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  1. It is the Centennial of Ella Fitzgerald's birth. Happy 100 Ella.
  2. This is why I thought Luke Walton was short-sighted (and just plain idiotic) in coming to the dysfunction of the Lakers instead of staying with Golden State and biding his time. After last season, the odds were long that Steve Kerr's health was going to allow him to coach the Warriors for much longer...or even make it through a season without problems. Luke would have been able to step in for Kerr no problem. Now, however, in his rush to be a head coach he is stuck on the Lakers with their chaotic front office and ownership issues...and poorly constructed (and contracted) team.
  3. And now it is time to crank the new album from The Black Angels..."Death Song".
  4. ^^^Chris Paul is a choker...he can never close the deal. There is no unity on that Clipper team, either. Players don't like Chris Paul or they don't like Blake Griffin...or maybe they hate both. The Clipper Curse continues...which is always fun to watch.
  5. 🎧 on and this album playing...
  6. One helluva debut...
  7. The first round drags on forever.
  8. Happy 75th Babs. 1964 - Funny Girl-Broadway Cast Recording (Barbra Streisand):
  9. For what it's worth...the following was on the Led Zeppelin Newsfeed and Ramble On Radio podcast: Jimmy Page’s ‘active discussions’ may be about Led Zeppelin's 50th anniversary The “active discussions” that Jimmy Page is currently involved in may be about activity surrounding Led Zeppelin’s fiftieth anniversary, Led Zeppelin podcast Ramble On Radio said in its latest episode. Last week we reported that Page has been in “active discussions” to perform as part of the Desert Trip festival in 2018. However, Ramble On Radio host Brian Gardiner said in his podcast that the “Oldchella” rumour is a euphemism, and instead the rumour is about possible future Led Zeppelin activity planned for 2018. The original rumour from last week came from a respected Led Zeppelin fan who does seem to have inside knowledge of the band’s activity. What’s not clear right now is what the rumoured discussions are about. They could be about a one-off show, a series of shows, or even the release of new material. The only thing we know for sure is that it’s still early days.
  10. Christ...they've been at it longer than the actual band.
  11. Sweet photos, gentlemen. Is that the glow in the dark Black Angels, zepscoda?
  12. Speaking of Grand Ladies, you are pretty grand yourself, K. 👍 Sunny and in the 70s here in Hollywood. Life is good.
  13. It sounds nothing like a Millard tape. But it is also not as bad as some people describe the sound quality. Given the way the fuzz reverb resonates on Jimmy's guitar during his solo, it sounds like the taper was further away from the stage...possibly in the Loge or Colonnade section, where his tape recorder would better capture the sound reverberating off the walls.
  14. Since the last thread was purged, I am resurrecting it for all of us 'foodies'. Post a description and/or photo of what you are eating now or what was your most recent meal. Since breakfast kicks off the day, I'll begin this thread with my breakfast that I'm about to tuck into: eggs sunny side up, bacon, French toast, orange juice.
  15. One of the best bands around today, Austin's The Black Angels are back on tour, and this time they are touring with fellow Austinite Roky Erickson, a legend from his days with the 13th Floor Elevators, one of the first psychedelic rock bands. So if you haven't yet made it to a Black Angels show, now is a good time to do so, as they are hitting the East, Midwest and Southern parts of the U.S. and Canada this month. The tour began last night in Lawrence, Kansas and continues tonight in St. Louis, MO. The 2014 Winter Psych Storm Tour: Feb 01 The Firebird w/ Roky Erickson St Louis, MO TICKETS RSVP Feb 03 First Avenue w/ Roky Erickson Minneapolis, MN TICKETS RSVP Feb 04 Majestic Theatre w/ Roky Erickson Madison, WI TICKETS RSVP Feb 05 Park West Chicago, IL TICKETS RSVP Feb 07 Southgate House w/ Roky Erickson Newport, KY TICKETS RSVP Feb 08 Beachland Ballroom w/ Roky Erickson Cleveland, OH TICKETS RSVP Feb 09 Magic Stick w/ Roky Erickson Detroit, MI TICKETS RSVP Feb 11 Phoenix Concert Theatre w/ Roky Erickson Toronto, Canada TICKETS RSVP Feb 12 Corona Theatre w/ Roky Erickson Montreal, Canada TICKETS RSVP Feb 14 Black Cat w/ Roky Erickson Washington, DC TICKETS RSVP Feb 15 The Met w/ Roky Erickson Providence, RI TICKETS RSVP Feb 16 Union Transfer w/ Roky Erickson Philadelphia, PA TICKETS RSVP Feb 20 The Grey Eagle w/ Roky Erickson Asheville, NC TICKETS RSVP Feb 21 Mercy Lounge w/ Roky Erickson Nashville, TN TICKETS RSVP Feb 22 Terminal West w/ Roky Erickson Atlanta, GA TICKETS RSVP Feb 24 The Social w/ Roky Erickson Orlando, FL TICKETS RSVP Feb 25 Grand Central w/ Roky Erickson Miami, FL TICKETS RSVP Feb 26 State Theatre w/ Roky Erickson St Petersburg, FL TICKETS RSVP Feb 28 Fitzgerald's w/ Roky Erickson Houston, TX TICKETS RSVP Mar 01 Granada Theater w/ Roky Erickson Dallas, TX TICKETS RSVP Here's a performance of "Sniper" from last year's Austin Psych Fest:
  16. I have to work Saturday so it's a moot point with me. I'll just have to see what's left by Saturday night or Sunday morning. Last year I lucked out and was still able to get The Stooges Live at Iguana's vinyl, Robert Plant live vinyl, and some others that were still available Sunday.