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  1. The United States of America is the Greatest Country in the history of the Planet Earth. An American invented the game of Baseball and just right now the All -American Led Baseball Team just proved (at least to Me) that the United States of America is the Strongest Country in terms of Superiority and Class, etc... I also have very respect for the Team Puerto Rico as they had one of the best rosters during the whole WBC.
  2. U.S.A. up 4 - 0 in the top of the 5th.
  3. I have a ticket to see Mr. Joe Walsh at the Winstar Casino, about an hours drive from Plano, Texas. Section A, Row 22, Seat 11. Ticket cost: $85.00. Room for that night cost: $120.000. I Love Joe Walsh and am always willing to pay whatever it takes to see Him, plus a little gambling before and after the gig. I am soon going to buy a ticket to see Iron Maiden when they come to Dallas, Texas on June 23, 2017. I may end up going solo, but I don't care, I have Loved Iron Maiden since I was 13 years old. All the good seats have already been bought, so I will buy a $50 single ticket and end up sitting in a seat that cost double or triple of that. On a last note, I am seriously considering going to see Ms. Olivia Newton-John when she performs in Grand Prairie, Texas, soon, in about 2 weeks from now. I know that there will be some songs she sings that I will not really know, but then again, I know the songs that she will sing are songs of her that I Love really enjoy. This is My favorite song by one of the most Beautiful and Talented Singers of All-Time.
  4. I will wish you, Rick and the Baltimore Orioles "Good Luck" this year. Actually Good Luck to all Major League Baseball Teams. Obviously, as a Saint Louis Cardinals fan, I have high expectations for them every year. The Cardinals really never seem to disappoint their fans, although last year they failed to make the Post-Season (by one game) for the first time since 2010. Not a bad run if you ask me.
  5. Peter Grant was a member of Led Zeppelin. He just did not play an instrument or appear on stage with Them. Peter Grant was the Man who led Zeppelin. He was an equal member because He got an equal share of all royalties and profits from every album and tour that Led Zeppelin ever partook. He was even listed as an "Executive Producer" on every Led Zeppelin Album from the beginning to the end. He was so integral to Led Zeppelin's success that Peter Grant received an equal share to all of Led Zeppelin's success. He was the definitely the "5th" member. If Led Zeppelin received $100,00 for a gig, Mr. Grant got $20,00 for said gig.
  6. I agree completely. I am tired of seeing the "I hate Trump" etc... nonsense. If those that hate him so much and are American citizens, there is an easy answer. LEAVE and move to another, any other country. This goes for a lot of people that post on this topic, they know who they are. Get the Fuck out of My Country if you are so pathetic and do not agree with "OUR" President. I stand with the United States of America, regardless of who my President is. On a side note, I live within 10 miles of former President George W. Bush. How many "real" Americans can say that they live so close to a live, living former President?
  7. Peter Grant was a very shrewd and savvy business man/band manager. As far a percentages were concerned, it is my belief that Peter Grant was an equal member of Led Zeppelin. He received 20% of all of the earnings made by Led Zeppelin. He was even listed as "Executive Producer" on all of Led Zeppelin albums.
  8. This topic is devoted to any and all things Star Wars related. Anything related to Star Wars. (The Movies, History, Trivia, Memories, Facts, Opinions, Questions, Quotes, anything, etc)... I will begin. I remember when Luke Skywalker first saw the Millennium Falcon at the Mos Eisley spaceport He said, "what a pile of junk". (Classic!!!) Also, who shot first? Han Solo or Greedo? I realize that he is a Bounty Hunter and a bad Guy however, Boba Fett, in my opinion, is one of the Great and Classic movie characters of all-time.
  9. The Walking Dead is just another Great American Made and Produced T.V. Show that is currently on its fifth season on the same AMC network that brought the civilized world, Breaking Bad (in My Opinion, perhaps the Greatest American Television Show of All-Time). It seems as though the Walking Dead is currently the number one show on American Television. I will admit that I just became a huge fan of this show only about a month ago, however, I have seen and am caught up to the end of the 4th season and now watching and anticipating this new 5th season. So, fellow Led Zeppelin fans and purveyors of great Music and Television, what is your opinion on the AMC show, the Walking Dead?
  10. The Walking Dead is back on.
  11. It still breaks My heart that Ronnie James DIO is no longer with US. I know that there are other threads related to Ronnie, however, I wanted to start a new one because He deserves all that His loyal fans can and do really appreciate. From what I have seen, read and heard, RJD really Loved and Appreciated His fans from all over the World. I had the privelage to see him twice and even got to shake His hand when He came offstage to greet all His fans. After Robert Plant, Ronnie James DIO is my favorite Singer. LONG LIVE RONNIE JAMES DIO!!!
  12. Cool. That makes sense because Chuck Norris was always a favorite of Texas Ranger Baseball fans. Chuck Norris had a Hell of a career as a Texas Ranger. If anyone can solve this "crime" it surely would be Chuckie.
  13. I heard that the New England Patriots have enlisted the Texas Rangers to help solve the disappearance of Tom Brady's stolen jersey. How can an American League Baseball Team help find a stolen NFL jersey? The Super Bowl was in Houston, Texas, not Arlington, Texas.
  14. I was not a fan of Lady Gaga at first (and really still not), but I respect the fact that she is a fan of Led Zeppelin and was a singer of Led Zeppelin songs in her early years. That and I think that she has nice Legs.
  15. Full live version of One of the Greatest Songs (or Most Popular Songs) in the whole of the RUSH Canon:
  16. Love Him or Hate Him, in My opinion, Donald Trump looks very Presidential. Like what a real President of the United States of America should look like. Thank God we do not to have look at a 70+ menopausal unattractive woman in drab pantsuits for the next 4 years who has trouble walking on her own and coughs more times then a normal human. Not to mention one of most corrupt politicians in American history.
  17. ...Are you so sure about your statement? This Country, My Country, the Great United States of America has not been so divided ever since I can remember, since about 1976 (when I was only 5 years old). You should know better then Me, as you were around and older than I was around this time (this is not a knock on your age, but a real statement). Has there ever really been a time in the past 4-8 years where it seems to be okay to kill or plan or attempt to kill American Law Enforcement Officers? Killing Cops is a Capital Murder Offense, yet there are thousands of Black Lives Matters initiates (and idiots) that advocate the murder of Police in every State. Obama either went to or spoke about the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown before the cases went to court or was exonerated by a jury or and FBI investigation. Both young black men, but killers nonetheless. The now defunct Obama never spoke positively of the Brave, hard-working, loyal and Proud Police Officers that have been killed in the "Line of Duty" by Black men (or white men) as much as he had "defended" African American men that clearly killed White Policemen with "racial" motivations. I live in Plano, Texas. Just last year, there were at least 5 Dallas Policemen that were assassinated in the streets of downtown Dallas, at the hands of a Black man. Where is the outrage at this slaughter?
  18. "In the Light": ...and "Since I've Been Loving You":
  19. I just got a new cell phone on February 3, 2014. A new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. I had my old Samsung cell phone for 3 and a half years before it died on me. My old Samsung phone was an "old" smartphone (though State-of-the-Art at the time). Of course, I had friends and co-workers with Iphones and other newer phones than mine but I was used to and content with My phone. I did not need all that new technology that the their phones were capable of. As long as I could call or text, I was content. However, My new phone is "literally" (or should I say "practically") a computer on/in a phone. Almost 3 weeks after having it, I still do not really know all that this phone is capable of. I guess I will learn or take one full day to try and fully comprehend what My phone is capable of. One of the first things I did do was download the iHeartRadio app. With iHeartRadio, I customized my own channels. My channels in order are: Led Zeppelin Rush Aerosmith Black Sabbath Dio the Beatles the Rolling Stones Iron Maiden Judas Priest One other great feature that My new phone provides, I am now capable of accessing this Awesome Led Zeppelin Forum with only the touch of a finger. I can now read posts and comments when I am at work or anywhere else I happen to be. Anyway, I seemed to "Ramble On" and said/typed more then I anticipated. The actual topic was meant to ask anyone who cares to respond: What kind of Cell Phone or "Smart" Phone do you possess?
  20. I know that I can't be the only one to do this: I seem to almost always want my Samsung Galaxy S6 Active to have a 100% full battery every time I leave the house for work or otherwise. Even though my phones battery is fairly new and will not drain to quickly, I feel better knowing that my phone is fully charged whenever I take it out of the house.
  21. Happy Birthday Jimmy!!!
  22. Very Nice. I watched a few episodes when I could. In my opinion, Breaking Bad is the second best American produced show after the Sopranos. There are millions of people that would say that the Sopranos is the greatest and best show in the history of American television. Breaking Bad is a close Second. "Game of Thrones" may overtake them All.
  23. Happy Birthday John Paul Jones!!! In my opinion, the most talented and greatest musician of all-time.
  24. I think that this may be an interesting topic to start: I am a voracious reader of subjects that interest me, be it fact or fiction. That being said, I like to read about so-called conspiracy theories that people (mainly Americans) believe to be abound and possibly covered-up by the United States government. Anyone else on this forum feel/think the same way? Conspiracy theories ranging from Roswell, New Mexico to 9/11. Any and all that anyone considers a conspiracy whether it is from hundreds of years ago up to and including the present day. I will start and make mine simple: I truly believe that the United States of America has and continues to have vast amounts of contact with "aliens" from other realms of the Universe (obviously not the entire government but only a select few within the government). I believe that this has been happening since the late 1940's when Harry Truman was President. I believe in all the stories and hype about Area 51. Call me Crazy but I read enough and watch all the the shows about UFO's to rationally realize that the whole universe(s) or galaxies are too BIG to hold only Human life. That was my example. If anyone cares to reply to this topic, please do and remember that this is a topic about conspiracy theories and not just about UFO's/Aliens.