it was tapes of the first lp. Page financed it himself, and the recording was finished by mid-October 1968.
  4. 1967 was also the year Clapton got the SG and had the Dutch design collective known as The Fool paint it. (Made its debut March 25 1967 in Manhattan) So there probably was some inspiration there.
  5. It has been brought up before by myself and others.
  6. Now you know where In Through The Out Door came From.
  7. His derogatory comments were for private ears only. Sincere apology....... don't ya think?
  8. Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner will be handing the reigns off to his son so expect more of the same (or possibly worse) in the future.
  9. It's Rolling Stone. They couldn't give Zeppelin a good album review to save their lives. Notwithstanding that, once you see Living Loving Maid on the list, one should close the web page. It that doesn't do it having Whole Lotta Love at #1 instead of Stairway to Heaven..............Well that is just icing on the cake!
  10. Looks like a Canadian print. Looked up the matrix on
  11. March 22, 1973 Grugahalle, Essen, Germany or July 24, 1979 Falkoner Theater, Copenhagen, Denmark
  12. Ringo and Bonzo (Sounds like a movie from the 50s!)
  13. Looks like 1980 Tour of Europe.