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  1. Sort of in line with this thread
  2. Anyone else have these book and record sets? I used to play them all the time. I still have the first few pages of this memorized.
  3. Forgot I had one of these as a kid, it was a really cool toy. This thread is taking me back,
  4. Posted by LEDZEPNEWS March 21, 2017 A 7" vinyl single being released on Record Store Day 2017 on April 22 features both Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. The single, "Picking Up The Sunshine" by Beverley Martyn, was recorded in 1966 and featured both Page and Jones as backing musicians. The single includes "Picking Up The Sunshine" and "Me & My Gin." It's limited to 500 copies, but the full previously unreleased album will be released in the future. Here's how Record Store Day describes the release in its official PDF document: In 1966 singer-songwriter BEVERLEY MARTYN began recording sessions with record producer DENNY CORDELL. Cordell's preferred studio studio musicians for the sessions included Jimmy Page & John Renbourn (guitars), John Paul Jones (bass), Alan White (drum), Nicky Hopkins (piano), Mike Lease (organ), and an album's worth of material was laid down. The recordings included her own songs, some of which remained unreleased until she re-recorded them years later with her husband John Martyn, and a choice selection of songs written by Randy Newman and Donovan alongside blues staples such as 'Me and My Gin' and 'Stormy Monday Blues'. Both her debut 45 'Happy New Year' and follow-up 'Museum' - released in 1966 and 1977 respectively - were critically acclaimed but failed to make any impression in the charts on either side of the Atlantic. BEVERLY went to California in April 1967 as a guest of Paul Simon and performed at the seminal MONTEREY POP FESTIVAL. On her return to England she and Cordell disagreed on the direction her music was being taken and her album was shelved. 50 years later those session tapes have been located and restored, showcasing a moment in the sixties which in hindsight radiates a vivaciousness and energy which criminally evaded a wider public audience. Until now. As a taster for the forthcoming release of Beverly's long lost album this exclusive Record Store Day release presents two previously unreleased tracks which are exclusive to this special edition. 'Picking Up The Sunshine' was written for Beverly by Donovan. 'Me and My Gin' is a blues staple with Page and Hopkins in their element. This release features special stereo mixes of take 1's of both cuts and are exclusive to this release and won't be included in the forthcoming album.
  5. Thanks Walter!!!
  6. You must be very proud I'm sure zepscoda! In the Halloween spirit, nice reswati! There he is, good picture Chillumpuffer! You guys put a smile on my face, great picture Xolo1974! Nice!
  7. The Necromancer - Rush
  8. How Many More Times, Walking Into Clarksdale and No Quarter. From the Shining in The Light ep (Japanese).
  9. dweller
  10. Bloody Well Right - Supertramp
  11. Just got it today and just got done listening to it, Albums are in pristine shape. Sounds incredible! Steve, do you have any pictures from the Dayton or Cleveland concerts you could post? Thanks for the pictures from The Ritz in NYC in the previous post!
  12. ha ha ha ha ha
  13. ^^Had a brain fart.
  14. No you weren't, I was wrong it was earlier.