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  1. Andy, my sincere condolences to you and your family
  2. This is fast becoming my new favourite where did I leave that oil? Relaxing in Costa Rica, January - 2016
  3. Long time since I saw Starman as well
  4. I think I'm becoming a little obsessed with a young Jeff Bridges esp in the 80's circa
  5. Oh for the love of.....anyone who is on Facebook will understand the following: "This is Tanya. Tanya sees far too many "Be like" posts floating around on Facebook Tanya is bored of them and wants to kill the creator of them. Be smart, ignore them like Tanya"
  6. It was going for £60, which I thought was very reasonable but I didn't buy it.
  7. Lemmy, Bowie and now Alan Rickman Memo to the Grim Reaper, Perhaps next time, you should weld your scythe towards the direction of those Kardashian muppets, Kanye West, Miley bloody Cyrus or that other imbecile Katie Hopkins. Either that or go to Specsavers.
  8. Sorry Strider, you are right....I tend to quickly flick through here without reading all the other bits
  9. I have literally came across this video, utterly spine tingling
  10. At work yesterday, we discussed about Bowie, I remember saying that it would be one of those pinnacle moments in which people would ask "where were you when you heard about David Bowies death.
  11. The heavens above have gained a multi coloured star shining brightly... R.I.P The Thin White Duke I just cannot believe it while I'm typing this.
  12. Many happy returns to Mr Baldwin aka JPJ...the big 70! And still looks fab for his age!
  13. Not long back from a day trip up to Londonderry and I came across this....A first edition of Led Zeppelin II in mint condition
  14. Natalie Cole, daughter of Nat "King" Cole has passed away at 65
  15. Happy New Year folks, I hope 2016 is gonna be a blast for everyone