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  1. I do not care what others think of TWD, pro or con, tonight's episode was one of the best this season (2nd half). There is gonna be a major war between Rick and Negan that will began next Sunday and will continue when the Show resumes in October. In that meantime, I have "Game of Thrones" to look very forward too.
  2. The United States of America is the Greatest Country in the history of the Planet Earth. An American invented the game of Baseball and just right now the All -American Led Baseball Team just proved (at least to Me) that the United States of America is the Strongest Country in terms of Superiority and Class, etc... I also have very respect for the Team Puerto Rico as they had one of the best rosters during the whole WBC.
  3. U.S.A. up 4 - 0 in the top of the 5th.
  4. I have a ticket to see Mr. Joe Walsh at the Winstar Casino, about an hours drive from Plano, Texas. Section A, Row 22, Seat 11. Ticket cost: $85.00. Room for that night cost: $120.000. I Love Joe Walsh and am always willing to pay whatever it takes to see Him, plus a little gambling before and after the gig. I am soon going to buy a ticket to see Iron Maiden when they come to Dallas, Texas on June 23, 2017. I may end up going solo, but I don't care, I have Loved Iron Maiden since I was 13 years old. All the good seats have already been bought, so I will buy a $50 single ticket and end up sitting in a seat that cost double or triple of that. On a last note, I am seriously considering going to see Ms. Olivia Newton-John when she performs in Grand Prairie, Texas, soon, in about 2 weeks from now. I know that there will be some songs she sings that I will not really know, but then again, I know the songs that she will sing are songs of her that I Love really enjoy. This is My favorite song by one of the most Beautiful and Talented Singers of All-Time.
  5. I will wish you, Rick and the Baltimore Orioles "Good Luck" this year. Actually Good Luck to all Major League Baseball Teams. Obviously, as a Saint Louis Cardinals fan, I have high expectations for them every year. The Cardinals really never seem to disappoint their fans, although last year they failed to make the Post-Season (by one game) for the first time since 2010. Not a bad run if you ask me.
  6. Peter Grant was a member of Led Zeppelin. He just did not play an instrument or appear on stage with Them. Peter Grant was the Man who led Zeppelin. He was an equal member because He got an equal share of all royalties and profits from every album and tour that Led Zeppelin ever partook. He was even listed as an "Executive Producer" on every Led Zeppelin Album from the beginning to the end. He was so integral to Led Zeppelin's success that Peter Grant received an equal share to all of Led Zeppelin's success. He was the definitely the "5th" member. If Led Zeppelin received $100,00 for a gig, Mr. Grant got $20,00 for said gig.
  7. I agree completely. I am tired of seeing the "I hate Trump" etc... nonsense. If those that hate him so much and are American citizens, there is an easy answer. LEAVE and move to another, any other country. This goes for a lot of people that post on this topic, they know who they are. Get the Fuck out of My Country if you are so pathetic and do not agree with "OUR" President. I stand with the United States of America, regardless of who my President is. On a side note, I live within 10 miles of former President George W. Bush. How many "real" Americans can say that they live so close to a live, living former President?
  8. Peter Grant was a very shrewd and savvy business man/band manager. As far a percentages were concerned, it is my belief that Peter Grant was an equal member of Led Zeppelin. He received 20% of all of the earnings made by Led Zeppelin. He was even listed as "Executive Producer" on all of Led Zeppelin albums.
  9. The Walking Dead is back on.
  10. Cool. That makes sense because Chuck Norris was always a favorite of Texas Ranger Baseball fans. Chuck Norris had a Hell of a career as a Texas Ranger. If anyone can solve this "crime" it surely would be Chuckie.
  11. I heard that the New England Patriots have enlisted the Texas Rangers to help solve the disappearance of Tom Brady's stolen jersey. How can an American League Baseball Team help find a stolen NFL jersey? The Super Bowl was in Houston, Texas, not Arlington, Texas.
  12. I was not a fan of Lady Gaga at first (and really still not), but I respect the fact that she is a fan of Led Zeppelin and was a singer of Led Zeppelin songs in her early years. That and I think that she has nice Legs.
  13. Full live version of One of the Greatest Songs (or Most Popular Songs) in the whole of the RUSH Canon:
  14. Love Him or Hate Him, in My opinion, Donald Trump looks very Presidential. Like what a real President of the United States of America should look like. Thank God we do not to have look at a 70+ menopausal unattractive woman in drab pantsuits for the next 4 years who has trouble walking on her own and coughs more times then a normal human. Not to mention one of most corrupt politicians in American history.