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  1. . The thought of this... I will front you another dollar and let's both write another letter
  2. really deep and emotional subject
  3. can't wait- hope you include the part where you have to climb over all the Christmas stuff to get in frame. Request: 2 RedBulls and 2 good mics prior to taping... I never miss a video of his. Some classics in there and not just the playing.
  4. The artist inside him would entertain the idea, the accountant in him only when it paid well. Which it did not, hence the lukewarm milktoast saga that is his path since Over Europe. And the whisper and talk singing is not artsy and demure as it is seen in many circles. Saw him bring out the big voice at a show mid last year and it was impressive he just got gassed after that- really gassed. Even at that he cut phrases and moved the vowels around some so he could get at it. Which I get- age and lifestyle win. PA'11 and PoMo to are pretty special LPs. Never bought them on cassette, cd or download. Played traditionally, both had a thread and a point and a delivery. After that... some points of interest but just no transport or mission- to me. The follow up to Raising Sand... It doesn't work when you go from the hand that sews time to the artist clamoring to release an album which no one demands comprised of twisty draped grit-free lilting neuter music that has to draw on the past for any structure and effect. Lukewarm, milktoast saga it is.
  5. .
  6. I get it. Saw Dolly Parton's original draft of Jolene the other day, it was written on a brown paper grocery bag. Pretty cool. That being said, the stuff in your basement looks better than all that
  7. its just stuff stuff from an estate sale that couldn't sell so they put it on display... to charge for it
  8. to be sure growing up in a smaller market turned out to be a blessing we were not inundated with the continual fleecing of the same bands returning for an "encore" performance every 4-6 months it was nice seeing Leon Russell every Friday and Saturday. On Thursday's his guests that would drop in and that was special. Watching Leon, Clapton, JJ Cale, Elton belt out '50s standards was a luxury even if it was only for a song or two. Leon playing piano solo for about 16bars as an intro to Lay Down Sally the first time it was played in public was killer we thought they were covering a song no one knew. Turns out... we heard it on the radio on the way home. "Didn't we just hear that...?" To me the most memorable friend that dropped in was Al Jarreau. That man had a lot of what no one else had. Anytime the news rag of Babylon (Rolling Stone magazine) chirps out "iconic" "greatest" "______ of all time" that is a marketing intern being told by the circulation department what to push
  9. 15 salt peter he said with a glint in his eye...
  10. ...and "You Can't Seize A Sunrise" Conneyfogle started a memorable thread a while back here =====>
  11. exactly and the exhibits reflect the core of both which is a commercial engine beholden to the old lot of what used to be a music industry whereby they trot out a tarted up old painted sell-out whore bag in the hopes of feeding the coffers just one more time regardless of my valuation of various bands LZ while not a saint has been selective in allowing others to appropriate/mooch off their tit and they usually land on the side of not selling out. A whore is a whore (not dissing or judging whores in fact quite the opposite) and LZ in my view while not above reproach commercially has taken a high road in most cases in not selling themselves out nor selling out the loyalty of their legion. I would point out their silence and privacy- very, very little is provided directly from the band, usually crumbs passed along thru surrogate ass hats like "I know Jimmy Page... look at my diary..." Halfin. The majority of communication from the band is in the form of its music albeit in multiple channels and releases now. It took a few decades for the band to see the worth in providing access thru digital download and streaming. The whores were lined up at the trough with faces cracked from smiling. no doubt unless he can find some little item he can include in the ultra mega deluxe Mothership reissue... now I do cherish my tshirt from TSRTS rerun, don't get me wrong. As I think about it, I do make time to go the the King Tut exhibits and the like when they come thru Dallas and Fort Worth so maybe I would go...
  12. I know this photographer that was at the Summit... Texas is well represented on this board ya? I get sad and happy both when I hear of these experiences. Sad I didn't get to go, happy that you did !!! I saw a study that "hearing" is more complex than our ears- it is a perception that involves the vibrations thru our skin and bones matched against what we see. These dimensions cannot convey thru a soundboard and especially not thru an mp3 scraping thru a handheld device from YouTube. Loved The Summit as a venue, you felt the music as much as you heard it. Knebworth was unreal. From the front you could hear the sound go to the back and carry the length of the grounds. The first note of TSRTS cracked from the front to the back and out to the sides like a small sonic boom. Can't hear that even on the best remastered source. It was still going when the drums and bass hit the next note. I heard the drums and bass as much thru my feet as my ears. As much as people ragged on Reunion Arena thru the years about its rolling bass wave, some of the best music I ever "heard" was there. Maybe the best vocal performance ever was The ARMS Concerts. Unmatched. When I listen to the soundboards it is really flat and muddy. Poor representation of how it was.
  13. It's going to be a great season
  14. !!!!! Ah yes, Mr. Wilson
  15. because Strider was at most of them...