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  1. I'm sure I read on this forum someone went and it was all being demolished? Unless it's another Bonzo pub I'm think of
  2. Read recently it's been demolished now
  3. No they aren't that is a picture of a Zeppelin And that font can be used by anyone.
  4. It was hard to tell in 1981-3 that CD's and all these formats where going to come out and sell millions again. He also was ridiculously in stubborn in trying to get away from Zeppelin and not be the "lemon squeezing banshee" anymore.
  5. I'm sure the Japanese source text creates a less silly scene
  6. I think there is something more to "Four Sticks" being the fourth album and sticks on the cover. Rather than Bonzo playing with 4 sticks.
  7. Is someone hoarding a video of P/P playing in India? Got this from a transcript between mega fans in Japan having a discussion (don't ask) "Hidden image, problem ant" (Book) "Is India a video circle?" (Y) " 10 seconds! Eric has it" (E) "That's on air on CNN, only 10 seconds.     Jimmy is hardly seen, only Robert can see. Do you want it? " (Book) "I want it but 10 seconds or so (laugh)" (E) "After all, if it is called rare video , it is ○ ○ ○ ○ It is 73 years old? (Y) "It's 72 years, that's what you are doing an acoustic set" (E) "It's only about one minute, but it's sooooo good (laugh)" (Y) "Yes, I can not see anything !" (E) "I'm told to the owner" Do not trade ".     Wow, I do not want anyone to give out (laugh) (Book) "Do you understand it as ZEPP? With such picture quality" (Y) "I understand you have an acoustic guitar" (E) "I understand that there are four people (laugh), but I do not know who it is" (Book) " Brothers Four It is not supposed to be (laugh)" (Y) "There are 8 mm of ZEPP's 71-year visit to Japan, taken by a friend of Mr. Intermediate" (Middle) "Oh, that (laugh) Something, just a golden thing is just staggering " (All) "(Laughing)" (Book) "Is that the head of Robert?" (E) "Yeah, it's swanking (laugh)" SAJ in Japanese if you want 『秘蔵映像、問題アリ』 (本)「そのインドって、Videoは出回っているんですか?」 (Y)「エリックが持ってます」 (E)「そ、CNNでオンエアしたの、10秒だけ。     Jimmyはほとんど写ってなくて、見えるのはRobertだけ。欲しい?」 (本)「欲しい! けど、10秒か~(笑)」 (E)「あと、と言えば○○○○だネ。あれ、73年のかな?」 (Y)「72年だよ、あれ。アコースティックセットをやってるもの」 (E)「これ、1分くらいしかないんだけど、すっごくキタナ~い(笑)」 (Y)「そう、の!」 (E)「持ち主に『トレードに出さないで』って言われてるんだけど。     いやー、出しても誰も欲しがらないって(笑)」 (本)「ZEPPだと分かるの?そんな画質で」 (Y)「アコースティック・ギターを持ってるのは分かるんですよ」 (E)「一応、4人いるのも分かる(笑)でも、誰が誰だか分からな~い」 (本)「かも知れないじゃない(笑)」 (Y)「中間さんの友達が撮った、ZEPPの71年来日公演の8ミリがあるんですって?」 (中)「あー、あれね(笑)なんか、だけっていう」 (全)「(爆笑)」 (本)「それってRobertの頭?」 (E)「そう、ピンボケまくりなの(笑)」
  8. I understand this pirate is very good, however check the back of it these fake copyrights should be there Fake company credits from back cover: This reissue ℗ & © 2014 Atlantic Recording Corporation, a Warner Music Group Company. Manufactured & Marketed by Warner Music Group. Made in EU.
  9. This is a Russian fake released in 2014. No idea as to why they added those 3 songs onto this pirate.
  10. Life in the Fast Lane - Eagles
  11. They will become folklore for music. Cretins after the Apocalypse will discuss the shark incident.
  12. Calm down it's the same basically lol
  13. Speak for yourself
  14. To think of it now, there's no way he doesn't have his own treasure trove of Zeppelin we don't know of. He used to record loads of shows on his own to show the band and improve on their performance. Had his own video camera too, the chance of him not having his own stuff is slim
  15. Allardyce is an unprecedented manager. His ability to get these teams who have been dogshit all season out of the relegation battle is phenomenal. He literally gets to a club bangs all their heads together and they all play to their ability again. He's a Relegation battle Fergie!