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  1. You haven't heard anything from 1977 other than Seattle? Good god've been starving. Then feast your ears on these shows! 6.21.77 LA Forum 6.22.77 LA Forum 6.25.77 LA Forum
  2. One of the best bands around today, Austin's The Black Angels are back on tour, and this time they are touring with fellow Austinite Roky Erickson, a legend from his days with the 13th Floor Elevators, one of the first psychedelic rock bands. So if you haven't yet made it to a Black Angels show, now is a good time to do so, as they are hitting the East, Midwest and Southern parts of the U.S. and Canada this month. The tour began last night in Lawrence, Kansas and continues tonight in St. Louis, MO. The 2014 Winter Psych Storm Tour: Feb 01 The Firebird w/ Roky Erickson St Louis, MO TICKETS RSVP Feb 03 First Avenue w/ Roky Erickson Minneapolis, MN TICKETS RSVP Feb 04 Majestic Theatre w/ Roky Erickson Madison, WI TICKETS RSVP Feb 05 Park West Chicago, IL TICKETS RSVP Feb 07 Southgate House w/ Roky Erickson Newport, KY TICKETS RSVP Feb 08 Beachland Ballroom w/ Roky Erickson Cleveland, OH TICKETS RSVP Feb 09 Magic Stick w/ Roky Erickson Detroit, MI TICKETS RSVP Feb 11 Phoenix Concert Theatre w/ Roky Erickson Toronto, Canada TICKETS RSVP Feb 12 Corona Theatre w/ Roky Erickson Montreal, Canada TICKETS RSVP Feb 14 Black Cat w/ Roky Erickson Washington, DC TICKETS RSVP Feb 15 The Met w/ Roky Erickson Providence, RI TICKETS RSVP Feb 16 Union Transfer w/ Roky Erickson Philadelphia, PA TICKETS RSVP Feb 20 The Grey Eagle w/ Roky Erickson Asheville, NC TICKETS RSVP Feb 21 Mercy Lounge w/ Roky Erickson Nashville, TN TICKETS RSVP Feb 22 Terminal West w/ Roky Erickson Atlanta, GA TICKETS RSVP Feb 24 The Social w/ Roky Erickson Orlando, FL TICKETS RSVP Feb 25 Grand Central w/ Roky Erickson Miami, FL TICKETS RSVP Feb 26 State Theatre w/ Roky Erickson St Petersburg, FL TICKETS RSVP Feb 28 Fitzgerald's w/ Roky Erickson Houston, TX TICKETS RSVP Mar 01 Granada Theater w/ Roky Erickson Dallas, TX TICKETS RSVP Here's a performance of "Sniper" from last year's Austin Psych Fest:
  3. Yeah, people keep assuming Led Zeppelin video exists of Houston and Largo because of their in-house video systems. But it was up to each individual band whether that system was used. Bands like Van Halen and Prince and the Who used the video feed and that is why you can find bootleg DVDs of Largo and Houston shows. But I think it has been pretty well established that Led Zeppelin did not use the video screens at Largo and Houston.
  4. I saw Elbow and Snow Patrol at a club sometime back in the Aughts but subsequently lost track of them.
  5. The April 30, 1977 Pontiac Silverdome and July 17, 1977 Seattle Kingdome shows were not filmed, they were videotaped. There is a big difference. Because those two shows were held in giant enormodomes two or three times as large as the usual Forum or Garden-sized arenas, the band used giant video screens so people in the nosebleeds could see something other than ants scurrying across a stage. If you look at any photos of Pontiac or Seattle from 1977, you will see guys armed with big clunky videocameras on stage. This footage would be sent to the videoscreens. Technically, there is no film of this event. If there was a videocassette in the camera or someone was recording the video-feed from the control room, then the footage exists on videotape. That is how the Seattle footage exists. The visual quality is worse than film and the audio quality is even worse. Without multitrack audiotapes, there is no way Jimmy would put out a live document of Seattle or Detroit or L.A. or any other city from the 1977 tour. And so far, there is no evidence to suggest any of the 1977 shows were multitracked. Soundboards yes. Multitracks no. If the 1977 tour had progressed as planned before Karac's passing, there would have been at least three or four possible candidates for videotaped shows: New Orleans Superdome, Philadelphia JFK Stadium, Buffalo Rich Stadium, and Pittsburgh Three Rivers Stadium.
  6. Damn. Damn. Double damn. 😞
  7. I love England and always many fond memories of my travels there. So it pains my heart whenever bad shit happens to our friends across the Pond. Sending thoughts and fervent hopes to everyone in London.
  8. Hey don't get the wrong idea...I appreciate the kind words and if I ever get back to Canada I'd like to meet ya'. But 'swagger' is hardly a word I would use to describe myself. I do try to roll with the punches and make the best of what life gives me, but I'm hardly Clint Eastwood or John Wayne. I'm more like Goofy. And, Clinton P., I have moments of self-doubt all the time. I just do a good job of hiding it from other people.
  9. 😮😪
  10. I would actually watch Oprah if John Paul Jones wrote for her. 😜 So, are you saying Dave Lewis got played?
  11. For what it's worth...the following was on the Led Zeppelin Newsfeed and Ramble On Radio podcast: Jimmy Page’s ‘active discussions’ may be about Led Zeppelin's 50th anniversary The “active discussions” that Jimmy Page is currently involved in may be about activity surrounding Led Zeppelin’s fiftieth anniversary, Led Zeppelin podcast Ramble On Radio said in its latest episode. Last week we reported that Page has been in “active discussions” to perform as part of the Desert Trip festival in 2018. However, Ramble On Radio host Brian Gardiner said in his podcast that the “Oldchella” rumour is a euphemism, and instead the rumour is about possible future Led Zeppelin activity planned for 2018. The original rumour from last week came from a respected Led Zeppelin fan who does seem to have inside knowledge of the band’s activity. What’s not clear right now is what the rumoured discussions are about. They could be about a one-off show, a series of shows, or even the release of new material. The only thing we know for sure is that it’s still early days.
  12. I wish. It'd make these FBI hearings more fun.
  13. Time for some "Dazed and Confused"...March 21, 1975 Seattle. From the "214" album.
  14. Whoa...Elbow is still around? Next you're gonna tell me Elastica is still going, hehe.
  15. The 1970s were the last great decade for movies, so deep that even the unheralded and rarely seen films from that decade are better than 95% of the films today. Case in point, "Diary of a Mad Housewife" with Carrie Snodgress (Neil Young wrote two songs about her, "A Man Needs a Maid" and "Motion Pictures") giving a deeply moving and funny performance. This is the party scene with a fantastic young Frank Langella and the original Alice Cooper Band!