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  1. speaking of warhorses...
  2. well...ya
  3. thank you
  4. He managed to show up for work and get paid- in spite of all that life entailed at the time. Anyone will say they are the biggest star in the room until Jimmy walks in, both then and now. Anyone that dogs and criticizes for not being perfect does so from the perspective of not being the lead guitarist and founder of LZ. Easy to jab when it's not you are not doing the heavy lifting.
  5. Use the "search" function on this site for a smattering of info
  6. thanks for the review, I have not heard any audio to me he leans this way naturally kinda freaks me out a little i.e ZOOMA and THUNDER THIEF
  7. ... how can they not. I am 100% confident of new composition and companion materials.
  8. much depth here when the event becomes the event the only thing that matters is that the band is on stage- he was already dead while he was alive.
  9. Tragic loss. He cared.
  10. Exactly. Excitement/enthusiasm peak was 68-71 Command/execution peak was 72ish I will say '79, '98 and '07 were just fine for me. Not a fan of the over-nuanced push and pull of his phrasing in '77-Over Europe, for me it's annoying.
  11. Hilburn is living large on Ventura Boulevard these days writing bios about Johnny Cash and Paul Simon. Fanboy for pay in his retirement. He is still butt hurt over not being "with the band"
  12. ... would be nice to see blimps fly again- been a while now hoping they do a night at Knebworth if they do anything and beam it to the world. Demand unprecedented. I am 100% confident new music will be involved.