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  1. Digging In has sooooo much Zep swing!
  2. Sweet new promo for Ian's new Suhr Sig model...
  3. And now for something COMPLETELY different! I scatted Big Wreck guitar solo!!!!
  4. Canada Day TD!
  5. Greta Van Fleet And this kid’s got some set of pipes.
  6. IT cliffs EJ
  7. DEAR LORD!!! My fantasy for years! Ian is a BLISTERING and DYNAMIC player and has written new songs for Jimmy, for years! Ha! VERY Pagian power too! Tasty slide player too... Too much? Hahah!
  8. Big Wreck has soooo many! Hey Mama (especially the 4:08 mark) All is Fair Digging In
  9. He's just got a wonderful feel!
  10. Some Big Hendrix/SRV feels....
  11. Ian Thornley, of course….. Can play like Morse… Like Page.. Like Beck…. Like SRV…. He good. He REAL good!
  12. Still the creepiest!
  13. Next Big Wreck? Country Funk Shred?
  14. Just a little Zep bump!
  15. He's just phenomenal!