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  1. From Krakow a few nights ago:
  2. So fucking talented and good, Jesus.......
  3. This is well within Jay's range, the guy takes serious risks with his art; see Black Coffee cover. I think this is brilliant and raw:
  4. Sabbath and Rival sons @ L.A. Forum, then the next night Rival Sons solo show at the Observatory in Santa Ana.
  5. This is about as perfect as it gets.
  6. Love the band, but not in love with this new track. Scott's solo near the end is weird and doesn't fit the groove of the song IMO. The drumming of Miley stands out though, fantastic!
  7. My pleasure, these guys are just on fire right now; have to be seen live to fully appreciate their music.
  8. Madison Square Garden few nights ago, BRILLIANT!
  9. They're playing some headline shows in select cities while they're on tour, they're playing a headline show tonight in Nashville.
  10. Great HD footage here from the Kansas City show; these guys are amazing live.
  11. Twelfth row L.A Fourm opening for Sabbath, they KILLED IT!!
  12. I saw a documentary on him recently, The Ritchie Blackmore story, really good. Somebody in the documentary commented on Blackmore saying "He was the white Hendricks." That's very accurate IMO.