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  1. March 5, 1975 - Dallas: "...the man who can go for hours, but is a lousy lay...John Bonham, 'Moby Dick'!"
  2. March 27, 1975 - Los Angeles -- One of my favourites. Favourite "No Quarter" of all time.
  3. I'm not sure if any of you are also Deadheads, but a few months ago, I came across the wonderful, where you can vote on your favourite version of every song they ever played live. I just love how neat, organized, and encyclopedic it is, and it got me thinking: would anyone on this forum who is much more tech-savvy than I am be willing and able to create something similar for our beloved Led Zeppelin?
  4. When you're done with 3/17 Seattle, the next two shows (both in Vancouver) are even better: March 19: March 20:
  5. Yeah, based off of the audience recording, it definitely sounds like one of, if not the best "Black Dog" of '75. The one in Vancouver on 3/19 is pretty good too. Pretty sure 3/27 boasts the longest version ever at just over 6:30...
  6. Funny how some days you just have "it" and others you don't, eh? Playing more myself, and especially doing shows with my band, has given me a whole new appreciation for what these guys were able to pull off, and a greater understanding for the "off" nights--some days no matter how bad you want it to sound really great, you just don't have it. You've just gotta hope the tapes are rolling on the nights when everyone is "on," like this Seattle show. The other day when I was really "on," I pulled off the stuff he does at the end of "Sick Again" at this show!
  7. Haha no worries, yeah their endurance is always the most staggering thing to me. Especially for Bonham in '75, doing Moby Dick and Dazed back-to-back.
  8. Btw, this Dazed is 40:07; 3/27 L.A. is the 46 min one, since this Dazed has been referred to as 46 min a few times in this thread...
  9. Very true--I've managed to semi-mimic it, but not at the same intensity or for nearly as long, as has been mentioned above with respect to Page's playing.
  10. ^ Make sure you have the volume WAY up for Bonham's thunderous fills in "Heartbreaker"!
  11. Yeah, that's from 6/21/77. "The man who said he could go back to a building site anytime, and we all agreed". My bad if there's already a thread like this. I know there's one about favourite Plantations, but I wanted it to be specific to the Moby Dick intros.
  12. Oh ok, gotcha. The only reason I count it as two is because by this point in the tour WLL was close to (and this night just past) 10 min. I definitely count WLL/Rock And Roll as one song in '77.
  13. Don't you mean 4th?
  14. March 22, 1973 - Essen -- A day late. Just about as good to my ears as the seemingly more popular Hamburg and Offenburg shows it's sandwiched between. Dazed clocks in at 30:45 and is very creative. Jimmy's solo on SIBLY is HOT!
  15. Neither do I, and I agree about the sound quality.