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  1. Excellent, great to see these.
  2. Due to seee Rainbow again in June. Its at the Manchester arena but not sure whats happening since the bombing. Seeing Deep Purple later in the year too.
  3. It's hardly that cryptic when its no secret that they have been recording a new album. So any time now under most circumstances would mean that an announcement about said album and tour was forthcoming. I would have thought anything purely Zep related would not be on his site. People just jumped on it added 1+2 and equalled 101207 pt 2. I thankfully don't fall into the " I read it so it must be true" brigade.
  4. Seasick Steve next Tuesday in Manchester UK
  5. The Who tomorrow in Birmingham UK
  6. Great trailer
  7. In the City by the Bay June 2016
  8. My son daughter in law and grandson live in London but thankfully they are not near to westminster and were safe. But London is going to be and anxious city for a while.
  9. My next show on the 25th March back to Manchester for Anderson Wakeman and Rabin for alittle bit of Yes music.
  10. Oh Elbow very much still around Strider and put on a fantastic show. Not sure about Elastica but you never know.
  11. Just home from seeing Elbow in Manchester UK. My next show is Anderson Wakeman and Rabin, back at the same venue in Manchester 25th March.
  12. I will have to give the deluxe edition a miss at that price but the general one is ordered. can't wait to hear it in it's entirety Nice to have such rare stuff.
  13. Sad news, and a big loss to the Zeppelin live music world. RIP Jason. Thanks for Royal Orleans and what you brought to it.
  14. A herd of European antelope spotted pretending to be African wildebeests @#fakegnus