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  1. I can😎
  2. Rest In Peace Sib Hashian. He was a big drumming influence for me as a kid. Still is.. A very tasteful drummer.
  3. Cozy Powell also played in MSG after he left Rainbow, which was around that time.
  4. I don't think Page ever had an issue with DC. Which is why it was surprising he didn't say just that. I agree with the other posters that he didn't want to upset RP by saying anything positive about the Coverdale Page project..
  5. 2014 edited by Hank Bordowitz
  6. Yes. Originally published December 1994. Interview took place 9/29/1994 Yesterday, I picked up a book called Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin interviews and encounters. It contains interviews through the years, including the Mojo interview.
  7. He probably wasn't being serious. I thought Robert's answer about John Paul Jones was honest and made some sense. But it was handled wrong. A call, business meeting, something was called for out of "professional courtesy" as Steve rightly put it, if not a professional obligation. His one liners and sarcastic wit cause a lot of unnecessary problems and bad feelings. I find Jimmy Page more disappointing, at least in this interview.. He didn't, from what I gather have any type of issue with David Coverdale. Pleading the 5th was odd and kind of wimpy.
  8. From Led Zeppelin on Led Zeppelin interviews and encounters - article by Mat Snow dictated into my phone.. MS: is that why John Paul Jones was not asked? It would have thrown out the chemistry? RP: apart from the fact it would be virtually Led Zeppelin and the next person you start talking about is Jason Bonham, which is just so cheesy and ridiculous, the fact is that our thread was this north African thing, was India, was the howlin wolf riffs. We focus together on those manual points, so rather than to confuse the issue let's see what we still got. So it's nothing at all personal. It's just that at this point in time you've got to get a result quickly to know if it's worth it. JP: We were gaining so much momentum from the loops and working with Charlie and Michael, that quite honestly I for one wasn't thinking John Paul Jones. I was thinking about what we were getting together between the two of us and the rest of the band. It was its own thing before all of that started to become an issue. RP: Jonesey, I really like what he does in the angles he employs in the projects he works on, which are far from the mainstream, and he has a great career in that respect. But I didn't think it was necessary for us to .... this is the pressure thing again. JP: we are working together in all of a sudden everyone's saying John Paul Jones ought to be there. RP: so anyway, it's good luck John, and maybe will all get together somewhere down the line. JP: yeah in the future. RP: but right now this thing is growing so much. We were about another nine songs written from a four piece angle. --- MS: returning, briefly to the exchange of messages in the press. For resuming your partnership, do you two gentlemen agree to disagree about Mr. Coverdale? JP: i'll let you handle that. RP: no no. He's your mate. Ha ha ha! JP: well, I am not going to answer that question. RP: that's very very well done you. You've come on a bundle! JP: haha. RP: and I am not going to either. MS: how nice that there is a diplomatic accord here. RP: well, I think he's a fucking idiot. Horses for courses: I worked with Phil Johnstone (Roberts man musical collaborator in the late 80s )– nobody's perfect. JP: see what happens when you're already loose and for too long? ---
  9. ^ I guess. The bottom line is they're good now.. The "parking the car" line never bothered me much either.. It's just another one of Robert Plant's goofy, odd one liners.. Watch JPJ on the David Letterman appearance and tell me his sense of humor isn't a little on the odd side as well.. Speaking for myself, I've always been guilty of supporting the underdog.. or the person who I feel was treated unfairly.. f'd over.. which is probably unnecessary in this case.. Even though JPJ was treated disrespectfully more than once.. He's a big boy and doesn't really need me or us to stick up for him.. But Robert did try to nudge him out of important events (Live Aid) and not really put him at the same level of importance as the other 2 surviving members.. which is a load of bollocks.. (going British here).. "Page and I" "Me and Page" blah blah blah... the "parking the car" was minor compared to that constant stance of exclusion. Out of the 3 of them, John Paul Jones has not only maintained his high musical standards, he's improved on them. He is arguably an even better musician now than he was in Zeppelin's heyday. Not sure I'd say the same for Jimmy or Robert.
  10. Thanks for posting the link. Sounds like it's from about 66, not 61. Very cool. Jimmy Page should have done more with Chris Farlowe post Zeppelin. I thought The Firm was a little too safe and basic.. Didn't really care for what Chris did on Outrider either, but i love Who's To Blame... and he has a great blusey powerful voice.
  11. Jimmy catches more grief on here for the remasters and little to no solo activity than Robert does on every other issue combined.
  12. Because Plant acted like an arrogant ass and Jimmy did not. That would be my guess. Watch Robert at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony and tell me you don't get douche chills. But i agree and I'll go one further. Jimmy should have been the one to call John Paul Jones and tell him what was going on.
  13. Oh yeah .. I'm sure Jimmy is doing this to make a fortune..
  14. Them Crooked Vultures would have been a very different project with Jimmy. Not including Jimmy in TCV is hardly the same thing as not including John Paul Jones in P and P either. Jimmy getting worked up about it seems kind of ridiculous. The Jones Page Jason project had petered out by this point. Besides, JPJ, while not usually as high profile as TCV, always has something going. Another point .. Robert would always say stuff like "if Page and I were to get back together" or "Page and I are always getting offers to get back together". He was leaving Jones out of the "what if" scenarios for years before it ever happened. One thing positive I do remember was Robert saying he liked how Jones was going about his post Zeppelin career. This was a litte after JPJ had sat in with Lenny Kravitz.
  15. It's not so much that he wasn't asked.. to find out about it on MTV news was the insult. A call or an email would have done wonders..