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  1. only time this happened was during the ARMs concert 11/28 during Goodnight Irene, it was an option and Page tastefully opted out. If in reference to this, the song was already on the tag- no one plays lead over a tag. 3:11
  2. what I hear you saying is "what a great song" and "it's fantastic that it is on an official release" If the purpose of LZ music was to rise above critical pressures, it would not. Rather, the band created demand unprecedented during a time of enormous competition [allegedly] I rarely listen to studio LPs, "glitches" and "sonic imperfections" prevent my enjoyment and pleasure not one iota. Warner had zero input regarding content.
  3. not at all originally on the Cut Loose album ====> Live in Peace 1983 [if you can abide the cilck track drum work btw he played all the instruments] It holds up ok. Mendelsohn's work on the LP is like a textbook and frames the vocals- kinda the point- precisely. Live in Peace is my personal favorite from the band. So much care and emphasis had gone into "don't sound like Bad Company" or "LZ" we have to sound like our own unit. =====> solo begins 42:42 55:30 laser/bow worth a watch & listen Commercial music was such a mud puddle then and no one was certain what would take off and Mean Business owes some of it's patchwork to that. Next favorite from the band is: Money Can't Buy- Live [1:55 track begins]
  4. sweet mama rain comin' down in hurrrrr...... Groove Me Deep
  5. good read... btw- someone hacked your avatar and put a STL one where the T should be
  6. Understatement. Insofar as RC- he is the one who shall not be named - as the years move maybe he just couldn't avoid himself.
  7. yes, oh yes it was... no air conditioning and the "leak" was like it was raining center stage and on the front 10 rows. The acoustics were like Charlie Brown's teacher was trying to sing Ave Maria thru a wet blanket... rather than a crooner swinging out to Sea of Love. Infamy... Either put $10bills on the ticket backs or put Whole Lotta Love on the setlist- kinda the same thing maybe, well it got sorted and worked out nicely.
  8. ...keep your ESPN alerts switched on, Odor may get on a roll. Last night was unreal, looked like he was hitting a 5wood off the laces...
  9. this one is on my list because of all the different little things they had worked into the number especially as it approached the finale- spent a great deal of time trying to chart it out back in the day.
  10. ... wasn't ready for the man bun and stuff to have gray tho
  11. There was a point early on in Florida that it was showtime and less than 25% of the seats were filled at showtime... no longer time to "distance myself" from LZ. Personally, I have always found the numbers below interesting: @SAJ [not referring to Plant wearing the elf suit/jumper curled shoes] Artist: Robert Plant Touring Year + (Setlists) 1981 (9) 1982 (2) 1983 (52) 1984 (19) 1985 (39) 1986 (4) 1987 (2) 1988 (111) 12/12/88 Hamilton ON   has LZ songs in Set 1989 (1) 1990 (99) 1991 (5) 1992 (2) 1993 (98) 1994 (17) 1999 (19) 2000 (60) 2001 (23) 2002 (57) 2003 (26) 2004 (1) 2005 (94) 2006 (31) 2007 (20) Link to non-LZ here ===> No Audience Engagement 2008 (1) 2009 (3) 2010 (30) 2011 (55) 2012 (19) 2013 (36) 2014 (56) the year he supposedly wasn't doing anything but suddenly was 2015 (48) 2016 (28)
  12. I attended two LZ shows and it is interesting how my memory of what the shows felt like, what they smelled like, what the people around me smelled like and all the ambiance- both shows were off the charts indescribable. However, many years removed I hear/read comments from others that those shows were horrible, had awful mistakes, and much worse- wasn't as good as _____ on the tour in '70x. No one in that time period criticized the play per se, it was about the setlist, the drums how loud they played and the hot chicks. No one came close to LZ. The heavy weight in the air prior to the start of the shows tops NASCAR, the SuperBowl and every other event I have attended. The after the show experiences are some of my fondest memories. As a side, a similar communion went on when Celebration Day hit theaters- those here in Dallas know what I mean. The chatter after the show was incredible. . With consideration, if your experience with enjoying LZ live music is limited to boots and soundboards it is just that- limited. As kindly as I can submit, much of what is labeled as "soundboards" is not an authentic soundboard recording. None of us at the concerts experienced the interaction and delivery thru a soundboard- it was so much more. The visual was more penetrating and memorable than words can paint. Again, the ambiance was a living thing. The audience had a tangible ebb and flow to the response- especially the ladies. Not one comment then about Long Beach, Tempe, Oakland, LA.... Similary, I had the pleasure of being at all but one of the NA ARMS dates and over twenty FIRM dates in the '80s, never had a sense that Page was anything other than prepared and ready- and he was. As a professional, he was without equal in ethic and contribution [from what I saw personally]. It was The Firm, not LZ lite or LZ 2.0 and I will leave that for what it was. Personally, I did not see any aspect of life and living prevent him in any way. Not going to knock on a guy for slopping it around some. He had the spotlight, not the 12,000 dudes who wished they could be up there. I would point to the ARMS dates- for intent and purpose the show began once Page was introduced. The air changed. The audience changed. People were so warm and welcoming toward him, never seen anything like it. Some nights he hit it, others was bare down, adapt and survive, others some of both. A true pleasure to see. Pin a label of ignorance to me, I will gladly wear it.
  13. So far John Davis seems to have a nice touch- at least to me it sounds that way.
  14. went a bit past 11pm and started a bit before 11am- started stepping over people in the bogs by about 8:30am and I thought ticketron wasn't in UK til '81
  15. Mook... Long Time Ago ...well they do still have band meetings albeit with one empty seat