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  1. He did. It was called Coverdale Page.
  2. I'm sorry to hear this. May your Dad Rest In Peace.
  3. I knew exactly what you're doing😎
  4. Keep fighting that good fight Rick.. I've heard it was the Illuminati that keeps the Patriots winning. I mean look at Brady, hasn't aged a day in 17 years. We're talking Anti-Christ of epic proportions..
  5. Rest In Peace Fusion legend guitarist Allan Holdsworth.. possibly the most technically gifted player ever.
  6. Must be down for an update / upgrade.
  7. Rest In Peace Boston legend, the great guitarist J. Geils age 71.
  8. Me too. But I don't think he'd take having his son fill in for him as a slap in the face.
  9. Jason Bonham is the only drummer his father would want taking his place in a full fledged "reunion".. Anyone else would be a slap in the face to John Bonham. Country mile or not.
  10. I saw John 5 and The Creatures last night, April 6th at the Tupelo Hall in Derry NH. I caught the last show at the old Tupelo in Londonderry NH on March 12th... Uli Jon Roth. Both great guitarists.
  11. ^ I caught one show on the WIC tour (Boston) and didn't see this at all. Not saying you didn't. The audience went bananas for everything they did. Boston crowds can get pretty crazy though. To me, the Clarksdale material sounded much better live than the album. I didn't enjoy the album at all and still don't. Sounded flat to me. One problem I've had with Jimmy's post Zeppelin collaborations... He's one of the best producers of the last 50 years ... and he had to share the role with Coverdale, Plant and Rodgers. In one way I get it. In another way it was ill advised.
  12. I can😎
  13. Rest In Peace Sib Hashian. He was a big drumming influence for me as a kid. Still is.. A very tasteful drummer.
  14. Cozy Powell also played in MSG after he left Rainbow, which was around that time.
  15. I don't think Page ever had an issue with DC. Which is why it was surprising he didn't say just that. I agree with the other posters that he didn't want to upset RP by saying anything positive about the Coverdale Page project..