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  1. I knew you were safe because, well because why in hell would you be at an Arianna Grande concert? 😜 But I was sickened and repulsed when I finally heard the news (I tend to employ a "news-blackout" when I'm on vacation). Manchester is your city so anything that happens there effects you, and heaven forbid one of your friends or younger relatives who are into that kind of pop music was there and caught in the destruction. How many chances do we give these hateful maniacs before going to a zero-tolerance policy? When are we going to stop giving billions of dollars to Saudi Arabia, who do a large share of fomenting this extreme brand of hateful Islam around the world and still have blood on their hands from 9/11.
  2. Part of my road trip involved taking the I-45 from Houston to Dallas. Alas, it was a day later on Monday. If it had been on the night of the Black Angels show I would have joined you in the front row.
  3. One of the best bands around today, Austin's The Black Angels are back on tour, and this time they are touring with fellow Austinite Roky Erickson, a legend from his days with the 13th Floor Elevators, one of the first psychedelic rock bands. So if you haven't yet made it to a Black Angels show, now is a good time to do so, as they are hitting the East, Midwest and Southern parts of the U.S. and Canada this month. The tour began last night in Lawrence, Kansas and continues tonight in St. Louis, MO. The 2014 Winter Psych Storm Tour: Feb 01 The Firebird w/ Roky Erickson St Louis, MO TICKETS RSVP Feb 03 First Avenue w/ Roky Erickson Minneapolis, MN TICKETS RSVP Feb 04 Majestic Theatre w/ Roky Erickson Madison, WI TICKETS RSVP Feb 05 Park West Chicago, IL TICKETS RSVP Feb 07 Southgate House w/ Roky Erickson Newport, KY TICKETS RSVP Feb 08 Beachland Ballroom w/ Roky Erickson Cleveland, OH TICKETS RSVP Feb 09 Magic Stick w/ Roky Erickson Detroit, MI TICKETS RSVP Feb 11 Phoenix Concert Theatre w/ Roky Erickson Toronto, Canada TICKETS RSVP Feb 12 Corona Theatre w/ Roky Erickson Montreal, Canada TICKETS RSVP Feb 14 Black Cat w/ Roky Erickson Washington, DC TICKETS RSVP Feb 15 The Met w/ Roky Erickson Providence, RI TICKETS RSVP Feb 16 Union Transfer w/ Roky Erickson Philadelphia, PA TICKETS RSVP Feb 20 The Grey Eagle w/ Roky Erickson Asheville, NC TICKETS RSVP Feb 21 Mercy Lounge w/ Roky Erickson Nashville, TN TICKETS RSVP Feb 22 Terminal West w/ Roky Erickson Atlanta, GA TICKETS RSVP Feb 24 The Social w/ Roky Erickson Orlando, FL TICKETS RSVP Feb 25 Grand Central w/ Roky Erickson Miami, FL TICKETS RSVP Feb 26 State Theatre w/ Roky Erickson St Petersburg, FL TICKETS RSVP Feb 28 Fitzgerald's w/ Roky Erickson Houston, TX TICKETS RSVP Mar 01 Granada Theater w/ Roky Erickson Dallas, TX TICKETS RSVP Here's a performance of "Sniper" from last year's Austin Psych Fest:
  4. Same here. But my freezer is empty. So what's the worst-sounding tape you have polished up, Nutrocker?
  5. Sorry Bozoso73, I have been on a road trip for the past week with unreliable wifi and pretty much away from this forum. But as you can see, duckman answered even better than I could have. Good job, duckman. I knew there were two Scorpios but had no idea about a third more recent one doing EVSD knockoffs. I'll be wary of those if I see them at the swaps.
  6. Ummm...the date on the picture is July 17, 2017. Definitely my preference, too, Sue. Or Pontiac '77 video. No matter how greatly improved the video image on a Kingdome release, it's not a show that I would want to watch regularly, whereas Pontiac is such a show.
  7. And Jimmy will still edit the life and fun out of it by removing all the Plantations and his banter with the band and the audience...not to mention the extraordinary encores. What really needs to see a stand-alone audio CD and vinyl release is the 1970 Jimmy Page Birthday Show at Royal Albert Hall. It's not always convenient to stick the dvd in when I want to listen to that concert. How the West Was Won? Ehh, when I desire to listen to that 6.25.72 show my instinct is to put on the bootleg "Burn That Candle". I have rarely played HTWWW lately. Right now I am listening to the audience recording of Earls Court May 18, 1975 and it strikes me as a more enjoyable and lively-sounding recording than the congested pro-mix of HTWWW.
  8. Now that I am back in the land of dependable cellphone reception, your report on your first Black Angels concert was my first priority, Dave. I am pleased, and not in the least surprised, that they blew you away. I have witnessed their live magic for years and have been telling people to get on board with this band before it's too late. Holy hell! THAT set list rules! I couldn't have drawn it up any better myself. I love how they still find room for early nuggets such as "Sniper at the Gates of Heaven" and "Black Grease". Man, I'm really drooling for their October show now.
  9. I didn't forget you. It's just that PC is more ritualistic about posting Rush songs in the "What Are You Listening To At This Moment?" thread.
  10. Not a good day to be in Phoenix. Crikey, it's over 100° here!
  11. Oy vey.
  12. Good for him and Chris, I suppose. But I've got a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne that I've been saving for a special occasion and I swear I won't open it until Jimmy announces news that he is releasing music that has actually been recorded in the 21st century...preferably after 2010.
  13. Fuck that hogwash. All that combining those three shows into one Super Deluxe box will accomplish is make it entirely unaffordable for the average punter...and make it heavier than hell. In CD terms, you are looking at 7 cds total (3 for HTWWW and 2 each for TSRTS and the O2), but the number of vinyl needed to encompass all three shows would be expensive and need a large and sturdy packing case. Certainly more sturdy than the previous Super Deluxe boxes.
  14. I don't often listen to Rush (I can only take Geddy Lee's voice in small doses), but when I do I find myself reaching for the "Signals" album more often than not.
  15. If you told Paul Carruthers he could not listen to Rush for a week, and Sathington Willoughby no Primus for a week, which one would be the first to crack?
  16. R.I.P. Powers Boothe. I had to roll my eyes when most of the obits I saw led off with his recent TV credits. To hell with that...the man was in "Guyana", "Southern Comfort", "The Emerald Forest", "Red Dawn", and "Tombstone" ferchrissakes.
  17. The James Gang live at the Fillmore West, November 21, 1970. Godfatherecords "James Gang Rides Over Fillmore". Pete Townshend was often quoted in the early-'70s saying Joe Walsh was his favourite guitarist at the time. This scorching show reveals why Joe Walsh warranted such high praise. Raw yet melodic, and displaying an early mastery of the echo delay that not even Jimmy Page had demonstrated at that time in 1970, this Fillmore gig has some amazing jams.
  18. All live bootlegs today...
  19. I'll be sure to let you know if I see any "Sue Dounim Remasters" at the record swap meet.
  20. It's exactly why I did not pick your Orioles in the baseball contest. I don't trust your manager to pick his nose correctly, let alone his lineup...especially the bullpen. Buck Showalter is holding your team back. Orioles fans are still having nightmares about the playoffs last year.
  21. Why is Game 7 on Monday instead of today? Boston is just a short train ride from DC. There's no excuse to have to wait two days. Play Game 7 on Sunday where you have the biggest ratings.
  22. Guess you missed the game and/or the highlights on the news? Nashville Predators. The idea of a hockey team in Nashville (or anywhere in the South...sorry jabe, PC, and Walter) still seems so odd to me. That's the measure of Gretzky's impact after his trade from Edmonton to L.A.
  23. Thanks for the heads-up. I got three of the Moonchild supposed "Winston Remasters": Blueberry Hill ($5), Arigato Osaka ($10), and Badgeholders Only ($10). There were some others on the table I considered getting..Mobile Alabama 1973 and Ft. Worth 1973. But I didn't see a 1979 Copenhagen. Of course the main purpose of my visit to the swap meet was to get the new 3.21.75 Seattle soundboard, but none of the vendors had it yet.
  24. Choking Dogs Always Be Choking. 😜 Well, it's pretty simple now. Ottawa vs. Anaheim for the Stanley Cup Finals. I am pulling for Ottawa because they are the last Canuck team standing. I would love to see a Canadian team win the Cup for a change. I am cheering for the Ducks so that maybe I can have a chance to attend a game in person.