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  1. Hi Porgie66,

    Watching the video you posted, it was interesting to see some of the other musical projects you're doing. High level musicianship.

    I'm¬†a guitarist/ composer also playing out in the Chicago area. I play a variety of styles, but at this time the band I'm playing with is more Latin and classic rock and pop emphasis. Lots of percussion. It's fun for me because of just playing Santana -type material note for note, I throw in some Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck licks with these Latin cats that aren't as familiar with the Zeppelin material ūüėé

    If you're up for getting out I'm doing a Cinco de Mayo gig at Shanahan's in Woodridge on May 5th and the following night  May 6th at Homers  on 47th st. And Racine in Chicago

    Thanks.... Joe Schmidt

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    2. Chicago


      Very possible we crossed paths at some point! My musician friends and I used to go to see a funk band called Insight. We also used to catch Gallib Gallab, and Judy Roberts. Good times.

      We did a gig with Arra at the Darien fest back in 2010. If it was totally up to me I wouldn't use the name Tarra, but you have to let go of some things.

      I remember everything about the Zeppelin shows and I wasn't even playing guitar yet. I could tell they were rusty and Jimmy wasn't coordinating things properly. TSRTS had just come out 6 months prior and I had several bootlegs from 1970, 1971,1973 and 1975. This was not the same well oiled machine as earlier. Still, it was a tremendous experience.

      I'd love to come out and see you , but I'm in Florida until next Sunday visiting  my wife's  family. Squeezing in a jam session on Friday night with some heavy players. A balanced vacation!

      I moved out to Huntley in McHenry Country several years ago. Looks like you play in Lake Geneva with your band. That's as close as some of the Chicago gigs 

    3. Chicago


      Must have been surreal talking with Mr. Page. 

    4. porgie66


      Hey Joe,

      Yes, I play at the Grand Geneva pretty often with a really nice trio, Dan Trudell is a superb pianist and keyboard player. Its basically a lounge gig but its decent. We play what we want, and they have a nice Mason Hamlin grand piano. Let me know if you ever want to come up sometime. I try to keep my website updated. I have a concert coming up next month with trumpeter Roy Hargrove, and a big band I work with here called the Chicago Jazz Orch. We are doing a tribute to Dizzy, in honor of his 100th. That should be a good one.  Sat. May 20.

      I remeber Insight, I think a guy I knew named Tim Gant played with them some. I remeber those days at the Backroon, Gallib ...wonder if he's still around.  Judy and I go way back too, I see her occasionally but she moved to Phoenix some years ago. She still gigs down there and comes back here occasionally, I think she was at the Jazz Showcase recently. 

      Hope you had fun on your session tonight. Have a nice trip and when you get back, maybe we can connect sometime. Here's my email...  If you're ok with it, I can put you on my email list for upcoming shows .


      Amd yeah, it was surreal talking with him. I actually went to the after party too, and talked to all three more while there. That was just a mind blower!  Page was the most congenial and talkative actually. Wonderful memory from that night. I was buzzing for weeks after. I can tell you more later. Wild!



  2. We'll written overview with which I greatly agree. Such a variety in their compositions and musical approachs. You're right in including I Will on your list. It's a glorious song.
  3. Tasty stuff Bluecongo. Good luck with your upcoming CD
  4. Great playing, style and sound
  5. This photo is from the book Tangents Within A Framework. It says it's from 1982 , Jimmy talking to a Japanese journalist. Must be Deathwish 2 related.
  6. Depends which of Jeff's personalities is talking - " Jimmy was very good. Good thrashing bass sound - but I knew it would work out that he'd become lead."
  7. "What's that man movin' cross the stage? It looks a lot like the one used by Jimmy Page... You've got rock and roll at the Hollywood Bowl" Will Jimmy Page jam with Jeff Beck tonight?
  8. I bought the 4-record set of the April 28th show for $ 40 all the way back in April of 1978. Purchased it at Rolling Stone records on Washington St. In Chicago. I've played that awesome show so many times there are no grooves left . Happily threadbare!
  9. Some of my older musician friends were at these early Kinetic Playground shows. I asked one what he remembered about the gig and he responded - "Hair! All I saw was hair flying around with no faces!"
  10. The worst concert I ever saw in my life was Keith Richards and The New Barbarians in the spring of 1979. Utter filth. They were over an hour late, fucked up beyond belief and could barely play.
  11. Common procedure if you don't want to be sued for slander. Page is no different than other personalities in that regard. There's nothing in it for Jimmy to write an autobiography, or maybe he can write one in the Keith Richards style and discuss the size of his lead singer's cock.
  12. I always thought the guy in the photo was Michael Monarch from the band Detective.
  13. Hi Deborah J. Hope you have an enjoyable Holiday season!
  14. Notice Plant's use of the term "subtle blend" at 15:40 characterizing Jimmy Page. That phrase is attributed to Benji Lefevre in reference to Page's mixing of coke and heroin. Robert must have thought no one would get what that meant.
  15. Very sly answers from Robert.
  16. Robbie Blunt didn't make those comments about Page's playing. It was Frances Dunnery who played with Robert during the Fate Of Nations era.
  17. Washed Up, Hung Up or Batter Up. Let's see what Page is promoting a year from now. By not being a road dog, the most interest is in seeing Jimmy Page play live again. If he's inspired he's going to do it.
  18. So what. Solo albums or group albums. Only time will tell. I'd rather encourage the guy to play again that fold my arms and say he's washed up. That's lazy and negative.
  19. 5 hours of practice / 6 days a week for 6 weeks and you will tear heads off. That's prior to rehearsing with fellow musicians. No one can say for sure Page hasn't been playing his guitar. I think he enjoys massaging the truth.
  20. Q: When you came out of retirement, was it difficult for you to get your chops back? Les Paul: I was desperate, but I still didn't scramble. I guess I just leaned more on what was in my mind than what was in my chops. I learned a long time ago that one note can go a long way if it's the right one, and it will probably whip the guy with 20 notes. With 20 notes he's got a lot of problems. My chops were not as fast as when I was a kid; things that were done a certain way before were harder to do when I came out of retirement. But then the speed came back. Chops come back, and you don't worry about them. I think the most important thing about playing is to walk out with confidence and look the people in the eye and say, "Here I am," and go and do your thing. I'm in alignment with Les Paul's actual experience of getting back to playing live gigs. Do you really think Jimmy Page doesn't know how to prepare for live gigs?
  21. Strider, Trampled Under Foot was played after Black Country Woman/ Bron-Yr-Stomp. That did surprise me as Trampled had been the opening night's 2nd encore. Both versions were crazy good and the loudest song they played. It felt like they doubled the volume! As for Kashmir, I had seen the 3 previous concerts and we knew exactly when Kashmir kicked off. We would have loved to have filmed more but it was clumsy enough with the gear and trying not to be noticed. We knew about Peter Grant! We saw him standing by Page's side fills. It would have been useless to clobber my brother. He had some "issues" at the time and beating his ass would've been redundant.
  22. The footage we shot was silent Nutrocker. Someone else applied the audio to the film. We never got any money or credit for the film because my supposed friend and the bootlegger colluded with each other to convert the film and lie that it couldn't be done. Imagine how we felt when we saw the exact same footage in later days. Well the betrayer died of a drug overdose. It all evens out. I did have my own audio recordings of both Saturday and Sunday night shows. I was actually caught by security with the recorder strapped to my back. I think wearing a parka in 70 degree heat was a dead giveaway! They let me in with the cassette recorder and I have to say the sound was better than any of the other recordings I've heard of the Chicago shows. When I relocated to Florida in 1994 I stored my Zeppelin materials at my parent's home. When I moved back in 1997 I went to retrieve my memorabilia and it was all gone. My younger brother had sold it off without my permission. Everything was missing. Including the tapes I had recorded.
  23. Cool Strider. It really was the penultimate show !