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  1. the screens at the summit were way way way up high and pretty certain not visible from that vantage point. Unless I am missing what you are seeing which could absolutely happen.
  2. hold close your claims, my posts are for a few- pod pod.
  3. correct on all counts
  4. for me the most important citation would be a ticket stub I collect a great deal of of jazz and historic country western memorabilia and the item that is usually available for rare or "in doubt/cancelled" events is a ticket stub. People hang on to them.
  5. those who know, know.
  6. Dave lists the following shows as being taped and specifically cites them being recorded on CCTV. Pontiac Silverdome, April 30 1977 The Summit, May 21 1977 Capital Center, May 30 1977 Kingdome, July 17 1977 Dave has taken a great deal of guff for this assertion over the years. You won't find me at the front of the line for DL nor do I believe every word he prints is fact. However... KHOU news cast 5/21/77 showed a short clip of video of LZ during the encore and the news anchor said,"Just as Led Zeppelin began their encore song their guitarist took a nasty spill while retaking the stage. He got right up with a big smile and Led Zeppelin continue to rock The Summit in Houston in Houston tonight much to the delight of their fans." The Summit was state of the art for the day and the venue had video cameras for the sports teams and for broadcasts and CCTV for security and common areas. Obviously. Betamax. Who would have thought. Back on thread tho...
  7. its an ad agency work up mounted on the wall of Earl's Court for the 1974 Boat Show. They are models. Sorry if that bursts the bubble...
  8. sometimes I cannot tell if your answer is from your "show" or if it is from you
  9. I participate in many auctions and trading circles and have not come across anything credible for "new" quite the opposite. Most are rehashed, reworked and frankly a disappointment. Many things being shopped as "sound boards" are not at all. Think about it. Do you really know what a sound board is? A seller recently listed some samples at a Miami collectibles auction of a supposedly new Houston77 recording and it was counterfeit. Try before you buy. I posted in another thread an ALS from Seattle 77 that is "new", it was a sample from a source that supposedly has a download only release in a month or so. He was trying to sell the entire thing for $8500. In previous auctions he has been legit with his collectibles so we will see. No one ponied up the cash for his Seattle77 and the item was withdrawn.
  10. Vul holla
  11. now that is an authentic post
  12. you said "campfire hootenany" was in LAX taking the red eye back to DFW Monday night and Down By the Seaside came on the overhead music. Checked this forum to catch up on posts and read yours. What was cool was about 30minutes earlier I stopped for gas on Man & 405...drove on down passed The Forum. 5th Element