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  1. Bring It On Home from Coda Deluxe Release

    On the release of this, i think it was a new york guy on this board, that made a point to say, he thought it was the best song of the whole reissues....and i think i agree with that, for pure young energy and gumption. But there are others that are interesting for different reasons, creativity, heavy, vocal, guitar, drum, etc
  2. The Ramones......

    Agreed i actually discovered the ramones after my fascination with the grateful dead, phish, widespread panic....suddenly i was old and could hear it all, if that makes any sense...i had to reboot my appreciation for music and the ramones were the band that sounded good to me.
  3. Good song, i like the simplicity curious to hear more though, wonder if its still gonna be avoiding any sort of rock drum sound, as its been since mighty rearranger.
  4. I say john paul jones....jimmy was a punk rocker
  5. Jimmy Page WNEW 1977 Interview

    That was cool to hear, thanks everyone
  6. Presence album cover

    "There is a boy at school who tries to play the guitar with a violin bow. His name is james page. It sounds like a cat screeching and then he hits the guitar strings twice and then points the bow at all of the kids."
  7. Why RP frustrates me.

    It is frustrating that during the promotional interviews for celebration day, page was saying that he thought they would continue playing....whether a project or whatever page and jones thought. Yet plant continues to play alot of led zeppelin on solo tours....when youd think he would want to revisit so many of his own songs. i don't understand. Maybe they are playing the media...yet as a fan your definitely left hanging on
  8. Having seen jimmy page in 1988 on the outrider tour, it was presented as an overview of his music. It was a solidifying experience as a young fan and i think that young fans these days would love to hear something like that tour. In regards to plant page jones, recording, it would probably have to be new material, i would think. I agree that a tour would not be necessarily the only way to go about it....a record would be enough, a plant page and jones, record, tribute to john bonham...or anything.
  9. Tape of the first rehearsal?

    On one of the interviews for the promotion of celebration day, robert plant brings up playing a garnet mimms song on their first tour and just the way he said it...made me think they might have early recordings. Whether that would be studio or live...who knows. I could imagine a studio version of, as long as i have you, being much different than early live though, probably more subdued and without a medley.

    This would be a great movie. I could totally see it Great writing!
  11. Presence album cover

    "Can you tell us the story, of when fishing boats were out at sea and this wasnt a tourist town?"
  12. The Reigning King of Rock Guitar

    I would say that the other guitarists that pushed the guitar further, were hetfield/hamett, tom morello and jack white.
  13. Oakland Incident?

    In the movie, the song remains the same, there is grant yelling at venue management over bootleg merchandise....minimal shit really. Then you have a guy in oakland ca trying to do his job and maybe too much....again over minimal stuff. I guess overreactions were peter grant's way.
  14. Did Presence have a bad mix?

    Been blasting presence to and from work all week and have been enjoying the trebley guitar solos, actually my eardrums have been electrocuted and its great. Its seems like jimmy followed the presence solo tone, on the next record with evening, suarez, hot dog, crawl....then again i always had the treble up a bit, bass back a bit and loud.
  15. Oakland Incident?

    There was definite mismanagement in that situtation! "if" bonham was roped into it by grant, that was a huge mistake by grant. Of course the whole thing should have never happened, cooler heads should have prevailed. Stupid situation.... Maybe free led zeppelin memorabilia, souvenirs and t shirts for everyone backstage would have made everyone happy.
  16. I was just feeling old and grumpy and misunderstood the thread. I usually enjoy rearranging the song orders, on one of these threads combining physical graffiti and presence, i put all the epics on the double album and all the rock stuff on the single album.
  17. I understand the thought...but it would fucking suck.
  18. John Paul Jones - House of Blues (2000)

    It was quite amazing how john paul jones went from destroying rock music, to soloing like jimmy page, grooving on keyboards, playing dinosaur rock, destroying rock again and then finish the show with love grooves.
  19. Foreigner

    Double vision was a great record.
  20. Did Presence have a bad mix?

  21. Presence album cover

    "I am gonna tip this fucking table over....if i dont get french fries."
  22. Coverdale/Page

    I agree, but there is zooma, them crooked vultures and even the master at being unheavy....mighty rearranger, PLANT.
  23. Any time now.....

    Yeah i guess its all being logged and mined, hopefully the zeppelin bootleg stuff still filters. Idk what to say anymore.
  24. Top 5 Robert Plant solo/Non-Zeppelin songs?

    Messin with the mekon doo doo a do do walking towards paradise dancing in heaven