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  1. It came out from Fisheads' mailing list, I saw that statement just a couple of weeks ago. Nothing new here though...
  2. I found these up here:
  3. Important question: how 'bout other dates that have been cancelled due to JPJ' father's illness? The 11th of August is reported to be cancelled (Charlotte), 12th of August (Jacksonville), 13th of August (Tallahassee), 14th of August (Boston). The first date we have a confirmation that the band performed is New Haven show from 15th of August. So, what's the clue of that weird break / cancellation between August 10th (now confirmed) and all these cancelled dates between 'til the 15th of August?
  4. It's because Eat A Peach uses TMoQ source and Winston uses other one (stereo source).
  5. It's not better than Eat A Peach. They've used exact same source mixed that can be found on their earlier reissues from the massive 9CD box set.
  6. I think they may be tied or not. It doesn't matter really.
  7. PM sent, got Berkeley shows I think too but it may be just one of them. Got also September 14th on 2LP set released by same folks who ran Godfather. Yellow vinyl, limited numbered edition LOL
  8. Does it sound so bad it's really worth a nothing? If quality is like 73/7/15, it's still worth of attention.
  9. Yes, it has a repeat but I am much sceptical about so called 1st gen copy used on that remastred version as I did not see any copies circulated from verified low gens for Dub recording except for a low gen I got, which is similar to NZ source but not identical (except for same patch before Immigrant Song, usual cuts in between the tracks and repeat before SIBLY). If anyone has a real confirmed 1st gen copy of Dub tape, it would be interesting to examine it and compare with my copy of unknown gen.
  10. Got these tapes as low gen so I can clearily proof that ;). EV title may be sourced from masters but, as you've accurately observed, its quality isn't as bright as NZ so I assume the NZ are closer to the masters than EV.
  11. Eat a Peach isn't EQ and it sounds exactly the same as Neutral Zone bootleg. EV is sourced from less bright copy of Dub recording and from my own knowledge, it sounds similar to the circulated low gen of that source. Neutral Zone / Eat a Peach likely used either a different copy or they got an access to a real master as EV is somewhat weak in comparison (more hiss etc.).
  12. It's likely a spin off label from Lighthouse team. Do not buy these crap! They just copied Winston's work and adds some shotty looking artwork, that's all. And its price $10 .... it tells everything.
  13. I really don't care if he is/was the source as it's very childish seeing all these people battling for such information and hoarding the stuff behind. As said, the LZ community is one of the worst ever as it comes for liberating any new live recording and I am not surprised that some of people are enough desperated to do anything to be close to any new material.
  14. Some people hates him because they thought he just copied the info from other sites and did not credit anyone. It's funny since all these sites are freely available so anyone can quote it and paste wherever they want. At least his site got everything sorted out in one place so it's quite a good resource, that's all. And one more thing: it's a small world we're livin' in and LZ traders are amongst the worst on the Earth, don't ya?
  15. I can only second to this: except for 928 all Lighthouse titles are crap, nothing new, just ripped torrents with an ugly EQ and bad edits. I am still wonderin' why some people are buying it :P.