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  1. Huge fan of 1980 tour mainly because of the chemistry they had on this song (and the rip roaring solo he did everytime) Train going into Nobody's Fault is pure genius too.
  2. To be fair we don't know what bullshit Gene and Paul put up with Ace to get them that annoyed with him
  3. San Fran 73.
  4. I think this thread should be binned. What a lot of old fogeys complaining about young lads in their prime!
  5. Not that I've ever been aware of. Peter or his kin have always had their name down on shares on at least one Zeppelin board of directors sheet. Jimmy nor another member of the band and it's subsidiaries wouldn't have a leg to stand on if they wanted Peter off the books anyway. The man who well and truely Led Zeppelin to the air above the din.
  6. His kids are still on the books today. Warren and his other daughter still receive a cut of Zeppelin royalties.
  7. Didn't Kashmir take them 3 odd years. No comparison IMO Kashmir must of been the toughest nut to crack. Their greatest opus too no doubt. I'd put Achilles up there but the genius got it all done in one night didn't he.
  8. I really think they've not been that big here in the UK for decades. The general population hasn't got a clue who they are. Page and Plant's names aren't in the same stratosphere as a Jagger, Lennon, or Townshend etc. (From what I can tell from acquaintances). Their lack of interest in having their faces all over the media is down to this solely as Zeppelin is just as or more huge as any next classic rock band in Britain. I like their covertness though. Makes being a fan all that more special. They are just ours!
  9. He's had a haircut and grown a beard love, how about that!
  10. Camera flash lightens it up. Same happens with me
  11. What's your username I'd like to follow your playlist. My Led Zeppelin playlist is a bit skinnier than yours!
  12. Funnily enough I think it was me who put that scan on the internet a few moons back
  13. You need to listen to Presence again.
  14. Never have. Never will
  15. Jimmy's hair is black and always has been no question about that