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  1. This is true about Keith. He only took really good stuff but in his own words was never greedy and hardly ever took more than he needed to. Having said that, I have no idea how Keith has survived so far. Page drunk a lot from the beginning to the end of Zeppelin but did smack every day for 7 years straight, then knocked it on the head. But he still drank and did coke. Not sure you are going to get two more debauched rock stars than Richards or Page. Just imagine if those rumours about Page joining The Stones came to pass. Keith and Jimmy in the same band touring the world. Carnage.
  2. I really love Presence. I think it's underrated. ITTOD was badly mixed. Some of it isn't bad. I'm Gonna Crawl and South Band Saurez and Fool In The Rain sound ok. Carouselambra is one of my favourite Zep songs but Plants vocals are completely buried, I think, maybe because Page didn't like what Plant was inferring lyrically. Or maybe he was just smacked out that day. BTW, on Youtube there is audio of Bonham's isolated drums from the Polar sessions. They are remarkable. For all Bonzo's issues, his drumming was as immense as ever.
  3. Virginia Parker, wow. I wondered if Percy had a go. I bet he tried.
  4. I'll give two. First is the BBC Sessions version. Plant is very understated, almost crooning the chorus. Second isn't a Zep version but the Page/Plant Unledded live. I think that is staggeringly good. Vocal from Plant is amazing and Page's solo and playing on it is perfect.
  5. Indeed. Agree with all of this. In fact, I'm almost certain Page spoke to her mother and asked if it was ok to date her daughter. Correct me if I'm wrong. Different days, crazy days back then. To Lori's credit, she has given a tiny handful of interviews about this in her lifetime. She has never cashed in and never used it to her advantage. She simply got on with her life. Beyond the sensational headlines she has always been perfectly complementary about Jimmy, right up until the moment he ditched her for Bebe Buell, but she holds no ill-feeling. And I remember it tickled her when Jimmy married Jimena and she exclaimed (and I paraphrase) "She looks just like me!"
  6. All the Zep stuff looked highly staged. "Look as if you are having fun, guys." Bonzo does, however, have a drink in his hand. Maybe the Mob stole Zep's money in 73 though and this report was incredibly prescient.
  7. The Thong Remains The Thame? Now if Lori Maddox had decided to bring a book out..................
  8. "I live for my dreams and a pocketful of gold..........Acapulco Gold." "I live for my dreams and a pocketful of gold..........How about some of that Morocco Gold?"
  9. An in depth 4 hour documentary with archive footage and interviews please along with a restored complete Earls Court compilation DVD, Seattle 77 remastered and polished and some new live albums, particularly the 77 LA Forum show. Oh, and a warts and all autobiography from James Patrick Page. Too much to ask for?
  10. Rest In Peace. Very sad. Contribute if you can in any way at all to his JustGiving page.
  11. I am glad they never reformed. You can't recapture past magic. It's like chasing perfection, it's never going to happen no matter how hard you try.
  12. Cocaine eyes. Wow.
  13. Not sure any Cliff Richards songs would have done them any credit. I was thinking about this today though. A covers album with some of the classic blues standards. Not sure Bonzo would've got much action though.
  14. Plant can be very strange at times. He got close to Jones during ITTOD and they basically wrote the whole record together, yet he and Page left him out of the picture for Unledded. Page didn't even attend Karac's funeral which I think, is eternally unforgivable, and I am sure Plant still thinks that to this very day. However, he teamed up with Page for Unledded and the record after, I assume, for money. Jones is always the least talked about member of Led Zeppelin but he was the best musician and was the equal to the others. No Jones, No Zep. No Bonham, No Zep. No Page, No Zep. No Plant, No Zep.
  15. No disrespect to Jason but he isn't even in the same universe as his father as a drummer. That's not to say Jason isn't good, because he is. It's just his father was the best rock drummer that has ever graced the skins. Phenomenal, precise, crisp, hard, funky, swinging. THRUTCH.