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  1. For me, Ramble On, the way the whole song has been done and the whole melody and generally feeling it gives me is just beautiful.
  2. My story is fairly recent around early 2009 I was a BIG Jimi Hendrix fan and Isle Of Wight concert was playing on Sky Arts (UK) and after that they showed "Led Zeppelin" so I was like what's this, it came on and it was the Denmark TV show thing and the first thing I heard was that opening to riff to Communication Breakdown and from that all the way to the end of How Many More Times my face was . How could the Denmark show not hook anyone with a soul on Zeppelin?! Tell me your tales
  3. Seems like it was for a piece of Dutch media probably news of them playing there. Very surprised they allowed this to be filmed. Must of been a contractual agreement as Cole doesn't seem keen to be on camera. Odd this and I've never come across the footage before, apart from the stage footage of course.
  4. No tape exists in fan circles. However has been widely known it to be the case SMT was from 78. From Jimmy himself and I believe I've heard Jonesy agree on that in an seperate instance before.
  5. Oasis by a country lake mile. Theremin or Bow Solo?
  6. custard
  7. Didn't know this. He'll just say anything won't he.
  8. Every huge band from the UK began with "The". Don't need to name them to know who I'm on about either. Please welcome The Led Zeppelin!
  9. 80 is very modest. I am in the younger generation and you'd be lucky to find 3 that knew Jimmy. 10 of them would refer to Led Zeppelin as a "he" and that says all you need to know.
  10. That is Maureen. Jonesy's wife.
  11. I disagree he isn't claiming to give a note for note diatribe. You should see his other work he is merely giving the most basic steps so beginners can play their favorite songs from the bat as they progress they'll see the more intricate parts and techniques used.
  12. When you turn 63 I would like to see a video of you playing these songs live
  13. You're about to embark on a magical journey. Some of these live shows will follow you throughout your life.
  14. This guy is a teacher on YouTube for beginners
  15. Their time in Amsterdam has quite a few in that vein. I'll have a look round for different ones, there must be some.
  16. Time is moving on and as the generations grow up Jimmy Page is becoming less and less a household name
  17. table clock flamingos or blue tits
  18. Here's a few
  19. None so far
  20. They are from their time in Japan Sep 71.
  21. I have a sneaky suspicion Jun is Jimmy Sakurai. & that Jimmy Sakurai is actually Jimmy Page from a Japanese dimension but that is neither here nor there.
  22. I think this probably got a great deal of Led Zeppelin fans into buying bootlegs. Probably is the most common among circles to have and being the start of collections. Fantastic artwork.
  23. Brilliant use of the harmoniser for Percy on the wasted land part it gives me goosebumps when I hear it. This is the tour where they become the biggest thing since sliced bread for me.