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Danielle Andrea

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    Writing short stories & poetry at ; reading interesting books about the history of bands and rock 'n' roll ; guitar classes ; movies ; peace.
  1. that was my status cause i was very confused as to why i was able to talk from this forum to my facebook page aha!

  2. Good morning Miss LQ! Hope you're doing well.... :)

  3. Ah, sounds brilliant. Do you have a link? I would love to read it! Yes, actually, there is something I wrote but the story has 3 parts to it. Haha, I'll have to make up something shorter in the near future. The short stories I wrote are based upon different name characters for Robert Plant and Jimmy Page in medieval times. So if it's ever published one day, no one will know I actually had in mind Led Zeppelin. Baha ! (Except for Led Zeppelin Forums now, of course.) Thanks for posting.
  4. If you want to delete a post, just click on edit and then remove as much as you want. Then resubmit. If you remove all of it, it'll just be blank. Then you can an oops with a cute face icon or something. Let me know if you need more info.

  5. Just stopping by to say Hello ! And hoping all is well with ya. Talk soon. :)

  6. I have no idea how to delete/remove a post... :( Help? Thanks in advance!!

  7. If you have created your own short story of a Led Zeppelin adventure, share it with us now. P.S. I have no idea if this has been said or done already !!! My mistake if it has.
  8. I love catching up on what people have to say on the forums. Thanks for posting and sharing. It's like reading more books about Led Zeppelin. Speaking of which, I want more to read about them!!! Can never get enough of what you love. :) Comment on my profile or message me... Like hearing from you and making new friends. Peace !

  9. I see you are on this morning. Feeling more rested today? Nice to hear from you! :)

  10. Hey there LQ, funny new avatar picture you have up! Are M&m's your favorite candy? Don't be a stranger! :)

  11. Sargeant Peanut Butter's Salty Hearts Club Band
  12. Riders On The Storm is the perfectttt song<3

  13. The Song Changed Its Name