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  1. In the past week or so I've heard from two different people who've said that they've never heard Led Zeppelin until this Thor trailer came along. Naturally my response was to ask what rock they've been living under, but they were both younger guys who've probably been exposed to little more than crappy boy bands, pop divas and rap their entire lives. Now the Immigrant Song is charting in both the US and UK for the first time in decades, thanks to the exposure from this trailer. It occurred to me that with Jimmy loosening up his grip on the music, allowing it to be used for films and trailers and whatever else, sure is helping to expose a new generation to the awesomeness of Led Zeppelin.
  2. Yesterday I picked up a Zeppelin book at a used book store, "Led Zeppelin Heaven and Hell" by Charles R. Cross and Erik Flannigan, published in 1991. The book has a listing of concert dates, including this one:
  3. It's definitely not for everyone. Slow, meandering, virtually pointless. I like the movie, but even I have to be in the proper mood for it.
  4. I just got mine in the mail today. It's got a cool booklet that includes the original short story on which the movie was based, and a whole slew of extras. I plan on sifting through the extras this weekend, I'm curious to see if the "making of" documentary has anything more about the Yardbirds involvement.
  5. Great post! You're completely right about Randy's sisters, acting as though the evil rich Zeppelin were taking food from the mouths of poor children. Francis Malofiy is a slimy opportunist, but at least in a comical, laughable way. Those sisters are just slimy opportunists.
  6. I pre-ordered that sucker months ago. It should arrive any day now. Hopefully.
  7. Are these the deluxe cds or the super deluxe box sets?
  8. I guess we shouldn't be surprised by this. Skidmore maybe needs to find a hobby. Or a job. I like how the filing says that the lower court only being able to go by the Taurus sheet music was a "mistake." Nevermind that in 1968 the sheet music was all that could be filed for copyright. Too bad Skidmore couldn't go back in time and retroactively change the law. Normally I would expect a court to toss out such a lame appeal, but given that this is the Ninth Circus court, lord only knows what they'll do.
  9. Whitesnake Just kidding.
  10. Metal!! Here's a couple of absolutely not-to-be-missed performances:
  11. I suppose when it comes to interpretation, there's really no right or wrong answers. Lyrics can mean different things to different people, and often can take on meanings not even intended by the writer. However, some of the analysis I've read, such as the rather lengthy one posted above (no offense Bob Wallace) just seem like a stretch. Keep in mind that Plant was a 23 year old stoner hippie, not the type one would expect to see writing lyrics referencing obscure Biblical passages and stuff like that. It would be a bit like Seth Rogan writing The Odyssey. Although I know Plant enjoyed reading things like Lord of the Rings and Celtic folklore, whereas I'm not entirely convinced Seth Rogan even can read. But you get the point.
  12. I've got the official stuff, Seattle '77, Earl's Court 24th and 25th, Assemblage 1 and 2, Visual Graffiti, and one I just got recently called Led Zeppelin: The Film Archive. Mostly just videos available online, but nice to have all in one place.
  13. That's awesome! I've never heard that before. I used to be a huge Billy Joel fan back in the early 80's, and I still like his stuff from the 70's, pretty much everything up to Nylon Curtain. To briefly steer back into the Rush discussion, they're a great band, one of my favorites. However, some of their fans can be real annoying and therefore real fun to pick on.
  14. It doesn't help that at the end of the 8/21 show he's just screaming his fool head off. But I think you're right, it seems like after this period is when the cracks started to appear.
  15. Personally, this version of The Immigrant Song from Newcastle 11/11/71 always blows me away. I can't recall his voice ever being stronger than it was here.