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  1. Since the last thread was purged, I am resurrecting it for all of us 'foodies'. Post a description and/or photo of what you are eating now or what was your most recent meal. Since breakfast kicks off the day, I'll begin this thread with my breakfast that I'm about to tuck into: eggs sunny side up, bacon, French toast, orange juice.
  2. Some record shops file him in Jazz, some in World Music. All I know is Hugh Masekela jams.
  3. Damn. Cool discovery. I know Scott Muni is dead but did he ever discuss this interview and how it came about in depth at any time?
  4. Hot or cold, Oliver Twist? Fish (cod) 'n' Chips, peas and cole slaw. Three pints of Ballantine's.
  5. I have one thing to say in response to all the Dodger hype and hoopla...the 2001 Seattle Mariners.
  6. A bottomless quagmire of shit.
  7. You could feed four people easily with it. But if one person does manage to eat one then they get the next meal free. BBQ for dinner tonight. L.A. has tons of Texas BBQ, Korean BBQ, Thai BBQ, Memphis BBQ, Kansas City BBQ, even Jamaican BBQ. Now there is a Mississippi BBQ joint.
  8. What I like to call the Charles J. White Nightmare Breakfast. 4 eggs. 4 bacons. 5 different sausages. Hash brown potatoes. Sourdough toast. All piled on top of an 18" pancake and served on a large pizza pan. Juice, coffee, and water to wash it down.
  9. Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
  10. Am I the only one who is getting tired of ESPN milking the Cubs World Series to the last drop? Lately, it seems every time I turn on ESPN they are showing that Ring Bearers segment of SC Featured ad nauseam.
  11. Whoa Paul. Take it easy and don't overdo it in this August heat. We need you fresh and strong for football season. 😏
  12. Happy birthday to Ddladner! 🎂🍺🍷🎈🎁 Happy Happy!! Joy Joy!! May your next journey around the sun be even better.
  13. I was at the L.A. premiere of the new Tom Hardy film "Legend" earlier tonight and the director, Brian Helgeland, revealed an interesting tidbit about a Led Zeppelin movie project in 1998. After the Q & A I had an opportunity outside the theatre to quiz him more directly on the subject. After his success with writing the screenplay to "L.A. Confidential", Warner Brothers was keen on making a movie about Led Zeppelin and sent Brian Helgeland to catch up with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant on their 1998 tour in New York. Jimmy was interested but Robert wanted no part of it. Brian saw the July 16 Madison Square Garden and July 18 Continental Airline Arena shows, but could never get Robert to speak to him. Without Robert's cooperation, there was no way Brian could write a decent screenplay. That put the kibbosh on any Led Zeppelin film and Warner Brothers pulled the plug. But Brian did get to hang out with P & P manager Bill Curbishley, and it was when Brian noticed that one of Bill's fingers was missing that Bill told him about the Krays. That led to Brian researching the Kray brothers and reading John Pearson's book "The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins", which lead to him making "Legend". Incidentally, Bill Curbishley tells people the Krays cut off his finger but that's apparently not true. But he was a pall-bearer at Reggie Kray's funeral.
  14. ^^^That's a terrific clip, John M! Glen playing one of those old Teisco's. The Firm were okay but that song was such a disappointment.
  15. Yes. Godfatherecords "The American Return" is perfect.
  16. All Glen All Day. R.I.P. 😥
  17. By one was putting a gun to your head?
  18. Regarding people's complaints about the sound and Jimmy being low in the mix, isn't this par for the course for EVSD? It seems like every big release they have is botched somehow and they come out with a "fixed" version later. Examples: The March 11 Long Beach soundboard was released at too slow a speed. The 1977 Forum box set "A Week for Badgeholders" was an unqualified disaster...not one of the six shows featured an upgrade in sound. On the contrary, the sound on some (June 23) was significantly worse than before. The February 12 MSG and February 16 St. Louis soundboards were flawed and dry on their initial release. I could go on but you get the idea. So here is a thought...knowing that their releases get fed immediately to torrents, maybe EVSD purposely messes with the sound on the first issue of a new tape? That way, if it is fed to the torrents it will be flawed in some way. Then EVSD can later release the "corrected" or "remastered" version and make people pay twice for a source that could have been released in perfect sound the first time.
  19. You're right. It does say "Xanadu Archives" on the "Going to California 1 & 2" boots. I didn't look closely enough at them all. I wonder how it stacks up against the Godfatherecords Berkely releases, which sound better than all previous releases of those shows I have had.
  20. It's a special gig. Definitely belongs in every Led Zeppelin fans collection as one of the Baker's Dozen of must-have shows. It's also part of the weird synchronicity Led Zeppelin had with dates, ie. July 7 being the date of both the last Yardbirds and last Led Zeppelin concerts. July 24, '77 was Led Zeppelin's last American gig. Then two years later, July 24, '79 was Led Zeppelin's last perfect concert.
  21. Thank you, Jules. ✌
  22. Here is the track listing for the Bonus Disc. 1. April 6, 1958 All Your Own (Huw Wheldon) - Source: TV broadcast 2. 1963 Interview 3. February 26, 1965 She Just Satisfies - Source: 8mm, silent 4. July 2, 1966 Music Hall de France - Source: TV broadcast 5. October 1966 Stroll On from Blow Up movie - Source: Professional recorded 6. December 2, 1966 Milton Berle Show - Source: TV broadcast 7. March 15, 1967 Beat, Beat, Beat - Source: German TV broadcast 8. April 30, 1967 Grand Spectacle de Jeunee - Source: TV broadcast 9. July 7, 1967 Let's Go - Source: Canada TV broadcast 10. March 9, 1968 Bouton Rouge Maison de Radio, Paris, France - Source: French TV 11. April 25, 1966 Heart Full of Soul - Upbeat WUAB TV Studio
  23. In California.
  24. Remember when the Dodgers were behind the Rockies and even the Giants?