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  1. I've just received the reply from Jimmy S. Unfortunately not help much "Hi Luca, at least you couldn't get anything to make anyone's heart move with easy shopping at big stores. I just have worked hard to find all stuffs in need to tribute JP for over 30yeras. So many try and error with big cost, time, and sometimes fortunately met wonderful artisans with enthusiasm to respond my difficult request.That's all I can advice you and I believe you WILL find it! Good Luck! Jimmy SAKURAI"
  2. That's is nice to hear...
  3. Thanks, I hope to hear something from him early... And, for sure, I'll add some pics when the work will start I had also read this... But I haven't found nothing about her Thank you...
  4. A couple of mine...
  5. :D Beautiful covers, I'm impressed...
  6. Ah, ok.. Thanks for the informations... Terrific performance
  7. I took a look to Led Zepagain FB page and, yes, I saw only the dragon suit... About Steve Z(oso), I found only a "myspace" page with one pic only. Anyway, I've sent an e-mail to Jimmy Sakurai, I hope that he can give me some information about his suit...
  8. Many thanks to everybody for the replies and for the good tips... As I thought, the jacket's material seem to be very very soft to support this kind of embroidery... Me too... Ok, I will try to do it, thanks...
  9. Hi, thanks for the reply... yes, I've seen it. My aunt is a very master in embroidery... but my problem at the moment is to find a jacket that looks like the one weared by Jimmy. Looks like a bolero jacket, but also a bullfighter jacket... (the best would to know also the material, from "The Song Remain The Same" the effect of light affects the material, sometimes seem to be velvet, sometimes cotton) Luca
  10. Hi everybody, this is the first time that I write here... english is not my first language, so forgive me for any errors I'd like to realize a replica of one of the Jimmy Page's suit (from 1973 live concerts)... is there anyone out there who knows where I can find some good pics of Jimmy Page's "Rose embroidered jacket" (anyone knows who is the tailor?) Thank you very much