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    Livin' long enough to see Pontiac Silverdome 1977 released on DVD. 1970 Bath, 1971 Japan soundboards, 1968 Europe and UK tours are also ones I hope to live long enough to see.

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  1. They are good for a laugh sometimes.
  2. "Centerfold"? "Centerfold" ? That's the song people wanted to hear after hearing of the death of J. Geils? Oy vey. As for "Immigrant Song", I guess this means the YouTube comments page will now be filled with "Thor brought me here" instead of "Shrek 3 brought me here".
  3. Thank you Clippers. Comic gold, as always.
  4. It is the Centennial of Ella Fitzgerald's birth. Happy 100 Ella.
  5. This is why I thought Luke Walton was short-sighted (and just plain idiotic) in coming to the dysfunction of the Lakers instead of staying with Golden State and biding his time. After last season, the odds were long that Steve Kerr's health was going to allow him to coach the Warriors for much longer...or even make it through a season without problems. Luke would have been able to step in for Kerr no problem. Now, however, in his rush to be a head coach he is stuck on the Lakers with their chaotic front office and ownership issues...and poorly constructed (and contracted) team.
  6. And now it is time to crank the new album from The Black Angels..."Death Song".
  7. ^^^Chris Paul is a choker...he can never close the deal. There is no unity on that Clipper team, either. Players don't like Chris Paul or they don't like Blake Griffin...or maybe they hate both. The Clipper Curse continues...which is always fun to watch.
  8. 🎧 on and this album playing...
  9. One helluva debut...
  10. The first round drags on forever.