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  1. Elvis vs. Plant

    They are 2 totally different times in rock history, so its interesting to compare them singing each others songs. I can imagine each of them doing that with quite a few songs...but i do not see elvis doing some of the songs live the way plant did with the range....and i could never imagine plant singing the later gospel power elvis singing.
  2. Coverdale/Page being remastered/revisited

    Wow i guess Page is truly retired then...i do look forward to any extra material, but i cannot imagine this record sounding better from remastering.
  3. New Plant interview

    I thought that old interview and music was good, kinda different with other musicians and jimmy was using that tone he used with the beachboys in 85..
  4. In the Evening lyrics

    With the song lyrics, it seems like it starts out with blues lyrics...but then its like a bit more telling of something than the open ended plant lyrics, yet still says nothing...except love and life.
  5. In the Evening lyrics

    I always heard and listened to this song as an inspirational song...the driving beat says it all.
  6. Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes

    I was at 2 of the 3 roseland shows and it was an open recording situation at the soundboard...without a doubt.
  7. I enjoyed the buzz i got from reading about this, but like the page crowes, in the light marbled vinyl...i would never get it. So my slacker self lets reality be real and i just enjoy the record in imaginary form. I look forward to hearing it on youtube one day.
  8. How about an acoustic reunion?

    I always thought that their rock music was their strength...,,,.....sorry falling asleep thinking about an acoustic set...,but a new hour of page, plant, jones would be great. I think that loud electric music would transcend age and whatever. With todays dynamics audiowise, they could take their quiet and loud dynamic to new heights. Most importantly after jones zooma and page and plant era.......it could be new and it could be loud moving music.
  9. 9/29/71 Immigrant Song sb release

    This is the bootleg world. There are 45s and partial songs of shows on vinyl and cut up cds....i have 2cds w parts of 3 shows, maybe that was a 90s thing....with horrible quality.
  10. Black Country Communion

    Why is this band making 7 or 8min songs...
  11. How about an acoustic reunion?

    Actually, considering page and plants, wonderful one and yah la, it would be most likely acoustic if page and plant ever played again......add john paul jones and it would most likely need volume and drums. Unless they bring him in as a sideman mandolin player, or acoustic guitar....then it could be page, plant, jones unplugged.

    Whenever i see over the hills...on a mid 70s setlist, it makes me critique the setlists and wonder why there was not more variety. I think page and plant 90s totally recognized that with playing, thank you, ramble on, what is and what should never be, ramble on, babe im gonna leave you and opening shows with the wanton song. In fact, i would say that ramble on, is a key song to the whole flow of the ahmet show in 07.
  13. What Zeppelin Memorabilia do you Collect?

    Sadly i continully sold/traded in my live led zeppelin vinyl for compact discs at the time...yet kept a few good ones. Thanks to rick barrett and jimmy page with the companion discs...led zeppelin continues.
  14. Remixed "Black Country Woman" with electric guitar.

    Good idea, it sounded good...it definitely showcased that song in a different light.
  15. For a bootleg series, i think it should be 10 to 12 shows.
  16. Thanks, but i prefer my fantasy records...multiple 2018 2019 studio and live material.
  17. I would think that an official studio companion disc for the first record, including as long as i have you.......for 2018 and some kind of live release in 2019, whether an overview of 68 to 80...or just earls court, or just japan....if it could be a comprehensive bootleg series....i think they should drop it all at once and let us all buy the records over time.
  18. Yeah idk...just sayin. I cannot believe how vibrant the shows sound these days...so i am sure they can make these tapes sound great, digitally...and then make them sound real again for cds vinyl and digital
  19. Greta Van Fleet

    Great band....they have a zeppelin influence, yet have their own band vibe also, very cool. Makes me think how rush had to go a few steps away from the led zeppelin sound to find their own sound. Yet this band can stay closer to zeppelin and write their own good songs. Very nice to finally hear a led zeppelin influence, that actually sounds good.
  20. If they release japan, earls court and copenhagen79 that would make complete sense to me....to make everyone happy and they could hold onto a 77 release for later.
  21. Guilty Pleasures

    Capt beefheart, roky erikson, b52s, ween
  22. I would like to see a trifecta audio release, of early zep, 75 77 and 80
  23. Gotta trust jimmy page here. Go jimmy, go and hope jpj 2cents factors in also
  24. Bring It On Home from Coda Deluxe Release

    On the release of this, i think it was a new york guy on this board, that made a point to say, he thought it was the best song of the whole reissues....and i think i agree with that, for pure young energy and gumption. But there are others that are interesting for different reasons, creativity, heavy, vocal, guitar, drum, etc