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  1. We are talking about the difference between the original 1976 album versus the remastered supposed upgraded expanded edition Jimmy did in 2005 or 2007 or whenever it was.
  2. We ain't talking about the opening part of the song. We are talking about the solo and rocking part. On the 77 and later tours, Jones switched from the Fender Rhodes to the grand piano for this section.
  3. I want a water review for all the cities on your itinerary, Chas. Best to worst.
  4. Do you have the original 1976 TSRTS album? Either on vinyl or the first cd release? A simple A>B comparison will show you what you are missing. Yes, the sound is improved...but not enough to compensate for the gouged bits.
  5. I am firmly convinced soundboards exist for all those early shows. Either they are still in Jimmy's possession or being hoarded...or maybe Jimmy lost them along the way...but those shows had to have been taped. It was the start of a major tour. The band had been off and unable to rehearse for months following the delay of the tour. I find it inconceivable that Jimmy would not want those opening shows soundboarded so he could hear what bits were working and what weren't in the new setlist...the new arrangement of No Quarter, for instance. His guitar noise solo segment, the acoustic set, Ten Years Gone. As much control Jimmy exerted on the architecture of Led Zeppelin's sound, it just follows that Jimmy's natural curiosity and desire for Led Zeppelin to be shown in the best light would lead him to wanting to hear for himself how the band sounded in those early days of the tour. Now, 40 years later it's anybody's guess where and what happened to those tapes. But it simply defies logic that the soundboard tape deck wasn't running at those shows in April 1977.
  6. Can't believe I have to explain this again at this late date, as it should be common knowledge by now after the endless discussions that have been had on the subject of TSRTS Massacre. 1. Film rights vs. Music rights. This whole debacle could have been avoided by Jimmy Page if, instead of saying he was remastering/restoring "The Song Remains the Same" movie, he announced he was putting together a 1973 Madison Square Garden compilation release. Because when you are talking about a film, the director of the film has rights that are rigorously guarded by the DGA and AMPAS...not one frame of film can be changed without the director's approval. Guess what? By the time Jimmy Page decided to do something about TSRTS, the director Joe Massot had died. That's when Jimmy should have aborted and changed his focus to putting out an audio-only release of the 1973 MSG shows. 2. By sticking to the film, Jimmy could remaster the sound all he wanted, but he could not add or subtract any footage. All the original edits (the short Black Dog, the sloppy Dazed transition, the missing No Quarter segue, the butchered Whole Lotta Love) had to, pardon the pun, remain the same. Any new songs could not be inserted into the movie at the proper point in the setlist, but added on as bonus footage on a separate disc. Celebration Day, The Ocean, etc. were tacked onto the DVD releases, but any theatrical showings of TSRTS would still be missing the extra songs. 3. While the film could not be touched, that didn't mean the soundtrack album had to remain the same. It is here where Jimmy's thinking is puzzling. Was he just being lazy in having the new remastered TSRTS album mirror the film exactly, bad edits and all, even though the original soundtrack didn't mirror the film in 1976? Were other people involved in the decision process...corporate bean counters? Kevin Shirley? There simply exists no rationale, other than laziness, for what they did to the new TSRTS soundtrack. I never listen to it. When I want to hear 1973 MSG, I put on my original TSRTS album or one of the MSG bootlegs. I can excuse Jimmy's editing of RAH '70 and the BBC sessions and HTWWW. The butchering of the remastered TSRTS was inexcusable and a failure to fans and the Led Zeppelin legacy.
  7. This is no fault of Sue's, but damn that Yamaha GX sucks balls. After being immersed in the 1977 Kashmirs for months, the difference in the 1979 and 1980 Yamaha renditions is immediately apparent. The Yamaha may have been more road- and user-friendly, but it sucks all the mystery and otherworldliness out of the tune. It's as if Bonham is drumming for Journey.
  8. I see. Moonchild another Japanese company or from elsewhere?
  9. 😮 I thought they only ripped Winston's work.
  10. Another Gold Star for you, Sue. I'd buy a silver disc of your work.
  11. And so we come to this...from the peak of the MSG and Forum runs of June 6-June 27, surely one of the finest stretches of concerts in the band's history, to the nadir of July 20, 1977. While Seattle wasn't bad, it wasn't the Forum, either. That, coupled with the Tempe egg a few days later begs the question: What the hell happened during the layoff between Leg #2 and Leg #3? Jimmy Page is somewhat accounted for...he was deeper in the grip of Lady H. But a major hallmark of the 1977 tour had been how strong Plant had been vocally...miles and miles above his vocals in 1973 and 1975. And in these opening shows of the third leg, for the first time Plant was below par. It's quite shocking to hear, especially coming after the triumphs of NY and LA.
  12. My instinct says one of the New York MSG or Nassau County shows in 1975...from the clothes it should be easy to determine the date.
  13. luvlz2, somebody up there doesn't like you..every video you posted is unavailable hahaha.