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  1. You're Too Good (To Me Baby) - The Hellacopters
  2. Goodbye - The Liberty Party
  3. A friend of mine, who was really into mainstream pop, has discovered the likes of Led Zeppelin and Rush, thanks to her younger brother. And yes, she does know the names of the band members! I'll say there's plenty of hope
  4. Loving the new season of Orange Is The New Black! Holy moly!
  5. Somehow, Power Windows was never an album that I took seriously, until now. I heard some tracks being performed live during the Clockwork Angels tour and I thought, "Hmmm...there maybe something to this album, after all"
  6. Tomorrow, I am hoping to implement a day of total technological detox. No computer. No phone. And obviously, no internet. Hope to spend the day reading (as in a real book and not some strange, eye straining device) in the sun
  7. It was just so blissful!
  8. It's been way too long since I enjoyed a quiet cup of tea on the balcony, surrounded by trees, with the wind in my hair, people watching!
  9. No. Just no.
  10. It is so strange that I am getting to learn so much about the world of Rush's live career and that I am getting to know exactly which unofficial live releases to look out for, etc. and which tour can be considered the holy grail of Rush live footage (for me it is definitely the infamous Down The Tubes tour - will be the happiest girl on earth if live footage from an entire concert from the Down The Tubes tour, saw the light of day). My Rush unofficial releases collection is rapidly expanding. But in stark contrast, when it comes to collecting Led Zeppelin live stuff, it totally scares me for some reason. I mean I find the process of getting to know the world of Zep's live career to be pretty daunting.