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  1. Of course I have. And I think people tend to overprize that show. The band seems to be having fun but performance is still very regular. I hope I'm wrong.
  2. I'm afraid this is going to be another typical monotonous '75 show with extra tracks. I'd prefer any '77 show over this to be honest.
  3. Still no decent artwork scans?
  4. They obviously had some rehearsals before the tour.
  5. I'd say 1975-03-03 is the best '75 show captured on soundboard so far. The band was more creative and inventive than usual that night. Bonzo's drumming was very close to his '77 drumming.
  6. Probably because the recording wasn't authorized by the band?
  7. Any pictures of that?
  8. Pity it's 1975 once again. I hoped for 1977 so much. 1975 shows were boring and monotonous.
  9. Listening to New Orleans 1973-05-14. Anyone have any ideas who played second guitar in Communication Breakdown that day?
  10. I believe they took it from here
  11. There is nothing rare in the age of the Internet.
  12. I presume EVSD try to target the average-mainstream audience with their later releases without aud patches. Pity. People that ordered that stuff may throw it into a trash can. I'm gonna wait for a patched version on DIME.
  13. Sorry, but the whole opening vocal part is missing,Main theme flows directly into synthesizer interlude before piano part.Why didn't they patch it?!!!
  14. Seems like no one here ever listened to aud recording of this show before.