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  1. I believe most of the 1973 shows came from a source in England - 1st gens from the person who lifted them from Page. I think 3 or 4 came from Sean the Bootlegger and acquired from an inside source in the US.
  2. I believe that list is for all the soundboards that are from audio sources (reels and cassettes) and not sources from video soundtracks and from a completely different source. Plus that list was probably done for fun not for some serious historical bible so does it really matter if one or two went overlooked? Have a great day
  3. Does anyone have the quote from Peter Grants or Richard Coles book ( I think) about the box of 1975 tapes going missing. Something like we should have made some heads roll over that one... Or something similar to that.
  4. Excellent work Sam. Great to have new information on the Autumn 1970 USA tour.
  5. There is a review of the Denver 6/21 show in the Timeline on the forum here. It was a long show just like Nassau Coliseum and Seattle and LA. The last section/few minutes of Dazed from Seattle is just so cool. Really awesome playing by all members. One of my favorite moments. Strangely enough the same can be said for the new upcoming 3/21/75 Seattle soundboard. The final section after the lyrics is so cool. I agree. The USA Summer 1972 needs more in depth discussions.!!
  6. My biggest Zeppelin hope is that Jimmy has a soundboard of this entire concert and the Denver 1972 concerts. Sadly as I'm typing this you have to wonder that even if they recorded these via the soundboard, would it be complete? They are such long shows that unless they ran 3, 90 min cassettes or reels, the ends may be missing.
  7. Other than this....No.
  8. As stated earlier Jason was 43 and left behind a young beautiful family. It's nice to see so many people helping out his family. I first met Jason in downtown Omaha. I think it was at a record shop called Barry'Os. They sold some new but mostly used records and as usual in the cool record shops you could find bootleg albums (new and used), bootleg cassettes and bootleg Videos. They had all the bootlegs on display in the open. You didn't have to do the pee-pee dance to see the good bootlegs. They were all out in the open. I met Jason right after the 1995 Kansas City Page & Plant concert. The store had vidoes of the concert for sale...Jason had just made a ton of dubbs of the video we made at the show. That was th day we met. Years later he told me the owner of the store was doing an early form of file sharing ( not music) via the phone lines and even got a visit from the authorities because of it. But I think that's what started Jason's dream.... to share music freely over the internet and what eventually led to his early version of Lets hope his family can eventually find peace.
  9. Funny, that's is exactly what I said earlier in this thread ( but for some reason my post was deleted). I posted a guess that one CD set would be the mono mix (bass guitar only in one channel and the other three in the other). It looks like this is exactly what is on these releases
  10. News from Jason Peterson from Lincoln, Nebraska and creator of the website dedicated to Led Zeppelin, has passed away. He will be missed. Charley
  11. Nice post. These would be some amazing shows. Kind of sad to see such a long list of potentially great shows of which we dont have recordings.
  12. 3/27 really has an amazing NQ. One of the great ones from the 1975 tour like 3/12, 3/17 and 3/21.
  13. To any Soundboard nay-sayers....I've been collecting live Zeppelin tapes since the mid 1980s...I'll take any and every soundboard we can get, and yes that would include even any bad shows Why dis a soundboard? The 1975 soundboards sound nearly like official releases. At this point one day we may have whole runs of tours. We practically do from 1973 onward. Sure I want the entire 1971 Japan tour,1972 Australian tour and the 1972 USA tour as bad as everyone else, but patient my friends, over time, let hope we get every board recorded. Charley
  14. This will be outstanding!!
  15. Well now it seems my source heard it was a 1975 show, now a 1977 show. He's very trustworthy ( otherwise I would not make any posts about it). It could be a surprise show where really or no tape has been available before.