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  1. Time is moving on and as the generations grow up Jimmy Page is becoming less and less a household name
  2. table clock flamingos or blue tits
  3. Here's a few
  4. None so far
  5. They are from their time in Japan Sep 71.
  6. I have a sneaky suspicion Jun is Jimmy Sakurai. & that Jimmy Sakurai is actually Jimmy Page from a Japanese dimension but that is neither here nor there.
  7. I think this probably got a great deal of Led Zeppelin fans into buying bootlegs. Probably is the most common among circles to have and being the start of collections. Fantastic artwork.
  8. Brilliant use of the harmoniser for Percy on the wasted land part it gives me goosebumps when I hear it. This is the tour where they become the biggest thing since sliced bread for me.
  9. Surely photoshopped? Not really his nature, especially at that age. Those hands look a bit too fat for his too.
  10. China Grove - Doobie Brothers
  11. This does it for me. Being on stage and being the supreme being in the building came too naturally to him, his energy on stage is scary.
  12. This phrase to define his current period is tiresome. This isn't necessary to say anymore it is well-known among fans for this to be the case. Frankly it is insulting to say this about the greatest showman of all time. However we are only all confused as we are being led on by him
  13. This is something we neverrr do!
  14. Probably had more women waiting at the hotel than were at the house. Not worth their time. What year is the article from?
  15. 90s because of Oasis / p&p Laptops or Desktops
  16. I doubt it. That would of been fairly well documented.
  17. I know full well the sigil has existed in such and such form for centuries. However his version is tweaked and he may have seen the similarities in the sigil and the individual members signs.
  18. Standard Leo behavior.
  19. Bring back The Mothership theme on here. I loved that
  20. I've had a thought recently and think I may be onto something. Jimmy/John are capricorns Robert's a Leo and Bonzo is Gemini. See how the those 3 Zodiac symbols look when put next to each other in sequence... We know Jimmy loves the band with all his heart and believes they are the 4 Alchemists. His symbol could be the symbol for the whole group. A bit more tinkering with the symbols in the arrangment you do get something that resembles OSO with an underline. Which is more than coincidence in my opinion.
  21. Bet you needed that day off on the 26th
  22. I want to hear A Jimmy 73', Bonham 77', Plant 70' and Jonesy play a No Quarter then go into Kashmir. It'd be the greatest piece they did
  23. I'd agree with this
  24. I am undergoing a project where I am remastering all available live shows. I have created a "magic formula" to get the best quality out of any available Led Zeppelin show. I am posting a comparison on here soon to show the difference it is quite mind blowing if I may say so myself. I am also taking show requests.
  25. Spot on