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  1. No one??
  2. Face Dances: man Another Tricky Day for me is one of their best. And Did You Steal My Money is pretty good too. Face Dances all around was pretty good.
  3. I was totally unaware that Plant and Johnstone had a falling out...any media on it? I just wish Page had said something along the lines of "during my career I've worked with many musicians, and David was another that I worked with" or something....instead it's like "oh jeez, I better be careful what I say around Robert or he will walk".
  4. So RP doesn't think much of Phil Johnstone, is that what he is saying? this may come across as harsh, but my God is Page a pussy when it comes to defending someone like Coverdale, when it might offend Plant.
  5. Huge loss..... The duckwalk, and that inspired playing that was a cross of country and hard blues, like nothing before. RIP Mr Berry
  6. When we talk about the activity after the LZ disbanding, don't forget XYZ. How quickly Page jumped right back in, didn't some of the rehearsals take place in 1980, so only a few months after Bonzo passing?
  7. I've often wondered just how proactive JP was. His first choice was Terry Reid, who says "can't do it, but check out this chap in Band of Joy", Page goes to see him and says OK. Wait, this is a big deal, you're forming a band and the expectations are pretty big...wouldn't you want to check out a few more vocalists while you're at it? It's not gonna hurt anything to listen to a few more.... Then RP says "take Bonzo as the drummer". Again, a complete unknown, and you check out no one else. Not very proactive. Admittedly, it all worked out smashingly, but IMO Page seems the type to be led to decisions, not set out to make them.
  8. Def a shocker. RIP Jason.
  9. Man you speak a whole different language, lol! I am guessing that punters are people who are looking for a cheap deal, wankers are bad people, to nick someone is to undercut their price, pitches are tents, and bob is a form of currency!
  10. Forgive me for asking, but what is a "car boot sale"?
  11. Three great tracks that showed Zep was doing great stuff at Polar Studios.
  12. That's The Way Tangerine The Rain Song bores me silly, but that's just me
  13. Yeah he's done. I read where after P&P broke up, he was kind of pissed, and said he wanted a second album and "had about a dozen strong tunes for it". Where did those go? And then after O2, he said the same, said he had strong songs ready... Uh-huh. Ready for what is anyone's guess. Of course he is done.
  14. ^^ Agree Strider. You do great work with this pool. THANKS!
  15. I remember just a year or two ago, Belichek screwed up a call. I think it was 4th down and rather than kick a field goal, they went for a pass and it cost them the game. The media kept questioning him, and this finally led to his famous "it is what it is" line. We don't really know why a coach calls a play sometimes. I doubt immensely that Atlanta purposefully called bad plays. BB even said the final Seattle play in the SuperBowl was one he might have called "just to catch the defense off guard and eat some more clock". I'll be ordering this one when it comes out on DVD. I hope Atlanta stays hungry, start planning next year NOW. Review the tapes, what could you have done differently, better, etc. Matt Ryan always has been an overlooked but excellent QB. Hopefully he gets his day in the sun.