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  1. That's a pro camera what show is this?
  2. Edited
  3. I just can't get past the poor production, sorry. And there are some good songs on there for sure. I listen to it once every few years and I hate it more each time.
  4. Jimmy has made a career out of making instruments and devices do what they're not designed to do.
  5. I believe these pics were taken Dec 1981 at Golden Lion Pub for some charity event
  6. A nice simple 30 minute acoustic set one off performance would be so EASY for them to pull off to commemorate 50th anniversary. No reason not to except egos & lawyers
  7. All us Hotel members are beyond sad, really broken up about it. RIP Pres
  8. I'll take Wearing and Tearing over the Crunge or Dyer Maker any day
  9. They did. It's called Led Zeppelin 1 😊
  10. I personally believe the Stairway solo is a cut and paste job of the 3 takes and Jimmy assembled best bits into finished solo we know and love.
  11. In a Richard Cole interview, he claimed one time Bonzo, in 1975, told him he'd just gotten a check for 5 million dollars. In 1975. That's like 20 million today. Imagine giving almost 90% to the government. Id be an exile too
  12. Bonham was Jimmy's Horcrux.
  13. See Jimmy's comments on Syd and Jimi, believe it !
  14. Here's a Page mystery question. Who was Brian Goode his by all accounts completely inept manager from 1988-1994 or thereabouts. I can't ever recall seeing a picture of him or heard of him managing any other acts. How did Jimmy hook up with him?