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  1. That thread that blackmikito posted is great. He's a great collector and researcher. That thread is the type of thread that brings up many good ways to look for evidence of possible live recordings done by the band.
  2. No surprises here at all. We all knew the Osaka Japan shows were recorded and we have been listening to a rough mix down of the 9/29 professional recording since the 1980s.
  3. This proves or provides evidence of a Bath multitrack? How so? Everyone knows someone with something. We've all heard this for twenty to thirty years about hoarders and 99.99% is never true.
  4. Sure bands were recording and filming at Bath but zero facts and evidence of a Zeppelin recording. Im very much a historian when I approach things and for some things like a professional Bath Zeppelin recording there just isnt evidence posted on any forum this proves it. I'm saying this all ligh hearted and not arguing. Just saying real fact of evidence via pictures or reels or sound samples, etc.still have never been shown.
  5. Can you show us? Like a mobile truck actually set up and recording Zeppelin?
  6. Have you seen or heard of concrete evidence that Bath was multitracked or even recorded as a soundboard recording? I haven't.
  7. I know I posted this but to play Devils advocate...the quote in the article about the band not being happy with the soundtrack could be in reference only for the RAH show. Seems like with the end of the audio reels cutting off Heartbreaker and possibly missing parts of Thank You, Since I've Been Loving You maybe they "unhappy with the soundtrack" meant the RAH recording missing pieces of the performance. I say this because there still is zero concrete evidence of a Bath multitrack or even a simple soundboard.
  8. 8/31/69 Texas Pop soundboard Hampton 1971 has the bass isolated to one channel.
  9. It's one "possible video" that is never talked about. I can't believe all the missed opportunities that were available to the band that they turned a blind eye to. Mid anythjngvthry should have allowed a recording and then sat on the tapes. These would have been free opportunities for the band to have at the very least a nice momento of their concerts.
  10. No, maybe I was not clear. I think the only hope for any Zeppelin Bath Festival footage is for something exactly like the Pink Floyd footage. The Pink Floyd footage was probably the feed that was shown on the screens at the Festival. Done with two cameras and an onsite TV studio switcher. I'm just saying if there is an possibility of footage it would be from a source like this, but it is pretty well known from the cameramen present at the Festival and other sources that Grant and Zepp''s security made sure people were not shooting Zeppelin when they were playing. Here are the B&W cameras that were shooting and being projected on the screens.
  11. This is probably the best we could hope for at this point bro. This surely is from a video made with the big studio cameras that can be seen on the side of the stage. This was probably the video shown on the B&W screens present at Bath. The fading back and forth between cameras would only be possible with a studio video mixer and studio equipment. From photo evidence it looks like Grant did not allow the various film or video crews to shoot Zeppelin. Probably thinking they had their own crew filming. But at this point the best hope we have for a Zeppelin Bath video is something like this where possibly one camera was running and recording and capturing the event
  12. That's awesome. Wasn't there someone who filmed some of this concert on 8mm film?
  13. I think at best we could hope for a two track soundboard