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  1. It's common knowledge Carouselambra is Plant writing about Zep towards the end. the key line of the song is "Take of the fruit but guard the seed " what is your interpretation of that lyric?
  2. By my count, Robert has released 4 albums since 2000, this will make 5 Jimmy has been promising a new album since 2000, we've gotten zero so far seems to me Robert has a bit more credibility eh?
  3. In My Time of Dying Fool in the Rain Achilles Last Stand When the Levee Breaks
  4. Presence rocks hard, the songs themselves may not be their best, but damn, Bonzo and Jimmy sound incredible so it's a winner. ITTOD I don't have a problem with. I think it was a bit of a "Zep 3" a transitional album. I do not believe Zep would've morphed into a cheesy 80s synth act. Listen to the Firm and Outrider, those are guitar heavy projects, Jimmy had regained control of the band by the 80 Tour. Robert may well have left temporarily to do a solo project to scratch whatever itch he had, but had Bonzo lived, he NEVER would've escaped Zep shadow, not by a billion miles. Ask Mick Jagger how his solo career turned out.
  5. It's easier than you think to fix Bonhams missing kick drum. 1. Firstly there is leakage. His kick drum was picked up by other Mics, so it's there, just not LOUD enough. 2. Sample let's say, 5 different kick drum hits from Bonzo from another night. 3. Go through concert at just paste paste paste paste paste it would take a little while, not as long as you think. A song a day is doable I'd say. The general public, and I dare say most of us would never know the difference.
  6. With today's technology, Bonzos missing kick drum can be fixed.
  7. The portrait of Bonzo at the end is not a pretty one. He was drinking 24/7. Theres an anecdote in Dave Lewis book about day after cancelled 1980 Nuremberg show, a fan encountered Bonzo staggering drunk in hotel lobby clutching a bottle of liquor. He was a massive alcoholic, and it just killed him, obviously. he just needed serious help, but he didn't receive any. Very tragic and sad.
  8. Lots of questions on this one, but exciting to get confirmation it exists. is it film from just one camera? He apparently used multiple cameras, so that's a biggie right there.
  9. He'd disappear like Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars
  10. ZOSO is a sigil. I think it's part of a larger spell that Jimmy cast. It's an amplifier of sorts, projecting his will on listeners and drawing them in. In and of itself, it is meaningless. But it has Jimmy's true will and intent tied up with it. It's powerful, so careful with it. My .02
  11. If you look up story of his 77 interview he gives quite a few insights
  12. Zep must've funded a whole Lotta bullets is all I'm sayin
  13. There's the crucial mistake: Page is one of the greatest Rock Producers ever, but he let two lesser men exert too much control. Theres a reason Roberts name has never received sole Producing credits. Albini quite simply not in same league as either one.
  14. I have a new CD coming out soon and here's a new Promo video check me out on Facebook or wherever y'all know I love Jimmy you'd like my music. Peace !
  15. Rare to see Jimmy carrying a guitar case too
  16. Amazing pics! Wow what a find !
  17. I'm gonna disagree on your guess. I think this is the "ah ah aha" at the end. Jimmy's hands are in right spot for that guitar lick.
  18. I think what is most frustrating is that we know through various clues and hints that he has written and even worked on a lot of material. Who knows what form or shape it is in but he has created something. Even if he is too old and frail to tour why not release it? I won't complain and I think most of his fans wouldn't either.
  19. Man that Pontiac video needs to come out
  20. Sounded great Bonzo would be proud!
  21. Thx folks !
  22. I think it's a shame there is so little interview wise with Peter, Bonzo too for that matter. Oh the things he saw and knew..... He was a brilliant man, colorful character to say the least.
  23. Just watched again, maybe he is 😂😂
  24. Why do you say Jimmy is wasted? Doesn't seem that way to me