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  1. The Walking Dead is back on.
  2. Cool. That makes sense because Chuck Norris was always a favorite of Texas Ranger Baseball fans. Chuck Norris had a Hell of a career as a Texas Ranger. If anyone can solve this "crime" it surely would be Chuckie.
  3. I heard that the New England Patriots have enlisted the Texas Rangers to help solve the disappearance of Tom Brady's stolen jersey. How can an American League Baseball Team help find a stolen NFL jersey? The Super Bowl was in Houston, Texas, not Arlington, Texas.
  4. I was not a fan of Lady Gaga at first (and really still not), but I respect the fact that she is a fan of Led Zeppelin and was a singer of Led Zeppelin songs in her early years. That and I think that she has nice Legs.
  5. Full live version of One of the Greatest Songs (or Most Popular Songs) in the whole of the RUSH Canon:
  6. Love Him or Hate Him, in My opinion, Donald Trump looks very Presidential. Like what a real President of the United States of America should look like. Thank God we do not to have look at a 70+ menopausal unattractive woman in drab pantsuits for the next 4 years who has trouble walking on her own and coughs more times then a normal human. Not to mention one of most corrupt politicians in American history.
  7. ...Are you so sure about your statement? This Country, My Country, the Great United States of America has not been so divided ever since I can remember, since about 1976 (when I was only 5 years old). You should know better then Me, as you were around and older than I was around this time (this is not a knock on your age, but a real statement). Has there ever really been a time in the past 4-8 years where it seems to be okay to kill or plan or attempt to kill American Law Enforcement Officers? Killing Cops is a Capital Murder Offense, yet there are thousands of Black Lives Matters initiates (and idiots) that advocate the murder of Police in every State. Obama either went to or spoke about the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown before the cases went to court or was exonerated by a jury or and FBI investigation. Both young black men, but killers nonetheless. The now defunct Obama never spoke positively of the Brave, hard-working, loyal and Proud Police Officers that have been killed in the "Line of Duty" by Black men (or white men) as much as he had "defended" African American men that clearly killed White Policemen with "racial" motivations. I live in Plano, Texas. Just last year, there were at least 5 Dallas Policemen that were assassinated in the streets of downtown Dallas, at the hands of a Black man. Where is the outrage at this slaughter?
  8. "In the Light": ...and "Since I've Been Loving You":
  9. I know that I can't be the only one to do this: I seem to almost always want my Samsung Galaxy S6 Active to have a 100% full battery every time I leave the house for work or otherwise. Even though my phones battery is fairly new and will not drain to quickly, I feel better knowing that my phone is fully charged whenever I take it out of the house.
  10. Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!
  11. Very Nice. I watched a few episodes when I could. In my opinion, Breaking Bad is the second best American produced show after the Sopranos. There are millions of people that would say that the Sopranos is the greatest and best show in the history of American television. Breaking Bad is a close Second. "Game of Thrones" may overtake them All.
  12. Happy Birthday John Paul Jones!!! In my opinion, the most talented and greatest musician of all-time.
  13. I saw it at the Cinemark in West Plano but I just saw the "standard" version. I liked it.
  14. Just a quick post: I saw "Rogue One" yesterday. It was Good. I will post more about this movie soon.