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  1. Go for it, Old Shep.
  2. Smoke a bowl??
  3. Yes sir. Gotta run, Paul. Enjoy your Saturday, man!
  4. Groovy. _ETER_ENT
  5. _ETER_E_T Wonderful, Paul. Whatcha listening to?
  6. Doing well, thank you. Yourself? _E_ER_E_ _
  7. Afternoon, Paul. _ E_E_ _ E_ _
  8. haha, Right on, Old Shep. Can't say I've seen her work before, so I'll rate her as a hot Asian chick. haha Household Item: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  9. Charmane Star?
  10. C, N
  11. M, A
  12. And Good Morning to you, Old Shep. O,R
  14. PETU_ _ A