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  1. It'd be wild if it was the the rest of the soundboard for 1973/07/17
  2. Good thing I've got that ;P
  3. I would love it if it was the true stereo soundboard of Seattle 77, itd make a fantastic upgrade over the mono video feed
  4. I have no idea what the source of this image could even be but I hope it's an upgrade of Seattle 77 and not just some sick gag
  5. Pardon me while I go get this framed and hung on my wall. Your body of work was what originally inspired me to learn how to use sound editing programs and to remaster music. I can remember back in 2013 thinking to myself when I worked on concerts "if I can get it to sound as good as a Winston Remaster then I'll be happy with it!" No joke, in that regard, you're a personal hero of mine. So, long story short, thanks for the compliment!
  6. I'm waiting for flacs to show up on online to confirm whether or not the Copenhagen 79 releases are actually my remasters since Winston never put out anything of those shows
  7. 7/28 and 7/29 are both basically complete with slight cuts here and there but no songs missing except for Stairway on 7/29. Chicago 7/6 is also pretty much complete. San Diego is almost complete save for most of Dazed.
  8. Im interested to see of the Seattle 77 bit is the Stairway thru Rock and Roll clip. If it is I pray it has lossless audio as Im pretty sure only lossy audio exists of that clip. Also just because it's on YouTube doesnt mean jackshit. YouTube compresses everything to the point where even HD looks bad. I'd be happy to see the Landover and Greensboro 77 clips in better quality, assuming they arent YouTube rips.
  9. Revisiting 1972/06/25 for the first time in nearly 5 years
  10. I love Providence quite alot, I was just knew it was something most people in this thread would want. As far as 7/20, I havent heard it and I know they end the show with no encore because of the crowd so I'd rather have a show where theyre in a good mood
  11. My soundboard holy grail will forever be Pontiac 77. However I've been on a serious North America 1973 kick as of late. If I had to pick just 10 shows it'd be: 1973/05/04 1973/06/03 1973/07/23 1973/07/24 1975/01/11 1975/03/12 1975/03/27 1977/04/10 1977/05/31 1977/06/08 Also I'd like upgrades of the '73 soundboards we already have, i.e. 96/24 DATs transferred direct from the complete master recordings. Naturally I want all the LA '77 shows but what good's beating a dead horse