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  1. Whitesnake Just kidding.
  2. Metal!! Here's a couple of absolutely not-to-be-missed performances:
  3. I suppose when it comes to interpretation, there's really no right or wrong answers. Lyrics can mean different things to different people, and often can take on meanings not even intended by the writer. However, some of the analysis I've read, such as the rather lengthy one posted above (no offense Bob Wallace) just seem like a stretch. Keep in mind that Plant was a 23 year old stoner hippie, not the type one would expect to see writing lyrics referencing obscure Biblical passages and stuff like that. It would be a bit like Seth Rogan writing The Odyssey. Although I know Plant enjoyed reading things like Lord of the Rings and Celtic folklore, whereas I'm not entirely convinced Seth Rogan even can read. But you get the point.
  4. I've got the official stuff, Seattle '77, Earl's Court 24th and 25th, Assemblage 1 and 2, Visual Graffiti, and one I just got recently called Led Zeppelin: The Film Archive. Mostly just videos available online, but nice to have all in one place.
  5. That's awesome! I've never heard that before. I used to be a huge Billy Joel fan back in the early 80's, and I still like his stuff from the 70's, pretty much everything up to Nylon Curtain. To briefly steer back into the Rush discussion, they're a great band, one of my favorites. However, some of their fans can be real annoying and therefore real fun to pick on.
  6. It doesn't help that at the end of the 8/21 show he's just screaming his fool head off. But I think you're right, it seems like after this period is when the cracks started to appear.
  7. Personally, this version of The Immigrant Song from Newcastle 11/11/71 always blows me away. I can't recall his voice ever being stronger than it was here.
  8. Since I've Been Loving You, and the last lines of Going to California.
  9. Well said, and of course you're absolutely right. On the other hand, it's just a whole lot of fun to say "my favorite musician can kick your favorite musician's ass!!!"
  10. Wow, it's Metallica playing with a whole bunch of people way better than they are.
  11. 1) Achilles Last Stand 2) The rest of them
  12. Huh, I had no idea Will Ferrell was such a good drummer.
  13. I've been thinking lately that if Presence and In Through the Out Door had been released together as one double album, with the songs intermingled, it may have been held in much higher regard than they both were separately. Presence has some great rock songs, but lacks the stylistic variety people had come to expect from Zeppelin, whereas ITTOD has plenty of stylistic variety but is lacking in the hard rock songs, outside of In the Evening. Shuffle those two together and it might have been another Physical Graffiti.
  14. You're joking, right? I know we all have our opinions, but yours is just plain wrong here. Since we're talking drummers, I'll give a shout out to Dave Lombardo.
  15. I remember when Whitesnake released Still of the Night and a pretty fair number of my friends thought that it was some unreleased Zeppelin song. I remember in the early 80's all of our middle school dances ended with Stairway to Heaven. In fact, the song was often played at least twice at each dance. I remember the Live Aid reunion being one of the biggest media events of our lives. I remember all the record stores being stocked with at least as many Zeppelin shirts, posters, pins, patches and stuff as they had for any current band. I remember Zeppelin being so heavily played on the FM rock stations that some people got sick of hearing them. And of course, I remember an entire genre of hair metal bands trying desperately to be the next Zeppelin, and failing laughably at doing so.