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  1. Wow. Too young. RIP Jason!
  2. The problem with that diet is once you get off it, you gain most of the weight back. it's better to eat a balanced diet that's low in starchy carbs. I mostly eat broccoli, chicken, and almonds for most of my meals with the occasional banana or protein bar.
  3. See Lez Zeppelin and say that. They are amazing live!
  4. What is considered by most to be the best show of '73? Offenburg???
  5. It's VHS. To be honest, it's pretty boring in certain parts. Let me dig it out and see if I can make you a copy.
  6. I have a copy of it. Best footage are the interviews with the crowd while they are waiting to get in.
  7. Jimmy will always be my rock god, but it has gotten very old with his false promises over the last 15 years or so.. I'd like to see him do at least one more full show live. There are artists older than him still touring. Why can't Jimmy?
  8. TU My fave song ever!
  9. I was at this show!
  10. I was watching some boxing matches on cable Friday night and one of the fighters had a interesting tattoo down his back.
  11. I hear you but he's the one who claims he is going almost every year since Page and Plant. I really want to see the Master one last time. No more teasing Jimmy!
  12. Rather Jimmy go on tour.
  13. Jeff Beck on the lawsuit: Outside of his own busy schedule, Beck was also paying close attention to the Led Zeppelin "Stairway To Heaven" plagiarism case, partly as an interested musician, but just as much as a longtime friend and music mate of Jimmy Page. "I had to smirk because I knew that Jimmy and Robert would come out on top," Beck says. "Apparently you can't copyright a chord sequence. It has to have a lyric or some kind of a meaningful melody to be copyrighted. And it is a chord sequence which has been used loads of times, but not in such an iconic way. It clearly is the same chord sequence [as Spirit's 'Taurus'], but then we're all guilty of stealing a chord sequence and sticking some words on top of it. So I think it's a bit of bravado to try to bring it to court, but Jimmy came out ahead. So, lucky Old Jim!"
  14. I've seen them four times. They are fantastic!!!
  15. I have a really bad feeling Zep is going to lose this case. I think it's complete BS but so far the evidence is making them look bad. Hate this crap!