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  1. The first and best bootleg I purchased. Still have it. Part 1. Dragonfly Records. Great review and recap as always Mr. Strider.
  2. "Take of the Seed, but guard the fruit" would be a pretty tough lyric to pull off though. I think the intention and meaning is still there.
  3. Excellent post. I always took "Take of the Fruit, but guard the seed" as "take me, but leave my Son alone."
  4. They sure are.
  5. I'm sorry about your neighbor greengrass..
  6. True. Some Fans get pissed off though just because it's RS. They not only wouldn't give LZ the time of day for years, they openly disliked them. Now they're experts .. and their lists are usually crap. To be fair, they obviously have new journalists who love the band, but those old reviews are still in the backs of minds of fans and certain band members to this day.
  7. It's cool Willie. I'm just thinking there had to be a reason for that Tour to continue.
  8. No In The Light either..
  9. Obviously they didn't contemplate if they should continue the Tour for weeks Willie. They were back on stage four days later... That doesn't necessarily mean it was an easy decision.. or not a sad time for them. Maybe they were thinking of their 50 pc road crew that would have been out of work.. or the hundreds of thousands of fans who had already purchased tickets. Maybe some of the tour proceeds still went to John's family who might have desperately needed money..maybe his family already received a huge advance.. Who knows? I don't know if it's callous or not.. There was no turning back after Keith Moon died. You can't unring that bell. They continued on. And I consider Moon as irreplaceable to The Who as John Bonham was to Led Zeppelin. Led Zeppelin are unique in that they didn't continue. I truly admire them for that.. I do. They've turned their backs on potentially Billions ... and it does set them apart. But that doesn't necessarily make every other band that does continue callous. Someone back some pages mentioned Bon Scott.. The members of AC/DC loved Bon. Everything they did and do to this day is in his memory. Bon's own mother told them they should continue. So it's not cut and dry in many cases.
  10. Anyhow.. I thought it was ridiculous that the press ran with "Zeppelin to reunite"!!! Well yeah.... Robert Plant's web page says only "any time now" so what else could it mean!!! YAY....There's some fake news pulled out of absolute nothingness for ya. But at least it puts our favorite band back in the hot center spotlight for a day or two.. which isn't a bad thing.... But that Jimmy Page... fighting with Robbie Williams when he should be breaking in a new band!!! WTF Jimmy whahah ... You promised!!! I don't care that you're almost 74!! GET OUT THERE.. !! Time for breakfast...
  11. ^^ Jimmy hasn't exactly sat on his ass since 2000 though. Jimmy Page "the Producer" has been quite active. He has let his love, loyalty and self imposed obligation to Led Zeppelin's legacy take priority over his solo plans.. John Paul and Robert aren't about to do it. It isn't going to be trusted to an outsider. So it's on Jimmy. This shouldn't be a surprise to anybody at this point. I'd rather have a solo Jimmy album than BBC re re master any day. But it isn't up to me.. I too wish he would stop with the vague announcements until if and when there is something to talk about. But whatever.. Robert's goofy, clever, off the cuff "waiting on the Capricorns" type answers are just as annoying and credible to me as "I want to be seen playing".
  12. 4 days after Entwistle's death they were back onstage.. I found the answer in about half a minute. Huge tour booked with Robert Plant as a special guest opener. It must have been a hard decision and very sad time.
  13. I like some of the later Who as well. I also respect that they didn't go out and get a Moon clone. John Entwistle really came through as well. With simpler drumming going on, Entwistle stood out more than ever. But it wasn't the same as the original band. Seemed safe. Moon wasn't the same either though. His drumming chops were way down the later years. The Sheperton footage on The Kids Are Alright is sad. But he was still the heart of The Who. I've read that some of the later Who tours were due to John Enwistle being heavily in debt and PT and RD wanting to help him out. Understandable.
  14. Rest In Peace Adam West. Thanks for the great childhood memories.