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  1. The latest update we have is that it's coming this year
  2. Very cool. I got to see a screening of the film in the studio it was shot in. That was a surreal experience.
  3. Full release from the Royal Albert Hall below. Ticket link is here.
  4. The event page literally says "Alongside Whitehead’s footage, some of which has never before been screened publicly." I'd say that certainly implies " footage we haven't seen before." It's not yet clear whether that's going to be Led Zeppelin footage, but the RAH is certainly having a look (I've chatted to them about this.)
  5. The Royal Albert Hall has announced that it will screen parts of the original, unrestored release of Led Zeppelin's 1970 performance at the venue on May 27 The event hints at previously unseen footage. It's my understanding that they're currently searching through Peter Whitehead's archive to see exactly what's there.
  6. I don't think it will be a solo performance, last year he sat in with lots of other groups.
  7. Yep, first 20,000 sets will be numbered
  8. October 9, 2012 at the New York premiere of "Celebration Day."
  9. They've mainly been listening to expert performances of the songs based on the original sheet music - that's what just happened in court.
  10. That's almost certainly what happened.
  11. This is rather a remarkable post. Led Zeppelin's lawyer is playing this by the book and coping extremely well with Malofiy's shenanigans.
  12. I interviewed a copyright and trademark lawyer about the upcoming "Stairway To Heaven" trial. I found it fascinating and he answered a lot of the questions I had about the case.