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  1. Rest In Peace. Very sad. Contribute if you can in any way at all to his JustGiving page.
  2. I am glad they never reformed. You can't recapture past magic. It's like chasing perfection, it's never going to happen no matter how hard you try.
  3. Cocaine eyes. Wow.
  4. Not sure any Cliff Richards songs would have done them any credit. I was thinking about this today though. A covers album with some of the classic blues standards. Not sure Bonzo would've got much action though.
  5. Plant can be very strange at times. He got close to Jones during ITTOD and they basically wrote the whole record together, yet he and Page left him out of the picture for Unledded. Page didn't even attend Karac's funeral which I think, is eternally unforgivable, and I am sure Plant still thinks that to this very day. However, he teamed up with Page for Unledded and the record after, I assume, for money. Jones is always the least talked about member of Led Zeppelin but he was the best musician and was the equal to the others. No Jones, No Zep. No Bonham, No Zep. No Page, No Zep. No Plant, No Zep.
  6. No disrespect to Jason but he isn't even in the same universe as his father as a drummer. That's not to say Jason isn't good, because he is. It's just his father was the best rock drummer that has ever graced the skins. Phenomenal, precise, crisp, hard, funky, swinging. THRUTCH.
  7. He is not the greatest guitarist, but certainly one of the most inventive and original. That solo on Foxhole is like nothing I've ever heard.
  8. Yes, all true. But Steven Tyler did audition and apparently Jimmy got pissed off with him for something which I can't remember and told them to put him on a plane. Whether it was going to be called Led Zeppelin or another name, I'm glad nothing came of it. It could have been disastrous. No Plant, no Zep. No Bonham, no Zep. No Page, no Zep. No Jones, no Zep.
  9. I thank you sincerely for this. I am going to listen to each and every one of your recommendations and truly appreciate you taking the time to answer.
  10. I want to be this person's friend.
  11. I would tend to agree with IpMan. Plant knew the time was up before Bonham's death and that simply confirmed it. I have long thought this. Robert Plant is the true keeper of the Zeppelin flame, whether for the right or wrong reasons, depending on your viewpoint. Plant is very keen for the past to remain in the past and to move forward and as a result, the Zeppelin legacy is largely intact save for a few disastrous and ill-advised reunions. Plant was obviously disillusioned with Zeppelin before the end and seeing as he had lost his boy, who could blame him? The only reason they carried on after Karac was because Bonham talked him round after himself coming under pressure from Grant and possibly Page. There are elements of his own past in Zeppelin that Plant is not proud of, he has gone on record about his preening and wailing and not liking some of his lyrics (although I think his lyrics in all Zeppelin are great) and maybe that is something to do with his reluctance in reforming properly. It is well-known that Page and Jones wanted to capitalise on the positive reaction from the 02 concerts and go on the road as Led Zeppelin, but Plant said no. Unbelievably they toyed with touring with a new singer and even held some auditions. Can you imagine if that happened? Led Zeppelin with Steve Tyler on tour? I have nothing against Steve Tyler but NO. Not Led Zeppelin. So, anyway, Plant, for better or worse, should be thanked for Zep's legacy. And Pagey, if you are reading this, an excellent way to preserve a legacy is to release some more DVD's!!!! And don't tell me there is no material - because there is!!!! And if you don't want to look for it because Kenneth Anger is still in the basement then I will go and have a look for you.
  12. Dave Navarro. Mike McCready. Dave Gilmour. Tom Verlaine. Not saying they are better than Page, but those are certainly amongst my favourites.
  13. Ask Satan. He wrote it apparently.
  14. I thought Page played well with The Black Crowes. I am just not having Coverdale at all. Plant's voice - as we all know - was shot in around 1972 due to no vocal warm ups, illness, bad care, no voice coaching (which probably didn't even exist then), but in his prime (1968-72) there was nobody since or before who sang like him. And his influence on every rock and roll singer since is immense. Even Daltrey changed the way he looked to keep up with Plant. The fact is, there is no other band like Zeppelin because the four members were individually and collectively the very, very best. Anyway, I think Page teamed up with Coverdale to provoke Plant into working with him again. And it worked, didn't it?
  15. First band EVER to even attempt that amount of shows in that amount of time to that amount of people. Denis Sheehan - who is now involved with U2 - has said that that tour was the way not to do it whilst simultaneously saying that the sheer scale of it and the ambition of it at the time was admirable.