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  1. The show was awesome. It would have been a little better if they played "Flight of Icarus", "Revelations", "2 Minutes to Midnight" and "Aces High:. I did not see Ghost.
  2. I am pretty sure that Iron Maiden are playing the exact same set list at each concert on this tour. Great show, however I would have preferred a few more of the 1980's Iron Maiden songs than the newer 2000's Iron Maiden. What I would really like to see is Iron Maiden doing the exact same set as they did on their "Live after Death" cd.
  3. On my way to see Maiden in Dallas (get it: Maiden in Dallas).
  4. At this very moment there are thousands of boys and girls all around the world who are hearing or discovering the Music of Led Zeppelin for the first time. This will happen every single day until the end of Time. That is how powerful and brilliant the Music of Led Zeppelin is.
  5. Iron Maiden tomorrow night at the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas.
  6. The Saint Louis Cardinals are currently 5 games below,.500, but I can't believe that the San Francisco Giants are 19 games below .500 and are 20 games behind the Colorado Rockies.
  7. Thanks Rick.
  8. You are correct about how our two teams are not where we thought they should be at this time in the season. I really hope that things turn around for the Cardinals soon. I am going to Saint Louis on July 5-8. I plan on going to see the Cardinals play the Marlins on the 5th and then the Mets on the 7th. It would be alot more fun if the Cardinals are at a record above. 500. This will be the first time I have been to Saint Louis since I moved from there in 2000 to the great city of Plano, Texas. Good luck to your Orioles.
  9. Now the Orioles are beating up on the Cardinals.
  10. The Cardinals hit 5 home runs off a very weak Orioles pitching staff. Rick must have been screaming at his TV.
  11. The Cardinals are beating up the Orioles. 10-1.
  12. Cardinals versus Orioles tonight.
  13. Oh, how the "so-called mighty" have fallen. I am speaking of the Baltimore Orioles. As I read it, the Orioles are now in last place in the American League East and currently 8 games behind the New York Yankees. I suppose that Rick will continue to blame the Umpires for his teams current 6 game losing streak. As for my Cardinals, they are not doing that much better but they are only 2.5 games out of first place. Rick is a betting man as we all know, so here are some odds that he should consider: Who has a better chance at making the 2017 Post-Season based on the the number of Post-Seasons between these two teams in the past 17 years? How many World Series have the Orioles won in that 17 year time frame? How many have the Saint Louis Cardinals won? Again, blame the Umpires.
  14. The Saint Louis Cardinals finally won a game after losing 7 in a row.
  15. I Love the Saint Louis Cardinals and will forever, however I am disappointed in them these last two weeks. Like I always say, I have complete faith in them to turn things around. So far the Cardinals have not lived up to their potential. I think that that will change soon.. I would like to say that I am also a big fan of the red hot Houston Astros. I was first and foremost a Houston Astros fans when I was just 8 or 9 years old when I lived in Houston. I will always root for the Astros over any other team, except for you know who. I can even claim to seeing Nolan Ryan pitch for the Astros in the late 1970's.
  16. I am probably in the minority, but I hope that Bill Cosby is convicted of drugging and raping dozens of women (since the 1960's) and spends the rest of his short life in a state prison, not a federal prison. He should not get "special treatment" because he is famous, but get the equal treatment that a common druggist and rapist deserves.
  17. Yes. She is actually very good on this show. I never watched "My So-Called Life" but I do think that she is attractive. It's worth checking out if you have the time.
  18. Thank, Strider. I ended up buying both OZ and Homeland at the same time. I watched the first two episodes of both to try and get a feel for each show and l liked both but I went ahead and continued to watch Homeland first. Homeland is actually really good. I watched the first two seasons in about a week and just started season three today. I will start watching OZ the day I finish Homeland.
  19. I think that Rex King was John's personal driver and assistant for that fateful day. Benji and Matthew were also personal assistants to Bonzo, just not on that day.
  20. I think that this may be an interesting topic to start: I am a voracious reader of subjects that interest me, be it fact or fiction. That being said, I like to read about so-called conspiracy theories that people (mainly Americans) believe to be abound and possibly covered-up by the United States government. Anyone else on this forum feel/think the same way? Conspiracy theories ranging from Roswell, New Mexico to 9/11. Any and all that anyone considers a conspiracy whether it is from hundreds of years ago up to and including the present day. I will start and make mine simple: I truly believe that the United States of America has and continues to have vast amounts of contact with "aliens" from other realms of the Universe (obviously not the entire government but only a select few within the government). I believe that this has been happening since the late 1940's when Harry Truman was President. I believe in all the stories and hype about Area 51. Call me Crazy but I read enough and watch all the the shows about UFO's to rationally realize that the whole universe(s) or galaxies are too BIG to hold only Human life. That was my example. If anyone cares to reply to this topic, please do and remember that this is a topic about conspiracy theories and not just about UFO's/Aliens.
  21. Thanks for the update, Paul.
  22. Well I will admit that the Saint Louis Cardinals have not been playing very good Baseball in the past week or so. They are currently 24-25. Like I have always said, I have complete and utter faith in them. They are team that cannot be counted out until the last weeks of September roll around. Even then, they are in it for whatever it takes to make the Post-Season.
  23. If the Saint Louis Cardinals win a couple more games, They will be in first place. If the Baltimore Orioles lose a few more games, they will be in last place. Where is Rick?