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  1. currently listening to Nutrocker's baby, 1977/06/11. On SIBLY now. More people really oughta sing this show's praises outside of No Quarter. The opening songs are some of the heaviest I've ever heard, especially once u speed correct the tape and eliminate that piercingly sharp treble to reveal some very good bass frequencies.
  2. What I wouldnt give for soundboards of Dallas, the last night in Chicago, any of the missing five, Atlanta, or Pontiac.
  3. They sold both nights individually
  4. Back on topic, I gotta say I wish there was at least ONE above average recording from the earliest weeks of the April leg of the tour. Until Cleveland they all range from mediocre at best (Oklahoma, one of the sources for the third night in Chicago, Cincinnati, Louisville) to god-awful (all the other Chicago tapes and Atlanta). It kinda makes those shows mysterious in a way because despite the obvious rust the band was shaking off, you wanna get a full grasp on what they were doing and none of the tapes in circulation offer that.
  5. I'm fairly certain they're Japanese and they've almost exclusively been making money off of Winston's work.
  6. The cover says they're Winston Remasters but I can confirm directly from Winston himself that he never released anything of those shows so I have to wonder
  7. If Moonchild's releases of Copenhagen 1979 are what I think they are, you can.
  8. I've asked this question several times over the past few years and I still have never gotten a straight answer
  9. I enjoy exactly 20 seconds of that show
  10. Its still up for me
  11. Thankfully the V1/2 audience tape has Jimmy nice and up front
  12. 25 minutes into Dazed from Seattle 73 and Bonzo's playing is driving me insane!!
  13. The mid range and bass frequencies sound great but the cymbals and treble overall are a little harsh. I don't blame you because speaking as someone who's worked with the soundboard source before, you can only either settle for muffled or go for sharp treble. There's practically no inbetween with that tape. I applaud your efforts and hope to hear more from you in the future
  14. I attempted it about a year ago and couldnt come up with anything that sounded like a legitimate improvement. I'll check yours out very soon