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  1. Well the only one who knows is Jimmy. + Ross Halfin maybe ha!
  2. Robert still sounded like Percy in 82' though, the only reason Walters Walk works w/ vocals
  3. 40 years gone from the beginning of the end.
  4. <<<
  5. It's obvious it's work with Robert or not work at all this point
  6. Very thought provoking.
  7. True. The lithograph provided should of been numbered though
  8. Must of just been in house promo from the channel. Without going to the channel production team directly and asking for a historical copy, most likely you'll never find it
  9. Fake releases from Russia are common
  10. In The Evening is peak Zep Alchemy. You are wrong completely.
  11. Doubt he knows how to torrent.. and what hat use would it be him downloading his own content
  12. What is the serial number given? this way I can find out if it is a fake you've received
  13. Tons of shows.
  14. Seems like it was for a piece of Dutch media probably news of them playing there. Very surprised they allowed this to be filmed. Must of been a contractual agreement as Cole doesn't seem keen to be on camera. Odd this and I've never come across the footage before, apart from the stage footage of course.
  15. No tape exists in fan circles. However has been widely known it to be the case SMT was from 78. From Jimmy himself and I believe I've heard Jonesy agree on that in an seperate instance before.