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  1. I was out of line with my smart ass response and pm'd an apology to sixpence.
  2. Thanks, man! "Gray" is more commonly used in the U.S. as a colo(u)r than "Grey". Please excuse my unflavo(u)rful behavio(u)r. So, you reside in the U.S., where "sixpence" is roughly the equivalent of "fiddy cent"? Hmm. I welcome unsolicited advice.
  3. Does Page have gray sideburns, or is that a Band Aid? (Not to confuse with Live Aid)
  4. Ersatz Lemon Squeezin's.
  5. Alabama Symphony Orchestra and the music of Led Zeppelin this Friday night. Randy Jackson on vocals, along with his band. (Deborah, are you out there?) Red Diamond SuperPOPS The Music of Led Zeppelin Brent Havens, Conductor Friday, March 17, 2017 / 8PM Alabama Theatre | Map & Directions Windborne Music's orchestral tribute to Led Zeppelin blew away audiences back in 2010. We're thrilled to welcome them back!
  6. a band on the run
  7. that doesn't pay, but money
  8. I can't recall the last time a member was shown their exit visa (banned) from this forum. Have we become a kinder and gentler community? Or am I outta the loop?
  9. and jabe will save the
  10. Maybe he'll surprise us, Walter. I'd much rather have a competitive game rather than a blowout.
  11. There will be news segments tomorrow strictly on who had the best commercial, who had the sorriest commercial, etc. These advertisers pay millions for a mere 30 second slot. It's a bit overboard.
  12. I can't get the image of Ryan choking out of my mind.
  13. Indeed! I don't know who gets credit for the "breaks" between each leg of the tour, but that was prime forward thinking. I'm rehashing, but Birmingham being the first stop on the second leg was perfect. Plant's vocals are rested, I believe Page had been (refocusing?) in parts unknown, and the rhythm section was on spot. Further, I believe the overwhelming reception Led Zeppelin received in Birmingham set the tone or energy for many of the legendary shows on the second leg. General admission tickets increased the energy level for sure. Birmingham can't match the sex appeal of a multi-million population city and all the accoutrements found within, but we have a good spirit. Hope a soundboard of this show appears one day. Soon.
  14. Oops! New England Patriots Atlanta Falcons