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  1. Great choices! And bonus points to 3/22/73 for containing a bit of "Turn On Your Love Light" during the "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" section!
  2. I love 6/13/77 too, but its sound quality is worse than that of 6/22/77...
  3. I feel bad for the people who were at that show, but Bonham actually holds it together pretty well considering the food poisoning. I can't imagine getting through a 3+ hour show with food poisoning--especially with how demanding Zeppelin stuff can be on the drummer! I'm surprised that they didn't reschedule to be honest; the drummer is easily the worst member of the band to have an off night.
  4. Shame. A 7/21 Providence soundboard would be killer!
  5. Yeah, and is New Orleans the only complete U.S. '73 board?
  6. Oh ok, thanks for clarifying. I was not aware that none of the '73 boards are part of the "soundboard revolution".
  7. I'm curious what your reasoning is for doubting that they have any of the L.A. '77 shows. I don't see what reason we have to believe that they don't have all of the '73, '75 & '77 North American shows. They obviously know that, deservedly or not, the L.A. '77 run would have the highest demand of anything they could release from that time period, so I wouldn't presume that they don't have them just because only the 6/23 "Noise Solo" has escaped thus far.
  8. Sort of a sub-thread within this topic: do you guys and gals think we are likely to get another marquee show (say, 6/22/77) next, or do you think they're releasing 3/21/75 to renew the public's interest in their "revolution," and we're now going to have another couple years of mediocre to great, but not all-time great shows?
  9. Also one of the best (post-'71 at least) Stairway's--no "does anyone remember laughter?" and Jimmy jumps straight into the solo after the fanfare without staying on the 12-string for the extra bar or two like usual. An incredibly fluid and focused solo, I might add, and one which actually keeps gaining momentum right through the transition back to the final verse!
  10. April 10, 1977 - Chicago -- Definitely need "bootleg ears" for this tape, but you can hear a pretty great show underneath the muck of the recording.
  11. Right. It does sound pretty good on the '75 boards, but in general I think the grand piano is the one thing that consistently sounds better on a decent audience recording. On the soundboards, the sound pretty much cuts off when Jones takes his finger off the key, but on the audience tapes you can hear the notes carry out into the room if that makes sense.
  12. Am I the only one who notices him attempting the "ah-aaaaaah-aaahhh"'s from "Immigrant Song" during "Whole Lotta Love" on 3/20? You can tell he was finally feeling good again by this point in the tour...
  13. Purely performance-wise? 6/19/72 Seattle 7/21/73 Providence -- I take it Offenburg and the other amazing Europe shows for the superior setlist--thinking of "No Quarter" in particular, although the "I Can't Quit You Baby"'s during the Europe '73 "Whole Lotta Love"'s are to die for!
  14. I agree actually, but I think we're in the minority for sure. 3/20 & 3/21 he is especially strong.
  15. I'll help you with your undecided's: Moby Dick - 3/5 Dazed And Confused - 3/20 -- I know some have issues with this one's sound, but performance-wise, this and 2/13 are top-notch for Dazed Also, I would go with 3/19 or 3/20 for No Quarter, and maybe 3/3 or 3/5 for Over The Hills, even though I love 3/19. 2/12 & 3/20 have great OTHAFA's too... And I would have 2/13 Communication Breakdown in there.