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  1. I have a new CD coming out soon and here's a new Promo video check me out on Facebook or wherever y'all know I love Jimmy you'd like my music. Peace !
  2. Rare to see Jimmy carrying a guitar case too
  3. Amazing pics! Wow what a find !
  4. I'm gonna disagree on your guess. I think this is the "ah ah aha" at the end. Jimmy's hands are in right spot for that guitar lick.
  5. I think what is most frustrating is that we know through various clues and hints that he has written and even worked on a lot of material. Who knows what form or shape it is in but he has created something. Even if he is too old and frail to tour why not release it? I won't complain and I think most of his fans wouldn't either.
  6. Man that Pontiac video needs to come out
  7. Sounded great Bonzo would be proud!
  8. Thx folks !
  9. I think it's a shame there is so little interview wise with Peter, Bonzo too for that matter. Oh the things he saw and knew..... He was a brilliant man, colorful character to say the least.
  10. Just watched again, maybe he is 😂😂
  11. Why do you say Jimmy is wasted? Doesn't seem that way to me
  12. Got mine. 1997 Jimmy Page Les Paul
  13. That's a pro camera what show is this?
  14. Edited
  15. I just can't get past the poor production, sorry. And there are some good songs on there for sure. I listen to it once every few years and I hate it more each time.
  16. Jimmy has made a career out of making instruments and devices do what they're not designed to do.
  17. I believe these pics were taken Dec 1981 at Golden Lion Pub for some charity event
  18. A nice simple 30 minute acoustic set one off performance would be so EASY for them to pull off to commemorate 50th anniversary. No reason not to except egos & lawyers
  19. All us Hotel members are beyond sad, really broken up about it. RIP Pres
  20. I'll take Wearing and Tearing over the Crunge or Dyer Maker any day
  21. They did. It's called Led Zeppelin 1 😊
  22. I personally believe the Stairway solo is a cut and paste job of the 3 takes and Jimmy assembled best bits into finished solo we know and love.
  23. In a Richard Cole interview, he claimed one time Bonzo, in 1975, told him he'd just gotten a check for 5 million dollars. In 1975. That's like 20 million today. Imagine giving almost 90% to the government. Id be an exile too
  24. Bonham was Jimmy's Horcrux.