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  1. Audio from this session was posted to youtube today:
  2. I still remember when he joined The Dream Syndicate on that same stage, can't believe it's been two years already! Great band, The Days of Wine and Roses is one of my favourite albums.
  3. Only person they need up there is Robyn Hitchcock and this would be a full Venus 3 reunion.
  4. I stumbled upon this content on the website of the county of Finnmark, a region located in the extreme northeastern part of Norway bordering Finland to the South, Russia to the East. It shows John Paul Jones in the company of mostly R.E.M. personnel: guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and multi-instrumentalist Scott McCaughey (along with Steve Wynn, formerly of The Dream Syndicate and artist Michele Noach). The entry on, using google translation from Norwegian to English, reads: It was during Monday's press conference (that) we got to meet the world-renowned musicians who have arrived (in) Vadsø. to play the mini festival Ice Station. Another report, posted on the website of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) quotes John Paul Jones as saying that the group of musicians arrived on the invitation of Australian artist Michele Noach. According to NRK: "Jones will also look Vadsø landmark Airships Masta, where polar heroes Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile moored before his expeditions in the 20th century. The artists will also visit the memorial of witch burnings in Vardø and hopefully see both reindeer and northern lights - even though the weather forecast offers little hope for the latter" (google translation from Norwegian). Here are some links to the content (in Norwegian) and source of the photo reprinted here on the forum:
  6. I'd go to Russia anytime, any day. The Western media just exaggerates and paints a biased picture of the land and its people, who are always kind and welcoming of strangers. Of course I wouldn't go to Sochi this time of year, these type of events tend to inflate the prices of just everything: accommodation, food, etcetera, I'd rather go some other time when the crowds recede.. There were also attacks during the Atlanta Olympics, and I didn't see people revising their travel plans, it was an attitude of "we'll prevail over the terrorists", so why can't mother Russia prevail over these people whoever they are?
  7. Robyn Hitchcock, Scott McCaughey, Joseph Arthur, Peter Buck, John Paul Jones, Corin Tucker, Jakob Dylan.
  8. Mr. Gerald Thomas deserves a slot in the agenda.
  11. Sources:
  12. "Robert Plant with exclusive concert at Bergen Norway Fest 2014! It is with great pleasure that we can introduce Robert Plant as one of the main attractions in Bergen Fest 2014. Thursday 12 June is the date to note". Google translation, sources:
  13. Minor Alps / Get There Joseph Arthur / Ballad of Boogie Christ Galaxie 500 / Today
  14. For some reason I think of her as the new Amy Winehouse.