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  1. Oh please keep going! These are great!
  2. Mhm, it's a great version! And it has my favourite "Noise Solo" as well--excellent theremin section. Yeah, Over The Garden is the title I have.
  3. I echo all previous sentiments on April 28, April 30, June 10, June 11, June 22, June 26 etc. I'll add: May 22 - Ft. Worth June 13 - New York -- I've heard some people call this overrated, which is just beyond me. I think it's a near-spotless performance, apart from Bonham coming in early in Stairway, and I would definitely rank it in the top 5 of the tour. Recording is about a 6/10, but is well worth the effort. April 10 in Chicago sounds like it was probably a gem, but I hardly ever listen to it because of the poor recording.
  4. Grateful Dead -- April 14, 1972 Copenhagen, first time listening to this one.
  5. Having just finished listening to all five Earls Court shows on their respective anniversaries, I think I would categorize them this way: May 17: Unjustly ignored--definitely has its bright spots, and no really bad parts to my ears at least. May 18: Best, tightest, highest energy, most consistent. May 23: Seems to be a bit underrated, might be the most experimental of the five. May 24: Severely overrated. Starts out downright lacklustre--I almost turned it off--then has some bright spots in the middle before heating up with TUF and smoking the rest of the way, highlighted by all-time great versions of Dazed & Stairway. What amazes me is that people often cite the NQ from this night as one of their all-time favourite versions--I have tried repeatedly to see what all the fuss is about, and I actually would list it as one of the very few versions of that song that I actually dislike if anything. The other nights, even the 17th, all have great versions of NQ! May 25: Justly praised, and unjustly critiqued by some die-hards. The recording doesn't do it any favours, as Bonham's drums are too low and thin in the mix, especially the bass & toms. This really is an inspired performance though for the most part, and while I personally prefer 3/27/75, 5/25/75 may well be the best of the three marathon tour/leg closers of the mid-latter days (3/27/75, 5/25/75 & 6/27/77). I only wish that the Dazed from the 24th was the 25th instead, as it would have been a more fitting send-off for what may be their signature live song.
  6. Curious what you guys and gals think. We were missing our lead singer that night, so the vocals are a little rough, and that was our bassist's first time ever playing bass. It was our first time playing "The Ocean," and we only had two practices for it, the week of the show, each with only half the band there. I'm sure we'll do it much better at our next show on July 14!
  7. Yes, please do elaborate! Especially since we have no recording of that show.
  8. I'd say that Bonham pretty much kept getting better at least until '77. '79 he's still pretty stellar (see "Achilles Last Stand" from the DVD (8/4/79)), though probably not better than '77. 1980 is the only year I think you could consider to be an "off" year for him, although even then, that's only in comparison to his former self, not to other drummers. The only exception to this more-or-less steady improvement on his part is the really fast bass drum work prominent on the first album especially and the tours in '69 & '70. I find that if you stop practicing that aspect of your "game" regularly, you lose it pretty quickly. Overall, I think physical issues and injuries notwithstanding, all four of them did a pretty good job of adding some new facet to their "game" each year, as all great professional athletes do--unlike my second-favourite band, The Rolling Stones
  9. Great choices! And bonus points to 3/22/73 for containing a bit of "Turn On Your Love Light" during the "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love" section!
  10. I love 6/13/77 too, but its sound quality is worse than that of 6/22/77...
  11. I feel bad for the people who were at that show, but Bonham actually holds it together pretty well considering the food poisoning. I can't imagine getting through a 3+ hour show with food poisoning--especially with how demanding Zeppelin stuff can be on the drummer! I'm surprised that they didn't reschedule to be honest; the drummer is easily the worst member of the band to have an off night.
  12. Shame. A 7/21 Providence soundboard would be killer!
  13. Yeah, and is New Orleans the only complete U.S. '73 board?
  14. Oh ok, thanks for clarifying. I was not aware that none of the '73 boards are part of the "soundboard revolution".