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  1. To be honest, I really don't know but I do know that the Rangers also got off to a shaky start. The have the same record as the Cardinals. 9-10. The Astros have the second best record in the American League after your Orioles.
  2. Joe Fucking Walsh, one week from today, at the Winstar Casino somewhere in Oklahoma. Actually only about an hour or so drive from where I live in Texas. If I happen to get the chance to meet Him, I am going to ask him about his friendship with Mr. Page. (It's a casino in Oklahoma, if Joe is a gambler than a gambler has to try his luck, just like the rest of us). Maybe I will bring an extra incentive to entice Mr. Walsh if I get that lucky. Honestly, I would rather meet the man then win $10,000 at a gaming room table. At this point, money is not so important than meeting one of the Greatest Guitar Players of All-Time.
  3. The Saint Louis Cardinals were 3-9 a week or so ago. As of right now, the Cardinals are 9-10. 6 wins to 1 loss. Not an ideal way for such a historic franchise to start off a baseball season, but just a reminder that, against all odds, never count out the Saint Louis Cardinals. I know and realize that there are still 144 games to play so anything can happen to any MLB team. I really do not care for any other team, other than the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers, but the Chicago Cubs (so far) have also been far from dominant.
  4. This topic is devoted to any and all things Star Wars related. Anything related to Star Wars. (The Movies, History, Trivia, Memories, Facts, Opinions, Questions, Quotes, anything, etc)... I will begin. I remember when Luke Skywalker first saw the Millennium Falcon at the Mos Eisley spaceport He said, "what a pile of junk". (Classic!!!) Also, who shot first? Han Solo or Greedo? I realize that he is a Bounty Hunter and a bad Guy however, Boba Fett, in my opinion, is one of the Great and Classic movie characters of all-time.
  5. I mean No Offense by this but it is "Souls". The whole concept of the lyrics to "Stairway to Heaven" is that it was meant to be ambiguous and Robert Plant wanted everyone to "decipher" what they wanted and willed the words to be to fit their own interpretation, I have My own interpretations of the words to this "Epic" song, but I prefer to not share them because I do not want to start any controversy. (Let's just say that I think that the whole Song and meaning are what Jimmy and Robert wanted and that was off the Occultic leanings, even way back in 1971 when the such matter were still not really known- and still not really known to this day).
  6. The Cincinnati Reds lit up your Baltimore orioles like it was the Fucking 4th of July.
  7. Yadier Molina is one of the greatest catchers of all-time. Don't disrespect someone because they made an error in a game that you wanted them to win. Yadier Molina is definitely a first time Hall of Fame inductee. Certainly way better than Matt Wieters, who defected to the Washington Nationals. Like I have said plenty of times before, never count out the Saint Louis Cardinals. There is still 149 games to play. If you choose to go this route and insult a future Hall of Famer, that just shows me how shallow and callous you can be and where your misguided mindset is. Your Baltimore Orioles will never make it to the 2017 World Series. Remind me when the Orioles were last in a World Series and the last time they won one? Was it within the past 6 years? The "Mighty Saint Louis Cardinals" won the 2006 World Series and the 2011 World Series. Where were the Baltimore Orioles in the past 25 years prior to 2006? Please explain and elaborate your reply. I can't wait to read your rebuttal and nonsensical rhetoric. Edited to add: I am not your enemy, but if you choose to do battle with Me, or a war of Words (so to speak), I will NOT relent. I suggest that you ease up on all the negative diatribe that you always espouse when it comes down to who you like or hate just based on your team. You, and everyone else who follows this Baseball topic, does not see or read Me saying such negative comments (and Posts) like you do. You say a lot of Shit that really should not be tolerated on such an easy topic as a Baseball thread. Calm down, LedZeppfan1977, it is only a Game that neither of Us play. I am one of the nicest and easiest going persons that you could ever meet, but I do have My limits. Keep your harsh and negative opinions to yourself. Believe Me, it is in your best interest. Keep it up and who knows what could happen and "report" you for such brutal and insignificant comments.
  8. For the first time in 20 something years, the Saint Louis Cardinals are off to their worst start of a season. For any Cardinals fan, it is a concern, but I am a faithful and loyal fan to know that this is just a "beginning of the season" fluke. My confidence in Them will never waiver, even if they do not do so good this season, (which I think will change). Even with their current record, it is never wise to count out the Saint Louis Cardinals at any point in any baseball season.
  9. Who is smug now? Me or you? I wished you good tidings when your city was on Fire a couple of years ago. The city of Baltimore. I think that you have to think of what you post before you actually post a "smug" comment. I could care less of what you think of Me, but I am an honest and one of the easiest going and nicest person that you (or anyone) could ever meet. You, on the other hand, seem to be the exact opposite of a nice and kind person. Wicked and Evil comes to mind. Think on that you Baltimorian. Again, I do not expect a reply from you, but I would welcome one. Again your call. JUST remember a No COMMENT Iis more than a incriminating comment.
  10. The Walking Dead is just another Great American Made and Produced T.V. Show that is currently on its fifth season on the same AMC network that brought the civilized world, Breaking Bad (in My Opinion, perhaps the Greatest American Television Show of All-Time). It seems as though the Walking Dead is currently the number one show on American Television. I will admit that I just became a huge fan of this show only about a month ago, however, I have seen and am caught up to the end of the 4th season and now watching and anticipating this new 5th season. So, fellow Led Zeppelin fans and purveyors of great Music and Television, what is your opinion on the AMC show, the Walking Dead?
  11. "Urban Cowboy". I like this movie. I think that the woman who plays Pam (Madolyn Smith), Bud's affair woman, is one of the most beautiful woman to ever grace a movie screen. I tried numerous time to insert a picture of Madolyn in this post but was unable to for some reason. For those that know this movie, you know who I am referring to and how beautiful this woman really was. I was living in Houston at the time of the filming of this movie, but I was 9 years old at that time.
  12. I have no idea what you mean. Can someone translate this for me?
  13. Thanks. I don't know if the Cardinals have ever faced him. I do know that a long beloved Saint Louis Cardinal, Matt Holliday, is now a New York Yankee. If the Cardinals can sweep the Yankees, they would be an even 6-6. For yours, mine and the Cardinals sake, lets hope that that does happen.
  14. Well said, ebk. Have you forgettin when I said that I hoped that you were safe (and I meant it) when your city of Baltimore was rioting and up in flames? If you don't remember I can always remind you and the rest of the forum. I can repost what I said from that year. If you have the audacity to call me out, (on a post that was not even directed towards you), I can reciprocate. I have no ill will with you but I can be just as ruthless. Confidant I may be, but smug I am not. Your call. Please reply.
  15. It did not ruin my night but you are correct. The Cardinals are off to a not so good start, however I am not to concerned at this time.
  16. I am currently watching the Chicago Cubs raise 4 banners/flags for their World Series win last year. What I find funny is that the Cubs only have 4 banners/flags to raise since 1907. The first 3 were for National League Pennants between 1907 and 1945. 1945. The year WWII ended. 72 years ago. Most of the people on this Awesome Forum have/had parents that were not born or just being born way back then. I congratulate the Chicago Cubs for winning the World Series last year, but I can name a certain team that has won 11 World Series in less then the 108 year time frame it took the Cubs to win 1.
  17. This is a topic that is meant for fun (I hope). Which of these two movies do you prefer? Star Wars (Episodes IV, V and VI) or the Godfather (I, II and III). I realize that these two Great trilogies are as far apart as can be, however, I think that this could be a topic that may give some very interesting and possibly some very different opinions. If anyone wants to answer, give your answer and your reason for your choice. I will give my choice in due time.
  18. I know that I noted this above but this is the full revision of my 2017 MLB picks: American League: East: Boston Red Sox Central: Cleveland Indians West: Texas Rangers Wild Card: Houston Astros - Detroit Tigers ________________ National League: East: New York Mets Central: Saint Louis Cardinals West: Los Angeles Dodgers Wild Card: Washington Nationals - Chicago Cubs
  19. You are right. I am going to make this change: National League Wild Card: Washington Nationals - Chicago Cubs. (No San Francisco Giants). All my other picks remain the same.
  20. One day late. American League: East: Boston Red Sox Central: Cleveland Indians West: Texas Rangers Wild Card: Houston Astros - Detroit Tigers ________________ National League: East: New York Mets Central: Saint Louis Cardinals West: Los Angeles Dodgers Wild Card: Washington Nationals - San Francisco Giants I will admit that I very much dislike all the teams that I picked for the National League besides, of course, the Saint Louis Cardinals and the New York Mets. Sorry, Rick, but I still think that your Baltimore Orioles are a team that is good, but not good enough to take it to the Top Level.
  21. If it is okay with the administrators, please feel free to post any and all Led Zeppelin live bootlegs here. I have been listening to Led Zeppelin bootlegs for over 28 years. I want this to be for the younger and newer fans of Led Zeppelin to listen to (well everyone really) and hear how the "Mighty Led Zeppelin", were the biggest concert draw during Their reign from 1968 - 1980. Long Live Led Zeppelin... I will start:
  22. Today is Opening Day for the 2017 Major League Baseball Season. For the third year in a row, the Saint Louis Cardinals are opening up the season, this year against the their main rival and defending Champions, the Chicago Cubs. As much as I dislike the Chicago Cubs, I do respect them. Them winning last years World Series (after a 108 year old drought), was impressive, however the Saint Louis Cardinals have won more World Series than anyone in Baseball history after the New York Yankees. Love it or Hate it, this is a true fact. The one thing that I am proud of (among many), is the fact that the Saint Louis Cardinals are always a Team to be reckoned with. The Cardinals made the Post-Season every year from 2010-2015 and They missed the Playoffs last year by ONE game. Can anyone deny that the Saint Louis Cardinals a fluke or a one hit wonder? With all this factual data, am I wrong? When was the last time anyone's favorite Team been to the Post-Season as much as the Cardinals have since the year 2000?
  23. You are correct but this was way different in the way things were back in the 1970's. Jealousy has been around since the dawn of time, but when a Band like Led Zeppelin had "access" to anyone they wanted to have (sexually), I do not think that Jimmy fucking Audrey or Robert banging Lori (or Pamela) would cause a riff in Jimmy/Roberts partnership. (Obviously it did not). I hate to say this, but "passing women/groupies" around was so predominant during that time that it almost seemed like a game for every band member that it seemed to become a contest to see who could have the most women in an hour, day or a tour. Am I wrong in My assessment? Back to the topic at hand: Does Audrey still reside in Dallas, Texas? If she does, I would Love to meet and talk to her because We would live within 20 miles of each other.
  24. This is My random thought: It is not designed to be political, just a random thought and Fact. Former President George W. Bush lives in a private residence that is less then 10 miles from where I reside. I guess My point is: How many millions of Americans can lay claim to the fact that they (you) live within a 10 mile radius of a former Great and Living President of the United States of America? My guess would be none on this forum (besides maybe zepscoda- who also resides in the Greater DFW region).
  25. I do not care what others think of TWD, pro or con, tonight's episode was one of the best this season (2nd half). There is gonna be a major war between Rick and Negan that will began next Sunday and will continue when the Show resumes in October. In that meantime, I have "Game of Thrones" to look very forward too.